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SharePoint 2013 analysis of the central meta

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Meta datatags sharepoint2013_marekcarbon

  1. 1. Folksonomy, Taxonomy, #Hashonomy, SharePoint 2013 Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH
  2. 2. Taxonomy (T) It is possible to add the existing Folksonomy (F) HashTags column to a Document Library document library but the #Hashonomy (#) column is read only. I T, F, # as Tags & Notes In Quick Edit Mode the user is able to add existing but not new values. SHOW SHOWThis Meta Data has any impact Enterprise Keywords Taxonomyon the Meta Data Navigationeven using the same TermStore. Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH Meta Data Navigation FIND This Meta Data the user can add even without edit rights. No new version of the document. == [Keywords] Tag Search Tags FIND ADD META DATA
  3. 3. Taxonomy (T)Folksonomy (F)#Hashonomy (#)T, F, # as Tags & Notes Document Meta Data ADD META DATA Enterprise Keywords ADD META DATA Taxonomy Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH User can select an existing #hashtag but if he tries to add a new one by adding a # as prefix, this becomes a usual Social Tag but not a Hash Tag
  4. 4. Taxonomy (T)Folksonomy (F)#Hashonomy (#)T, F, # as Tags & Notes Newsfeed (Microblog) Not possible to use Folksnomy ADD META DATA nor Taxonomy #Hash prefix Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH Automatic suggestion
  5. 5. Taxonomy (T) Folksonomy (F) #Hashonomy (#) T, F, # as Tags & Notes User Meta Data ADD META DATA ADD META DATA Follow Hashtags Used to follow conversationsSkills only.Used for People Search Not impact of documents hashtagged with this value. ADD META DATAInterests ADD META DATA„Old“ type of follow all kind of Questionsinformation tagged. Used to easy start aThe page showing the results Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH conversions to an topic on theis not anymore active part on personal page.personal site. Used for people search
  6. 6. Personal Site - Newsfeed Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbHUser sees only conversation for the Wording:#hashtags he follow.  CategoriesNo anymore:  Hashtags , #tags Folksonomy or Taxonomy tagged documents or list elements. The same meaning but using different It is not possible to use Folksonomy labels. Why? or Taxonomy to tag a conversation.
  7. 7. Every user can add relevant #hashtags. #Hashonomy (#) HashTag Profile The #hashtags are NOT link to the #hashtag profile page I was not able to discover any impact in the search or otherUser can follow a #hashtag places... Please help  BUG: user can add a Taxonomy or Folksonomy tag if this starts with a # prefix. Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH User sees conversation for the #hashtags User sees documents and list elements with #hashtags (Top 5) User has the possibility to search for all elements with on click  Show All (Alle As administrator the user sees a link to anzeigen) managed the #hashtag in term store. BUG: This link is not working if using different language then English for the UI.
  8. 8. Unlike the Folksonomy the owner is #Hashonomy (#) Manage HashTags able to add additional meta data for a #hashtag. This information can be used as a criteria for search. {Term.Property} Unlike the Folksonomy user can add aliases. BUG: It is NOT possible to translate the #hashtag even to UI is suggestingSimple list with paging. Not really easy to the possibility!use with big list.The only way is to user search (see onthe top left side) Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH Unlike the Folksonomy the owner is not able to move a #hashtag to Taxonomy
  9. 9. #Hashonomy (#) Manage HashTagsBUG: The HashTags has also the„old“ tag profile page link in the UI ofTags and Notes Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH
  10. 10. Folksonomy (F) Folksonomy Labels / Alias not supported No language support – one list No keyword definition or own properties Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbHAs Enterprise keyword the user can Possible to move Folksonomy intoselect an existing #hashvalue. If the Taxonomyuser try to add a #hashtag in theenterprise keyword field, the valuesbecomes folksonomy and the # is notsemantic but a part of the word.
  11. 11. Taxonomy (T) Local Term store Taxonomy Site Collection Level Global Term Store admin is not seeing those elements. D Configuration for Term Driven Pages Translation Aliases – the aliases can be used only for tagging and searching for tags. Aliases are not recognized by the „normal“ search! Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbHGlobal Term storeCan be used for Meta Data Navigationand/or Tagging.Elements visible for all web appsusing the same MMD.Per group another admins possible.Merge, Move, Delete etc. of elements
  12. 12. Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbHFolksonomy/Taxonomy Profile Page
  13. 13. Taxonomy and/or Folksonomy Newsfeed Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbHThe 2010 Newsfeed webpart deliversonly conversation. It is not possible to„follow“ all tagged documents or listelements.
  14. 14. T, F, # as Tags & Notes Tags and Notes SHOW User and library tags. In the tag cloud are not Enterprise Keywords or Taxonomy for the document in a particular library! ADD META DATA The values are per user but other users can see the suggestion from Per user and element others users tagging taging Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH ADD META DATA Per user and list/library tagingAs tags the user can select an existing#hashvalue. If the user try to add a#hashtag my tag field, the valuesbecomes folksonomy and the # is notsemantic but a part of the word.
  15. 15. T, F, # as Tags & Notes Tags and Notes Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbHThe only centralized place to see own Important: Documents tagged astags and notes are this page „Tags and notes“ are NOT part of the(thoughts.aspx) search!Important: this page is not anymore a User can also tag external pages. But But the search is necessary for thepart of the personal page (my site)! the search is NOT aware of this meta security trimming. Only tags toThe user has to link this page data! elements the user has access will bemanually. shown.
  16. 16. Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbHSearch Tags as refiner
  17. 17. Search Tags:"#newsfeedHashTagLink" Tags:"#newsfeed*" Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH
  18. 18. Search Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbHSearching for taxonomy or #hashtagaliases is NOT supportedBUG: Changing the labels in termstore don‘t change the tag inconversations. You have to stick tothe „old“ names
  19. 19. Search Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbHTechnical ID in the search resultsinstead of text
  20. 20. Search„Tag and Notes“ tagging is not a partof the search/ Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH
  21. 21. Conclusion• Two almost not connected worlds of • Folkonomy + Taxonomy (F&T) • #Hashonomy (#)• Almost not connected because: • The user can select a #Hashtag as a Enterprise Keywords • By adding as Enterprise Keyword or Tag a value with # as prefix, user could believe adding a #Hashtag• No clear way to understand for an user – confusion!• Need to doubled maintenance of # and F&T Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH• No possible to move # to Taxonomy.• No possible to use F&T in Newsfeed• No support for activity feeds if a document is tagged with F&T• „Tag and Notes“ very hidden in the UI. Seems to be „deprecated“...
  22. 22. Tags  Labels/Alias  No language aware6  Custom properties  No labels/Alias  No language aware  No custom properties     Labels/Alias Language aware Custom properties Use as navigation SharePoint 2013  Owner per Group  Global and local (SiteColl)  Hierarchical Taxonomy Use existing #Hashonomy Folksonomy Add new MoveLegend:1. Hard coded, not reuse like Enterprise Keywords2. Search only the link URL but not following it.3. Only in user context. Other users can visit the personal site of this user and see the tags if not private.4. Not aware of tags labels/aliases5. If link to it posted in conversation. The doc or list element don‘t get this #hashtag Conversation Enterprise Keywords Managed MetaData Tags & Notes36. The UI offers the functionality Field with # prefix1 Field Marek Carbon - Made In Point GmbH but is not working (bug)Search4 x x xNewsfeed (2013) xThoughts (2010) - hidden xNewsfeed (2010) – not existing! x xDocs x5 x x xList Elements x5 x x xConversation xExternal Links x5 x2Profile Page #HashTag xProfile Page Tags x x xRefiner x x xTag Cloud x