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Prototyping in code



Short presentation I have to IDP2011 students at CIID explaining how I see role of programming in the design process.

Short presentation I have to IDP2011 students at CIID explaining how I see role of programming in the design process.



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Prototyping in code Prototyping in code Presentation Transcript

  • Prototyping in CodeMarcin Ignac / CIID 2011
  • Why do we code?Do we really have to spend hours in front of the screen? For what?
  • Interactivity and behavior Rock is the New Swivel by Eilidh, Ashwin and TobiasWhen the chair rocks, the Arduino sends a message via the Xbees to turn on power flow to the coffee machine, thus starting the brewing process. The MP3 player is simultaneously turnedon. The result is – soothing music and a merry brew in the making, while the person rocks on! View slide
  • Interactivity Touch Wall by MarcinJosh enlightened by the wall alfter coming close enough to it.Yesterday we had a meeting with a client and instead of showing him sketches we spend one day in advance developingan iPad app mockup with simple functionality. Just being able to touch and play catches his imagination much more thata drawing on a piece of paper. View slide
  • Interfacing with hardware
  • Interfacing with hardware Compound Eye by Ujjval and MarcinFirst hack we did was to put wires into Nikon camera and fire the flash remotelyThen two webcamsThen we build these boxes
  • Interfacing with hardware Toast and Jam by Anders, David, Jennifer and MaryLED + Light sensro detects the type of the bread. The timing knob became the volume control, and the original electro-magnet in the toaster “pops” thetoast once the song finishes.While in the previous project we build and object from scratch this time they repurposed existing object.
  • Automation Virtual SpotlightWe build a system that can draw a different tree for many books and adapt to the content.Doing seperate graphics for every book would be crazy.
  • Design Product Role of programming...So we have the design / idea / paper prototypes / specification and we want the product.
  • Design Magic Product Role of programming...You call the engeenier...Then comes the programmer and does the magic!Magic = Implementation = OMG! 10000 LOC (lines of code).After we’re are done we (maybe) do user testing. Yyyyyy...
  • ? Design Product ? Role of programming in the processYou don’t have to build whole program at once to test the idea. Try bit’s and pieces first. Bydoing small prototypes or sketches you get user input faster and you are able to rethink whatyou are doing.
  • Greetings gesturesOn of our first projects at CIID completed during Computational Design course. The idea was to record hand movementsof people greeting each other. They were comming from different cultures so the gestures varied a lot.(Photo by just.Luc / Flickr)
  • Wii RemoteControlling device for Nintendo Wii was an obvious choice. It has bluetooth connection andmotion sensors.
  • Establishing connectionImplementation.We used DarwiinRemote to connect to the Wii Remote via Bluetooth and record the data.
  • Have FunImplementation.My first Wii Remote test :) “White brick in space”
  • RecordingTry if it’s fun.
  • Korea USA Denmark #1 Denmark #2 Italy Data IndiaFeasibility and context.We have collected data for both hands and heads. I decided to use hand data only.Colors: xAcc (red), yAcc (green), zAcc (blue), pitch (yellow), roll (light blue)
  • ExperimentsLook and feel.I started buy just displaying the raw data (previous slide). Next step was to use the time andacceleration values to alternate shape of set of cubes in 3d space.
  • DemoIterationsI made an interactive application to explore different possibilited and parameters.Video:
  • Final postersThree final designs were made.
  • ExhibitionAll the posters were exhibited at Danish Design School at the end of 2 weeks course.(Photo by toujjval / Flickr)
  • Rapid iterationsRapid IterationsYou don’t know what the experience is unless you try it.You might be scared that it will suck, but just do it.Especially true for data visualization because it’s very hard to guess the nature of data without seeing itKeep old versions of your code- either copies 01, 02, 03- or concurrent version systems like SVN or git for bigger projects with many developersHelp tracing newly introduced bugs, Code reuse, Experimentation
  • Spin-off projects
  • Spin-off projects
  • Errors!Sometimes you will suffer and don’t sleep over night. Get used to it.
  • ObjectiveC Unity3d OpenGL Flash/AS3 QuartzComposer C/C++ Processing MaxMSP VVVV OpenFrameworks PureData PHP Cinder HTML5/JavaScript ToolsetIf you ask me which frameworks or programming languages should we learn or use. I would say - “It depends”.There are many tools to choose from, you don’t have to know them all. During this year you will be introduced to at least few programminglanguages. You just need to know when to use which.
  • If you know what its going to look like, stop and something else. - Filip Visnjic / ExploreThe whole fun about prototyping is to try out things and have fun while doing it. Don’t spendto much time thinking what is gonna be like, draw it, sketch it, build it, code it.