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Research paper project

  1. 1. TECHNICAL WRITING Prof. Meduranda
  2. 2.  The impact of cooperative learning in Mathematics to students’ achievement Cognitive strategies in teaching content subjects: An analysis Authentic assessment in Mathematics Developing critical thinking skills through songs Understanding by Design in Philippine Education: An Overview
  3. 3.  Provides background information General to specific Known to the unknown Provides a hook that will capture the interest of the reader
  4. 4.  This research aims to: 1. Determine (solution, effect, rationale) ____ 2. Discuss the nature, effect, strategy, the concept_______ 3. Compare (a to b)_______ 4. Analyze ______ 5. Explore ____ 6. Describe _______
  5. 5. I. Introduction A. Background of the study B. Objectives of the study C. Importance of the study D. Definition of termsII. Synthesis of research A. Definition of Authentic Assessment B. Advantages of Authentic Assessment to Traditional Assessment C. A.A. Strategies in MathematicsII. ConclusionReference Page
  6. 6.  This research will benefit the following by 1. Teachers – 2. Students - 3. Researchers – 4. Administrators/ Instructional leaders 5. Parents –
  7. 7. 1. Come up with your library work 15 researched articles 5- encyclopedia 5 – books / magazines 5 - electronic sources/internet2. Photocopy/print out the articles and then attached a 1/8 index cards which contains bibliographical information (author, date/year of publication, title of the article or book, publication info.)3. DUE: October 1, 20114. OUTLINE
  8. 8. October 8, 2011: Submission rough draftOctober 22, 2011: FINAL DRAFT/October 24, 2011: Class Cards
  9. 9. BIG TOPIC: Authentic AssessmentNarrow down:1. Authentic Assessment in Mathematics2. Authentic Assessment in High School Mathematics3. Authentic Assessment in High School Mathematics Used in Philippine Public Schools
  10. 10. GENERAL TOPIC: Technology in EducationSpecific:1. The Use of Internet in Teaching Reading2. The Use of Facebook in Teaching Interactive Communication3. The Use of Online Games in Enhancing Language Skills
  11. 11. GENERAL TOPIC: Nature of Learners1. Students with ADHD2. Teaching Students with ADHD3. Using Computer Games to teach students with ADHD
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