Power Point Oral Approach Of Method Of Teaching Engglish

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  • 1. 1930 -1060British Harold Palmer A.S Hornby Leaders Movement
  • 2. Impact Course Textbook EFL (English as Foreign Language) Example: Indonesia ESL (English as Second Language) Example: India
  • 3. GOALS • Knowing students’ knowledge • Introducing target language • Improving pronunciation, speaking and reading ability
  • 4. Focus Vocabulary Control Grammar Control Spoken Language Reading Skill
  • 5. • Spoken language • Target language • New language point • Vocabulary selection procedures • Closely grade grammar • Writing and reading introduced
  • 6. Theory of Learning Behaviorism Approach Theory of Language Structuralism
  • 7. Theory of Language Speech Basis of Language Structure Speaking Ability
  • 8. Command Accuracy Objectives Responding Automatic control
  • 9. Sentence pattern Vocabulary 1 st lesson this is …. Book, pencil, pen that is …. Desk 2 nd lesson these are…. Chair, door, bag those are…. Window, picture 3 rd lesson is this…? Yes it is. Watch, box, ruler is that…? Yes it is. Blackboard
  • 10. Listen Learner Role Respond Model Teacher Role Setting up Situations Textbook Material Role Visual Aids
  • 11. Controlled Oral use (sentence pattern) Procedure (speech, reading and writing) Automatic use Free practice
  • 12. • Pronunciation • Revision • Presentation • Oral practice • Reading of material Main Body of The Lesson
  • 13. • Suitable for introduction to the language • Oral production without risk • Values practical grammar and vocabulary • An accessible method for teachers • Inexpensive to use Strengths
  • 14. • Boring • Ineffective • Teacher-controlled • Conflicts with natural acquisition Weakness
  • 15. Oral approach Vocabulary control Syllabus of SLT Grammatical control Conclution
  • 16. What is your name ? Look up your dictionary! have you had breakfast? Games Introduction Greeting Meeting Present tenseName your is what? Infinitive Order Class Your dictionary look up! Imperative To beVerb 3Question Had you have breakfast? Present Perfect
  • 18. Games 1. The approach that use spoken language(oral approach) 2. One of focus of oral approach (vocabulary) 3. Country uses EFL (Indonesia) 4. Country uses ESL (malaysia or india) 5. One of oral approache leaders movement (hornby) 6. In class English as... Language (target) 7. The appllying of oral approach usually.... New language(introduce) 8. Oral approach is used in ... Of SLT (syllabus)
  • 19. A long time ago, there was a young unlucky duckling which name is Ducky. He lived in a small farm near an old jungle. He has neither friend nor parent. Because Ducky is the only species of duck in the farm, he felt lonely and sad as well. Parent duckling name small farm Neither young ducky species sad The Unlucky Duckling 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Parent Duckling Name SmallFarm Neither Young Ducky SpeciesSad