Bringing Agile to universities
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Bringing Agile to universities



I gave this talk at the XP2012 conference. For the past two years, I've tried to go to universities to teach Agile practices during my spare time....

I gave this talk at the XP2012 conference. For the past two years, I've tried to go to universities to teach Agile practices during my spare time.

I give tips and tricks, and try to inspire others to take a bit of their time to go to universities and help grow the next generation of Agilists.



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Bringing Agile to universities Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Bringing Agile to Universities A journey to the academic worldMarc Lainez @mlainez
  • 2. What are the obstacles when adopting Agile?
  • 3. It’s hard to change how people think If you want to make enemies, try to change something. - Woodrow Wilson -
  • 4. It’s hard to change bad habits It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them. - Benjamin Franklin -
  • 5. Barriers to agile adoption Ability to change organizational culture 52%Availability of personnel with right skills 40% General resistance to change 39%
  • 6. You need the right mindset
  • 7. And make this guyembrace it!
  • 8. We have really good agilists for that! Helping people and companieshttp:/ / @YvesHanoulle
  • 9. But sometimes it’s already too late...
  • 10. How can we help?
  • 11. Focus on universities
  • 12. We need to open students minds to Agile with projects, workshops, lectures
  • 13.
  • 14. University Ant werp Brussels - ULB UCL Louvain-la-Neuve UMons UMons - Charleroi30hrs delivered so fara lot more preparing... still more to come...
  • 15. Great! But...
  • 16. One does not simplywalk into universities
  • 17. We got back in touch with our assistant teachers student organizations in other campuses
  • 18. We organized lectures and workshops
  • 19. Lectures to showstudents how it is like to work on an “Agile” project
  • 20. Adapting the schedule to the different campuses we went to
  • 21. We presented Agile techniques in the context of a fictional project
  • 22. We got great feedback!And improved on theway, but still...
  • 23. “It’s for small projects” “Not technical enough” “It’s not for serious projects”“It’s project management, I don’t really feel concerned” “It’s not going deep enough”
  • 24. Assumptions are hard to kill...
  • 25. Use visualsBe dynamicInvolve them
  • 26. Some examples :)
  • 27. How complex is it to get from those fruits a small piece you could eat?
  • 28. 3
  • 29. How many can you eat in 1 minute?
  • 30. User story writing and estimation workshop
  • 31. We tried poker planning with them
  • 32. And explained business value with poker chips
  • 33. Time-boxGet help!
  • 34. Self-organizing team andpair-programmingworkshop
  • 35. Using a simple Kanban
  • 36. TDD is hard to teach to students...
  • 37. @JonJagger
  • 38. “TDD+Pair Programming = Super” “I wish we could do that more often” “Frustrating but awesome!”“I’d like to do more stuff like that on my projects” “I liked working with somebody else”
  • 39. Make sure they have everything needed on their computersIf you need IT support in the uni, do it way before the workshop
  • 40. Great, but did it change anything?
  • 41. What now?
  • 42. Open library Co-Working Academic seminarAgile Summer Camp about Agile
  • 43. You could do the same in your city or country...
  • 44. And contribute to create a more Agile generation!
  • 45. Thank you! @mlainez