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Synthesis quest mobile learning

  1. 1. Synthesis Quest: Mobile Learning By: Marc Tinio
  2. 2. Learning Preferences• My learning preferences for the beginning of semester were quite interesting.The scores that I have gotten were active (1), sensory (3), visual (5), and sequential (3). By the end of this class I feel that my learning preferences have not changed too much in way were they were completely different from the beginning of the semester. I feel that I have become more of a global learning now. At the end of the class, my overall thoughts about learning preferences have not changed at all. This is because I know that everyone has their own way of learning and each are all beneficial to how they take information in. Knowing about learning preferences can be very helpful. By knowing a person’s learning preference, the person could use this to their advantage to help study information in way that is most efficient to them.• Marc Tinio
  3. 3. Learning Pathway• At the beginning of the class, I chose the learning pathway of learning sage. I wanted to learn more about different technologies and how they could be used for learning in general. Throughout the semester, I was able to obtain a broader knowledge of mobile technologies. One very beneficial quest for me was the quest on Ipods and Mp3 players. Even though I thought that I knew how to use an Ipod/Mp3 player, I was very intrigued on how many functions these mobile devices had. I was so interested that I looked up more information about Ipods and Mp3 players. By the end of the semester, my learning pathway has not changed at all. I still try to broaden my knowledge on mobile devices. My pathway did not change because I felt that there are still much to know about other types of mobile devices that I have yet to learn about.• Marc Tinio
  4. 4. Activities• To get a broader understanding on mobile devices, the activity that helped me achieve this were the quizzes and the powerpoint slides. By reading the powerpoint slides, I was able to get a general idea of what the mobile device is all about. I learned things that I haven’t before. Also, by taking the quiz, I was able to use what I have learned and put it to a test. Studying for the quiz helped keep the information about these mobile devices in my head. The activity that gave me a deeper understanding on mobile devices were the predict, use, and evaluate level two activities. By showing me examples on how certain mobile devices could be used to learn certain things helped me achieve a deeper understanding of mobile devices. Using the forums to ask and answer questions helped the most with learning and sharing information with others.• Marc Tinio
  5. 5. Top Mobile Technologies• One of the most helpful technology quest that I had done was on Ipods/Mp3 players. By going through all of the activities for the quest, I was able to broaden my understanding these two mobile devices. Since I had access to an Ipod or a Mp3 player basically everyday, I was able to use what I have learned from this quest to my learning habits. Although many people may think that Ipods and Mp3 players are just tools for verbal learning, they can also be used for visual learning as well. By watching videos on my Ipod, I am able to stimulate my visual learning preference and also with the help of the verbal aspect of the video, I was able to learn and take information more easily. Since I am also an active learner, I was also able to put flash cards onto my Ipod to help me study better for test and quizzes.• Marc Tinio
  6. 6. Top Mobile Technologies• Another most helpful technology quest for learning that I have done was on Ipads/Tablets. Being able to broaden my understanding on these types of mobile devices was easy for me through this quest. By doing the predict, use, and evaluate activity, I was presented with a lot of ways Ipads/Tablets could be used for learning. Since I do not have either an Ipad or tablet, doing the activities for this quest really opened my eyes to what these mobile devices are capable of. A bunch of my friends own either an Ipad or a tablet so I was able to use what I have learned in this quest. While using my friend’s Ipads/ Tablets, some of my learning preferences were stimulated by the apps that I used. I was able to play some educational games on the Ipad that was both engaging and had visual aid to help with the game. These two things help with my visual and active learning preferences.• Marc Tinio
  7. 7. Top Mobile Technologies• The last most helpful technology quest for learning that I have done was on microblogs. I have been using many types of microblogs before I took this class. I probably use twitter, tumblr, and instagram almost every time in my daily life. I discovered that things like these can also be a positive reinforcement to learning, instead of a distraction from doing school work or studying. By doing the activities in this quest, I was able to use the things that I use every day as a learning tool for classes that I am taking. I can simply follow or look up some accounts on twitter, tumblr, and instagram on topics for my classes to help me study information. I also did the level three activity for this quest which aided in my class and my understanding on this mobile device. Since I had to look through a lot of information and share information with this apps, this stimulated my visual and active learning preferences.• Marc Tinio
  8. 8. Synthesis• The mobile technology of Ipads and Tablets interested me the most. Since I did not own either an Ipad or a tablet, learning about these things as tools for learning made me want to go out and buy one just to help me with my classes. The mobile technology of microblogs surprised me the most. I always thought that websites such as twitter, tumblr, and instagram are just ways to socialize with your friends or with other people, but as I was doing the activities for the quest, I was able to see the capabilities of microblogs as a learning tool. The mobile technology of Ipods and Mp3 players did not seem to work too much as a learning tool for me because I was aware of what these things were capable of and by just doing the activities, just reassured my understanding on these mobile devices. A mobile technology that I would like to explore further to improve my learning are Ipads and tablets. I was very interested on what these mobile devices had to offer as a learning tool and I am also trying to buy one soon.• Marc Tinio
  9. 9. Synthesis• Some mobile technologies worked best with my learning preferences. These mobile technologies are microblogs and Ipods/ Mp3 players. Through the use of apps I was able to see and read many information about topics relating my classes. This stimulated my learning preference for visual learning. Also, another way of stimulating my visual learning preference was watching videos on my Ipod. Throughout the semester, I was constantly on twitter and tumblr, clicking links and trying to find certain information for my classes. By doing this, my active learning preference was shown. Also, I feel that since I have been sharing information and gathering information from others on microblog sites, I probably lean more to a global learning preference, which was different from what I was in the beginning of this class.• Marc Tinio
  10. 10. Future Learning• The learning strategies that I have learned throughout this semester were very helpful and I plan on using most of them after this class. I could use microblogs to learn about a certain job that I am applying for. I can also my Ipod to go on the internet so that I can research the job about the job that I am applying for. Looking up videos on my ipod can also help me if I want to look for some interviewing tips. These mobile learning strategies can also be applied my current job and or my future jobs. For example, I can look up video tutorials on my Ipod to give me a better understanding on how to do my job efficiently. Also, by the help of microblogs, I can use apps, such as twitter, to socialize with other companies and my co-workers.• Marc Tinio
  11. 11. Future Learning• Throughout the semester, all of the mobile devices that I have learned about have interested me a bunch. After this class, I will most likely use all of the mobile devices for learning purposes. This is because these mobile devices have been very useful in learning about information throughout this class. I believe that by using all of these mobile devices, they can aid in me in my daily life and also the rest of the classes that I would have to take. As I stated earlier, I could use videos to look up information about my job. I can also use microblogs to give me up to date information on what’s going on in my job. In conjunction with using my Ipod and microblogs for learning, I will mostly use them also for non-learning purposes. Such as, playing games for entertainment or looking at what a friend has done the past couple days. I do not think that I will be avoided any mobile technologies after this class because I have or will have access to them throughout the rest of my life.• Marc Tinio