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BM NeXtScale - the next generation of dense computing

transtec HPC solutions with IBM NeXtScale are highly dense systems for those workloads that are currently the fastest growing, such as social media, analytics, technical computing and cloud applications. NeXtScale has been developed with standard components and provides up to three times as many cores in a one-unit rack unit when compared to previous versions.

The increasing use of this workload and delivery model generates increased demands on data centres. Operators are on the look-out for new technologies that can deal with the current demands with the highest possible level of performance and the lowest possible level of power consumption. NeXtScale is the latest addition to the transtec IBM x86 portfolio: Developed to allow applications with the power of a "supercomputer" to run in data centres – via a simple, flexible and open architecture.

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ttec / transtec | IBM NeXtScale

  1. 1. NeXtScale Marco van der Hart | Sales Specialist
  2. 2. Waarom noemen wij het NeXtScale?  Its all about x86 – NeXtScale  It expands function through Native eXpansion  And its what’s NeXt in IBM hyperscale computing IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 2
  3. 3. Het begon in 2008 – iDataPlex Innovatie voor het Data Center  Race car design – Performance centric approach – Cost efficient – Energy Conscious  All-front access – Reduces time behind the rack – Reduces cabling errors – Highly energy efficient  Low cost, Flexible chassis – Support for servers, GPUs, and Storage – Easy to install and service – Greater density than traditional 1U systems  Optimized for Top of Rack (TOR) switching – No expensive mid plane – Latency Optimized – Open Ecosystem IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 3
  4. 4. NeXtScale – Geoptimaliseerd voor Cloud Computing en HPC Solutions Private Cloud Public Cloud √ Processor and Memory performance and choice Full Intel stack support with memory for performance and/or cost optiization √ Standard Rack optimized Fits into client data centers seamlessly √ Right sized IO Choice of networking options – 1Gb, 10Gb, or InfiniBand, all SDN ready √ Infinitely Scalable from small to enormous grid deployments all built on open standards √ High energy efficiency means more impact/watt √ Top bin Intel Xeon processors, large memory bandwidth, and high IOPS for rapid transaction processing and analytics √ Workload optimized software stack with Platform Computing and IBM xCAT √ Architected for low latency with choice of high speed fabric support √ Supported as one part number no matter the size of the solution and content with Intelligent Cluster IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 4
  5. 5. IBM NeXtScale : A Superior architecture for scale-out computing Private Cloud Public Cloud          IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 An architecture for now and the future Better data center density and flexibility Compatible with standard racks Optimized for Top of Rack Switching Software Defined Networking (SDN) ready Top BIN E5-2600 v2 processors Designed for solution redundancy Best of iDataPlex extended beyond HPC Powerful roadmap 5
  6. 6. IBM NeXtScale : Dense Chassis  6U Chassis, 12 bays  ½ wide component support  Up to 6x 900W power supplies N+N or N+1 configurations  Up to 10 hot swap fans  Fan and Power Controller  Mix and match compute, storage, or GPU nodes  No built in networking  No chassis management required IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 6
  7. 7. IBM NeXtScale : The Compute Node         New ½ Wide 1U, 2 socket server Next generation Intel processors (IVB EP) Flexible slot-less I/O design Generous PCIe capability Open design, works with existing x86 tools Versatile design with flexible Native Expansion options 32TB local storage (Nov) GPUs/Phi adapters (2014) IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 7
  8. 8. IBM NeXtScale : Architecture – Design decisions with Purpose Why a 6U chassis? If servers were the only thing we wanted to support, 1U, 2U, or 4U might be plenty of space. NeXtScale is designed to accommodate compute, storage, acceleration, and next generation Microservers. 6U is the perfect size. Why are there no switches in the chassis? While switching built into the chassis can bring great value, they can also bring added complication – contention between nodes, unique form factors need to be tested/approved, and more switch hops, which can be a problem in low latency design. With NeXtScale there is no IO through the chassis; everything is done at Top of Rack Why is NeXtScale silver? Keeping with NeXtScale’s “race car” approach to IT design, pretty paint is not essential to performance. The quality of the system is on the inside – not in the polish on the outside. These systems will be locked away in a data center – does it matter if they are black or silver? Why six power supplies? The six PSU design allows seamless installation into data centers with 3-phase power. With 6 supplies and two 3-phase feeds, we perfectly optimize and balance power delivery – no waste, no inefficiency. Why no unified management console? Single pane of glass management can be attractive for some clients, but for many who have well formed storage and networking management techniques, they view the single pane of glass as cumbersome. NeXtScale is designed to be inserted into client infrastructure with minimal change to tools or management. Is NeXtScale the iDataPlex replacement? No. We continue to invest in iDataPlex and expect it to be fully capable and in market till 2015. As we move into 2015, NeXtScale will become our primary platform with a great deal of additional new function and capability. IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 8
  9. 9. IBM NeXtScale : Key Messages 1 Flexible Delivered ready to run Channel and box ship capable Optimized for your data center today and ready for it tomorrow Built on Open Standards – seamless adoption One part number unlocks IBM’s service and support with Intelligent Cluster IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 2 Simple 3 Scale Single Architecture featuring Native Expansion Even a small cluster can change the outcome Optimized shared infrastructure without compromising performance Architected for performance, scale, and scalability The back is now the front Maximum impact/$ Simply Silver – the ‘polish’ is its “essentials only” design Optimized Software Stack with Platform Computing – the power beyond the hardware 9
  10. 10. IBM NeXtScale : Flexible How Do You Want Your IT to Arrive?  NeXtScale can be shipped fully configured and ready to power on – Fully racked and cabled – Labeling with user supplied naming – Pre programmed IMMs and addresses – Burn in testing before shipment at no added cost  Prefer to receive systems in boxes – no problem  Customer Benefits IBM Intelligent Cluster 75% Faster Time from arrival to production readiness IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 Number of partnumbers needed for the entire solution – no matter the brand of component 1 SAVE 105 lbs of cardboard 54.6 ft3 of styrofoam 288 linear feet of wood 21,730 less paper inserts (Per Rack) 10
  11. 11. IBM NeXtScale : Flexible Power efficiency – designed into the hardware, software, and management Efficient Hardware Control beyond the server Powerful Energy Management √ 80 Plus Platinum power supplies at over 94% efficiency save 3-10% √ Pre-set operating modes tune for efficiency, perf, or minimum power √ xCAT APIs allow for embedding HW control into management applications √ Extreme efficiency voltage regulation – saves 2-3% √ Chassis level power control √ LSF Energy Aware features allows energy tuning on the fly √ Larger, more efficient heat sinks require less air – saves 12% √ Air or water cooled racks √ Power ideally designed for 1-phase or 3-phase power feeds √ Smart sharing of fans and power supplies reduce power consumption – saves 2-3% √ Optional Intelligent PDU for monitoring and control √ Less parts = less power √ Powerful sleep state √ Energy Star Version 2 IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 √ Platform software can target low-bin CPU applications to lower power CPUs in mixed environments √ Platform Cluster Manager Adv. Edition can completely shut off nodes that are not in use √ Open Source monitoring tool 11
  12. 12. IBM NeXtScale : Simple One Architecture Optimized for Many Use Cases √ Dense Compute √ Top Performance √ Energy Efficient √ IO flexibility √ Swappable IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 √ Add RAID card + cable √ Dense 32TB in 1U* √ Simple direct connect √ No trade offs in base √ Mix and Match √ Add PCI riser + GPUs √ 2 x 300W GPU in 1U* √ Full x16 Gen3 connect √ No trade offs in base √ Mix and Match 12
  13. 13. IBM NeXtScale : Simple Native eXpansion – Adding Value, not Complexity √ The base node delivers robust and dense raw compute capabilities √ NeXtScale’s Native Expansion capability allows seamless upgrades of the base to add common functionalities – Storage – Graphics Acceleration or Co-Processing √ What is Native Expansion? IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 13
  14. 14. IBM NeXtScale : Simple Silver is the new Black – Essential Only IT √ The essentials – Dedicated or shared 1Gb for management – Two production 1Gb Intel NICs – Standard PCI card support – Flexible LOM/Mezzanine for IO expansion – Power, Basic LightPath, and KVM crash cart access – Simple ‘pull out’ asset tag for naming or RFID – The first silver System x server – Clean, simple, and low cost – Blade like weight/size – rack server like individuality/control √ NeXtScale delivers basic, performance centric IT “I can’t see my servers, don’t care what color they are” “I don’t use 24 DIMMs why pay for a system to hold them?” “I only need RAID mirror for OS don’t want extra HDD bays” “I only need a few basic PCI/IO options IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 14
  15. 15. IBM NeXtScale : Simple NeXtScale will keep you in front (of the rack that is) Know what cable you are pulling Which aisle would you rather be working in? Service NeXtScale from the front of the rack √ Cold aisle accessibility to most components √ Tool-less access to servers √ Remove a server without touching it’s power IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 √ Front-access to Networking cables & Switches √ Simple cable routing (front or traditional rear rack cabling) √ Power and LEDs all front facing 15
  16. 16. IBM NeXtScale : Scale Start at any size. Grow in any increment you want Single nodes and chassis Growing node by node? Configured racks or chassis Complete Clusters and Containers Want to speed how quickly you can grow? Growing by leaps and bounds? √ Shipped fully assembled √ NeXtScale can arrive ready to power on - ‘personality’ applied √ Client driven, Choice Optimized. √ Racks at a time or complete infrastructure ready containers √ Available direct from IBM √ Optimized for availability through our partners √ Install the chassis today, grow into it tomorrow IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 √“Starter Packs” are Appliance easy. CTO flexible 16
  17. 17. IBM NeXtScale : Scale Maximum impact per € / per m2 / per rack. Race Car Design – performance and cost point ahead of features / functions Maximize the capability of your data center floor with dense and essential IT √ TOP BIN E-5 2600v2 processors √ Fast memory running at 1866Mhz √ Choice of SATA, SAS, or SSD on board √ Open ecosystem of high speed IO interconnects √ More servers per floor tile √ Easy front access serviceability √ Choice of rack infrastructure √ Light weight + high performance can reduce floor loading Processing 50% More High Frequency Cores Memory Runs 16% Faster Amount of power saved with Platform LSF Energy Aware 35% Less weight per system Lower power per TFLOP of performance One nx360 with SSD’s delivers same IO perf as 2X 35% 355 MORE Servers/rack 15% Hard Disks IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 1/2 Lower power per TFLOP of performance 17
  18. 18. IBM iDataPlex versus NeXtScale Function/Feature iDataPlex NeXtScale Unique rack 1200mm x 600mm Standard rack 600mm x 1200mm 42 servers 4 switches 72 servers 6 switches Assuming a 42U rack Power / tile 22KiloWatt max 42 servers + switches 37KiloWatt max 72 servers + switches Similar power per server GPU support 2 / server in 2U 2 / server in 1U None 8 x 3,5” in 1U Planning 12 HDD/node in effective 1.5U Available now Targeted Q3 2014 Form Factor Density in a standard rack Direct Attached Storage Direct Water Cooling IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 Notes 18
  19. 19. IBM iDataPlex More information can be found at: Or contact your ttec sales specialist at: +31 (0)24 3434 210 IBM NeXtScale System TM© ttec 2013 19