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  • Jen –
    LESSON: We have touched on similes just a bit and new I needed to teach them and have the kids be able to identify them before we began our new novel on Monday
    CLASS: Just based on Marcy’s schedule. She was able to come on that Thursday afternoon. Ordinarily wouldn’t pick that class to be one I did something “extra” with
  • Successes
    RAPPORT: we didn’t know each other before but get along great, easy to talk to her
    GOAL FOR LEARNER: to feel supported and comfy going into a grade and meeting kids she didn’t know
    QUESTIONS: were good backup and kept conversation on topic
    CONSTRAINING GUIDE: felt that I was unable to veer away from it as an outline
  • JEN – Comfortable with Marcy as coach, and having her in my classroom conducting an observation
    Nervous about timeframe of
  • JEN – Very hands on with my kids and it was hard to take the step back and let someone else have control of my class
    Was difficult to make mental notes as I was videotaping and felt like I was multi-tasking as well watching to make sure she was ok in her conversations with the kids and think about the post conference, I might have been better off taking notes
  • JEN – felt nervous having a peer in my room who had taught a fun lesson before me, and an older grades teacher videotaping
    Lesson did not go smoothly because of my nervousness, gave wrong directions, 2nd guessed myself
    Hard to have kids focus, too many things going on for them – videocam and marcy
    Time was an issue, because of it being after lunch and having no recess and the bell about to ring
  • Reflection sheet helped me formulate my questions
    Conversation and recap went well
    Data, felt inadequate but that I was doing what Marcy wanted / needed / asked for,
    M had a good lesson, she talked with the kids about their differences – wish that she would have been able to delve deeper and use true vocab, she gave the kids good feedback and praise – something they hear from me but can be lacking at home
    Hard to let M have control of the conversation
  • Easy to understand, wasn’t uncomfy
    Helpful to get data points from someone who is not in a classroom and does not know the kids
    Didn’t feel like I was under scrutiny
    We were able to talk about any of my concerns and discuss ways to alleviate problems in the classroom
  • Coaching cycle presentation

    1. 1. Jen Aluise and Marcy PleshaJen Aluise and Marcy Plesha COACHING CYCLECOACHING CYCLE EDN 567EDN 567
    2. 2. INDIVIDUAL PLANNINGINDIVIDUAL PLANNING Jen’s Planning • Choosing the Lesson – Introduction and preparation for similes • Choosing the class – Time of day Marcy’s Planning • Choosing a lesson – Borrowed from Co- worker • Choosing the class
    3. 3. PRECONFERENCE PLANNING MEETINGPRECONFERENCE PLANNING MEETING JEN AS COACHJEN AS COACH Successes • Rapport • My goal for learner • Questions as general guide Difficulties • Constraining guide • Establishing data Marcy’s feedback • Comfortable sharing hesitations • Felt support from Jen • Helped to mentally prepare • Clip of Jen as coach
    4. 4. PRE-CONFERENCE PLANNING MEETINGPRE-CONFERENCE PLANNING MEETING MARCY AS COACHMARCY AS COACH Successes • Guide provided quality questions • Comfortable asking clarification questions Difficulties • Deviating from guide • Hard to feel effective Jen’s Feedback • Felt profession but comfortable • Timeframe • Very serious • Clip from Marcy as Coach
    5. 5. OBSERVATIONOBSERVATION JEN AS COACH - MARCY’S LESSONJEN AS COACH - MARCY’S LESSON Jen as Coach…. • Hard to share kids • Different data points – not really data • Impressed with instruction and feedback • Making mental notes for post-conference Marcy’s as Learner… • Out of comfort zone (age of students) • Surprised it went well • Felt supported by Jen
    6. 6. OBSERVATIONOBSERVATION MARCY AS COACH – JEN’S LESSONMARCY AS COACH – JEN’S LESSON Marcy as Coach…. • Data collection hard • Data focus • Hard to be invisible • Had other questions or comments in mind Jen as Learner • Nervous with peer • Nervous with video taper • Lesson veered away • Hard to have students focus • Time constraint
    7. 7. REFLECTING CONVERSATION /REFLECTING CONVERSATION / POST-CONFERENCE - JEN AS COACHPOST-CONFERENCE - JEN AS COACH Successes • Reflection sheet • Good conversation and recap opportunity • Counseling lesson Difficulties • Not normal data collection • Hard to not talk a lot Marcy’s feedback • Gave confidence • Provided good information for future planning • Professional but not intimidating • Clip of Jen as Coach post obs.
    8. 8. REFLECTING CONVERSATION /REFLECTING CONVERSATION / POST-CONFERENCE - MARCY AS COACHPOST-CONFERENCE - MARCY AS COACH Successes • Reflection sheet extremely helpful • Confident regardless of background • Not nervous about giving feedback Difficulties • Background prevented more constructive feedback Jen’s feedback • Not intimidating • Helpful to receive data • Observation not evaluation • Receptive to my concerns • Clip of Marcy as Coach post obs.
    9. 9. WHAT WE LIKED ABOUT THE COACHINGWHAT WE LIKED ABOUT THE COACHING CYCLE PROCESS OVERALLCYCLE PROCESS OVERALL Jen • Liked that the questions were specific and kept the focus • Able to ask questions of coach • Gave room for dialogue and not lecture • Reflective based on learners needs Marcy • No teaching knowledge required • Structure of the reflection tool • Did not feel like an evaluation • Project was beneficial
    10. 10. TAKE-AWAYSTAKE-AWAYS • You do not have to be in the same professional role to be a Coach • Do not plan back to back lessons with no recess right after lunch with elementary kids….! Ever! • It is all about supporting the needs of the learner / Does not allow for evaluators agenda • Really is all about communication (rapport, types of questions) • Don’t know how it will translate to a bad teacher • Takes away the stigma of “evaluations”