Child Development

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Child Development

Child Development

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  • 1. Child Development Marco Meneses
  • 2. Goals
    • Identify common concerns about puberty
    • Increase knowledge of health and hygiene issues
    • Provide a forum for participants to discuss their concerns about their children’s bodies and body image
  • 3. Objectives
    • List at least two concerns that their youth commonly have about body development and appearance
    • Identify at least two habits that can relay to their children about keeping their sexual and reproductive organs healthy
    • Recognize the normal variation in shape, form, and rate of development of the sexual organs in humans, especially during puberty.
  • 4. Body Image
    • The ways our bodies change in adolescence can affect how we see ourselves. Our feelings about appearance make up our body image .
    • Our parents, the media, or other kids all influence the way we think about our bodies. But we can decide to respect and accept ourselves and the bodies we have, even if others don't. We can look at our bodies for what they are — ours.
  • 5. All of Us Are Sexual
    • Our body and how our body works
    • Our biological sex
    • Our gender — our biological, social, and legal status as girls and boys, women and men
    • Our gender identity — our feelings about our gender
    • Our sexual orientation — straight, gay, or bisexual
    • Our values about life, love, and the people in our lives
  • 6. Love
  • 7.  
  • 8. Why is sexuality so important?
    • Sexuality influences how we feel about all of these things and how we experience the world.
  • 9. Our Sexual Bodies
    • Girls and boys have different sex organs.
    • We touch our sex organs for pleasure from the time we are babies.
    • Puberty happens to everybody.
    • Hormones make our bodies grow up.
    • Clitorises, lips, penises, and breasts vary in shape and size.
    • During puberty, things happen inside the body, too.
  • 10. Sexuality
  • 11. Facts about girls. All three of these young women will be 13 in three months — their bodies are developing at different rates.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • 12.  
  • 13. As Girls Become Women
    • Girls and women have orgasms during sexual dreams and sex play.
    • The vagina connects the sex organs of the vulva to the other reproductive organs inside the body.
    • The first time menstruation happens is called menarche (meh-NAR-key).
    • The time from the first day of one period to the first day of the next is called a menstrual cycle.
  • 14. As Girls Become Women
    • Women use sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups to absorb menstrual flow.
    • Some girls wonder if using tampons or cups will stretch the hymen and make them lose their virginity.
    • Girls and women who use tampons change them every three or four hours, or more often if bleeding is heavy.
    • Usually, women and girls do not have serious problems with their periods.
  • 15. Facts about boys All three of these young men will be 13 in three months — heir bodies are developing at different rates.
  • 16. Male Reproductive System
  • 17. Male Internal Reproductive System
  • 18. As Boys Become Men
    • Boys and men have erections.
    • Wet dreams often come as a surprise.