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Marcos hashimoto resumee
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Marcos hashimoto resumee


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Marcos Hashimoto resumee. Description of academic background, professional experience, major achievements, evidences of activities and contact information.

Marcos Hashimoto resumee. Description of academic background, professional experience, major achievements, evidences of activities and contact information.

Published in: Career, Business, Education
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  • 1. abr-14 1Marcos Hashimoto
  • 2. abr-14 2Marcos Hashimoto Graduated in Information Technology (1983) Master in Business Administration (2000) PhD in Business Administration (2009)
  • 3. abr-14 3Marcos Hashimoto Development Center Coordination (1981-1995) Electronic Delivery Manager Latin America (1995-2001) Founder and Financial Director (2011 - today)
  • 4. abr-14 4Marcos Hashimoto MBA Coordinator (2002) Entrepreneurship Executive MBA Coordinator (2004) Executive MBA Manager (2005) Moot Corp Latin America Coordinator (2006) Entrepreneurship Center Director and Professor (2011) Professor and researcher (current) Entrepreneurship Center Director and Professor (current) Undergrad professor (2012- 2012)
  • 5. abr-14 Marcos Hashimoto 5 Visiting Professor (Brazil is not for Beginners – 2007) Mentor Professor at REE at Stanford University (2007) Corporate Entrepreneurship Professor at Executive MBA (Bogotá, Colômbia, 2012)
  • 6. abr-14 6Marcos Hashimoto Entrepreneurship (2001 a 2005) Entrepreneurship (since 2009) Corporate Entrepreneurship (since 2003) Business planning (since 2009) Entrepreneurship (since 2008) Entrepreneurship (since 2012)
  • 7. abr-14 7Marcos Hashimoto Sebrae-SP Business Plan Software (2004) Corporate Innovation Competition (2009) Entrepreneurship e-learning course (2007) Kauffmann Program adaptation to Brazil and Master Facilitator (2009) 2004, 2005 and 2006 realization Entrepreneurship Centers in Brazil Research (2013)
  • 8. abr-14 8Marcos Hashimoto On Line Teaching Resources Material Award 2010 3E-Learning Award The Dilbert Principle Excellence in Entrepreneurship Teaching and Pedagogical Innovation (2011) Best Entrepreneurship Course Award (2011) Best MBAs of Brazil (FPM 2003) Finalist competitor (2000) ( project) Mentor of Best Market and Best Division Project (Sayyou, 2009)
  • 9. abr-14 9Marcos Hashimoto Relevance of Intrapreneurship in SMB: The influence of Agency Conflicts and Institutionalized Practices (San Antonio, TX, 2008) My Chevrolet: A case study of Brazilian innovation and entrepreneurship To plan or not to plan? An analysis of the impact of planning on the disbanding or growth of Brazilian start-ups Advancing Conceptual Models of Family Firms (Philadelphia, 2014) Cognition and affectivity fostering entrepreneurial competences (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2013)
  • 10. abr-14 10Marcos Hashimoto
  • 11. abr-14 11Marcos Hashimoto
  • 12. Chairman Quality Award Cargill 1994 abr-14 12Marcos Hashimoto Moot Corp Finalist FGV 2000 Offsite Cash Mgmt Citibank 1998 New Citibanking Training (Miami 1996)
  • 13. abr-14 13Marcos Hashimoto Moot Corp Latin America Host FGV 2006 abr-14 Insper Business Plan Competition Award Ceremony, 2009 Innovation Challenge Brazil 2009 Creativity Competition (Insper, 2011)
  • 14. abr-14 Marcos Hashimoto 14 Mentor Professor at REE Stanford, 2007 Mentor at Venture Labs (Texas Univ, 2010) Anegepe Creation (Sao Paulo, 2010) Mentor at Stuart Clark Venture Challenge (Winnipeg, 2008)
  • 15. abr-14 15Marcos Hashimoto Doctoral Consortium (Fagerholm, Finland, 2007)
  • 16. abr-14 Marcos Hashimoto 16 Corporate Entrepreneurship Course (Uniandes,Colombia, 2012) Entrepreneurship Week keynote Sebrae-SP 2005 Intrapreneurship Course Mitsubishi Corporation 2006 Entrepreneurial Attitude Course (Faap, 2013)
  • 17. 17Marcos Hashimoto Book Launching 2009 Book Launching, 2012 Book Launching, 2005 Book Launching 2014
  • 18. abr-14 Marcos Hashimoto 18 Entrepreneurship Education Award, GCEC 2011 Entrepreneurship Education Award (REE 2011) Social Entrepreneurship Forum (Texas Univ, 2011) Corporate Entrepreneurship International Seminar, 2009
  • 19. abr-14 Marcos Hashimoto 19 Prof. Saras Sarasvathy, Open Innovation Seminar, SP, 2012 VII EGEPE with Shaker Zahra, Florianópolis 2012 Prof. Carlos Vignolo (U. de Chile), II Entrepreneurship Research Forum, Sao Paulo, 2012) Prof. Alan Carsrud, REE Brasil, Florianópolis, 2012
  • 20. abr-14 Marcos Hashimoto 20 55-11-4013-3089 55-11-2429-3523 mhashimo