Profile/Portfolio Marco de Groen 2014


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This is the professional profile of Marco de Groen. In this profile you can get to know me and see my latest and best work of the past 2 years. Hope you enjoy it.

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Profile/Portfolio Marco de Groen 2014

  1. 1. Profile Marco de Groen Graphic designer, Multimedia Designer
  2. 2. multifunctional creative developer interaction strategy + branding design + advertising + online media 8 years of working experience
  3. 3. MARC ODEGROEN. COMGRAP HICDESIG NER Visual Communication. Interaction Strategy. Graphic Design. Online Media. Social Media. Web Design. Advertising. Branding.
  4. 4. MARC ODEGROEN. COMGRAP HICDESIG NER Multifuntional. Responsable. Team worker. Experienced. Stress free. Flexible. Planner. Social.
  5. 5. personal resume, what you need to know 27 years old + married + father of 2 + drivers licence + motivated + never gives up + teamspirit + deliver quality + dutch humor social media freak, f1 lover, blogger
  6. 6. career resume, what did i achieve? (diploma’s) vmbo theoretische leerweg landbouw. mbo multimedia designer. hbo communication and multimedia design. (awards) gouden pauw award 2006 + 2007. (internships) pos factory - holland 2007 scratchdisk creative - malaysia 2011
  7. 7. MARC ODEGROEN. COMGRAP HICDESIG NER Owner/Founder of : Manguru and The Daily Roar Customs and Traditions - Travel in Asia by locals -
  8. 8. Personal data: Name: Marco de Groen Telefoon number: + 60 10 665 9053 Mobile number: + 60 10 665 9053 E-mail: Date of birth: 21 Juli 1986 Functions: Graphic designer, Multimedia designer Interaction strategist, Freelancer Portfolio: Social networks: Webpages: High experience: Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Illustrator Premiere, After effects, Imageready Indesign, Windows, Mac OS Powerpoint, Keynote, Word Exel,Visio, Social Media
  9. 9. MARC ODEGROEN. COMGRAP HICDESIG NER No more blabla. Lets see some work!
  10. 10. Corporate Identity / Branding
  11. 11. Advertisement Client: Menara Binjai Project: Make an ad that shows the buildings core value: eco friendly and technology
  12. 12. Advertisement / Promotion Client: Magacon Project: Promote an upcoming game convention and its main attraction
  13. 13. Magazine covers Client: Carrefour magazine Project: Make 2 covers in different style.
  14. 14. Magazine style Client: Watercolor Magazine Project: Create a new look for the magazine
  15. 15. Online app. Client: Online Etiquette Project: Online application for travellers to learn Etiquette worldwide
  16. 16. Photoshop Client: Factory Project: Remove dirt and rust on metal Before After
  17. 17. Website design Client: Marco de Groen Project: Design my own portfolio website
  18. 18. Website design Client: Marco de Groen Project: Design my own portfolio website 2013
  19. 19. Website design Client: Marco de Groen Project: Design Manguru and The Daily Roar
  20. 20. Website design Client: Kluang Mall Project: Design a custom website Site Information Privacy Terms Conditions Let’s Connect Facebook Instagram Vimeo Gallery Our Shops Store Guide Promotion About Us Contact Us Getting Here Careers Recycle Newsletter Follow us Name Email SUBSCRIBE UNSUBSCRIBE Kluang Mall Newsletter Kluang Mall at night, a must see! When you are in Kluang at night please make sure you will also pay a visit to Kluang Mall. The amazing lighting at the mall is great. READ MORE STORE GUIDE Top of page Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved. HOME EVENTS HAPPENINGS STORE GUIDEGALLERYPROMOTIONS ABOUT US Find a storeKluang Mall Newsletter You are here: Home Stores Guide Fashion Sports Clothing Al-IKHSAN AL-IKHSAN Store Info Location: GL Ground Level Nearest parking Kingsway Entrance, Yellow Zone Phone Contact Number: 604-656-8173 Business Hours: Mon - Fri 10:00am - 9:00pm Sat 10:00am - 9:00pm Sun 11:00am - 7:00pm Facebook:
  21. 21. Website design Client: Marco de Groen Project: Online database for graphic agencies
  22. 22. Promotion material Client: Man bijt hond Project: Promote the project in a school with poster, movies and projection
  23. 23. Interactive installation Client: Kinderboeken week Project: Create an installation that allowes children to interact with it.
  24. 24. Instruction brochure Client: Avans Project: Make an instruction brochure to explain an installation
  25. 25. Promotion material Client: Global Mediaid Project: Promote the project in the city Breda with posters and online media.
  26. 26. Product design Client: Phillips Project: Toothguard: Propose and design a new product for elder people. The toothguard allows people to scan their teeth without pain to prevent teeth for getting severe damage. Seniors can now take action in time before it is too late. Prototype created with a team of 5 people, pitch done by me
  27. 27. Product design Client: Kluang Mall, Kluang, Johor in Malaysia Project: Making a proposal for signboards that will be displayed in and around the mall to promote tenants and their food products.
  28. 28. Online Advertising Client: Kluang Mall, Kluang, Johor in Malaysia Project: For their facebook page Kluang Mall needed a tool to engage their visitors with daily promotions. I created the hashtag #kluangmallTODAY and made a design for images with a customized footer that would be placed on a daily basis on their facebook page. In this way they could promote their tenants in a daily base.
  29. 29. Magazine Client: Kluang Mall, Kluang, Johor in Malaysia Project: Every 2 months Kluang Mall would have their own newsletter published. For this newsletter I made the “Close up” articles where tenants where put in the spotlight. Above is an example of one article that I made.
  30. 30. Infographic Client: Avans Breda, The Netherlands Project: For Avans I made a infographic about radiation. The picture is taken by me and I did intense research on how to display the intensity of each radiation level.
  31. 31. Baby Card Client: Myself Project: For the birth of our first son I made this baby card. It is inspired by his Chinese birth year (year of the rabbit) And his horoscope (Lion).
  32. 32. Product Design Client: My son Project: I wanted to make a custom set of playing blocks for my son. This since he will be raised with several languages. These blocks have Dutch, English, Icons and letters on it. This so he can learn in a fun way.
  33. 33. Corporate Identity / Branding
  34. 34. Corporate Identity / Branding
  35. 35. MARC ODEGROEN. COMGRAP HICDESIG NER Thank you for watching.
  36. 36. Want to see more? Please go to:
  37. 37. Copywrite Marco de Groen