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Learning Plan Lesson 2 Quarter 1 Grade 8 English
Learning Plan Lesson 2 Quarter 1 Grade 8 English
Learning Plan Lesson 2 Quarter 1 Grade 8 English
Learning Plan Lesson 2 Quarter 1 Grade 8 English
Learning Plan Lesson 2 Quarter 1 Grade 8 English
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Learning Plan Lesson 2 Quarter 1 Grade 8 English


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Learning Plan Lesson 2 Quarter 1 Grade 8 English

Learning Plan Lesson 2 Quarter 1 Grade 8 English

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  • 1. LESSON 2: DISCOVERING TRADITIONS & VALUES OF OUR ASIAN NEIGHBOURGRADE LEVEL: Grade 8TARGET PROFICIENCY: Average to Advanced Proficiency ClassDURATION: 7-9 daysLESSON MATRIX:Level of Assessment Domains of Literacy Learning CompetencyKnowledgeViewing /Oral language &FluencyActivate prior knowledgeExpress feelings and attitudes byresponding to a given stimulusProcessVocabularyEnhancementGuess meanings of words usingcontext cluesReadingLiteratureAttitudeOral Language &FluencyRead closely to select appropriatedetails from a selection for specificpurposesExpress appreciation for worthwhileAsian traditions and valuesDemonstrate sensitivity to the needs ofothers for a better understanding ofmanUnderstandingListeningReadingStudy SkillsWritingUse attentive listening strategies withinformative textGather data using library and onlinereferencesProduct/Performance Writing/SpeakingPrepare a travel brochure on thetraditions and values of AsiancountriesQUICK GLANCE OF ACTIVITIES:(Note: Complete instructions and methodology are in the Teaching Guide.)1. Let’s Celebrate (please refer to p. 45 of the Teaching Guide)2. Posing the Essential Question:
  • 2. 3. Viewing:4. Getting Ready to Read:5. Group Work:Word Watch (please refer to p. 62 of the Teaching Guide)6. Group Work: Story Wheel(please refer to p. 54 of the Teaching Guide(modifications aremade))
  • 3. 7. Going Japanese: (Individual Work)(please refer to p. 63 of the Teaching Guide)Continue discussion by letting students do the pair work activity. (p.63, TG)8. Group Work: Enrichment Activities on the “Story of the Aged Mother”In groups of 5-6, plan and work out the following tasks. Letter to the CharacterWrite a letter to the young man in the story. Express your opinion on hisvalues, decisions and actions as revealed in the folktale. What would youwant to tell him regarding what he did to save her mother? Connect a songThink of a song that relates to the theme of the selection. Present it to theclass and explain why is it connected to the significant human experience inthe story. Poster –making /CollagePresent a collage or a poster that highlights the conflict that the charactershad experienced in the story. Be ready to explain your output. DramatizationDramatize the most meaningful part of the story. Be ready to act withgenuine emotions. Assign someone to explain why you consider that part ofthe tale as the most significant. Prayer for the ElderlyWrite a universal prayer inspired by the folktale you have read. Expressyour innermost wishes or earnest desires for every elderly in the world.o (processing follows after each presentation. Group output will be evaluated basedon Content, Creativity, and Execution)
  • 4. 9. Language Focus: Formulating Correct Conditional StatementPlease refer to Activity 11 p. 64 of the Teaching Guide.10. Info-search: (please refer to Activity 15, p. 75 of the Teaching Guide)11. Product/Performance: Creating a Travel BrochurePlease refer to Activity 20: p. 87, Activity 21:p. 89, & Activity 22: p. 91 of the TeachingGuide.