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Palestra entregue no TDC 2012, edição de FLorianópolis

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  • Melhor do melhor do mundoConjunto de competênciasLiderança de mercado
  • Technology trends : the top technology trends enabling the business trends and opportunitiesMobility and DevicesContextual, social, and connected user experiencesNext generation data and analytics : big data, real time analytics, embedded analyticsModern data centers : hybrid infrastructures spanning private and public clouds to achieve the best possible economies of scale in enabling internet scale operationsEvery business is technology enabled in the current day and age. Technology and software are key enablers of new value opportunities of growing revenue, increasing consumer engagement and satisfaction, and reducing operational costs. Such value opportunities are enabled by the advances in technology such as mobile & devices proliferation, the social/viral web, consumer apps, and cloud computing…all of which collectivity form the industry shift being referred to as “The Consumerization of IT”.
  • Organizations that are able to move forward with velocity on realizing value opportunities through such modernization investments stand to attain a competitive advantage in the industries they serve. Organizations that are first to realize such opportunities stand to establish ground as domain leaders.Business trends : Direct-to-consumer : Always on and connected direct-to-consumer services that enable organizations to engage directly and contextually with their consumers and target audiences anywhere at any time. Digital marketing, sales, support, consumer engagement in business development (marketing, support, future products/offers ideation), and fostering consumer loyalty are top opportunities enabled by direct-to-consumer investments. Connected Commerce : Integrating with a broad spectrum of channel partners to broaden marketing, sales, and consumer reach. Connected commerce includes and integrates brick & mortar channels, managed e-commerce storefronts, unmanaged (Ex : e-commerce storefronts, mobile storefronts, and social commerce channelsB2E (Business to Employee)/Modern workforce enablement : enabling global and mobile workforce productivity in driving the business forwardCompete differentiation : differentiated experiences spanning the above and agility in taking to market for compete differentiation and advantageThese trends are the collective business drivers for modern app investments. Modern app investments take advantage of and integrate modern technologies to deliver connected applications and services that enable realizing new value benefits in expanding consumer reach, growing revenue, increasing consumer engagement and satisfaction, and reducing operational costs.The Gartner Top 10 strategic technologies for 2012 report (
  • Application lifecycle management practices when applied effectively enable teams without barriers and continuous value delivery. The business benefits of effective ALM practices are waste reduction, faster software delivery cycle times, and a continuous realization of software enabled business value opportunities.
  • Software development in enterprises and business organizations is a cross-functional undertaking. Barriers and chasms between the cross-functional teams that need to integrate in delivering software are the top impediments that hinder value delivery. Such impediments are usually a manifestation of rigid processes, ineffective collaboration tools, and development practices that do not take advantage of the advances in technology and opportunities to better integrate teams. Inefficient team integrations result in value delivery impediments that adversely impact the entire software lifecycle from defining application requirements to development to production deployment & operations. The net adverse impact is increased cycle times in delivering value to take the business forward at the needed velocity.
  • Identifying and eliminating team integration barriers and impediments enable organizations to deliver a continuous flow of value with their software investments. Addressing such is not an all or nothing investment. Organizations can identify the value delivery impediments that impact them the most and apply contextual solutions to address. Over time, organizations can explore and adopt broader practices to further optimize value delivery cycle times.
  • Modern Apps & Modern Lifecycle

    1. 1. Modern Apps & Modern Lifecycle Márcio Sete Visual Studio ALM MVP Globalcode – Open4education
    2. 2. Aplicações Modernas Múltiplos dispositivos BIG DATA conectados Aplicações Pessoal e Sociais Contextual WEB-API-FICATION Infraestrutura Hibrida Hiper-V Private Cloud   Public Cloud SaaS | PaaS | DaaS The Gartner Top 10 strategic technologies for 2012 report Globalcode – Open4education
    3. 3. Negócios Modernos Connected Modern workforce Direct-to-consumer Commerce enablement Compete Velocity Globalcode – Open4education
    4. 4. Application Lifecycle Management TEAM FOUNDATION SERVER• Demand Management• Portfolio Selection and Analytics  Project Management • Service Manager• Resource Management  Work Item Tracking • Virtual Machine Manager• Schedule Management  Version Control • Configuration Manager• Financial Management  Reporting • Operation Manager• Time and Task Management  Team Build • Data Protection Manager• Team Colaboration  Process Template • Orchestrator• Business Inteligence and Reporting Globalcode – Open4education
    5. 5. Princípios de um ciclo moderno Business Alignment & ROI Maximization Continuos Continuos Continuos Advanced Continuos StoryboardingIntegration Deployment Feedback Testing Feedback DevOps Quality Enabled Continuous Value Delivery Acceptance Test Driven Development Agility Practices Lean Startup Globalcode – Open4education
    6. 6. Principais desafios Globalcode – Open4education
    7. 7. From impediments Globalcode – Open4education
    8. 8. Continuous Value Delivery Globalcode – Open4education
    9. 9. Obrigado! @marciosete #TDC2012 Feedback please Globalcode – Open4education