Quarter II Revisiting Our Rich Past


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Text: “Bawang Puti, Bawang Merah: A Tale from Malaysia”

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Quarter II Revisiting Our Rich Past

  1. 1. Meduranda, Marco D. NNHS LITERACY PROGRAM WHOLE SCHOOL APPROACH TO READING INSTRUCTION LESSON MATRIX SUBJECT MATTER/ DATE COVERED/ REFERENCES OBJECTIVES LITERACY STRATEGIES & TOOLS ( MCART embedded) PRE DURING POST RESULTS/REMARKS Quarter II: Revisiting Our Rich Past Text: “BawangPuti, BawangMerah: A Tale from Malaysia” Language Domain: Viewing Comprehension- Speaking Level of Assessment: Process Date Covered: September 30, 2013 Materials: MCART Graphic Organizers Reference: Mohammad Yusri. (Oct. 5, 2011).BawangPutihBa wangMerah by Glue Studios, Malaysia.http://www.y outube.com/watch?v= A. Discern positive and negative messages conveyed by a story viewed B. Communicate thoughts and feelings on the story animation viewed C. Analyze the elements of the visual story through graphic organizers D. Follow task-based directions shown after viewing A. PRE-VIEWING 1. Ask students if they are familiar with the character and story of Cinderella as shown in the picture. Allow them to tell the plot of the story. 2. Probe deeper by asking the following focus questions What do you know about the events in the Cinderella story? Cinderella is a form of narrative called fairy tale. What themes do fairy tales convey to their readers? Do you know any story in the Philippines or other countries that have the same theme or plot as that of Cinderella? 3. Inform the students that there are various versions of Cinderella in other countries. Show them the slide that
  2. 2. Meduranda, Marco D. y2bc5tmVKg4 presents the stories with the same theme as Cinderella. Ask what they find interesting with the pictures in the slide. 4. Tell the students that they will be viewing a Cinderella-like tale from Malaysia. The title is “BawangPutihBawangMerah” Inquire what they think about the title. Inform them that the title literally means “red onions and whire garlic” II. VIEWING PROPER 5. While viewing, inform the students that they have to take notes and observe how the story is similar or different to the Disney version of Cinderella. III. POST VIEWING 6. Pair Work: Allow students to identify the similarities and differences of “BawangPutihBawangMerah” to the Disney version of Cinderella. Have them record their ideas in the Venn Diagram. Provide some example entry to support struggling learners. Allow some students to present their work.
  3. 3. Meduranda, Marco D. 7. Group Differentiated Activities Group 1 & 2 Complete the story map by extracting the important narrative elements of the story. Group 3 & 4 Story Interview. Complete the graphic organizer by answering questions based from the viewing selection.
  4. 4. Meduranda, Marco D. Group 5 & 6 Respond to the following prompts in order to accomplish the graphic organizer. 8. Presentation of outputs Assignment: Grammar: Study sentence coordination.
  5. 5. Meduranda, Marco D.