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real-time visual support for events

ideaDJ supports event organisers to deliver a ‘WOW’ effect to congresses, meetings & events. ideaDJ helps to keep the audience engaged.

For larger events, during walk-ins & -outs, as a side kick to key notes, product launches, interactive meetings during registration moments & breaks ideaDJ uses spot-on movies, images, sounds and texts to support messages and speakers.

ideaDJ strikes a fine balance between content and entertainment, based on extensive innovation & public speaking experience and a database with thousands of movies and images and a live internet connection to use on the spot, on demand and in full interaction.

Twitter walls, photo shows, Linkedin profile searches and other social media tools are included in the ideaDJ suitcases.

ideaDJ is a master of timing, knowing exactly when and where to stimulate.

Event enrichment ensured!

ideaDJ – real-time visual support for events

Marc Heleven & Ramon Vullings

Published in: Business, Technology

ideaDJ - real-time visual support for events

  1. ideaDJ - real-time visual support for events
  2. its a visual world andpeople respond to visuals. - Joe Sacco
  3. Most people learn and understand better in a visual way
  4. So... why are most events visually a disaster?
  5. And why do so many presentations have technical problems?
  6. And why are many events interactively so very poor?
  7. That’s where ideaDJ comes in!
  8. ideaDJ provides real-time visual supportfor meetings, conferences & events
  9. ideaDJ helps event organisers to deliver a ‘WOW’ effect
  10. ideaDJ sparks people’s imagination
  11. How does it work?What’s in it for me? As event organiser? Or presenter?
  12. ideaDJ shows spot-on images, movies or quotes
  13. ideaDJ supports debates, panels and speakers with: knowledge empathy humor style
  14. ideaDJ keeps the audience engaged!
  15. More than amusement, ideaDJ supports the event flowfrom a content perspective
  16. ideaDJ acts as subtle time-keeper & flow director also when the program changes
  17. ideaDJ balances content, timing, info- & entertainment
  18. ideaDJ plays enriching roles for: the flow of larger events product launches keynotes as side-kick idea & interaction walls large groups at trade fairs interactive meetings ...
  19. ideaDJ works with a database containing thousands ofspot on movies, relevant quotes and trigger images
  20. Besides the database, ideaDJ searches in the ‘deep web’to find unusual inspiration real-time
  21. ideaDJ set-up is pretty simple
  22. Pres enter ideaDJideaDJ needs to see audience, presenter and screen
  23. Single screen set-up for large events & keynotes ideaDJ takes care of all visual support
  24. ideaDJ with single screen in action
  25. Dual screen set-up for large events & keynotes Outline: • main point health • main point animals • main point conclusion Presenter ideaDJ
  26. ideaDJ with dual screen in action
  27. idea & interaction wall set-up for large areas PSSSTT!! great ideas walking just behind you... during registration & breaks in the central area, ideaDJ plays with the theme and stimulates interaction & thinking
  28. idea & interaction wall in action
  29. Set-up for product launches new! new today: in 1971... people are anticipating or waiting one large screen for ideaDJ showing twitter walls and inspiration
  30. ideaDJ in action during panel discussions
  31. When or if ideaDJ does a visual is always with respect to the presenter
  32. Super presenters don’t need ideaDJ Well, there is one more thing...
  33. events can still benefit from ideaDJ ideaDJ also WOW experience during: • panel discussions • walk-ins & -outs • registration waits & breaks • speaker setup problems • idea & interaction walls
  34. ideaDJ has a suitcase & up-to-date database full of... great images inspiring movies moving quotes twitter walls image walls interactive image tools real-time event photo shows
  35. ideaDJ shows what’s happening on #twitter real-time
  36. ideaDJs Marc Heleven & Ramon Vullings have theirbackground in innovation consulting and public speaking...
  37. ... so they know their way around industry jargon and event management challenges
  38. ideaDJ visual support is not random, it is very carefullymixed and matched to the event goal & content
  39. ideaDJ has great images for all industries & processes
  40. Valued visual support for financial services
  41. Moving visual support for automotive
  42. Connected visual support for telecommunications
  43. Smart visual support for sustainability
  44. Mobilising visual support for a better world
  45. Fair visual support for sports
  46. Daring visual support for transport
  47. Trending visual support for high-tech
  48. ideaDJa world of visual possibilities
  49. Sign up to the ideaDJ mailing list to experienceour commitment in boosting events
  50. Besides the use of own creations & travel pictures,we would especially like to thank the following people & organisations:Octavio Aburto PresentationZen Nancy Duarte Robert Gi& National Geographic LEARN !RIP. MIX. BURN.Check the presentation notes for the image rights owners, for some images on the web it’s hard to determine the original creator.We try very hard to find the original image owners to give them credit, if we didn’t list you, please send us a link:
  51. If you want your next event to have impact...