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"Venture Lab 2012" e- GOURMET

"Venture Lab 2012" e- GOURMET

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  • 2. THE TEAMWe are a team of Bolivian enterpreneurs, we are currently a team enrolled in the venture lab project hosted bythe Stanford University in Technological Entrepreneurship.One of our goals is to learn about enterpreneurship by using the “doing business” mindset and through thisProject decide if the use of technology is viable. In this process we have learned leadership skills, risk takingand entrepreneurial thinking.After two months and having finished the two modules of the venture-lab project these have enabled us topropose a business idea with a high added value and market validation, our product is called “E-gourmet”.We are building a platform that will enable local restaurants o food businesses to join for free and provide newservices: • Increasing sales • Reach new customers • Optimize order management • Update food menus and on-line prices • Offer promotions and discounts • Update suppliers of stock status • Customers would be able to make online reservations and menu orders • Customer would be able to smell the food • Online payments will be available to customers • Leverage this information for decision making • Obtain consumption trends of its customersWith this important development we are ready to initiate relationships with future investors and companiesthrough our participation on this online course, companies who have venture capital and are willing to invest inpromising ideas like ours. These could be based in the US or Europe.With this end goal we are now in the process of conducting surveys with possible customers in Bolivia andalso in Virginia USA, this will allow us to collect data for our project. We will share our final results.
  • 3. THE TEAM
  • 6. MODEL : e-Gourmet
  • 7. SURVEY AND RESULTS Name:……………………………….... Country:………………………………… Restaurant:……………………… ….. Position:………………………………...1. Do you use Internet in your Business?2. What Internet tools do you use to manage customer relationship?3. Do you do home delivery?4. How long does the home delivery usually take?5. What do you use to send orders to your customers?6. What type of reservations does your business offers?7. How does your business manages supplier relationships?8. Do you buy any supplies on line?9. Does your business offer online sales of your product?10. Do you know any online business that offer gourmet services online?11. What web sites do you know offer gourmet services online?12. Would you use an online tool to manage customer and supplier relationships online?13. Would you like to know the opinion and valuation of your clients about the products you offer?   http://egourmet.weebly.com
  • 12. RESULTS ANALYSIS Do you use Internet in your Business?1 OBJECTIVE Get to know if restaurant managers and fast food companies use the Internet to manage the relationship with customers and suppliers. ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS To this question 73% of interviewees answered YES, 28% answered NO, these results allow us to determine that the Internet usage by thes companies is relevant and has an impact on its value chain. What Internet tools do you use to manage customer relationship? OBJECT IVE Get to know what Internet tools are used by these fast food companies to manage their relationship with customers. ANALISIS RESULT S From the number of interviewees who answered YES to the previous question, they2 also noted that they use: FACEBOOK 4% EMAIL 8% TWITTER 3% BLOG 17% WEB 62% OTHER 6% This question confirms that the use of Internet by managers in this area is very important, as well as the way they use them, this gives us an understanding that they have basic knowledge of the web and that they use it to engage their target customers.
  • 13. RESULTS ANALYSIS Do you do home delivery?3 OBJETIVE Evaluate home delivery services ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS. This result lets us know that 60% of the interviewees do home delivery services How long does the home delivery usually take? OBJETIVE Evaluate service time delivery ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS It has been established that home deliveries take longer than 454 minutes to reach customers by 85% of the time, 30 to 45 minutes 11% and last more than 30 minutes 4%, it is important than in this question is not estimated the distance at which customers are and the amount of orders that each one of them generate, these are variables that increase the delivery time.
  • 14. RESULTS ANALYSIS What do you use to send orders to your customers?5 OBJETIVE Assess the form and the medium used to deliver orders to customers ANALISYS OF THE RESULTS The results obtained in this question allow us to determine that 90% of companies surveyed use other means to deliver orders to customers like internal staff, taxis, 5% use external distribution companies, other 5% use Courier staff within the company. What type of reservations does your business offers? OBJETIVE Learn what kind of reservations customers made more frequently6 ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS The results were: FOOD 6% TABLE 6% ROOM 16% NONE 12% OTHER 60% Interviewees reported that customers do not always make food and table reservations, but also make reservations of other services provided by these companies. The other 60% are social events.
  • 15. RESULTS ANALYSIS How does your business manages supplier relationships?7 OBJETIVE Evaluate the request method for procurement of supplies/raw material from suppliers ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS The results gathered with this questions were: VIA PHONE 1% VIA EMAIL 3% IN PERSON 8% OTHERS 88% 88% of those surveyed prefer to go shopping in the traditional market for them personal contact is important, as shown in the results. Do you buy any supplies on line?8 OBJETIVE Determine whether interviewees make purchases online. ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS 93% of interviewees said that they made purchases online, while 7% do not perform these types of purchases.
  • 16. RESULTS ANALYSIS Does your business offer online sales of your product?9 OBJETIVE To investigate whether interviewees are selling their products online ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS According to the results 46% of the surveyed population has ever promoted a sale online, in the same way 46% of the population did not, while 8% are not interested. Do you know any online business that offer gourmet services online?10 OBJETIVE Determine if they knew of any site selling food online ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS Of the total survey population it has been established that 63% of interviewees are aware of a retail food site online, while 37% do not know.
  • 17. RESULTS ANALYSIS What web sites do you know offer gourmet services online? OBJETIVE11 List all the online food related web sites that managers knew ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS Since this was an open question the results vary according to each interviewee and it is also based on their experience. Would you use an online tool to manage customer and supplier relationships online? OBJETIVE12 To know if they would use a technological tool for serving customers and interact with their suppliers. ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS. 73% of those interviewed said YES they would use a technological tool to interact with customers and suppliers. Would you like to know the opinion and valuation of your clients about the products you offer? OBJETIVE13 Assess if employers want to know the opinion and valuation of their customers. ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS. 56% of interviewees want to have an assessment of its customers regarding their products and services offered, while 44% are not interested.
  • 18. REPORT VALU E PROPOSITIONHow much would they pay for the platform?R.- Our platform is to be a free subscription for the restaurants and it will get commissions by each order transmission in the customer portal.Are they interested in the solution? They are interested in joining and using the platform because it is free  and friendly and because it also links the provider with the restaurant  and the customer. (Value Chain)
  • 19. REPORT VALU E PROPOSITIONAre they willing to pay for it? R.- Yes, if it increases their orders and makes their sales grow and means  lower costs by managing the acquisition of supplies/raw materials  from suppliers.The customer has a problem that you are trying tosolver? The problems presented in this study area are: •There are no platforms that can span the value chain of a restaurant •There is no direct relationship with suppliers so it is subject to delays in • the procurement of supplies affecting the ordering process.  •When a customer places an order for a particular menu does not know • what type of smell it has.Summary of number of interviews that were done andthe feedback from our customers?R.- To make the interviews our team has formulated a plan which each team member is assigned a certain number of surveys.
  • 20. COMPARISON OF VALUE PROPOSITIONPotential competition
  • 22. HYPOTHESIS Hypothesis Hypothesis Testing New Hypothesis Based on the results of our survey with  managers of restaurants and fast food, it is e-Gourmet is a rich  observed that over 70% of the population and intelligent platform  support the use of the Internet as a relational  • e-Gourmet is a rich and to manage the  tool with customers and suppliers. intelligent platform to manage restaurant chain of  It was observed that the preference of those  the restaurant chain of value, value, allows to  surveyed and their use of platforms to interact  allows to manage the manage the  with their customers and meet their orders in  relationship with suppliers on relationship with  this way is important. line and keep the stocking  It was also established the importance of  process right on time, it also suppliers on line and  interacting with suppliers directly by 80%. A  allows customers to order keep the stocking  provider needs to obtain stock status quickly  and pay on line and most process right on time,  and be able to contact the owner of the  importantly give them the it also allows  restaurant at any given time. opportunity to smell the food customers to order  By getting to know their view on how they see  before they order using and pay on line and  the customer service, more than 60% answered  equipment specially designed most importantly give  that this factor needs improvement, since it is  for this purpose. them the opportunity  crucial to the development of this project, which  We maintain the initial to smell the food  allows us to verify the hypothesis hypothesis as a result of the before they order  CONCLUSION: experiment.using equipment specially designed for  Analysis of the results of this survey results this purpose. confirms our tests of the hypothesis proposed  for this project. Thus maintaining the initial  hypothesis.