My Final Portfolio


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My Final Portfolio

  1. 1. I created this ad using only photoshop. I plan to actually work more on this and present it to supercuts.
  2. 2. This piece was designed using a combination of illustrator & photoshop. I cropped the image and played with the colors till i got the desired effect. cny latino from the Latino community for everyone in Central New York
  3. 3. this was a challenge presented to a group of us to design a logo for this internet radio station. as you can see i went for a more classic design.
  4. 4. this piece i created using illustrator, all the images here are digital.
  5. 5. I created this digital illustration to use in a web page i was designing.
  6. 6. This was created in in-design the images cropped in photoshop and the logo done in illustrator. i wanted to intergrate all 3 programs in my magazine spread. Pseudoscience Unhinged good or bad. Crime might actually drop if the offender knows 100% that they will have to answer to a higher power. In June, 2009, the Wilson Family bought their first house in New Or- leans, their excitement was astronomi- cal. It was after all their first house. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and their two chil- dren moved on the 16th of the month. PSEUDOSCIENCE When they where about to enter their new house for the first time they no- ticed that Spike(the family dog) would not enter the house. They tried to push the reluctant canine into the house but he resisted and ran to the yard. That night after they where able to get Spike in, they tucked in the kids and went to the living room to relax. At around 11 p.m. Spike began to bark frantically an awesome fact to know. There is a great deal of debate pertain- at nothing. They walked over to the kitchen to see what was ing to paranormal activity, if animals can actually sense and or bothering him, but found nothing. They petted Spike to calm interact with these entities, then I believe that this merits further him down, 10 to 15 seconds later all the chairs at the table fell investigation. Think about it, if this can be proven then we can onto the ground at the same time. Did Spike sense a ghost and prove that there is life before death. It would dramatically strength- was trying to warn everyone or is there another explanation. en most religions if not all of them. It might even make people Even though we may never know it still merits investigation. aware that there are consequences to answer to after you die,be it Psychic Pets: Fact or Fiction? I t is a common belief that animals have certain psychic powers. It seems that animals can sense things before they even occur. It is also said that animals can sense our emotions as well. A predator can sense your fear. or you pet knows when your sad is actual research conducted to support the books statements and actual events that or sick. To learn more about this all you have to do where documented, is read the book Psychic Pets by Emma Heathcote- oh and did I men- James. This should open your mind to a vast amount of tion it has pretty possibilities or at the very least give you one heck of pictures too. Even a good laugh. Emma Heathcote-James goes into great though I am a hard core skeptic this book did put a detail concerning how pets are able to sense things smile on my face and gave me a little more under- and predicts events. This writer would recommend this standing why to believe. book as a must read. It is put together very well, there By Marcus J. Ayala Rayben Chronicles 2
  7. 7. I was practicing my image placing in photoshop & size. i came up with this interesting little photo- shop piece
  8. 8. During my first semester in college i was able to obtain a Chicken Wings client for shhots who needed a (Fresh not Frozen) Pizza menu. after a couple of meeting with the client, i came up with (Fresh Dough) this sharp design. ($1.50 extra toppings) Toppings (Served with Celery & Blue Cheese) Daily Special Pepperoni Daily Lunch Specials Eat In Or Carry 11:30 - 2:30pm Out We Deliver (315) 399-5700 We Host Special Events (Parties, business meetings etc.) Fax in Orders (315) 403-7568 ($15.00 min Order) Full Service BAR
  9. 9. in this design i was practicing my pen tool skill in illustrator.
  10. 10. this is my best example of how to use gradient mesh.
  11. 11. this design was created for a friend of mine who had his own contracting business but had no way to advertise it. HANDYMEN ROOFING & REMODELING AN AFFORDABLE RATE. WE MAKE A HOUSE A HOME ! E-MAIL: NDLESS6921@HOTMAIL.COM YOUR HOUSE WE DO IT RIGHT ROOFING SPECIALIST THE WAY YOU SIDING THE FIRST TIME !! DOORS WANT IT!!! WINDOWS • We will beat any BATHROOMS There comes a time when competitors writ- KITCHENS FLOOR TILE LAMINATE taken care of around the ten quote, with in CERAMIC house, but we don’t know reason. CAPRPET who to turn to. • All work done PAINTING DRIVEWAY SEALING DECKS TREES CUT DOWN • PLUMBING MINOR ELECTRIC weather conditions SHEETROCK GARAGE DOORS when working out- FENCES Roofing & Remodeling. side. CHIMNEY FREE ESTIMATES • Your satisfaction MASONARY FULLY INSURED is our goal. GUTTERS
  12. 12. I walked into this business one day to get a hair cut & left with a job to create a local promotional flier. Any Wax Ser vice Please Brin Flier To Any Haircut Northern Li hts Location o To Receive Discountt
  13. 13. this was another freelance job i was able to get. i created a menu for a pizza shop near my house. Pat’s Hot Subs Steak Sandwich....................................................... $6.25 (Mushrooms, Onions, Peppers & Cheese) Pat’s Pizza & Deluxe Philly Ham Sub............................................. $6.25 (Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Mushrooms, Peppers, Mayo & Cheese) Meatball Sub............................................................ $6.00 Chicken Breast Sub.................................................. $6.25 Wings (Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo) BBQ Chicken Breast Sub.......................................... $6.25 (BBQ Sauce, Onions) Buffalo Style Chicken Breast Sub............................. $6.25 (Tomato, Onions, Hot Sauce & Ranch Dressing) Chicken Parmesan Sub............................................. $5.75 Sausage Sub............................................................. $6.50 (Onions, Peppers & Mushrooms) A Tradition Since 1970 Pat’s Pizza Catering Menu 24 hour notice needed for all catering If you have never had a PAT’S PIZZA, (20-25 People) (50 People) You’ve never had a GOOD PIZZA. Baked Ziti $45.00 $80.00 Tossed Salad $42.00 $65.00 Open 7 FREE Days a Week Delivery Antipasto $56.00 $85.00 To: Monday - Wednesday Lyncourt, North L Macaroni or Potato Salad $45.00 $70.00 11:00am - 9:00pm S Side, Eastwood & Thursday - Friday Mattydale Sausage, Peppers & Onions $62.00 $95.00 $9.00 mINIMUM 11:00am - 10:00pm Meatballs $48.00 $80.00 Saturday - Sunday 2324 1:00pm - 9:00pm Court Roasted Potatoes $45.00 $75.00 Street, Syracuse, Hours subject to change NY 13208 Pasta Salad $45.00 $75.00 (315) 454-0924 Prices s c s subject to c ang c o change change. Wings (80) $40.00 (120) $75.00
  14. 14. this is actually one of my favorite illustrations. i can easily be re-designed to promote psp or any other hand held game system. I Am Mastering my gaming skills In order not to get my but kicked by my kids.
  15. 15. I Walked into this new stores new location in Shop City and got to meet the owners. Af- ter talking to them for about 10 minutes they decided to allow me to create a grand opening flier for their business. I am current- ly helping them create another promotional flier for another Pawn King location.
  16. 16. My Final Photoshop project.