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This is the proposal I made for my graduation project. Please read it and help to give me some precious feedback. Thank you!

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Cultural treasures bidbook_1.0

  1. 1. SHARE, INTERACT, RESPECTGET FAMILIAR WITH ALL CULTURES AND THEIR TREASURES Bidbook version 5.3.2012 By Marco de Groen Dutch student at CMD Breda
  2. 2. CONTENT INTRODUCTION The whole concept in short Cultural Treasures is an online platform that allows users to post and share manners of their ownINTRODUCTION Blz.1 and of other cultures with users from all over the world. It can be useful to know about manners when you are travelling, doing business abroad or are researching different cultures. The platformHow did I get to this idea and why? transcends existing references on manners because it does not only describe manners generi- cally. It gives deep insights in the contexts and practical use of manners and related manners. Therefore by using this platform you will never act inappropriate when dealing with other cultures.CONCEPTUAL MODEL Blz.2-4 Scope and target groupHow does this whole platform work? The platform will be a cross media tool that allows people worldwide to understand each other better but also to get more interaction between each other. For this project my focus lies onSTAKEHOLDERS AND ADDED VALUE Blz.5 Chinese and Dutch people and their manners. This because I have a strong personal bond with these cultures since my wife is Chinese and I therefore have easy access to both sides.Who are the stakeholders and what are the benefits? Main questionWHY THIS BIDBOOK AND QUESTIONS How to get Chinese and Dutch people to look through each other’s eyes and really see each Blz.6 other’s cultures?Why did I make this bidbook? Introduction An online platform that will open a door to information that has never been seen or publishedCONTACT ME Blz.7 before! There are no books, online websites or applications yet that are able to get the insight information about manners worldwide the way this website could. People from countries all overHow can you contact me? the world will fill in the content themselves on this website and will provide us with unique informa- tion about their cultural treasures. This information will be stored in a way that it can eventually be moulded easily into several mediums like a book or an application. This thanks to the way each post is tagged with information provided by each user. Because of the community on this platform users from the same or from a different cultures can interact with each other. Thanks to this interaction the users will get more respect and understanding for each other. And last but certainly not least, users will be able to find and build up a network for both personal and business use. Why? Manners from different cultures have never been shared along with the interesting insights about their appropriate use in different contexts. These details are only known by people who are very familiar with the culture or even brought up within a certain culture. There is a strong need for more deeper and detailed information about manners. In order to find out the specific details of each manner you need to consider many key factors like: Country, Region, Ethnic group, Religion, Job function and age. All these key factors make it very hard to map and list the manners in a linear way. Furthermore there seems to be a strong need for a community where people can interact with each other about these manners in order to gain more understanding and respect for different cultures. This platform could help to find people for your network in both the business and the private sector. Conceptual model On the next page you will see the conceptual model that I have made for this platform. This model shows what the platform does, who’s involved en how it works. Please take a look. The page after the conceptual model will be used to explain the whole flow in text. 1
  3. 3. CONCEPTUAL MODEL A USER POSTS A MESSAGE ABOUT MANNERS CONCEPTUAL MODEL Post/Type message Message must be manner or tradition related User uses... For the post Selected by himself -Stories Post needs from his own background -Experiences content and context Connected to or someone else his background Family and friends -Education Is connected to -Way he is raised Consists Might include of LTURE N T ENT CU CO NTEXT Register/Log in Info connected FIRST CO Register/Log in Post may consist of -Actions to user profile -Culture -Country FIRST Text, Photo’s or Video’s -Language -Time Traditions -Region Join or help FILLED IN BY USER -Objects -History and to create Manners -Ethnicity community -Job function -Location -Religion Data connected to -Behavior -Circumstances BY POSTING each post -Language Will structure and map posts AGS/ I -Learn Find and connect to other users of different AT T -Username N U N I T Y / GR DA cultures or the same -Share FO Understanding and -Age -Comment M Respect -Discuss -Job function M Have the opportunity for: -Country In user OU CRUCIAL CO -Region account NEEDED-Contacts -Interaction and each P -Ethnic group DATA-Work post All combined together = -Network -Religion-Opportunities Unique data and information -Catagory-Insight information Insight information -Content -Eating -Greeting -Unique information -Entering House Data can be reshared -Gathered Usefull and -Heritage of culture usable for Catagory subjects -Manners in different new shapes like: -Valuable information Cultural interested people -Etc. -Ranked Students -Shared A book Business people An application Tourists Stakeholders Thanks to users -Discussed Experts and community -Feedback A website Investors -Mapped Articles -Structured E-mails -Tagged Social Media 2 3
  4. 4. CONCEPTUAL MODEL STAKEHOLDERS AND ADDED VALUEHow does it work? What is the use of this platform?The cross media platform addresses ‘manners in context’ as valuable Cultural Treasures. • Give essential insights from each others cultural treasuresTherefore the platform will be referred to as CT. A CT-user posts a message about a manner on • Make people aware of the power and use that are connected to manners, traditions andthe platform. etiquettes • Change peoples insights and state of mind towards each otherEach user has his own cultural background with the following key factors: Country, Region, Ethnic • Improve communication, respect and understanding for each othergroup and Religion. These key factors are very important so each post can be mapped and • Lower the wall for discussing each others cultural treasures and make it more common to talkstructured well with the right tags. Linked to these key factors are manners and traditions from aboutthe culture that the user has. These manners and traditions are shared and related to family and • Enrich people with the knowledge of each others cultural treasuresfriends of the user. • Let people know the history and meaning behind manners and traditions • Make a cross media tool to make it more accessible for people all over the worldEach user also has the possibility to connect to the community on the platform. In this community • Make a cultural legacy for the younger generationusers can interact with each other, build a network or place content in it. • Find people with the same interestsInteraction with users from the same culture or from other cultures will make people able to learn, • Link and map every manner by country, region, ethnic group and religionshare, discuss and comment on each other. • Create content that is reliable since it comes from the people itselfA network will lead to new contacts and these new contacts can provide the users with work, Stakeholders of the platform intern and externinside information (that only they know) or other opportunities.Finally a community will lead to content, but content that consists of unique information. But also Extern:this content will be a cultural heritage of each users culture. Eventually all of this content isvaluable information. • Sponsors and investors • People with interest for their culture and othersThis information is extremely useful for all sorts of users like: cultural interested people, students • Students that follow studies connected to cultureswho are doing a study related to this information, business people who like to get new connections • Business people who have and need connections in other culturesor understand a culture better for business matters, tourists who like to travel to a certain country, • Tourists who travel to other countriesexperts who want to represent their culture and finally investors who would like to invest in this • Experts and representatives of ethnic groups, religions and countriesuseful data for profitable purpose. All these people together are the stakeholders of this platform. Intern:When a user posts a message this message needs to have the following tags: Username, Age,Job function, Country, Region, Ethnic group, Religion and Category. This data is crucial, because it • Myself, I am the creator and want to make a successful platformwill help to map and structure the content on the platform. • A possible partner, to help me realize the platformAnd thanks to the users on this platform this data will be: Gathered, Ranked, Shared, Discussed, • My school, to judge my platform and let me graduateConsist of feedback, Mapped, Structured and tagged. Stakeholder benefitsIn the end this data can be used and reshared to the world in many different and profitable shapeslike: A book, an application, another website, Articles, e-mail and off course social media! Thanks to the extern stakeholders (also called users) there will be a great amount of benefitsStakeholders and their added value in short • Unique content supplied, ranked, shared and discussed by the users themselves (for all) • Tagged and mapped content which makes it very easy to use the content (for all)Suppliers of content: Business people, Students, Experts, Tourists, People who want to share • Content with a very high amusement factor but also easy to learn and understand (for all)Added value: Information, Network, Community, Products, Work • One central point where people can share and gather for manners (for all) • Respect and understanding between different cultures (for all)Consumers of the platform: Business people, Students, Experts, Tourists, People, (Social) Media • Enrich themselves (for all)Added value: Information, Mapped and ranked, Product, Understanding, Amusement • Build up a network with contacts (students and business people) • Advertise and sponsor the content on the platform (sponsors and investors)Producers: Me (Marco de Groen), Partner, Sponsor • Get content which is reliable (students and business people)Added value: Content generated by users, platform, eyecatcher, unique formula • Create a cultural heritage for themselves and other generations (experts and interested people) • Be able to create new products like books, applications and articles with the content (sponsors)Investors: Sponsors, Partners, Business People, ExpertsAdded value: Network, Community, Respect, Information/data, Exposure worldwide 4 5
  5. 5. WHY THIS BIDBOOK? CONTACTWhy this bidbook? And what do I ask from its reader? Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or remarks that you would like to give me. I’m open for everything and will be very happy with every comment made on thisOff course there is a raison why I made this bidbook. I am hoping that you as a reader are willing concept. I’m still looking for someone to create this website with, interested? Contact give me some precious feedback and your opinion on this whole concept. The more feedbackand comments I get, the more I can turn this concept into a success. My contact details are:Also I am hoping to find someone who could help me to build this platform.All help is welcome and I hope that after reading this bidbook you are more willing to help me. Fornow I want to thank you for your time, and I hope there is still some time left for you to answer afew questions I have.QUESTIONS Marco de GroenPlease go to this link below (or mail me) and help me answer these questions in order to make this Graphic Designer / Multimedia Designergreat platform a success. The questions I have are:• What is your job function and background? Mobile number: (+31) 06 50 49 53 31• Are you interested in this project? Website:• Would you like to participate in this platform? (post and share on this platform)• Are you, or do you know someone who could help me with this platform (sponsor, building, etc)• What is the best way to reach Chinese people for this website? Where to promote it?• What makes this platform attractive/interesting for you?• Do you recognize the situation that is explained in this bidbook?• Do you feel free enough to post on this platform why yes or no? And would you post? Why?• Is there any other remark or feedback that you would like to give me?Survey can be viewed and answered here: YOU! 6 7