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Madrona Startup Weekend Friday Presentation

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  • ORGANIZER\n\n**Please customize this slide to give attendees all relevant practical info about the weekend.\n
  • FACILITATOR\n\nAside from local sponsors, as a non profit Startup Weekend relies on global sponsorships and grants to be substainable and expand globally. A lot of these\nglobal sponsors offer resources to each of the attendees with products and service they will find valuable over the next 54 hours. If\nyou have not already, please pick up a Global Sponsor one pager that list out all of these resources you can use over the weekend.\n\ provides a web-service API for businesses to build scalable, reliable communication apps\nTHE DEAL: $50 credit using code “ENTER TWILIO CODE HERE”\nWant more? Give more credit by sending a DM to @Twilio, or get even more by emailing\n\nAmazon AWS: delivers a set of services that together form a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform “in the cloud”.\nTHE DEAL: $50 credit per team + an additional $200 credit to the 1st place team. Ask your facilitator to claim your team’s $50 credit.\n\noDesk: Allows you to hire remote contractors including Web Developers, Graphic Designers, SEO/SEM experts and more.\nTHE DEAL: $100 credit per person. To redeem it: (1) post an hourly job on oDesk, (2) interview an hire a contractor, and (3) email\ with special code “#startupweekend” and your account will be credited. Valid for new users only.\n\nMicrosoft BizSpark: Is a global program designed to help accelerate the success of early stage startups, providing Software, Support\nand Visibility. Request your enrollment code at\n\nKauffman Foundation: is the world’s largest foundation dedicated to entrepreneurship. In September 2010 Startup Weekend\nreceived a grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, which empowers us to continue to scale globally and to study\nthe unpredictable science of successful entrepreneurship. To learn more about the Kauffman Foundation, check them out at\\n\nMomentum: A mentorship driven startup accelerator and a great next step to consider after Startup Weekend.\nI encourage you all to learn more about them and other startup accelerators because they are the perfect next step to startup\nsuccess after this weekend.\n
  • FACILITATOR\n\nOrganizer’s will write down the title of each pitched idea, the order number, and the name of the pitcher on a sheet of paper. Once all pitches have been finished (during the 30 minutes of networking), organizers will post each idea on a wall/window and hand out 3 blank sticknotes to each participant. - These are your votes, don’t lose them! You’ll then have 30 minutes to place your stickynotes on the ideas you’d like to see worked on over the weekend. You can vote for your own idea if you want, and you’re welcome to paste all 3 votes on 1 idea or spread them out. (Note: you don’t need to write your name on the stickynotes: it’s all anonymous.) After the 30 minutes are up we’ll take down the ideas and tally the votes to determine the top ideas.\n
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  • Madsw presentation 0611

    1. 1. Welcome toStartup Weekend MADRONA
    2. 2. housekeeping!✓#SWYYC, #SWSG #MADSW, #SWCairo, HASHTAG BATTLE!✓ Upload pics/vid to Flickr, tag it!✓ Facilities✓ Wifi: Hotel1000 --- its open✓Thank-yous
    3. 3. Sta rt the Schedule 18:30- Speakers & IntroFriday 19:00- Half Baked 19:45- PITCHFIRE 21:15- Mingle with a purpose 21:45- Voting & Team-forming 22:00- Start working! Saturday 1:00 - Doors close Breakfast and work! - 9:00 Finalize Teams, brainstorm, vision - 10:00 Lunch, Speakers, Team Updates - 12:00 Customer Development - 13:00Sunday 10:00 - Breakfast and work Dinner - 18:00 11:00 - VALIDATION! Sleep(?) - 1:00 12:00 - Lunch 17:00 - Presentations (5 min each!) Fin 18:00 - Dinner & Judging ish Karaoke? ;)
    4. 4. SWGlobalSponsors
    5. 5. old the friday Voting sc me ho tho ol d 1 page with each idea & founders name3 post-it notes per person - these are your votes! 20 minutes to place your votes
    6. 6. how to rock a startup in 54 hours and beyond. CURRICULUMthe (listen at your own risk)
    7. 7. fridayPitchfire 60s.. so don’t try to. You can’t say much in Make people want to know more 5-10s Who are you? 10-20s What’s the problem? 10-20s What’s your solution? 5-10s Who do you need? the take n nd .. ra ept otes B c e! c on pa n am enthu siasm k eu gious!Ma i s conta
    8. 8. buildingaTeam W h at rs ✓ Complimentary skills tte ✓ Clear and aligned interests Ma ST MO ✓ Energy and EnthusiasmBe open to co-ownership and be prepared to fail The team is EVERYTHING
    9. 9. projectManagament 1 2 3Braindump Prioritize Allocate Ideas and Refine and SetThrow everything onthe table as early as Choose only core features and Deadlines possible determine MVP for Ownership = Sunday Empowerment!Limit scope and simplify early!
    10. 10. startupTools Set timers for Use Roman each decision Voting IN QUEUE DOING DONE SCRUM Task 3 Task 2 Task 1 BOARDReconvene regularly (every 2 hrs) for status updatesUrgent and BusinessImportant Model Matrix Canvas
    11. 11. MVP ValidationThe INTERWEB why validation matters:A/B Twitter&Tests F-book You polls Ask your can’tOther TEAMS target think market Paper .net of polls Use your wufoo EVERYTHING survey feet!your TEAM 3s z Brain- s < on! storming poll ge ti daddy jud lida va feedbackMVP
    12. 12. sundayPresentations Focus on the PROBLEM & Core Value Prop(leave the frills for Q&A) No numbers without justification (i.e. hockey stick growth curve) Save demos locally - wireless WILL crash (or preload all pages in different tabs) TECH CHECK & DRY RUN WITH TIMER! (set cues to stay on track) ntly Only 1-2 speakers orta !!!! imp !!!!!!!!!! (saves time)m ost FUN H AVE
    13. 13. judgingCriteriahave customer validation Interviewed potential/target customers? Integrated that feedback into your product? ✓you... Built a base of fans and would-be customers? business model Differentiated yourself from competitors? Defined your customer acquisition/rollout strategy? ✓ Clearly and realistically articulated your revenue model? execution Developed a a functional prototype? Executed well as a team? ✓
    14. 14. Your community 2 011 yea r Da Fu en ts th is dat e ture! ev to 20 0+ tten dee s✓ +a 30 000 ✓ oun trie s izer s 4 5c rga n ✓ loc al o ure s 20 0+ p ven t ✓ + st artu 2 000 ✓
    15. 15. Startup WeekendFoundation
    16. 16. The city Eco-SystemEvents are key to help the community to grow and interact. FT500 Leap LEADERSthis slide is an exemple map of a city Eco-Systemwith our Model Country Economic Strategy IPO Leap PUBLIC/INTERNATIONAL External Growth Leap ACQUISITION/EXITS Davos Economic Forum VC Scaling Leap SVB, Sequoia Capital NATURAL GROWTH Garage Funded Leap MENTORING Y-Combinators / Tech Stars / Startup Labs INCUBATION Alpha Ideas Startup Leap & Team formation Bar Camps, Startup Weekend, Fail Conf Co-founder Leap co-founder dating Startup Drinks, Co ee 2.0 meetup, Founder Dating, & networking Startup Weekend City Ecosystem ? Entrepreneurship Leap skill building & discovery GEW, Business Plan Competitions , TED, Ignite John Doe
    17. 17. Welcome toStartup Weekend MADRONA
    18. 18. K IC KLe t ’s A S S !