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Police by DeRigo - FINAL PROJECT

Police by DeRigo - FINAL PROJECT



Final part of the rebranding project of Police by DeRigo (Italian eyefirm): FINAL PRESENTATION and CREATIVE PROPOSAL.Created the following: a 3D...

Final part of the rebranding project of Police by DeRigo (Italian eyefirm): FINAL PRESENTATION and CREATIVE PROPOSAL.Created the following: a 3D
model for the retail and flagship stores, a guerrilla marketing action plan, an interactive contest, a Facebook page, and an intervention of corporate
social responsibility - University of Padua, Advanced Marketing, Spring 2009 [English and Italian]



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    Police by DeRigo - FINAL PROJECT Police by DeRigo - FINAL PROJECT Presentation Transcript

    • Alessandra Capelli
    • Cinzia Lucato
    • Elisa Nicoletto
    • Silvia Zaramella
    • Matteo Brotto
    • Marco Santo Danesi
    • Witch’s€apprentice coming from the€ countryside. She likes sunglasses and€mirror lenses.€She loves POLICE€since the€ Gothic P€is really closed to her appearence. She carried out€an investigation to analyse POLICE€brand€awareness using her magic powers.
    • Young€but determined,€he describes himself as a€cosmopolitan boy. He is a€P.R.€He loves surfing€the€web€ and€chatting. He would like to become a€model and€ he does€nothing€but€look€at€himself€ in€the€mirror. He would like to collaborate€actively with POLICE.
    • Kind and€sociable,€this shopkeeper really inspires confidence. After discovering POLICE€as a€lifestyle brand,€he has decided to work€in€its new flaghship store in€Milan. Methodical and€neat,€he decided to adopt his artistic style€to furnish his shop,€ together with many metropolitan innovations. He loves Arts and€he has decided to bring some€pieces of Art€into his flagshipstore.
    • PENE LOPE She is a€dreamer and€she likes fluttering all over the€world. Stubborn as a€mule, she decided to collaborate€to the€ creation of the€YouniCUBE (a€ foundation,€a€meeting€point for the€aggregation of young people,€a€ breeding ground for artists).€
    • Our superheroes
    • analysis tools Ali€di€pipistrello€€€€€€ S.W.O.T. Analysis Zampette€di€ragno 89€questionari€cartacei Occhi€di€salamandra 355€questionari€online Branchie€di€tritone 29€questionari€ad€ottici Coda€di€rospo Video€finale
    • Looking back at the analysis WHAT€WE€HAVE€FOUND€OUT€ABOUT: THE€TARGET •Now:€25/30€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ male,€macho,€ metropolitan,€educated • Our Suggestion:€€20/35€€€€€ unisex,€metropolitan,€ educated,€irriverent
    • Looking back at the analysis WHAT€WE€HAVE€FOUND€OUT€ABOUT: THE€BRAND •No€distinctive products •Increase brand€awareness •Make the€brand€image younger •Memorable product:€BLUE€MIRRORS •Lifestyle •Brand€quality :€price€
    • Our goal Make people€aware of the€initiative “BeYounique” and€interact through the€Web€2.0 POLICE€makes people€UNIQUE POLICE€€highlights your YOUNIQUENESS€in€ standardized contexts,€where you are€ featureless and€indinstict in€the€crowd.
    • 3 steps with our superheroes • Metropolitan,€fast€ 1.€GUERRILLA€MKT actions that arise curiosity towards the€ brand TOGETHER€WITH…. • Proximity mkt • Web€2.0€tools:€Blog,€ Facebook€POLICE€page,€ applications.
    • 3 steps with our superheroes • Retail stores:€installations,€ 2.€RETAIL€&€€€€€ corners,€mirrors FLAGSHIP€STORE • Flagship store:€ metropolitan and€educated space with bistrot€area€and€ art€gallery
    • 3 steps with our superheroes • Foundation,€gathering€and€ 3.€YouniCUBE meeting€place€where€ everybody€can€show€their€ Youniquess • Intervention€of€corporate€ social€responsibility€in€order€to€ increase€Police’s€goodwill
    • Our superheroes
    • Why guerrilla? guerrilla? Fast€actions that involve€the€ consumers and€make them the€brand Reminds of the€idea€of YOUNIQUENESSE without showing the€products Striking actions that make the€ consumer€bear€in€mind the€claim
    • Jan€van Eyck 1390€- 1441 Keith€Haring 1958€- 1990 Osvaldo€Cavandoli€ 1920€- 2007 Michelangelo€Pistoletto€ 1933
    • Metropolitan mirror landscapes Mirror surfaces installations with www.police-beyounique.com Train stations Airports Subways
    • Metropolitan mirror landscapes
    • Metropolitan mirror landscapes
    • Younique siLhouettes •Installations€of€plastic€hollow€ silhouettes€with€ www.police-beyounique.com printed€on€the€border.€ •People€can€interact with€the€ silhouettes€miming€the€pose.€ Squares Concerts Fairs
    • Why? Why? •People€become aware of their YOUNIQUENESSE€by looking at€ BRAND€ one’s€own image reflected in€ the€mirror /€by playing with the€ AWARENESS silhouettes in€a€crowded space •People€are€invited to surf€the€ net€and€participate in€the€blog€ WORD€OF€ MOUTH www.police-beyounique.com
    • (sexy) siLhouettes November 2006 Milan "L'idea€del€video€in€metropolitana€fa€ parte€di€un€progetto€più ampio.€ Stiamo€creando€- afferma€uno€degli€ organizzatori€- un€programma€ televisivo€di€ragazze€briose€che€ combinano€guai€in€giro€per€le€città.€ Invaderemo€le€strade€italiane€con€la€ nostra€comicità sexy".€"Guai€a€ chiamarle€'veline':€le€nostre€ragazze€ - conclude€- hanno€anche€un€ cervello.€Sono€le€pin€up€del€2000"
    • (famous) siLhouettes (famous)
    • POETRY
    • MUSIC
    • MUSIC
    • MIME
    • DANCE
    • Proximity mkt For both the€guerilla actions a€bluetooth€message will be sent€to mobile€phones,€pocket€ computers,€bluetooth€and€ wireless€devices. “Are€YOUNIQUE?”
    • New€York, 2012 Che€sta€ succedendo? www.police-beyounique.com Partecipa€anche€tu€e€compila€il€modulo€online Sms inoltrato… Bella,€ giovane€ e€ in€ carriera€ ma€ ormai€ sfila€ solo€ sopra€ ad€ un€ manto€ di€ nuvole.€ Katerina Gulp… Zaklova è definitivamente€ scomparsa€ dalle€ scene.€ Omicidio€ o€ suicidio?€ Aiuta€ il€ detective€ Sidmons a€ risolvere€ il€ caso€per€le€vie€di€NYC….
    • Storytelling autoriale
    • 1° step:€SMS€selection -I potenziali concorrenti lasciano il loro numero nel punto vendita e su internet -A una data ora di un POLICE Crime Scene POLICE Crime Scene dato giorno i concorrenti C ====WELCOME==== ===HAI VINTO=== Primo step superato. Sei tra i DomandaCongratulazioni! primi 200. N°1 “Qual è a giocare. indizio, Continua la capitale ricevono una domanda via SMS -Vengono selezionati i primi 200 100 50 25 5 INVIA SMS dello stato ildomanda del Per scoprire prossimo rispondi alla di NY?” 1NUOVO SMS 19 giugno alle ore 20 in base alla correttezza della risposta e alla velocità 1NUOVO SMS 48100 a) New York City RICEVUTO DA INVIATO RICEVUTO DA b) Brooklyn Police Crime Scene c)Police Crime Scene Albany
    • 2° step:€Fase€attiva
    • WEB 2.0 TOOLS1 a step www.police-beyounique.com BLOG • Contest€A€(Guerrilla):€ people€upload€their videos/photos with the€ mirrors &€the€silhouettes • Contest€B€(Highlight Yourself):€ people€upload€files (photos,€ videos,€graphic arts,€short€ stories)€which narrate€their The€winners will YOUNIQUENESS be awarded in€ future€events…
    • WEB 2.0 TOOLS1 B step POLICE€Facebook€Profile Foto Pdf’s Twitter Music File€Sharing Coupon Video Link Rss Feed Fbml Slides Poll
    • POLICE€wall Applications
    • Coupon
    • WEB 2.0 TOOLS2 step APPLICATIONS€:€to increase visibility and€ interactivity towards a€two-way relationship consumer/company • Chat • Phone and€ Internet-Call • Direct Line to the€company •Web€site€€ mobile€version
    • WEB 2.0 TOOLS APPLICATIONS€ to increase visibility and€interactivity •Among consumers •Between the€consumers and€the€company mobility involvement rapidity interaction feedback
    • Our superheroes
    • Retail elements: mirror elements: Reminds€of€the€brand,€the€pay- off€ the€web€site,€and€the€guerrilla€mkt younique.com www.police-be
    • Retail elements: exhibitors elements: The€base€form€can€be€modified€to€ compose€different€kinds€of€ exhibitors€for€different€retails. It€is€designed€with€a€light€but€ resistant€material€that€it€can€ support€the€product€without€ occupying€too€much€space.€
    • Exhibitors employment Designed€with€a€ The€construction€ The€horizontal€ series€of€ can€have€a€ construction€can€ shelves€where€ smaller€ be€ideated€ the€product€ dimension€and€it€ without€any€ can€be€ can€be€made€ shelf. collocated. horizontally. Products€can€be€ Built€vertically€ This€is€functional€ put€on€the€flat€ in€order€to€take€ for€the€retailer€ basis€on€the€ up€the€smallest€ and€can€be€put€on€ skyscraper€as€a€ space€possible. every€surface. peak.
    • FLAGSHIP STORE: • ideal€world€of€brand’s€values • describes€€strongly€and€€€€€€€€€€€€€ clearly€the€brand€identity
    • Key ideas •Metropolitan€culture •High€quality€brand •Lifestyle •Experiential€purchase •Interaction B€to C Technology C€to C
    • Internal structure SIX€CORNERS€ one for every Police€product category Sliding Technology doors Blue Street Mirrors lamps Red€brick Police€ wall Logo
    • Internal structure ART€GALLERY BISTROT • videos • cafè français • paintings • meeting€point • sculptures • socializing space • OPENING€HOURS€09:00€– 00:00 • MIXTURE€OF€ART€AND€POLICE€PRODUCTS • WORKS€FROM€“YOUniCUBE”
    • Flagship store: overview store:
    • Flagship store: overview store:
    • Flagship store: overview store:
    • Flagship store: products area store:
    • Flagship store: bistrot store:
    • Flagship store: bistrot store:
    • Flagship store: materials store:
    • Eyewear police corner More€info€at: hea d€ m oun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J ted d3-eiid- €se nso Uw&feature=player_embedded r €ba r Content€of€ installations:€ •3D€short€films “The€display€properly€reacts€to€head€ •Video€art and€body€movement€as€if€it€were€a€ real€window€creating€a€realistic€illusion€ •3D€Graphic€art of€depth€and€space.” (Johnny€Chung€Lee)
    • Accessories police corner More€info: http://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=0awjPUkBXOU&feature=player _embedded “you€can€use€the€infrared€camera€ in€the€Wii remote€to€track€objects,€ like€your€fingers,€in€2D€space.€This€ Start€up€and€ lets€you€interact€with€your€ costumize Police€ computer€simply€by€waving€your€ hands€in€the€air€similar€to€the€ Products interaction€seen€in€the€movie€ POLICE€ "Minority€Report".€ LIMITED€EDITION (Johnny€Chung€Lee)
    • Minority report
    • Apparel police corner
    • invitations Before every new exhibition an invitation will be given to every customer. On€the€DVD€you can€find: • the€POLICE€catalogue • the€list of the€artits and€their works • list of the€next exhibitions
    • Flagship Stores locator FLAGSHIP€STORES Milan New€York London Berlin Barcelona Helsinki Shanghai Dubai Tokyo
    • Our superheroes
    • ® ®
    • social responsibility Source:€“Gli interventi nel sociale” by€Giovanna€Gadotti (in€“La€comunicazione d’impresa”,€Sperling &€Kupfer Ed.,€2003) «Le€imprese€con€più alti€valori€di€sostenibilità sono,€allo€stesso€tempo,€ eccellenti€economicamente€e€mediamente€migliori€della€concorrenza» (Dow Jones€Sustainability Index) Responsabilità filantropica A)€Corporate€issue (be a€good corporate€citizen) Promotion B)€Good corporate€ Responsabilità etica Citizenship (be ethical) C) Revenue-producing transaction Responsabilità legale (obey the€law) Responsabilità economica (be profitable)
    • Cause related marketing Source:€“Gli interventi nel sociale” by€Giovanna€Gadotti (in€“La€comunicazione d’impresa”,€Sperling &€Kupfer Ed.,€2003) CRM «processo€di€formulazione€e€implementazione€ di€attività di€marketing,€caratterizzato€da€ un’offerta€dell’azienda€di€contribuire€con€un€ ammontare€specifico€ad€una€data€causa,€ quando€il€consumatore€è coinvolto€in€scambi€ remunerativi€che€soddisfano€obiettivi€sia€ dell’impresa€che€individuali» Stategic alliance with a€ Direct approach to no-profit organization the€social€cause Prerequisites: • Top€management€must€be€convinced€and€highly€involved • Members€of€the€staff€and€employers€have€to€give€their€consent
    • The metropolis behind New york city
    • The metropolis behind New york city
    • The metropolis behind dubai
    • The metropolis behind dubai
    • The metropolis behind Hong kong
    • The metropolis behind Hong kong
    • The metropolis behind Cairo city
    • The metropolis behind Cairo city
    • The metropolis behind milano
    • The metropolis behind milano
    • Inspired by... by... LA€FABBRICA€DEL€VAPORE Funded€by€Comune di Milano,€Tempo€Libero sector,€who€leads€240€mq hosting€ exhibitions,€theatre€and€dance€shows,€ workshop€and€lectures. PARTNER • Cultural€associations The€ foundation€ could€ economically€ support€ • S.r.l.€(show€Biz€– Studio€Azzurro) the€ association,€ while€ providing€ awareness€ • Companies€that€lead€artistic€projects and€making€word€of€mouth.
    • facilities • Music€(music€room,€ studios) • Catering€(multiethnic€ restaurants) • Design/graphics€ (labs€and€workshops) • Retail€(books,€DVDs€of€ people€working€there) • Visual€arts,€ photography, • Infirmary,€ticket€ new€media office,€cleaning€ service • Theatre/dance/ cinema
    • Younicube WHAT :€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ A€corporate€foundation against urban and€ social€decay of the€suburbs that collaborates with existing no-profit€associations in€ metropolitan contexts. WHY :€€give POLICE€a€social€profile like many other companies do€ ex.€Fondazione€Accenture,€Fondazione€Vodafone,€Fondazione€ Adecco€per€le€Pari€Opportunità,€Fondazione€Trussardi,€UNIDEA€ Unicredit€Foundation
    • Younicube
    • Younicube MISSION :€ • showing the€two faces of the€metropolis • getting rid of the€stereotype of the€sparkling icon • becoming aware of the€problems connected with the€€ suburbs POLICE : • “l’etica€e€l’utile€convivono€nelle€strategie€aziendali€senza€ pericolose€contaminazioni” Caldani€e€Brioschi,€1997 • “una€realtà che€vede€l’impresa€comunicare€la€propria€ assunzione€di€responsabilità sociale€al€fine€di€riscuotere€la€ fiducia€e€il€goodwill del€pubblico” Giovanna€Gadotti,€2003 Source:€“Gli interventi nel sociale” by€Giovanna€Gadotti (in€“La€comunicazione d’impresa”,€Sperling &€Kupfer Ed.,€2003)
    • Younicube : what’s in? what’s AREAS:€ • Music Room with instruments • Recording room • All-purpose room ACTIVITIES:€ • urban architecture SOCIAL€ workshop REDEVELOPMENT€ • Graffiti€workshop OF€€URBAN€AREAS • Graphics workshop • Contact and€collaboration with companies
    • Areaodeon: who Areaodeon: • Collective€ urban€ area€ producing€ and€ developing€ innovative€ artistic€ projects€ to€ re-qualify€ and€ re-vitalize€ public€ spaces€ in€ decay. www.areaodeon.it
    • Areaodeon’s people Areaodeon’s • Collaboration€ with€ human€ resources€ and€ economic,€productive,€educational€actors. • Young€ people€ aged€ 18-30€ coordinated€ by€€ experts€ in€ arts€ (architects,€ ex-professors,€ volunteers,€students) Everything€is€made€by€ “any€brave€artist€who€wants€to€freely€ confront€him/herself€with€contemporary€ society..” (MySpace€quote)
    • Police’s role Police’s ACTIVITIES€ workshops€on€visual€arts,€new€media film€festivals€(ex:€“La€Ciotat” ) theatre€performances€ artistic€interactive€installations video-photography€exhibitions SUGGESTION Our€foundation€could€ financially€€support€the€ association,€while€providing€ awareness€and€making€word€ of€mouth.
    • Area odeon + Younicube
    • Kollatino underground Cultural€ association€ born€ in€ VI€ Municipio,€ Rome,€ in€ 2001,€and€run€by€students€and€volunteers. Its€ aim€ is€ to€ regain€ a€ public€ space€ to€ serve€ as€ a€ cultural€ centre,€ where€ artistic€ expression€ of€ young€ people€are€dreams€that€can€become€true. www.kollatinounderground.org
    • Police’s role Police’s ACTIVITIES Drama,€photography,€artisan€lab€lessons Work€ in€ progress:€ music€ room run€ by€ a€ partner€ called€ ecletticalab,€ which€ entertains€ the€ kollatino’s events€ with€ performances€ live€ (rock,€ blues,€jazz)€and€dj-sets€(techno,€electronic) SUGGESTION Our€foundation€could€be€a€supporter€of€the€ musical€initiatives€by€providing€a€free€music€ room€with€instruments€and€mixer.
    • YOutube and iTunes YOUniCUBE Channel Upload€of the€songs Video€streaming€of by YouniCUBE artists performances and€ € 1,00€per€song ads
    • In-store music promotion In-store
    • Police music tower
    • Police music tower
    • Police music tower
    • Police key
    • In-store Art promotion In-store Art gallery from the cube
    • On-line auction On-line
    • On-line auction On-line
    • How do we manage profit MUSIC WORKS€OF€ART $$$ 60% to the€ 40% to the€artist sponsored association Goodwill
    • Visit us for more information at www.younicube.com