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Twitter for Real Estate: We’ll teach you how to correctly set up your twitter account, how to use Twitter Search to find the right peeps to follow, how to engage and interact thru replies, retweets and direct messages, how to use and follow #hashtags, and more!

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Twitter for Real Estate

  1. 1. Twitter For Real Estate
  2. 2. Why Use Twitter?• Twitter breaks down barriers & allows you to connectand interact with Influencers.• Twitter gives you an immediate pulse on breakingnews, events, and what people are talking about.• Twitter gives you an idea of what people are sayingabout your industry, your geographic niche, and aboutYOU.• Twitter lets you get involved in conversations beyondyou niche… it broadens your reach• Twitter puts your name/brand on the Social Map• Twitter is a great place to ask questions and receiveanswers!• Twitter is the best platform for sharing your content –your blog posts, you YouTube videos, etc.• Twitter can be used for lead capture.
  3. 3. In America, less than 16% of the population actually uses Twitter. Of that 16%, 40%don’t actually do anything. Of the remaining 60%, only 25% are creating the majorityof the Tweets that you see. This includes celebrities and brands.Your resources are limited, time is limited, and you will need an overarching socialmedia strategy. You need a PLAN. Capture Leads? Create new relationships? Sellproperties? Drive traffic to your content?You should create a landing page for lead capture, and drive traffic there from ALLyour social sites. You should have the email, phone, and named of as many followersas possible.What’s Your Twitter Plan?
  4. 4. What are Your Goals?• Capture Leads!• Share information with your current client base - Grow client loyalty thruengagement and interaction• Grow your potential client base by reaching out to Tweeters in yourgeographic area• Set yourself up as an expert in Real Estate• Promote your servicesAsk and answer questions with your peers• Communicate with your vendors – mortgage broker, TitleCompany, inspector, etc.• Send a steady stream of new traffic to my blog, Fan Page, and YouTubevideos• Take Twitter Offline. Meetups!
  5. 5. Twitter TipsMax out your Bio! 160 Characters
  6. 6. Twitter TipsKeep your tweet between 120 and 130 charactersContent via
  7. 7. Twitter TipsLeave space for ReTweets!
  8. 8. Twitter TipsGrow Your Twitter Followers1. Use a photo of YOU in your profile pic. It’s the first thing someone seesabout you. The first thing to catch their eye.2. Use Hashtags. They are like keywords/tags. They make your tweet rankhigher in search, and help you to target an audience.3. Target the audience you follow. Then that targeted audience willhopefully follow you back. Try - allows you to followsomeone’s friends as well.4. Add your Twitter handle to your email signature.5. Kindly ask for retweets.
  9. 9. Twitter TipsFind & Follow 20 New People Every Week
  10. 10. Twitter TipsOn How to Search1. Search phrase like• Denver news• Denver events2. Use “quotation” marks to search phrases.• “moving to Denver”• “Relocating to Denver”3. Use - rt to remove RTs from results4. Use Filter: links to get results with links only5. Use ? to get tweets with questions.6. Create an RSS feed of your favorite search queries by clicking on “feed or thisquery”
  11. 11. Twitter TipsFavorite Tweets!
  12. 12. Twitter TipsEmbed Favorite Tweets!
  13. 13. Twitter TipsRegister on Other Social PlatformsEven if you don’t plan to use them! It’s called a “link wheel” or a “grid”, andin important for SEO. On each of these site create a bio and add a link backto your Twitter page. The more inbound links you have, the more googlelikes your site.
  14. 14. Twitter TipsMonitor Respond to all ReTweets and Mentions!
  15. 15. Twitter TipsLink Your Facebook Fan Page!
  16. 16. Twitter TipsListen• Listen to what others aresaying• You must buildrelationships before youcan “sell”.• Find the right frequency.Tweeting more than onceper hour can actuallydecrease your link click-through rate by over 200%.
  17. 17. Twitter TipsMarket “Social”1. For every “Marketing/Sales” tweet, send 5-10 engaging @replies and RTs2. Answer (w/ @reply) at least one question daily. Use twitter search to search bykeyword3. Set up Mobile Alerts for Direct Messages and Mentions – You need to respondto these quickly.4. Retweet Relevant contnet 2-5 times a day
  18. 18. Twitter TipsWhat to Tweet?• Share content from your Blog and YouTube. Go back and pull old blog poststhat are still relevant. Grab a quote/nugget from the post and tweet it with alink to the entire post.• Be informative! Tweet “How To’s” and instructional articles and videos.• Be a resource! News & events – especially those related to your geographicniche.• Ask questions. Ask for other’s opinions.• Share photos from your phone!• Be funny! Tell a joke or share a funny story• Be opinionated! Comment on current affairs or hot topics (within RE)• Be Friendly! Reach out to friends and say hello or start a conversation.• Be inspirational! Share great quotes.• Tweet your favorite song, or a song that suits the day.
  19. 19. Twitter TipsWhat to Tweet?• Determine Your Target Audience.• Assume a Twitter personality.• Post content your audience will want to share• The more you engage the more you get noticed.• Use #Hashtags (especially geographic!)• Follow people that you want to follow YOU! Search your geographic niche.• You can @reply to people, even if they don’t follow you. It’s a great way to getnoticed and followed.• Interact with people that are influencers.• Add yourself to Twitter directories like,• Back link your Twitter Account on YouTube, Facebook, FanPage, LinkedIn, etc.• Add your Twitter URL to brochures, business cards, etc.
  20. 20. Twitter TipsUse Lists to Organize and Filter1. Industry Peers & Professionals2. An “Experts” List – Real Estate, SocialMedia, Marketing, etc.3. Client Lists (private list)4. Niche Lists5. Location Based Lists6. Event Lists7. Local & National News Lists8. Local Competion (Private List) People on the listcan see the name of the list, so be careful whatyou call it!9. Celebrities10. Family & Friends11. VIPs
  21. 21. Twitter TipsCustomize Your Twitter AccountTwitter integrates its profile design settings with Themeleon. Instead of using theboring default jazz it up with Themeleon and find something that pops with yourpersonality.
  22. 22. Twitter TipsImport Your Contacts!
  23. 23. Studies show that tweets with links get retweeted more often. So tweetlinks! Place the link about a quarter of the way through the tweet forhighest CTR. Dan Zarella, renowned social media scientist, did aninteresting study of about 200,000 tweets and found this to be the case.Twitter TipsTweeting Links…
  24. 24. Twitter TipsHow Often & When Should You Tweet?No more than once per hour if you want the highest CTR
  25. 25. Twitter TipsUse Hashtags!Tools for Tracking Hashtags:1. Tagboard: supports Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,, Vine and Google+2. Keyhole: Tacking, reach, stats, demographics, most influential tweeters and more!3. oneQube: Hashtag tracker with stats and social dashboard (like Hootsuite)
  26. 26. Twitter TipsSome Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users!
  27. 27. Twitter TipsRemember that Twitter is a Community It’s not a one-way funnel that you can pushmarketing and sales information thru. Use a human voice! Twitter is about forming relationships thatbuild trust – be personal, listen, join inconversations It’s about branding and name recognition It’s about learning from others Remember, you can engage with ANYONE andEVERYONE you follow, regardless of whetherthey follow you Treat your community with respect
  28. 28. Marci @Obeo & Training Center: