Social media culture themes we are museums conference #wam14
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Social media culture themes we are museums conference #wam14

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  • 1. A nation stays alive when its culture stays alive. ~National Museum in Kabul Please ReTweet and Get Involved! @CultureThemes
  • 2. Themes  /  Topics   •  Helping  Tate  with  #ArtWeekend   •  #MuseumMascots   •  #MusVolunteers   •  #TeensinMuseums   •  #MusCafe   •  #MuseoSpark   •  #FavMuseum     •  #MusMovember   •  #MusSocks   •  #MusBadges   @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 3. Most  Successful   • #WhyILoveMuseums   • #MusMovember   • #MuseumSelfie   @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 4. Once a month, a different topic
 First one: #WhyILoveMuseums# @mardixon/@culturethemes •  The event trended in two nations. •  Tweeting continued for more than 48 hours after the event closed. •  Participants came from four continents. •  Tweets were coming in as frequently as 400+ an hour. •  Over 6,000 individual messages of support for museums and cultural venues by users •  National, regional and local museums and galleries of all kinds throughout the UK, Europe, North and South America, Australasia and Asia, as well as museum and gallery organisations, actively promoted the event. These included, as a very small snapshot: Metropolitan and Guggenheim Museums, New York; Smithsonian Museum, Washington; National Gallery, Melbourne; Centre Georges Pompidou, and Musee de Cluny, Paris; National Gallery and National Museum, Dublin; Museo del Prado, Madrid; National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and National History Museum, London; National Museums and Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Scotland.
  • 5. #WhyILoveMuseums   @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 6. #MusMovember     @mardixon/@culturethemes Support a serious initiative (Prostate Cancer awareness)
  • 7. @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 8. #MuseumSel:ie   @mardixon/@culturethemes 07.10am GMT 352 Photos 3413 Tweets 2045 Contributors 23:00 GMT Eventifier 3791Photos 9 Videos 21566 Tweets 10,238 Contributors Sharypic 5168 photos
  • 9. @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 10. @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 11. #MusCake   @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 12. #MusCake   @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 13. @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 14. #MusCake   @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 15. @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 16. @mardixon/@culturethemes 622  museums  in  27  countries  signed     26000  tweets  reach  349.8  million   622 Музеи в 27 странах подписался 26000 твитов с охвата 349800000
  • 17. @mardixon/@culturethemes DIGITAL @curiousother: Curators in the Twitter world: How has the digital age change your practice? Making it more mobile, accessible, complicated? AUDIO GUIDES @Andreabgood: How many different languages offers your museum (guided tours,audio guides)? PHOTOS @Sascha_Foerster: Is it allowed to take pictures of photographs exhibited in a museum and use them for a blogpost about them?
  • 18. @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 19. @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 20. @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 21. @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 22. @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 23. Why  Twitter  Works   •  Social  Media  (TwiPer)  allows  everyone  to  have  an  equal   voice   •  Using  topics  that  allow  both  museums  and  potenTal   visitors  to  engage  is  key.  Social  issues.   •  Museums  can  show  they  aren’t  ‘stuffy’  while  sTll   showing  their  collecTon  with  inTmidate  facts.     •  Using  hashtags  allows  all  to  ‘find  you’  (Brand   awareness)   •  It’s  FUN  &  Free*   *Ok,  other  than  staff  /me  and  fee   @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 24. What  Not  to  Do   • Use  Social  Media  just  to  Market  (invite)   • Auto-­‐add  from  Facebook  (and  visa  versa)   • Not  be  engaging   • Expect  anything  in  return   • Share  links  without  checking   • Re-­‐read  before  hi`ng  send     @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 25. Instagram  –     Going  where  your  audience  is   @mardixon/@culturethemes @ScottDylan
  • 26. @mardixon/@culturethemes 1. Choose Your Content The first step to optimising your Instagram account for marketing purposes is to decide what content you are going to be posting on there. Will the account be solely for pictures of products that your business provides, or will you be using the account to emphasise your brand too? Will you be accepting user-generated content, will you be curating content ‘regrammed’ from other users, or will every post be created entirely by your team? Have an idea of the things you will be posting before you set out; draw up some basic guidelines to prevent the account from veering off track. 2. Cultivate a Following Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the Instagram feed to attract many more followers, and get into the habit of using popular hashtags for each image. Many people search Instagram by hashtag to find relevant accounts to follow, so ensure that you pictures are tagged appropriately to maximise potential follows. Lastly, follow others! Engage with other users, like other posts and get involved with the Instagram community. 3. Vary Pictures, Video and Filters Try not to have an Instagram feed where every image looks the same. Vary it up with different filters, add in a video every now and then to spice it up, and ensure that you are being as creative as possible with your content. Implementing a house style is fine, but ensure it is not too restrictive, as people can become very bored of seeing the same kind of image on their feed. 4. Optimise Every Element Don’t leave any box unticked when it comes to posting an image or a video on Instagram. Fill in the location section, tag people who appear in the post and make sure you input a caption. On your profile page, make sure you have a relevant bio a profile image and ensure your business’ URL is visible. 5. Run A Competition To truly draw attention to your Instagram account and make sure people know it is an essential element of your brand and your business, run a competition using the platform. Ask users to use a hashtag on their entries to generate some interest, and promote it across all other social media accounts. Make it a monthly thing for a consistent, reliable way to boost followers, engage with customers and generate interaction.
  • 27. Hashtags,  Hashtags,  Hashtags   Adding  tags  to  your  photos  is  a  great   way  to:   • find  new  followers     • share  your  photos  with  more  people.   @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 28. • Be  Relevant   • Be  Specific   • Be  Observant   @mardixon/@culturethemes
  • 29. Mar Dixon +44 (0) 7800 539 065 :: @mardixon :: @culturethemes