Fast track to level ii~personal


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Fast track to level ii~personal

  1. 1. Fast Track to Level II
  2. 2. Cycle of Success Plug in Practice Master Duplicate
  3. 3. LEVEL II TERMINOLOGYAsk yourself….Who are two people Iknow, respect, andadmire that will join mein business that will doidentify and ask 2people to do the same?
  4. 4. What Do I Do to Get there? 1. Develop Your Why & Story 2. Set your Goals /Design your Roadmap 3. Create Your List 4. Mastering the Art of Inviting 5. Power Presenting /Prospecting Language 6. Set BBL Dates & Plug In 7. Leverage Three-Way Calls 8. Train & Learn How to TrainAMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  5. 5. DEVELOP YOUR REASON WHY If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes” Andrew CarnegieKnowing your why Which sets things intoDrives your thoughts, motion to achieve the results That will make your why come to pass!
  6. 6. WhyfromPULSE
  7. 7. Your Story Short, powerful and packaged! Situation + Need + Appeal + Solution Achievement Authentic Relatable And the best part is… AnalogyAMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  8. 8. StoryOutlines fromPULSE
  9. 9. Power of Goal Setting
  11. 11. • Consistency is Key• Set Hours of Operation• Focus on VPAs• Treat It Like a Business, Not a Hobby• Willing to Put in the Time• Practice the “Slight Edge”AMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  12. 12. Building Your List PULSE: Watch “Building a List: Week in Action” PULSE: Download Memory Jogger Notepad & Pen Facebook and Social Networking Be Aware and Prepared Make Connections, Get Digits & Follow-Up Don’t Prejudge Don’t Wait (if you don’t call, someone else will!)AMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  13. 13. MemoryJoggerfrom Pulse
  14. 14. Art of the Invite Use all the tools in your tool box: Meetings Calls DVD’s Conference calls BBL’sAMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  16. 16. Close the Invite• Close A: Are you at a time in your life where you could focus some energy if you took a closer look at the potential? There’s a luncheon tomorrow at Country Club..I’ll send you a video to watch and I’ll call you tonight to chat about it…• Close B: We need to talk, but first, are you available at 2PM tomorrow for 20 minutes, or is Thursday at 7:00 better for you? Great, I can’t wait to fill you in, it’s brilliant! I may patch in my business partner• Close C: I have the pass codes for a private teleconference tonight. My business partner, who retired herself in one year (first million-dollar earner, Lexus driver) are going to go over the details. We’ll need to be on the call at 7PM sharp, so I’ll conference you in *or send pass codes+. Jot down questions and we’ll discuss afterwards…AMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  17. 17. The Perfect Follow-Up EmailA short note that connects back to the prospects “reasonwhy” or need for the businessThe Dr. Video (In Pulse and on Dreamatology FB page)Video from the Mentor’s LibraryBefore and After VideoAn action item or homework for them to view and jot downquestionsYour Email signature with your websites and contact infoAMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  18. 18. Prospecting• Lead With the Business• Refer-Through• CEO Posture• Describe Qualifications - Talented - Self-motivated - Love helping others• Hone Listening Skills• Ask Questions
  19. 19. It’s more Fun to Go fast• Get to 100 NosAMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  20. 20. The Power of Three-Way Calls • Proven Best Practice • Increase Your Close Rate • Earn as You Learn • 3-5 in Your First Week for a Fast Start • Demonstrate Depth of Leadership & Support • Legitimizes and Adds Credibility • Handle Objections and Tough QuestionsAMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  21. 21. Mechanics of a Call• Establish times when sponsor is available• Fill available time slots• Make powerful introductions• Be assumptive• Listen & learn• Follow-up and closeScript: “ Let’s schedule a brief call so you can gather the facts you need to make a decision. Carol *people love to hear their own name] you get to experience first hand the level of support, and the caliber of business partners we have access to, to help us create our own success story. You’ll love meeting *Lisa+ as you’re both busy with family and work and she will give you insights on how to fit this all in your busy schedule and still make great residual income on the side.”AMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  22. 22. ROLES ON THE CALLYou Sponsor Know how to use conferencing Compliments team member feature on your phone Asks what prospect finds compelling Make brief introductions Asks if there are specific Set the stage re: interest questions to address Proactively set enrollment or next Shares story appointment Shares Dr. story Asks about level of interest Talks about next steps for enrollment, PC order or referralAMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  23. 23. Plug into Your Leaders• Focus on Personal Growth• Learn the Stories of Others• Focus in Mastering the System• Play Follow-the-Leader• Attend Weekly Meetings• Attend Events & Convention• Invest in Yourself and Your Business• It’s All Worth It!
  24. 24. Power of the BBL Promotable Event Build Credibility and Ramp Up! Promote to EC Right Away! Change Skin Earn “Right Now Money” PCs Create ReferralsAMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  25. 25. Your Road Map to Level II  Commit to Being Coachable!  Set Your Goals  Package Your Story, Get Clear on Your Why  Host Your BBL  Practice and Perfect the Language  Build with your Sponsor  Sponsor 4 New Business Partners!  Plug Into Training, Online Communities  Become a Better Version of Yourself Along the Way!AMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  26. 26. Commit to 4 Critical Activities 1) Prospecting – 40% 2) Interviewing- 20% 3) Training – 30% 4) Events – 10%AMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  27. 27. Commit to your Calendar Examples of PULSE Hours of Operation Color code them if you need to!!AMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  28. 28. Show me the Money!How Rodan + Fields Fast Start Bonus Delivers Big, FAST!• 1 new C - $50 bonus + 15% commission = $140• 2 new C - $150 bonus + 15% commission = $330• 3 new C - $300 bonus + 15% commission = $570• 4 new C - $500 bonus + 15% commission = $860• 5 new C - $750 bonus + 15% commission = $1,200• 6 new C - $1,000 bonus + 15% commission = $1,540• 7 new C - $1,250 bonus + 15% commission = $1,880• 8 new C - $1500 bonus + 15% commission = $2,220• 9 new C - $1,750 bonus + 15% commission = $2,560• 10 new C - $2,000 bonus + 15% commission = $2,900(Note: Bonus payout the month after CRP ships. Commissions pay on the 15th of the following month. These numbers assume $695 kit, so commissions increase with the $995 kit)AMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  29. 29. Presentation: KEEP it Simple
  30. 30. Wash, Rinse and RepeatAMP UP THE POSSIBILITIES
  31. 31. Overheard From Leaders…What the Doctors did for acne, they are now doing inthe soon-to-be $5B US anti-aging marketI thought to myself, “what if I could have owned apiece of $850M Proactiv pie, where would I betoday?”I’m *a teacher], but my passion is helping others startand grow their own business in a booming market!If I could show you a way… *to pay for college, reducedebt, save for retirement] to meet your needs…You can only be first once..