Twitter for business cultivating communities & maximizing engagement


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This is a presentation I gave at GSMI's Social Media Strategy Summit on September 21st, 2011 in Boston:

B2B social media presents an opportunity to not only cultivate communities on social platforms, but also amplify awareness for a company’s brand. Crosschannel marketing requires businesses to create relevant content for their subscriber base as increased relevancy spurs increased engagement with customers online. It’s important to understand how all the pieces, from monitoring conversations to customer interactions to analytics that show ROI, are a necessity in processing how social services have transformed the way people communicate, share and make purchase decisions. In this session, you will learn how to use Twitter to better market your services and establish industry contacts. Attendees will also learn how businesses can best utilize Twitter, how to build a Twitter following, and how to take advantage of all the search tools and other platform applications to show ROI.

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Twitter for business cultivating communities & maximizing engagement

  1. Twitter For Business: Cultivating Communities & Maximizing Engagement<br />@marcusnelson<br />Director of Social Media<br />
  2. O hai.<br />@marcusnelson<br />Director of Social Media<br />
  3. Twitter Mission Statement<br />Instantly connect people everywhere to what is most meaningful to them.<br />
  4. Charlie Sheen or #Egypt Meme<br />#egypt<br />#osama<br />
  5. Twitter Is Big<br />
  6. Twitter is Big<br />200M+Registered Accounts<br />600KNew Accounts/Day<br />2011<br />2006<br />
  7. Tweets per day<br />200 Million<br />
  8. Tweets<br />then: 3 yrs, 2 months, 1day.<br />now: one week.<br />
  9. Taking the top 100 interests (covering 98% of all ‘interest volume’), these are the major categories that emerge.<br />The chart gives a rough sense of the relative sizes of these interest categories, e.g. “Stated interest in celebrity is roughly the size of tech and news combined”.<br />Source: Twitter<br />Twitter’s top interest categories<br />
  10. Followers are brand advocates<br />60%<br />51%<br />Are you more likely to<br />buy since becoming a <br />follower/fan?<br />Are you more likely to <br />recommend since<br />becoming a follower/fan?<br />A Twitter follow is the most explicit expression of loyalty and interest online. A follow doesn’t just confirm an existing affinity, it increases purchase intent and the willingness to recommend.<br />67%<br />79%<br />Source: iModerate, March 2010 survey of 1,504 nationally representative US adults by Chadwick Martin Bailey<br />
  11. Behavioral Insights<br />Twitter Users are:<br /><ul><li>Early adopters, more educated, more likely to own a smartphone,more likely to be male, more likely tohave a higher income.
  12. Heavily influenced by brands
  13. Spend more money
  14. They post their opinion everywhere</li></ul><br />Source: North American Technographics<br />
  15. Twitter drives purchasing activity <br />
  16. Power of a Follower vs. Fan<br />Social Network Comments Fuel Offline Behavior<br />Comments on social sites about brands and products are encouraging users to take action.<br />
  17. Twitter Ad Products<br />
  18. Ad products that amplify<br />Promoted Trends<br />Promoted Tweets<br />Promoted Accounts<br />
  19. Old Spice Promoted Trend<br />
  20. Coca-Cola Promoted Tweet<br />( ) <br />+<br />=<br />Character<br />#awesome<br />Direct Conversation<br />
  21. Xbox Promoted Account<br />
  22. Have a Twitter Strategy<br />1/1/11<br />12/31/11<br />
  23. Case Study<br />Promoted Trend<br />+<br />Celebrity<br />
  24. Twitter ROI = Stratospheric<br />“Radio Shack saw wireless-platform sales increase double digits in the three days that followed the promoted trend. ‘The ROI on this social-media initiative was stratospheric for us.’” <br />Radio Shack CMO, Lee Applebaum<br />Ad Age Digital April 2011<br />
  25. Why Do People Share?<br />
  26. Why do people share?<br /><ul><li>reinforces shared views & social bonds.
  27. need to proselytize or desire to connect.
  28. emotional, positive, interesting, anger-inducing, or sad most likely to be shared.
  29. calm themselves or reduce uncertainty.
  30. bolsters own sense of self.</li></ul>source:<br />
  31. At the end of the day…<br />broadcasting is self-focused<br />
  32. New Analytic Dashboards<br />
  33. Promoted Tweets Dashboard<br />
  34. Promoted Trends Dashboard<br />
  35. Promoted Accounts Dashboard<br />
  36. Timeline Activity<br />
  37. New Follower Dashboard<br />
  38. Thank You<br />@marcusnelson<br />
  39. The basics<br />
  40. Twitter glossary<br />Tweet = a message of 140 characters or less<br />Retweet =the reposting of a tweet, passing it along<br />@username = how you address or reference someone<br />#hashtag = used to track topics or conversations<br />/via or /by = source or author of content referenced<br />OH = overheard <br />#ff = follow friday<br />
  41. Crafting the tweet – sending a message<br />@username [body of message] #hashtag<br />Pro tip: your message will only show up in the recipient’s stream, and those that follow both you and your recipient. To make a message seen by all, <br />start message with a word or a ‘.’ <br />
  42. sending a message<br />
  43. Crafting the tweet – sending a direct message<br />D username [body of message]<br />Pro tip: You cannot direct (private) message someone who is not following you.Remember also, “@” not required. <br />
  44. sending a direct message<br />D audiencemember It’s a private message silly. <br />You can’t see this yet.<br />
  45. Crafting the tweet – content post<br />[title of article] @source #hashtag<br />Pro tip: leave around 20 characters for others to leave a comment in retweet<br />
  46. content post<br />
  47. Crafting the tweet – retweeted post<br />RT @username: [title of article] @source #hashtag « [insert comment]<br />Pro tip: you can insert a comment before or after the RT. It does encourage others to join in if you make it sound interesting (i.e. Funniest post ever!) <br />
  48. retweeted post<br />
  49. Build your following<br />
  50. Finding people like you<br />Follow interesting people<br />Use Twitter’s suggested users<br />Follow popular/relevant #hashtags<br />Who do your friends follow?<br />Linkedin lists twitter handles<br />
  51. Best use cases<br />
  52. Develop and promote your brand<br />
  53. Customer Support<br />
  54. Provoke thought / humor<br />
  55. Be known as a thought leader<br />
  56. Help with access to information<br />
  57. Engage followers with a question<br />
  58. Tips from twitter<br />
  59. Tips from twitter<br />
  60. Tips from twitter<br />
  61. Tips from twitter<br />
  62. Tips from twitter<br />
  63. Tips from twitter<br />
  64. Tips from twitter<br />
  65. Tips from twitter<br />
  66. Tips from twitter<br />
  67. Tips from twitter<br />
  68. Tips from twitter<br />
  69. Tips from twitter<br />