Savoy Studios - Yacht Book


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Savoy brings the timeless qualities of fine art glass and metal work aboard ocean vessels of all sizes.

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Savoy Studios - Yacht Book

  1. 1. s av o y M A R I N E
  2. 2. Savoy Studios brings the timeless qualities of fine art glass and metal work aboard ocean vessels of all sizes. Held back only by the limits of the imagination, the interiors of yachts and cruise lines alike are transformed into luxurious retreats.
  3. 3. Elegance The ultimate in luxury on open waters. Savoy brings to the sea the unique elegance of glass, and meets its challenging design requirements. Cast glass figure for columns in the art Deco themed casino aboard the Constellation.
  4. 4. Top left: Slumped and chipped peach glass torchère. Bottom left: Art glass and stone inlaid floor. Right: Glass stair rails with etched and laminated bevels. Fused glass column torchères. Glass partition laminated with cast glass shells.
  5. 5. Style Graceful and smart. Seemingly understated details speak volumes about taste. Your personal statement triumphs. Art glass and stone inlaid floor. Cast glass rope inlaid in walls. continued next page...
  6. 6. Top left: Blown art glass (14” x 48”). Top right: Custom etched glass hutch windows. Hand blown art glass bowl. This Page: Persian twist top blown glass vase from our Le Väs series (16" x 44"). Previous page continued: Cast glass tambour door with crystal handles. Bent glass with wheel cut design on stair rail panels. Blown glass newl post knobs.
  7. 7. Fantasy Savoy sculpts one of a kind experiences. Every detail comes together in a lush expression of fantasy and visual eloquence. Brushed copper interior wall art ( 72” x 72”).
  8. 8. Egyptian motif of the Infinity Cruise Ship casino. Lit pedestals of fused dichroic glass and metal. Deep carved gold leafed and painted glass Egyptian figures. Bent glass back bar panel with deep carving and gold leaf. Etched and painted glass moulding above mirrored ceiling. ( Infinity Cruise Ship)
  9. 9. Bottom left: Deep carved glass marlin panel. Top right: One of two 10’ high etched glass sculptures for the 42nd St. Theater aboard the cruise ship Splendor of the Seas. Opposite: 15’ high back carved mirror with gold and silver leafing.
  10. 10. Right: The promenade aboard the Voyager of the Seas. Glass sculpture with lights piercing 4 deck levels (artist: Larry Kirkland). Bottom Left: Sculpture detail. Opposite: 30’ x 5’ glass panels with laminated dichroic and colored glass tiles aboard the Navigator. (artist: Larry Kirkland)
  11. 11. Accents Exquisitely crafted details accentuate fluid design; technique and skill unite. Savoy is attentive to the most subtle aspects of quality.
  12. 12. Top row (from left to right): Cast “sea” glass. Etched and hand-painted glass marlin. Fused “ice” glass. Bottom row: Opaque green “Athena” vase with blue frit treatment from our Le Väs series (18” x 29”). Fused “water” glass. Blown glass fish. Opposite: Pressed glass shell wall sconce. Previous page top: Kiln textured “current” glass. Blown white glass with blue swirl detail. Dichroic tiling. Middle: Dichroic lamination. Venicia with optic bubble detail from our Le Väs series (16” x 19”). Fused glass “sea-life.” Bottom: Cast resin “wave” with blue and green glass frit. Dichroic Pyrex rod curtain. Kiln textured glass “netting.” Member of the See more of our sea vessel interiors at WWW.SAVOYSTUDIOS.COM
  13. 13. S av o y 1 3 9 0 8 N P O R T L A N D , 5 0 3 - 2 8 2 - 5 0 9 5 • L o m b a r d O R 9 7 2 3 2 w w w. s av o y s t u d i o s . c o m
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