SummaryHeadquartered in Dayton, Ohio with affiliates in Maryland, California, and Illinois, The Duff Groupis...
          	  Our ServicesLeadership Development: The Duff Group has developed in-house copyrighted and   proprietary train...
     	                                                                                        Skills and Expertise       	...
            	  Sample Topics and CoursesThe following is a list of sample sub-topics and classes The Duff Group offers as ...
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The Duff Group Capabilities Packet


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Brief description of The Duff Group.

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The Duff Group Capabilities Packet

  2. 2.    SummaryHeadquartered in Dayton, Ohio with affiliates in Maryland, California, and Illinois, The Duff Groupis an organizational consulting firm specializing in Leadership Development, Team Building,Executive Coaching, and Lean Implementation. For over 25 years, we have been helpingindividuals and organizations position themselves for success in the 21st Century. Our clients rangefrom large corporations to government agencies to local non-profit organizations. Having coachedover 10,000 leaders in 13 world areas, we integrate three powerful change agents: - Emotional Intelligence - Lean Leadership - and Innovation -We understand how important your organization is to you. Thus our goal is to form strategicpartnerships with those seeking to achieve that elusive jump to the next level. Teaming with moversand shakers is our business, and our long list of delighted clients is proof that we can producepositive results.Our philosophy incorporates the reality that when technically skilled (high potential) employees arepromoted to positions of leadership there is a near universal need for additional training in peopleskills (EQ). As illustrated below, our Developmental Leadership Model is the core of our teaching.While numerous training tools and personal assessments are utilized in our seminars, each eventuallyleads back to this philosophy that employees “advance ” through four stages of professionaldevelopment. To prevent regression, the leader must match his or her approach to the currentdevelopmental level of the employee. Doing so results in employee growth, a positive work placerelationship, and a productive work force. Studies by Gallup® indicate the average company has lessthan 30% of employees fully engaged. We teach leaders how to develop fully engaged employees,thus savings thousand of dollars. The  Developmental  Leadership  Model   2    
  3. 3.    Our ServicesLeadership Development: The Duff Group has developed in-house copyrighted and proprietary training packages to retool both newly minted and experienced managers, leaders, and executives. Creating such a culture fosters continuous innovation but requires discarding management models of the last century.Executive Coaching: Following our group training sessions, individual executive coaching can be offered to learners. While generally offered as an optional part of the corporate training, these sessions are almost always completely filled with leaders desiring confidential counsel from outsiders on topics presented in class.Personal and Organizational Assessment: Personality and other personal/organizational assessment tools are integrated into our services. Offered both for executive staffs and intact teams, these services are often used in both group and one-on-one formats to increase understanding and application.Myers Briggs Type Indicator: A certified MBTI instructor for over 20 years, Dr. Duff takes the assessment to new levels by incorporating the training philosophy into each area of our consulting. Learners come out with a better understanding of themselves, their co- workers and are able to continuously apply their newly surfaced EQ skills.Lean Implementation: Without the soft side or leadership training to implement a culture change, Lean is just another “program of the month.” Thousands of hours and dollars are invested only to “hit the wall” in the 12-18 month range. Our clients have booked over $40M in savings. We teach the tools and do the “workout sessions” like many others. Our difference is the leadership development required to sustain a program until in becomes “The Way.”Hot Groups: Creating highly skilled and highly motivated sub-groups in order to push the envelope of innovation. This session is about selecting not only the best and brightest employees in a particular division, but also 4 stages of team development and pitfalls of each.Conflict Management: A large sub-portion of the Hot Group session is dedicated specifically towards conflict management. Conflict is inevitable when working together but too often keeps teams from performing at their highest potential. Thus it is vital for teams to not only anticipate conflict, but also to embrace it as a tool for further success.Change Management: Proactive Techniques to ensure strategic changes achieve buy-in and take root. People do not resist change; they resist being changed. When benefits are obvious, change is quick and mostly painless. 3    
  4. 4.     Skills and Expertise   Jerald  L.  Duff,  Ph.D.   Team Building and Leadership: Dr. Duff has gained and developed expertise in aligning skill sets with Managing  Partner  &   defined tasks and job descriptions. Hence, freeing Executive  Coach     team members to do what they do best. Thus obtaining the highly productive scenario of fully The  Duff  Group     qualified employees fully engaged in their work .   achieving consistent success.     Executive Coaching: with a background in Psychology and a willingness to ask tough questions,  Summary Dr. Duff is also a gifted advisor. In a professional setting having the insight and soft skills to work oneFounder, Lead Consultant and Managing Partner of The on one with executives, supervisors and managersDuff Group. Executive Coach, Author and Training who want to get more out of their employees.Facilitator. Professional Speaker and ContinuingLecturer. Personality and Organizational Assessment: As a cornerstone of his training, Dr. Duff is wellOver 25 Years experience in Executive Coaching and versed in various personality and organizationalLeadership Development Training, High Performance assessment tools. Favoring the Myers BriggsTeams, Lean Thinking, Toyota Production System, assessment tool, he takes the training from “funny andCoaching, 10,000 Learners, 13 world areas, $30M in cute” to an in depth and revealing study of howsavings. 15 yrs experience in Manufacturing Mgmt, differences in personalities impact an organization.Fortune 500 Companies (1200 employees Budget Amongst others, Dr. Duff also utilizes 360$50M). assessments, Thomas Killman, and FIRO-B for Education greater assessment and practical usage.Ph.D. Leadership Development -The Union Institute Conflict Management: With 20+ years of coachingPh.D. (ABD) Family Systems Therapy, Purdue expertise, Dr. Duff mentors project leaders inMS Executive Coaching - Wright State University. developing group norms for handling differences in aMBA Organizational Development – U. of Dayton. routine manner. The subtle difference betweenBSIE Industrial Engineering - Ohio State University. successful teams (Hot Groups) and those that fail is the ability to have and deal with conflict without Past Experience inflicting damage to team bonds. Not only do greatThe Duff Group: (1986 – Present) teams resolve conflict but harness it to push teams toOperations Manager: BOMAG Int’l (1983-86) breakthrough innovations. The TKI and otherPlant Manager: Laserplane Division (1980-83)   assessments provide a basis of both understanding andAssembly Manager: Copeland Corp. (1976-80)   predicting of reactions to conflict.   Other  Highlights  • $5M cost savings to Tier 2 Automotive Supplier • Consulting for midsized printing co.: $7M savings• Revamped Quality Approach with Tier 2 • Trained 25 "Leaders of Today and Tomorrow" Automotive Supplier Automotive Big 3• Turnaround of three manufacturing plants: Stock • Tier 1 Automotive Supplier: Two plant new product tripled in 18 months start up: Best in both plant history• Trained new workforce in automotive engine plant: • Tier 1 Automotive Supplier: Multi-plant operation: most successful start-up in plant history $18M in identified cost savings 4    
  5. 5.    Sample Topics and CoursesThe following is a list of sample sub-topics and classes The Duff Group offers as a part of it’straining. The time requirement for each topic varies from a few hours to an entire week’s workshopand can be tailored to a specific client’s schedule constraints. Some of the topics naturally coincidewith one another to create more of a learning course and others might more appropriately stand ontheir own. Finally, we always welcome the opportunity to develop entirely new classes to moreadequately meet our customer’s needs. Developmental Leadership: Real Leaders Develop Followers LeaderMakers: The Application Leadership Strengths and Weakness Leading Creativity and Innovation Myers Briggs Type Indicator – A Deep Dive Serial Innovation Cultures and Skill Sets Leading and Managing Change Hot Groups: Creating A-Teams From Not to Hot: 4 Stages of Team Development Narcissus: Your Worst Boss Executive Coaching: The Archetypes Listen, Really Listen L.E.A.F. Skills (Positive Listening, Expectations, Attitudes, and Listening) Communicate with Clarity Emotional Intelligence: Leaders Have It Conflict: Great Teams Have It and Solve It Lean Six Sigma, Principles and Applications Make the Most of Your Time Executive Presentation Skills Broken Promise: Why Teams Fail The Speed of Trust Hire Only The Best 5