How to Master You tube


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A simple and effective way for Real Estate Pros to Master YouTube.

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How to Master You tube

  1. 1. How to Master YouTube!
  2. 2. Why Video?1. YouTube use accounts for 10% of all traffic on the Internet. Simply put, People Like Watching Videos!2. YouTube is the third-most-visited site on the web, with two billion views per day.3. 76% of marketers said they planned to increase use of video and YouTube in the next year.4. Great SEO – Properly optimized Video is 53% more likely to rank on the first page of Google than any other content type.5. Video converts – it expedites the buying decision by 72%6. Consumers who view Video on a website are 64% more likely to become a client/customer.7. 73% of homeowners say they are more likely to choose a Realtor that uses video. Only 12% of Realtors currently use video.
  3. 3. Optimize Your Channel• Choose a keyword rich Channel Name• Upload your profile pic• Write a keyword rich channel description• Add keyword tags• Choose a channel layout (I like “Everything”)• Choose a color scheme to match your branding• Link your website and social media sites• Add Featured Channels
  4. 4. Understand YouTube Search• YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine in the world. 2nd only to Google.• YouTube provides any search 3 different types of content: 1. Videos 2. Channels 3. Playlists• PLAYLISTS can be very powerful for search!!!
  5. 5. Create a Robust YouTube Channel Without Filming a Single Video!
  6. 6. 1. Search for Great Videos!2. Click the “Add To” Button and Add it to your Channel!!3. Create “Playlists” that will catch the attention of your audience 1. City info 2. Hyper local info 3. Marketing info 4. Decorating 5. Home & Garden / DIY / Howdini 6. Real Estate4. Incorporate lots of Videos into your Playlists5. YouTube allows you to embedded entire PlayLists into blogs and websites!
  7. 7. Create Some Videos of Your Own• question – Then answer it• Do a product review• Tell a story• Interview a client• Interview someone of prominence in your Geographic Sphere• Debunk a myth• Breaking news – must include “real time” delivery• Give a neighborhood tour• Give an historic tour of your town• Tour a point of interest or local attraction• Document a local event• Take viewers behind the scenes of your business• Screen Capture Video – show clients how you do a market analysis or review a typical contract.(Jing/ScreenToaster
  8. 8. Tips for Your Video• Include Key Words!• Make the first 10 seconds really count. Tell them who you are and what your are going to do in the video.• Keep the energy high, be real, make occasional eye contact with the camera.• Have a strong call to action at the end of the video.• Don’t create a script – organize your thoughts, make an outline of key points and put them into bullet points.
  9. 9. Optimize Your Video for SEO1. Choose a channel name that your audience will relate to.2. Auto play one of your videos. Make it a video that will grab attention. Every time someone lands on your page, that video get’s a view, which helps with SEO.3. Add annotations with calls to action and URLs.4. Add Closed Captions! They are indexed by the Search Engines.5. Use Keywords.6. First research keywords with Google’s Keyword Tool.7. Use keywords in File name8. Use keywords in Title of Video9. Use keywords in Description of Video10. Use keywords in Video Tags11. Put a hot link http://www... At the very top of the description. Sample: Use keywords to tag the “channel” too!13. Add back links to your website and blog.
  10. 10. Understand How YouTube Ranks Search Channel/Video Authority• FULL views of video• Number of Comments• Number of Likes• Video Inventory• Upload frequency/consistency
  11. 11. Promote Your Videos• Follow the 80/20 Rule: 20% of your time/effort should be in making the video, and 80% of your time/effort should be in marketing the video.• Brand your Channel with a custom skin to match your Twitter and Facebook Branding. There should be a synergy between all your social media sites.• You have you let your audience know when you create a new video - post it in multiple spots – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Account > Activity Sharing to automate.• Email the video to you email database.• Ask your viewers to Share, Like, and Comment.• In your video’s call to action• In your email• In your YouTube description• In a comment you make on your own video
  12. 12. How to Get Channel Subscribers1. Use a call to action! Ask! Simple ask them in the actual video or leave the call to action in your description. Tell them HOW to do it!2. Use Annotations to make your call to action. • Create the annotation directly under the Subscribe button and use and arrow. • Create a “Click to Action” annotation, using the subscribe button w/in the annotation itself. Photo Courtesy of Views simply click the annotation button within your Video to subscribe.3. Exchange “Featured Channels” with another popular channel your audience would like. A Stager, a Loan Officer, etc.4. YouTube is a community – it’s meant to be social. So interact. Like and comment on other’s videos. Subscribe to other channels.5. Add the YouTube “Subscription” widget to your blog and website.
  13. 13. Marci James Twitter: @Obeo & @MarciJames Training Center:
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