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Flickr Clone is powerful php script to create your own image and video sharing website which allows members to manage, upload and showcase their photos in innovative way.

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Flickr Clone By NCrypted websites

  1. 1. Flick r Clone
  2. 2. ►What Flickr Clone Offer • Flickr Clone is Image and photo sharing website • It allows you to Upload, manage and organize your photos and videos and create groups • Member can create account with popular social networking website. ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  3. 3. ►Functionalities • • • • • • • • Free Account creation. Upload Photos/ Videos Comment on Photos Tag Photos Join Groups, post photos to Groups View private photos Add logo and profile picture Profile Customization ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  4. 4. ►Features • Create Unlimited Groups • Allows members to do privacy setting for their personal photos • Member can create blog • Photo Zooming • Member can tag , comment photos • Add description to photos ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  5. 5. ►Exploring Flickr Clone • • • • • • • Tags Favorites Contacts Groups RSS Feeds Comments Notes ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  6. 6. Tags The larger the word, the more popular it is. ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  7. 7. Favorites To make a photo a favorite, click on “add to favorites”. To view your favorites click on the “your favorites” link on your photos page. ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  8. 8. Add Contact To add someone as a contact, find the link on their stream page. You’ll be given the option to mark them as a friend and/or family. Once you’ve added a contact they’ll be marked as such on their stream page along with a link for you to change their status or remove them from your contact list. ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  9. 9. Groups Click on “send to Click on “send to group” then click group” then click on the [X] next to on the [X] next to the name of the the name of the group. group. ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  10. 10. Comments Comments will be shown beneath the photo. You can also add your own comments to any photo. Be sure to preview before posting. ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  11. 11. Recent Comment Use the dropdown box to change the timeframe for displayed comments. You can link to recent comments off your home page. ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  12. 12. Notes If there’s a note on a photo a box will appear. Hover your mouse over the box to see the content of the note. ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  13. 13. Click “add note” to do just that. Add Notes You can drag and resize the note box. The content of the note goes here. ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  14. 14. About NCrypted NCrypted Websites offers customized Website Clones and readymade website clone script such as Etsy Clone, Facebook Clone, Airbnb Clone, Flickr Clone and 80+ other Website Clones. We are also offering Custom Website Design for more than 70+ categories, for more details visit NCrypted Websites. ©Powered by NCrypted Websites
  15. 15. Contact Us NCrypted Websites Sales & Business Development Email us at - More Details Visit - Flickr Clone ©Powered by NCrypted Websites