Pipe relining in sydney


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Avoid the mess and expense of digging when you have blocked drains, blocked sewers or broken pipes with trenchless pipe replacement. The plumbing contractors from G.F. James Plumbing Services are specialists in relining pipes and can service throughout Sydney and NSW when you need them most.

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Pipe relining in sydney

  1. 1. Pipe Relining in SydneyAvoid the mess and expense of digging when you have blocked drains,blocked sewers or broken pipes with trenchless pipe replacement. Theplumbing contractors from G.F. James Plumbing Services are specialists inrelining pipes and can service throughout Sydney and NSW when you needthem most. We provide a No Dig with minimum to no destruction solution torepairing damaged or leaking services including sewer, storm water, potablewater, fire systems, gas services and many more.
  2. 2. Why Dig When You Can Simply reline a pipe.• No dig, no destruction, no restoration• Lower costs• Save time with quicker repairs• Home, business, factories, schools, hospitals etc can continue tooperate or minimal disturbance whilst work stake placeWhat are the Benefits of relining and re-coating over thetraditional dig-up and replacement:
  3. 3. • Pipe becomes structurally durable• Roots will not grow back through liner (Blueline)• Pipes become structurally durable (Blueline)• Prevents further water leaks from piping corroding internally• Product and installation warranties• Environmentally friendly
  4. 4. BlueLineUsing an epoxy resin we can install a structural liner to repairmany types of piping systems and materials from 40mm to1000mm including horizontal, vertical, square, rectangular, roundpipes, bends, P Traps, S Traps and we are also the leaders in fullyformed junction liners (LCL) – Lateral Connection Liners. Thisrevolutionary system allows us to start and stop the liner anywherealong the length of the pipe including multiple bends
  5. 5. The liner adheres to the original pipe, repairing the old pipe, andbuilding a new one inside. The liner is so tough it can span avoid if there is a section of the old pipe missing. The liner isresistant to chemicals and has withstood ‘3 month’ immersiontest in many chemicals including hydrochloric acid. After rootremoval, drains can be relined and repaired without the need forexcavation. Upon completion, the pipe will never again requiretreatment.
  6. 6. "Blocked or rootintruted pipes arecleaned with ahigh pressurejetter""A Nuflow lines ispulled into place,inflated using acustom-madebladder and left tocure""Once cured thebladder isremoved leavingbehand a structualrepair"
  7. 7. RedLineUsing an epoxy resin suitable for drinking water we cancompletely coat the inside of your water, air, gas, fuel lines andmuch more in almost any type of material ranging in diametersfrom 12mm to 300mm Redline is perfect for all Residential,Commercial and Industrial piping with minimal disruption tooperations. Redline provides an evenly coated “epoxy” barrierbetween the host pipe and the liquid or gasses passing through itto prevent future leaks and protect your water supply from leadand other contaminants leached from your piping and joints.
  8. 8. "Corroded Pressurepipes are blastedwith garnet toprepare for thereahilitationprocess.""Shots of Redlinesare movedthroughout the entirepipe system usinghigh presure air.""The end result is aRedline barrierbetween the pipe andthe product in yhepipe."
  9. 9. Inversion LiningInversion lining is a no dig, cured in place rehabilitation systemwhich uses a special epoxy resin, creating the structuralstrength of a new pipe. Inversion lining able us to carry outrelining works in one continual length of up to 50 metres,therefore making this system perfect for pit to pit sewer andstorm water drain lines.
  10. 10. Call us today: 02 9649 1099Or visit us atwww.GFJamesPlumbing.com.au