Future talk what happens when your entire company becomes social


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What Happens when Your Entire Company becomes Social?

WHEN: NOVEMBER 8, 2012 @ 3:30PM
In the not too distant future, Community Management will no longer be the task of one single department. Like the Web Masters of a decade ago, these roles will be dispersed among every business unit in your company. How will this effect organizations? What tools will you need to accommodate these changes

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Future talk what happens when your entire company becomes social

  1. 1. Future Talk:What Happens When Your EntireCompany Becomes Social? @marcusnelson #SMSSummit @marcusnelson #SMSSummit
  2. 2. “O hai.” @marcusnelson Founder of AddvocateFormer Head of Social Media at Salesforce.com @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 2
  3. 3. <rant> @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 3
  4. 4. Companies Using Social For Marketing 57% 72% 81% 88% 91% 92% 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Percent of Companies Using Social ChannelsSource: http://www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?R=1009273 @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 4
  5. 5. Big Money Spent On Social Advertising 15 $5.20 $7.72 $10.24 $11.87 Billion Billion Billion Billion 2011 2012 2013 0http://www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?R=1008862 2014 @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 5
  6. 6. Problem @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 6
  7. 7. Tweet this pleaseSocial is not an ad play,It’s a content game.#SMSSummit @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 7
  8. 8. </rant> @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 8
  9. 9. If your company is on theInternet, YOU ARE A MEDIACOMPANY. #SMSSummit @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 9
  10. 10. All Content Should Live Here Photos Infographics Dreamforce Announcement on BlogPresentations eBooks Videos @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 10
  11. 11. SEO Matters71% 71% of Enterprise purchase decisions in the United States begin with research conducted on a search engine. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 11
  12. 12. A Blog Should Be Your...SingleVoice ofAuthority @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 12
  13. 13. Trust Matters 85% 85% trust information they receive from blogs. • Facebook - 67% • Twitter - 73% • Pinterest - 85%http://www.marketingcharts.com @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 13
  14. 14. Blogs Matter 69%69% of B2B buyersmake buying decisionsafter reviewing acompany’s blog. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 14
  15. 15. #Content is King,#Marketing is Queen,but your Blog is their Castle.#SMSSummit @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 15
  16. 16. So... @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 16
  17. 17. I know what you’re thinking to yourself… @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 17
  18. 18. shit staff”“I don’t have enough @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 18
  19. 19. You Have An Incentivized WorkforceWorkers want to talk about theircompany, only...1. They dont know what to say.2. Theyre afraid to say the wrongthing.So, they do nothing. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 19
  20. 20. Employees want to post of socialbut often they don’t know what tosay, or they dont want to sounddumb. So they say nothing.#SMSSummit @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 20
  21. 21. Customers WANT to Talk to Employeeshttp://trust.edelman.com/ @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 21
  22. 22. Ready. Set. Go. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 22
  23. 23. Determine Objectives Subscribers # of MVPs Share of Voice Sentiment Awards Won Downloads Video Views # of InfluencersAttendees Engaged Posts & Comments Engagement Quality of Coverage Engagement Facebook # of Employees Engagement Trained Score Audit Score Share of Conversation @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 23
  24. 24. Establish Social Media Guidelines public facing youtube video What’s in bounds? What’s out of bounds? Who to escalate things to?Every Employee is responsible for reading and adhering to the rules. salesforce.com/socialmediapolicy @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 24
  25. 25. Build Proficiency Among Employeeshttp://en.community.dell.com/dell-blogs/direct2dell/b/direct2dell/archive/2012/04/23/dell-engaging-channel-partners-with-new-social-media-training-campaign.aspx @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 25
  26. 26. Create Collaboration Infrastructure @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 26
  27. 27. Identify Users Social Directory Profiles: Who’s contributing on your company’s behalf. Skills: List expertise and experience on products or projects. Search: Find knowledge leaders w/ user-defined expertise tagging. Score: See how users rank in influence within the service. Leader Boards: Create competition. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 27
  28. 28. Amplify Messages Browser PluginsAlways On: Browser plugin givesconstant access to Addvocate.Share: Suggest tweets foremployees to send out.Notification: Employees updatedwith messages, updates, keylinks.Promote: Prioritize content.Settings: Easy setup. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 28
  29. 29. Track URLsCustom URL Shortener = http://add.vc• First link created is a ‘Parent URL.’• Subsequent retweets or shares are treated as ‘Child URLs.’Campaign Codes = http://add.vc/abc?source=addvc%20co=asfd%20div=CIfM%20dept=JuJirCQg%20user=dJlwAdw• Appends tracking data for company, division, department, & user.• Ability to add a custom code for an event or product campaign.Cookie Links• Add a cookie to shortened URLs for ad retargeting. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 29
  30. 30. You can’t fix what you don’tmeasure. #SMSSummit @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 30
  31. 31. Measure Results Define your view of success Trends: Reoccurring topics being discussed. Top Performers: Who’s contributing the most. Recent conversations: Glimpse of what’s happening now. Issues Resolved: Happy customers. Community Tone: General sentiment at the moment. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 31
  32. 32. Gamify Employee Participationhttp://newyork.kred.com/ @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 32
  33. 33. Optimize ContentInsights on content that’s workingor missing. Future tools will dokeyword analysis to reveal high-value topics to consumers.• Clicks• Reach• Employee• Channel @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 33
  34. 34. Govern Access LDAP integration allows greater visibility, security, and control. • Eliminate passwords. • Custom roles & permissions. • Clear channel management. • No access for former users. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 34
  35. 35. Review1. Put Everything In Your Blog2. Build Social Proficiency Among Employees3. Establish Social Media Guidelines4. Determine Objectives5. Create Collaboration Infrastructure6. Operationalize Content & Distribution7. Gamify Employee Participation @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 35
  36. 36. Review (continued)• Identify - Consolidate employees who represent your brand on social.• Amplify - Suggest content for employees to send via personal channels.• Measure - Which employee efforts are paying off, validate their efforts.• Optimize - What kind of content or topics resonate with your audience.• Govern - Password admin is a mess, especially when people leave. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 36
  37. 37. The Future of #SocBiz isdetermined by how you Identify,Amplify, Measure, Optimize, &Govern the social voices of yourcompany #SMSSummit @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 37
  38. 38. Thank You @marcusnelson Founder of AddvocateFormer Head of Social Media at Salesforce.com @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 38
  39. 39. My Team At Salesforce • 13 Brands • 150+ different social media channels • 320+ stakeholders • 90,000 mentions per month • KPIs based on “share or voice” @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 39
  40. 40. Our Management ToolI worked for the leader in cloud computing and social business... and we still used spreadsheets. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 40
  41. 41. Spreadsheets Managed People• Social channels we owned.• Channel owner.• Passwords & access.• Social channels we needed.• Channels retired. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 41
  42. 42. I Needed HelpIf I worked at the world’s leading “Social Business” company, and I couldn’t manage our social properties... Surely some of the the top brands in the world could help me out, right? @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 42
  43. 43. I Asked The ExpertsFrank Eliason Bliss Dennen Musa TariqEsteban Contreras Ekaterina Walter Bill Johnston @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 43
  44. 44. Guess What They Used? @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 44
  45. 45. My ProblemsMy team of 5 managed 150+ social media properties for 13 brands: • Who represented us on social media? • Which teams owned what? • Who has passwords to what channels? • What content was doing well and where? • Where to get approvals & signoff? @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 45
  46. 46. Current Tools• Focused on small teams or networks.• Active listening metrics & analysis of external engagement.• Lack control or visibility of messaging past brand channels.• Missing the ROI of social media marketing efforts.• Don’t scale in pricing past small teams at large companies. @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 46
  47. 47. I Had To Make It Better• Would employees represent their brand if given the chance?• Could I make it seamless for employees to be empowered?• Was there a way to analyze results to reveal ROI to management?• Could brands learn from content to boost future performance?• Should access be entwined with existing enterprise systems? @marcusnelson #SMSSummit 47