MAS Social Media 7: Crowdsourcing


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  • Launched in late 2007, the first DEWmocracy initiative opened product development up
    to consumers and asked them to choose the next DEW’s flavor, color, name and
    graphics—and as many as 1 million participated in the process. The result was Voltage,
    a citrus-charged beverage that came to market in January 2009.

    DEWmocracy 2 launched in July 2009. The idea was to give the brand’s fans another
    outlet to express their passion for the brand and to create a robust dialogue with DEW
    drinkers and to rerun the campaign with more consumer control and by using newly
    emerged social media tools in the process. The plan was to leverage social media
    platforms and innovative ideas to take the campaign to the next level.

    Stage 1- tastings of 7 flavor options in cities across America. participants record their impressions via video. Also sent tasting pack to 50 brand fanatics.
    Stage 2- created closed communities for brand fanatics, sent them samples of each flavor, and get them to pick a name for their favorite flavor.
    Stage 3&4- closed community picked 3 colors per flavor, and then open voting to choose the best color for each.
    Stage 5- users submit art for the cans, best are picked. prize is $10k and a macbook pro.
    Stage 6- users submit 12 sec commercial concepts. winners will get a production budget to bring their vision to life.
    Stage 7- all 3 flavors go to market. each flavor nation needs to rally people to vote for the final product which will become a permanent part of the mountain dew family.

  • released a new "flavor creator" app for Facebook, inviting users to vote for a new flavor and vitamin formula for a new product release, even offering $5,000 to the fan who creates a winning packaging design. The

  • - 130,000 “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” donut submissions
    - 218,000 total donuts created
    - 25,000 donuts posted to Facebook ()
    - 174,000 votes
    - 269,000 more donuts created after the promotion was over

  • People post ideas for dell product and services
    The community votes on ideas
    the popular ideas float to the top
    dell responds with ideas in action

  • Instead of running a Super Bowl commercial, Pepsi is running a year-round promotion in which they will donate $20mm to charitable efforts selected and picked by users.

  • music video created from fan-drawn portraits of johnny cash

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