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Npc today

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 1 NPC TODAYNPC TODAYNPC TODAY Navotas Polytechnic College’s Official Newsletter NPCians have now more reasons to look forward to their Science subjects as they can now enjoy a newly renovated labora- tory this first semester of A.Y. 2013-2014. The refurbishment of the NPC laboratory was made possible through the gen- erosity of ABOITIZ power in cooperation with the Aboitiz Foundation. Con- struction and repairs started last December, 2012. The place is now fully furnished with new working tables and sink, and equipped with func- tional laboratory appa- ratus and devices. A turnover ceremony was conducted on February 21, 2013. It was graced by Navotas City Mayor John Rey Tiangco and the President and Chief Operating Officer of Therma Mobile, Mr. Jo- se Venancio Batiquin. Also in attendance were Ms. Francisca S. Roque, the College president together with the NPC professors and stu- dents. ““It’s like an ‘Extreme Makeover’,” Lucille Clav- ero, a 4th year BSE stu- dent said. “The painted walls, well-ventilated atmosphere, and the presence of modern learning materials and equipment turned the once out-dated and run- down lab into a very much conducive and motivating place to learn and explore Science.” (continue on page 2) Learning Science, Now More Fun NPC Laboratory Undergoes Extreme Makeover August 01, 2013 Speak your Mind: NPCians Thoughts on Lab’sTransformation NPCians speak their mind about the transformation of school’s laboratory. “The restoration of the college lab has made learning Science more comfortable, enjoyable and motivating. Thanks to the Aboitiz Company. Please don’t stop helping schools like us”. – Argen- tina Lerona, BSE English “Before the lab’s atmos- phere is gloomy and out- moded, but now it is a place of discovery and fun!” – Rona Regidor, ACS “The renovation has made the laboratory more conducive for learning! Thanks to the generosity of the Aboitiz company.” – Emie Jun- co, BSCS Thank you to the Aboi- tiz Power and Aboitiz Foundation for sponsor- ing the “rebirth” of our college lab. God bless you more! - Mitzi Relu- cio, BEED (continue on page 2)
  2. 2. LEARNING SCIENCE from p.1 “We shall be good stewards of this place, keeping it clean and free from any vandalism. It’s important that we maintain the labs conduciveness for learning so that future NPCians will also benefit from it,” said Sandy Alojacin, a 4th year BEED student. “Truly, we hope that all NPC students will value this facility, and with the help of every one including the pro- fessors and the staff, we will be able to maintain the lab’s condition after this turnover,” remarked Mrs. Fran- cisca Roque, NPC’s college president. - MDM SPEAK YOUR MIND, p.1 “As a student here in NPC, I really like the ren- ovation that happened in our laboratory. In fact our section is one of those classes who is now using the facility. The colors painted on the wall, the built-in cabi- nets, the curtains, the ventilations, the lights, the new white board and the rotating chairs made the place really comfort- able and conducive for learning. The pleasant learning environment is really useful to all stu- dents.” - Jeffrey Del Mundo, BSE English “It’s very essential that we learn how to take care and value this im- portant facility that Aboi- tiz helped to renovate. Students like me, being the primary beneficiary of this project, should assist in the maintenance of the laboratory. We have to be vigilant on those who are bent on vandalism. Gone are those days that we have to contend ourselves with dilapidated labora- tory. Now, we were giv- en a blessing, and we need to contribute on its preservation. - France Imperial, BSE English NPC students in the school’s refurbished laboratory. Based on their official website, the Aboitiz Foundation has allocated almost P1 billion in edu- cation-related projects in the last six years. And every year, approximate- ly 50% of the Founda- tion’s annual budget goes to projects that seek to enhance the public education system. Last year, NPC was very fortunate to be the recip- ient of this assistance in the form of facility im- provement done in our school’s laboratory. Truly, companies under Aboitiz know the value of social responsibility as they keep on playing an active role in the uplift- ment of the quality of lives of the peo- ple in the area where they oper- ate. We truly extend our indebtedness and gratitude, coupled with the promise to value the facility you helped to im- proved. ABOITIZ FOUNDATION:A LEGACY OF SERVICE