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Advanced social media presentation


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These are the raw slides from a recent advanced social media marketing presentation I gave. The objective is to show the audience how to integrate their social media marketing to get better results in …

These are the raw slides from a recent advanced social media marketing presentation I gave. The objective is to show the audience how to integrate their social media marketing to get better results in less time.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Translator #1: Joe • What people see – One-sided, not interactive – Advertising, not attracting • This approach is probably not effective
    • 2. Translator #2: Paula • Search for Portuguese translator in Facebook… • #1 Result: EnglishtoEuropeanPortugue seTranslator
    • 3. Translator #2: Paula • What people see – Fun, interactive page – Attracts, not advertises • This approach is clearly effective
    • 4. The Goal of Social Media • The goal of social media isn’t to advertise… – It’s to attract more eyes! • Use social media to connect, not sell
    • 5. Key Concept: Provide Value • Conversation is the currency of social media – Comments – “Likes” • Other ways to provide value: – Entertainment – Free reports – Your expert opinion
    • 6.
    • 7. “Ive gotten plenty of newtranslation clients through myactivities on Twitter, LinkedInbut especially through myblog.” “I dont use social media as a direct sales tool for my translation business. Theyre just a part of the bigger picture. My main aim is to channel traffic back to my blog (where there are 2 clear calls to Sarah Dillon action: subscribe or hire me).”
    • 8.
    • 9. Website/blog actions• Think of your website as your “hub” – This is where you should drive your traffic – Have strong calls to action and make them easy to find
    • 10.
    • 11. YouTube actions• Start filming videos – Create value – Be fun – Be entertaining• Don’t be annoying
    • 12. SEO for YouTube Channels
    • 13. Facebook Actions • Create a Facebook page for your business – /create.php • Build a fan base for your page • Post regularly to your page and engage with your fans
    • 14. Facebook Page Tips • Give people a reason to like your page – Free coupon, voucher, report • Regularly post relevant content • Ask questions/survey • Include photos in your posts • Celebrate milestones • Run a contest
    • 15. SEO for Facebook Pages
    • 16. @sarahdillon • Tweets and Retweets • Which hash tags is she using? – #translation, #iticonf, #German • Which hashtags are appropriate for your niche?
    • 17. Twitter Actions• Create a Twitter account• Find and follow friends, colleagues and leaders in your business niche• Engage in conversations• Use hashtags to include your tweets in popular conversations
    • 18. SEO for Twitter Profiles
    • 19. LinkedIn Pages • You can have a personal LinkedIn page and a company LinkedIn page • People searching for translators using a business search will find company pages only
    • 20. LinkedIn Groups for Translators
    • 21. Sneaky LinkedIn Targeting Trick• Connect with anyone on LinkedIn directly• Find your target prospect through LinkedIn search• See which groups they belong to• Join their groups and then you can make a direct connection
    • 22. LinkedIn Actions • Create a business LinkedIn account • Join LinkedIn groups in your niche • Participate in the discussions • Answer LinkedIn Questions • Use groups as a backdoor to connect with your target prospects
    • 23. SEO for LinkedIn Profiles
    • 24. SEO for Google+
    • 25. IntegrateEverything
    • 26. Posterous • Create a Posterous account and get a free blog • Configure it to update: – Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter – Your hub blog – And more • Just send an e-mail to
    • 27. Also Consider• A more blog-centric system of content distribution• Shortly after you post to your blog, posts to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other accounts
    • 28. What’s the secret to creating lots of relevant content worth sharing?
    • 29. ContentCuration
    • 30. Where to source content to curate
    • 31. Final Tips • Build gradually • Don’t sell—connect! • Make yourself easy to connect with • Establish yourself as an expert • Provide value • Be creative, interesting, entertaining, fun
    • 32. Homework• Research your competition • What are they doing with social media? • What can you model from them?• Study what Sarah Dillon does with: • Her blog • Twitter • Facebook • LinkedIn• Get started with your own social media game plan
    • 33. Questions? Connect with me!E-mail: marc@marcmenninger.comFacebook: