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This is just the basics of setting up a profile page that can be used for personal and business.

This is just the basics of setting up a profile page that can be used for personal and business.

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  • 1. Facebook 101How to Use Your Profile for Business
  • 2. The Stats1. Facebook Launched on Feb 4th, 2004 (from Mark Zuckerberg’s Dorm Room at Harvard.2. Almost 900 Million Active Monthly Users3. 100 Billion Connections!4. The average user spends 700 minutes per month on Facebook.5. The average user creates 90 pieces of content per month.6. One of the Largest Facebook Demographic ages is 35-45
  • 3. Why Use Facebook for Business?1. It can be your home on the internet – your hub for messaging, photo sharing, chatting, and more.2. It’s a place to connect & build relationships with consumers.3. It’s a place to strengthen relationships with clients.4. It’s not a place to sell listings.
  • 4. Set Up Your Profile1. Create a Bio that is one part personal, one part business, and one part something that people will remember. Tell WHY, not what. Use KEYWORDS.2. Make your basic information, work & school PUBLIC. Be selective with other information. Don’t over-share.3. Add your contact information. Your phone number and email should be PUBLIC.
  • 5. Custom URLs are NOT Just for Pages!Use it on Business Cards, EmailSignature, Brochures, Sign Riders, and more!
  • 6. Add a Profile Pic and Banner1. Add a professional profile photo. 1. Keep it consistent across all Social Sites 2. Do not change it often.2. Add a beautiful banner. 1. Change it as often as you like! 2. Edge Rank give a lot of priority to the Banner, so each time you change it you’ll get lots of interaction.
  • 7. Upload Your ContactsGo to http://www.facebook.com/find-friends
  • 8. Organize With Friend Lists• Smart Lists (autopopulate): • Work • School • Family • City• 3 other very interesting lists: 1. Close Friends 2. Acquaintances 3. Restricted
  • 9. Review Your Privacy Settings • Photos and videos you’re tagged in: You might not want business contacts to see photos and videos of you taken by others. • Who can see wall posts by others: You might not want business contacts to see personal messages friends post on your wall. • Photo albums and videos: You may only want certain people to see your photos and videos. • Apps/Games: You may not want everyone knowing how often you play Farmville!
  • 10. Privacy! You have more control than ever! - PostsTag Friends Add your Location
  • 11. Strengthen Your Relationships 1. Everyday choose 5 friends to reach out to. Post something on their page, or TAG them in a post on your own wall. 2. Each time someone “likes”, “comments”, “shares” or “posts” on your wall, head over the their page and return the favor. 3. If you are friendly, warm, and positive, you will cultivate positive relationships & friendships.
  • 12. Understand the NewsFeedFacebook CHOOSES the content in your Newsfeed using an algorithm called EdgeRank. 1. Relationship/Engagement of that Fan 1. How often the Fan engages with your page. 2. Type & Amount of interaction of Post 1. How many Comments 2. How many Shares 3. How many Likes 3. Time relevancy of Post 1. How old the post is 2. Is the post still getting interaction?
  • 13. How to Land YOUR Posts in Your Friend’s Newsfeeds1. Post high quality photos2. Use Comedy3. Ask Questions4. Be Vague5. Post Often & at High Traffic Times
  • 14. I Love My Ticker!
  • 15. Open Your Profile up to Subscribers
  • 16. Subscribe!1. The Subscribe button has some powerful implications for anyone in the public eye – musicians, actors, politicians, and even Realtors.2. Only YOU can activate this feature on your page. You must Opt in.3. If you Opt in, you have control over other features as well. • Notifications • Whether or not subscribers can comment on your public posts.4. Subscribers will only see posts that you make public.5. The nitty gritty is that the subscribe button enables people to use their profile to connect with the public. And if you’re in sales, this could be a good thing!
  • 17. Some NON Friend Facebook Profiles to Subscribe to!1. Mark Zuckerberg2. Pete Cashmore3. Politicians4. Celebrities5. Musicians6. Athletes7. Famous Entrepreneurs8. Industry Leaders9. CEOs of your favorites brands10.Journalists
  • 18. Increase YourSEO and Social Media have steadily been moving closer together and becoming more related. But Community should always come before SEO.1. Post Publically2. Use Keywords and Phrases in your status updates.3. Sending links out from your Facebook Page to your website as often as possible.4. Add links to your website/blog in numerous places within your bio and information.5. Photos - Use relevant keywords in the photo name and description text.6. Your profile and banner photos should always be named (the file) using Keywords.
  • 19. Marci James Marci.James@Obeo.com www.Facebook.com/SayObeo www.Facebook.com/Marci.James Twitter: @Obeo & @MarciJames www.Obeo.com/blogObeo Training Center: www.Obeo.com/Training