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London hydro energy-conservation-pitch-v3-0_marco

London hydro energy-conservation-pitch-v3-0_marco



Energy Conservation Campaign

Energy Conservation Campaign



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    London hydro energy-conservation-pitch-v3-0_marco London hydro energy-conservation-pitch-v3-0_marco Presentation Transcript

    • Introduction
    • Mandate The original ask was to present creative ideas for a campaign that would inspire the population of London to be more energy efficient. -Communicate the significance of energy conservation -Educate on how to become energy efficient at home -Provide tools and support to ease the process -Most importantly: motivate to get started So how do we grab people’s attention and make them get on board?
    • Mandate The intention is also to engage them in a long term commitment after the campaign over. The initiative should tie in with existing and future communication efforts to ensure a sustained involvement. Let’s start a movement and keep it alive
    • Challenge Changing behaviour is not easy. Holding on to bad habits is often due to ignorance, laziness, or lack of care. And that’s what we need to tackle: Give people a reason to give it a try
    • Audience Just about anyone in the general public: customers for the most, not businesses specifically. Which means the campaign concept must be enticing for the head of household, in some occasions fun for kids or appealing to organizations, and definitely rewarding for all. The primary target will be the one paying the bill
    • Motivators People need to understand why it matters. They need to see how change can impact their lives positively. Taking the first step is often the hardest. But we can help them get there. Most human beings need incentives in order to get involved in something. The purpose of the campaign is to get them in the zone. Let’s give them candies to get them started
    • Approach
    • Foundation Conceptually we wanted to explore a relevant creative territory for this campaign and extract 2 unique ideas that would share common traits, or experience pillars: Engaging Motivating Educational Social Valuable and…
    • Empowering Having control Acting on it Seeing results Feeling great
    • Creative Space There are different ways to look at the opportunity to motivate change. Participation Individual Collective Need Rational Emotional Activity Game Project Length Short Long
    • Creative Space There are different ways to look at the opportunity to motivate change. Individual Collective Rational Emotional Concept 1 Concept 2 Game Project Short Long
    • Creative Space Concept 1 Concept 2 me we Motivating Get rewards Support greater cause Engaging Personal challenge Group mission Competition Sharing Save money, have fun Give to others, feel good I can do this We can do this Social Valuable Empowering Educational Why save energy, and how
    • Creative Space Concept Concept 1 2 Rewarding Meaningful Online Game Social Movement
    • Concepts
    • About The purpose of this presentation is to ignite your imagination with possibilities. And nothing is set in stone: -Not the title or the logo -Not the design (just for presentation purpose) -Not the features The concepts are creative directions that we can further discuss and transform.
    • Concept 1 Rewarding Online Game
    • Letting go of bad habits is not easy. It requires a lot of determination to get rid of questionable behaviour and improve energy consumption at home. But we’re here to help. Enrol into the program and fight your nasty ways. Prove to everyone you are a champion.
    • THE ENERGY BATTLE is a competitive online game Participants will have accomplish various challenges to improve their consumption habits. They will train their mind to understand why it matters, solve enigmas, fight other energy mercenaries, and get a chance to become top warrior.
    • And they will be rewarded. The more you participate, the better you perform, the more points you get, the greater are your chance to get the goods.
    • First things first: enrolment Registration Quick and dirty web form or via Facebook Create a unique warrior emblem Energy Profile Establish current consumption level (promote to TOU) Warrior Training Boot camp: how to save energy at home Toolkit: printable reminders, SMS notifications, daily tweets, etc.
    • What’s in it for me? Discount on your next bill Cut your next payment in half. If your make it to the end. Partner Rewards Coupons, miles, exclusivities. Prizes Weekly draws for top warriors and a chance to win the big one at the end of the battle.
    • Fame Top warriors will get lots of exposure on the scoreboards, the Facebook page, and beyond.
    • Get your sorry ass on the battlefield You have one month to prove yourself. Accomplish all the missions and become a true warrior.
    • SAVE Concrete actions toward saving energy Slash It Good Join The Clan LEARN LEARN PLAY Show skills, knowledge, have fun Solve Enigmas Fight Titans
    • Slash It Good Solve Enigmas Join The Clan Fight Titans ENERGY RESERVE
    • SAVE Slash It Good  Most meaningful activity  Get your total kilowatts down for the game period  Realistic target established based on current consumption  Reach your goal and get the maximum points. VALUE: up to 40% of the energy reserve
    • SAVE Join The Clan  Register to eco-friendly programs such as the Climate Shop and get instant energy bars plus bonus miles.  Go to Lowe’s Hardware, buy energy efficient light bulbs, and get energy bars promotional rebate on Energy Star products at Lowe’s. VALUE: up to 10% of the energy reserve
    • PLAY Solve Enigmas  Being a great warrior requires wisdom  Participants will accomplish skill testing challenges (a total of 12 games, 3 per week)  Quizzes, puzzles, or riddles, all related to energy consumption (hints and guides will be accessible). VALUE: up to 30% of the energy reserve
    • PLAY Fight Titans  Prove you are a great warrior by challenging others into 2 types of battle  Energy usage combat: fight up to 4 players, the winner is the one who used the least energy in a week (%)  Speed game: finding errors or hidden symbols on image, the fastest wins VALUE: up to 20% of the energy reserve
    • Progress Identification / Warrior Badge / Energy Reserve / Total Discount / Prizes
    • Battlefield Access to Missions / Challenge Notifications / Accomplishment Status
    • Crusaders Leaderboard & Weekly Prizes / Activity Map / Sharing tools
    • Primary Game Space Core activities to take place on a website or through a Facebook app Facebook Game Page: -game progress -special clues -top warrior showcase + prizes -partner promos Timeline Posts: -personal achievements -challenge a friend -recruiting
    • Concept 2 Meaningful Social Movement
    • The big idea
    • The big idea Starting meaningful social movement It’s about helping others, making a difference in the community, and feeling great about it. It’s about being part of something bigger than oneself Let’s give them a platform where they will change themselves, improve what’s around them, and save energy in the process.
    • The big idea
    • The big idea Empower yourself The more energy you save, the more you can give to projects that matter to you. Saved kilowatts become currency Learn to become a good consumer by improving your energy consumption habits and start making a difference.
    • Get involved
    • Get involved Registration Quick web form or via Facebook account Energy Profile Establish current consumption level: the value to bring down in order to give (promote TOU) Tips & Guides How to save energy at home, printable reminders, SMS notifications, daily tweets, etc.
    • Get involved pay it forward the next Big thing Stories Of people Making change blackout wednesday s shop for habitat
    • Get involved pay it forward
    • Get involved Pay it forward Save energy and donate it to organizations who will get an energy discount and use the saved money for a greater cause: -New computers for schools -Activities for lonely elderly people -Better hospital lounge areas -Etc.
    • Get involved Pay it forward Follow the stories of organizations getting meaningful projects started. Rally people around these causes. Schools can create support groups and compete for special prizes.
    • Get involved the next Big thing
    • Get involved next big thing Let’s imagine a something great for the City of London and make it happen. People can submit ideas and vote on projects: -Transforming an old park -Creating a yearly festival -A new library -Etc.
    • Get involved next big thing To contribute, you agree to reduce your usual electrical bill but continue to pay the average amount. The difference will be given to the chosen project, and the total donate amount will be matched by London Hydro and investing partners.
    • Get involved Shop for habitat
    • Get involved Shop for habitat In partnership with Home Depot, participants will be able to shop in this exclusive online store where Energy Star approved products can be purchased 15% off. Referral: get an outsider to buy and get a coupon for your next in-store visit.
    • Get involved Shop for habitat All profits will be given to Habitat For Humanity, a great organization providing better homes to people who need it the most. Follow the stories of the people building these homes and those receiving them.
    • Get involved blackout wednesda ys
    • Get involved blackout wednesdays Every Wednesday evenings and nights during the campaign, let’s live with no lights on and limited appliance usage. Let’s save even more to give. London Hydro will match in dollars all kilowatts saved that day and donate to the Lights for Life organization.
    • Get involved blackout wednesdays Families will be given fun assignments like glow in the dark art projects or shadow sculptures. Take pictures and post them in the online gallery. Use the special app to draw in the dark images neon style. App works only in darkness (sensor).
    • Get involved blackout wednesdays Grown-ups can tell their own stories on how they took advantage of an evening in the dark: romantic dinner, flashlight treasure hunt with the kids, ghost stories by the fireplace, etc. Tweet your activity ideas with others (#blackout) and join the conversation.
    • dashboard
    • dashboard
    • dashboard Profile, achievement, contributions
    • dashboard Stories, progress, social interaction
    • dashboard Projects, guides
    • light garden
    • light garden A representation of our achievement A public space in the City of London would be the stage of an interactive and artistic output of the citizen’s energy saving efforts and social contributions. The idea of a garden came from the notion of personal and collective growth, of caring for something beautiful and meaningful.
    • light garden
    • light garden
    • light garden
    • light garden
    • light garden
    • light garden
    • Thank You Q&A