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  • 1. Decoding Interviews.XXXXXX. ‘Have it all’London, Paris, Goteborg.‘GEN Yers’ 18 – 26 years old. - Average Age> 23 years oldQuestion: If you could ‘have it all’?1#Skeptics2# Responding with material stuffs Friends3#Responding with non material stuffs: Professional life Love Happiness
  • 2. Friends(…) ”Be around the people I love, andthe ones that love me.” - Open-minded: born and raised in a Multicultural Environment.(…) “Enjoying with friends I guess, able to do whatever you want. - ¾ have created a profile in Social Networks.Having time to do other stuff like hobbies and travel with friends… - 1/5 posted a video on themselves on Youtube.around the people I love, and the ones that love me” - They spend an average time of 8 hours in the internet per day.(…) being around creative people and your friends; enjoy what you are doing” - Size: Over a third of the world’s population.“ Just be happy and close to the people that I love”(…) Being happy with your social life. Racial & Ethnic composition of Europe. 1970 - 2050 Other & multiracial Asian Hispanic Black & African White
  • 3. Professional life(…) ”Have my own company, do whatever you want and have control over it...”(...) “Create a business on my own(…) And enjoy what I do every morning”(…) “At Uni you find that if you work hard success comes, so when leave uni - 85% of the people talked about they fears on Q3:we are just going to work hard, doing what we enjoy.” “Unemployment, no career path that comes after.”“A job in a company where I fit into (…) having a stable life that I don’t have to - Even thought, Gen Y still believe in the integration of personalworry.” and professional life.“My hope is to work with something that I think is interesting, fun and would - The unemployment rates have increased in the recent yearshelp me develop.” among the European youth population.“My life would look like as it follows: I would have a fun job that implies a lot oftravelling, a job that allows me to travel with my family and friends, and anInteresting job that is rewarding.” Unemployment rate by educational level for the age group 25-34, Q2/2009 Low Medium High EU27 19% 9% 6% Belgium 26% 8% 4% Denmark 13% 5% 7% Germany 23% 7% 4% Spain 28% 19% 12% France 20% 9% 6% Italy 12% 9% 10% Netherlands 6% 3% 0% Austria 14% 4% 0% Portugal 12% 11% 8% Finland 16% 11% 5% Sweden 21% 8% 6% United Kingdom 17% 9% 4% Norway 1% 3% 2%
  • 4. Love(…) ”Sharing my life with someone who you love and be healthy for all my life. “ - Gen Y don’t want to make the same mistake as the boomers.“Having people I love around all the time and also be at the top: so somehting The divorce rate increased during the last two decades.You love everyday” - The economic factor doesn’t help. Decrease of the Marriages in Europe, 2008. In 1960… - 77% of woman and 65% of men had accomplished the following steps before 30…. Leaving Having Marrying home a child In 2010… - Not even a 13% of woman or a 10%of men have done that before 30.
  • 5. Happiness(…) “Career is important, but you have a life outside career as well, you can’t let that define what you do.”(…) “ is about doing what you like and been paid for it.” (…) “To be fulfilled by what you do”.“Having a comfortable life able to do whatever you like with no other commitment that the onesyou choose.”(…) I have it all because I’m happy.”(…) You earned VS you want it.”(…) There is nothing particularly impeding in my life, take things as they come, don’t worrytoo much: being optimistic.”(…) “there are up and downs in life, but instead be satisfied with the basics of stuff that I actually wantnot being greedy”Combining work, family and friends! “which is hard but still, worth the try!”(…) “ Our generation is not that bad, we want to do a lot, we are multi tasking, travel a lot, speak morethan one language…”(…) “Not having to make too many sacrifices.”“I always feel like there is something amazing out there waiting for me (…) I’m quite positive about whatis about to happen”“Hope to have a good job, travel a lot on vacations and have a nice family”“ I have a job, I have a home and I get to do a lot of fun things.”“ What I think is a bit sad, life is a rutine, going to work from 9 to 5, all those practical things that areexpected from you. (…) I would like to skip that part.”“ I don’t dream of being rich or famous, I just want to be happy and do things that I like and have funwith the people that I like. Video Gaming Age-Group. 2010- Gen Y is the most civic-minded generation to date.- Almost half (49%) of those aged 16 to 29 in the EU in 2006 made a cultural visit (museums, art galleries etc.), compared with 42% for those aged 30 and over.- Can-do spirit. They want to make a difference in the world.- Our brand of social consciousness- 60% of 13-25 years old feel personally responsible for making a difference in the world.- 81% have volunteered last year.- 4/10 has a tattoo and helps them to express themselves.