Mcci Capabilities Global Social 10.28.11


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MCCI Communications Social Media Capabilities Overview

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Mcci Capabilities Global Social 10.28.11

  1. 1. Your Message. Our Mission. Your Message. Our Mission. MCCI Capabilities Overview Global Clients Social Media 1 1
  2. 2. Your Message. Our Mission. Your Message. Our Mission.WHO WE AREHistory/years in business:Mort Crim Communications, Inc. (MCCI) has been in business for 18 years. It is aMichigan-based company with headquarters in Southfield and a satellitemultimedia editorial and production office in the GM Renaissance Center. MCCIalso has a DBA of Media Creative Communications, Inc.Annual billings:FY 2011 annual billings for MCCI are approximately $3,000,000. This does notinclude the cost of client media buys, which are typically billed direct to clients. 2 2
  3. 3. Your Message. Our Mission. Your Message. Our Mission.WHO WE ARE (Cont.)Size/scope:MCCI is a fully integrated communications/marketing/advertising firm. We have55 active client accounts as of this writing.MCCI has 25 employees and full-time equivalent (FTE) contractors. We have verylow employee attrition, with a number who have been with MCCI for 10 years orlonger. Average employee tenure is about seven years.MCCI is a boutique firm that nevertheless services major Fortune 1000 and otherlarge clients -- organizations like DTE Energy, OnStar, General Motors, Ford MotorCompany, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, T-Systems, Multi-Bank Securities,Inc., Market Strategies International and others. 3 3
  4. 4. Your Message. Our Mission. Your Message. Our Mission.WHY WE’RE SUCCESSFUL● We’ve earned the trust of larger clients because we’re focused on outcomes. We nevermiss deadlines on approved activity.● We gravitate toward clients that have specific, targeted needs because our best workcomes when there are clear outcome goals and objectives. That’s the best way to forcestrategic and tactical creativity.● Our team approach to client relationships builds trust and enhances transparent ongoingclient communications.● We are tightly-focused and efficient because our project management protocols aremodeled after news media operating systems, where many of our senior leadership comefrom. 4 4
  5. 5. Your Message. Our Mission. Your Message. Our Mission.OUR GLOBAL REACHMCCI has managed global communications and video strategy for a number ofclients with a large presence in multiple global markets including;GM LAAM (Latin America, Africa, Middle East) MCCI produced the quarterlyearnings and video messaging for the LAAM leadership.Avon Latin America - developed a web environment specific to Avons LatinAmerican region for the presentation and exchange of information to Avonemployees and representatives. The site was developed and written on a monthlybasis with video profiles, picture galleries, and feature length articles - all in threelanguages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.Avon Eastern Europe - due to the success and reception of the Latin American Avonnews site, representatives of Avons Eastern Europe market asked MCCI to build asimilar web module for their region (only in English). 5 5
  6. 6. Your Message. Our Mission. Your Message. Our Mission.OUR GLOBAL REACH (Cont.)Scio/Meovi - This Austria based firm contracted MCCI to develop global keymessaging, social media strategy and content generation, as well as webmarketing services for this startup web-based business mentoring portalBaxter International - When a member of Avons Latin American regionalleadership team moved from Avon to Baxter International Pharmaceuticals, MCCIwas again asked to build a similar portal for Baxters Latin American employees.Ford Motor Company - For the past several years MCCI has worked with EdselFord and the Ford Dealers Association to develop a series of scripted videosprofiling successful and impactful Ford car dealers around North America and theworld. These messages highlighting community involvement as well as businesssuccesses have originated from across the US and Canada as well as China,Ukraine, Bulgaria and Western Europe. 6 6
  7. 7. Your Message. Our Mission. Your Message. Our Mission.OUR GLOBAL REACH (Cont.)T-Systems – Deutsche Telecom’s IT Provider contracted MCCI to handle itsmessaging and communications for all of North America, providing leadership incontent generation, new contract communications and marketing strategy for itsbusiness development efforts.Market Strategies International - One of the world’s Top 25 Market ResearchAgencies has utilized MCCI to manage communications for its five industry groupsthrough public relations, marketing strategy, creation of affinity networks andsocial media content distribution beginning in 2012.ADR-International - MCCI provides full service communication and marketingservices to this supply chain/logistics management firm based locally in AnnArbor with facilities and operations in the UK, China, Austria, the Czech Republicand South Africa 7 7
  8. 8. Your Message. Our Mission. Your Message. Our Mission.MCCI and Social MediaMCCI has developed a comprehensive suite of social media services for its clients,from developing custom sites on Twitter and Facebook to developing customblogs that are fully integrated with our clients various social media tools and itswebsite.MCCI is equally skilled at reaching a business to business as well as aretail/consumer audience through reputation management, customer relationsand networking strategies and content which is fully aligned with the companiesmarketing goals and objectives.The clients who use our social media capabilities are as varied as Sweden’sSCIO/Meovi and Market Strategies International to DTE Energy and the WearMaster Auto chain. 8 8
  9. 9. Your Message. Our Mission. Your Message. Our Mission. Mark Gilman, Senior VP, Marketing 20300 W. 12 Mile Suite 202 Southfield, Michigan 248-358-4700 Cell: 248-789-8057 9 9