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Culture Public ran a workshop on Connecting with Teens and asked me to facilitate. These slides were followed with an unconference.

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  • Very interesting! Si many teen agers are boring in museums...Hoping all the curators look at this excellent presentation!
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  • When starting TIM, first was to Listen listen listen.
  • Manifesto created by young people.
  • Allow youth programes to be drop in
    They can learn something about the venue or institution but be flexible about what that thing is – they need to determine this. Many work part time, want time with friends, have to baby sit/food shop.
  • Let them decide what your assets are.
    They probably don’t care about the collection (at first) but if you get them into the venue they will find their own reference points.
  • How do FOH staff respond to your yp?
    When was the last time staff were FOH (ALL STAFF)?
    Policy for young people
  • – great example. Their youth programes are really successful, but they started by chatting to the young people on their doorstop at the bus stop. They gave them a sofa and a space just to hangout.
  • Don’t make assumptions about what they use or have (not all Teens have iPhones).
    Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Tumblr also
    Social media policy should include area for young people
  • Get them in with free wifi - Offer wi-fi and see what people are using and where they go in your venue/spaces. (V&A mobile report)

  • Let them use the space how they want. Silent discos, drama, poetry smackdowns
  • Dixie chicken, - go where they are going, not where marketing things they are. Shopping mall an option, job centre,
  • Don’t try to be cool or hip #awkward
  • 14 yo
    My generation doesn’t have to know what our emotions are, we have emoticon.
  • Mixed Reality Studios working with BMAG. Gaming is a great way to use museum space. Minecraft.
  • Explain Unconference
  • Connecting with teenagers (in Museums) - Culture Public Scotland

    1. 1. Connecting with Teenagers
    2. 2. • Listen to what Teens are saying. Answer their questions, question them, and work together to find answers and solutions. • Engage with Teens; don’t patronize them. • Provide achievable challenges which can created sustainable solutions. • Promote learning as a challenge for Teens to solve. • Create an environment where Teens can explore digital media where appropriate. • Bring teens into projects from the start, not as an after thought. • Provide adequate space and time for challenges to be achieved. • Be flexible. Many teens can’t commit to meeting same time every week. • Don’t make assumptions. (For example, not all Teens have Facebook or iPhones.) • Let teens actively build your institution’s assets. Manifesto
    3. 3. Be Flexible
    4. 4. Young People Decide the Assets
    5. 5. Front of House = First Impressions
    6. 6. Wolverhampton Art Gallery
    7. 7. Never Make Assumptions
    8. 8. It’s a Space