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Slideshare Overview

  1. 1. Meet Source Presentation to: Meet Source May 2009 Contact: Marcia Wasser, EVP, CMO 201-343-5222 x207 1
  2. 2. who we are • Privately owned by partners Larry Rothstein, Barry Bluestein and Dennis Koye • 40+ employees • Founded in 1983 • Offices: Hackensack, NJ; New York, NY; and San Diego, CA 2
  3. 3. About source • Born of an innovative heritage in retail, co-op and franchise marketing, Source takes integration to the next level • Passionate people with experience and expertise across all marketing disciplines fuel Source to think and work 360° around the brand • Our unique blend of customized solutions inform, persuade, engage and ultimately, drive transactions • Through strategy, advertising, sports marketing, promotions, media and digital solutions, we make people feel, think and act by the brand, for the brand We are Source: ideas inspiring action 3
  4. 4. we offer 360° solutions • Advertising • Sports and entertainment marketing • Franchise, retail, field marketing • Direct marketing • Media planning and buying • Strategic planning, messaging • Interactive and digital marketing ‐ Strategic alliance with SiteLab Interactive • Creative development, production and execution ‐ Television, video, radio ‐ Print and direct marketing ‐ Interactive/digital/mobile/experiential ‐ Out-of-home ‐ In-store merchandising ‐ Collateral 4
  5. 5. our clients 5
  6. 6. Our approach It’s about inspiring action and generating transactions… We call it Transactional marketing 6
  7. 7. Our approach, continued Reaching and motivating multiple constituencies • Prospects • Customers • Employees • Sales force • Key intermediaries—e.g. vendor partners, distributors Understanding the critical importance of integration In order to achieve… RESULTS! 7
  8. 8. Source delivers results 8
  9. 9. Direct-response TV based on new creative and media strategies generated • Double-digit sales growth for 18 consecutive months • 2.2mm new customers • 22% increase in web hits • 12:1 ROI 9
  10. 10. SUBWAY® restaurants NY DMA franchise group 949 stores Integrated advertising, promotion and sports marketing plan drives sales; two-year YTD results • 20.3% sales increase in average unit volume (+5.6 pts US avg.) • 13.4% increase in store traffic (+6 pts vs US avg.) • National “Mr. Bill” TV spot drove 14.7 point increase in AUV 10
  11. 11. Wise snacks Integrated digital, experiential, traditional and sports promotional marketing program • Over 17% sales increase 11
  12. 12. Amtrak acela Sports marketing program has contributed to huge sales increases • Amtrak Acela market share now more than DOUBLE the total share of US Air and Delta shuttles • Seats currently at 98% capacity • Ridership up 8.8%, revenue up 18.8% 12
  13. 13. Pella Windows and Doors More effective direct marketing combined with sports marketing, FSI, interactive, radio and TV advertising • Increased leads and sales • Higher ROI 13
  14. 14. Thinking outside the box • Creation of Nikon Photo Well at Shea Stadium usurped Canon’s professional photographer niche • Placement of branded Amtrak Acela seats at Madison Square Garden brings the experience to the prospects • Placement of SUBWAY® restaurant kiosk in the stadium builds sales as it provides sampling opportunities 14
  15. 15. Core expertise Sports marketing Retail and franchise marketing Technology marketing 15
  16. 16. WE BELIEVE Sports marketing must go beyond the signs • To drive results, we must reach, motivate and inspire our clients’ critical and often multiple target audiences. Our sponsorships activate the objective • Leveraging sponsorship assets on-site • Extending them via media coverage of the team/venue • Ensuring synergy between the marketing, promotional and sports programs 16
  17. 17. EXPERIENCE Source also has vast sports marketing experience and has worked with teams in every region of the country Atlanta Braves New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks Baltimore Orioles New York Giants St. John’s University Baltimore Ravens New York Jets Stanford University Boston Bruins New York Knicks Tampa Bay Rays Boston Celtics New York Liberty Temple University Boston College New York Mets Toronto Blue Jays Boston Red Sox New Jersey Nets University of California Boston University New Jersey Devils University of Connecticut Chicago Bears New York Rangers University of Illinois Chicago Cubs New York Islanders University of Miami Chicago White Sox New York Yankees University of Oregon Cincinnati Reds Northwestern University University of Washington Georgetown University Oakland A’s Villanova University George Mason University Philadelphia Eagles Washington Capitals Georgia Tech Philadelphia Flyers Washington Mystics Los Angeles Dodgers Providence College Washington Nationals Miami Dolphins San Francisco Giants Washington Redskins Miami Heat San Francisco 49ers Washington Wizards Minnesota Twins Seattle Mariners 17
  18. 18. EXPERIENCE Source works with most major venues, conferences, leagues and sports media, and has exceptional relationships Fenway Park Major League Baseball Madison Square Garden NBA Citi Field WNBA Staples Center NFL TD BankNorth Arena NASCAR Verizon Center United Center Westwood One Wachovia Center CBS Radio Yankee Stadium Local stations Advanced Media Atlantic 10 Conference Big East Conference US Open Tennis 18
  19. 19. SOURCE CLOUT DELIVERS ENDORSERS 19 Manny Ramirez Raul Ibanez
  20. 20. SOURCE CLOUT DELIVERS stadium presence 20
  21. 21. Latest PR • Numerous on-air mentions season to date! Mets homerun off the Subway sign 21
  22. 22. Retail and franchise marketing 22
  23. 23. Retail/franchise experience Nikon photo specialty channel Olympus photo specialty channel Sony photo specialty channel McDonald’s Northeast Pennsylvania Coop Subway Tri-State Franchise Group Subway Philadelphia Franchise Group Subway Columbus Ohio Franchise Group 23
  24. 24. We understand retail Relentless pressures to • Drive traffic • Increase sales • Heighten brand awareness, enhance brand perceptions and differentiate brand experience • Develop, manage and nurture relationships with customers to increase loyalty • Continuously improve and optimize strategies and tactics based on lessons learned We provide brand leadership and stewardship • Our transactional marketing approach delivers results • Extensive experience in the category 24
  25. 25. We understand FRANCHISE MARKETING, continued We provide franchise organizations with end-to-end marketing communications solutions • Brand strategy, positioning, advertising • Regional franchise-level advertising, sports marketing and promotions • Local store marketing grassroots support • Franchise group operational support—from managing elections to meetings to budgets Membership in 25
  26. 26. Technology marketing 26
  27. 27. Technology experience • Hewlett Packard • Sony Digital Cameras • Nikon • Olympus • Lexar • Snapfish • 27
  28. 28. Showcasing new products in new ways Situation • HP had a lot of content to describe its new products, technologies and services yet it was not compelling enough. Plus, HP needed to make the brand more relevant to the youth audience and their moms. Source Solution • Demonstrate how HP helps consumers maximize use of their technology products and feel more comfortable about it. Source created a series of 9 humorous, improvisational and entertaining webisodes for and YouTube to demonstrate relevant consumer benefits in real-life situations. Homeplate signage 28
  29. 29. Hp PC learning center redesign Objective …From • Help customers learn about HP’s consumer PC’s and decide which HP PC is best for them (pre-sale) • Help customers use their PCs better and learn about “attach” products and services that are available to enhance their HP PC usage experience (post-sale) To… Solution • Redesign layout to improve flow • Set expectations through more direct and clear language • Enhance ease of use • Align with hpshopping and drive to sales Homeplate signage 29
  30. 30. Creation of HP in real life site Objective • Create a site that is a natural extension of the PC Learning Center, yet adds content and elements that are unique • Create content to naturally merchandise HP product solutions • Showcase solutions in an interesting way to inspire and motivate action Solution • Leverage real-life scenarios/people to highlight HP products in use • Invite visitors to contribute their personal stories, to be posted on an ongoing basis • Invite visitors to rate and comment on the content to engage them and increase interactivity 30
  31. 31. nikon TRADE ADVERTISING 31
  32. 32. Olympus New product intro Challenge: Create excitement at photo specialty retail about new camera with breakthrough creative capability (within limited budget) Source solution: Leverage relationship with Philadelphia College of Art to position camera’s artistic edge. Brochure targeted both to retail salesperson and consumer target. 32
  33. 33. LEXAR PRO AD CAMPAIGN Challenge: Establish new memory/storage brand targeted to professional/prosumer target audience within limited budget Source solution: Benefit-driven strategy—with Lexar, you can shoot faster, longer, without interruptions 33
  34. 34. recap 34
  35. 35. We’ve got what it takes Results-oriented • “Transactional marketing” focused on generating approach quantifiable results Specialties of the • Advertising, retail marketing, branding; sports and house entertainment marketing; web content Full-service • In-house creative development and production, marketing capabilities and communications strategy, media planning and buying Sports and event • 26 years of proven expertise in sports and event marketing marketing strategy, planning, negotiation, execution, activation and analysis • Consistently provide our clients with added value through sponsorship activation • Measurable (and impressive) results Relevant and • SUBWAY®, Amtrak, Wise, Nikon, Pella and HP compelling case histories demonstrate our insight-driven approach to experience program and campaign development, effective negotiation skills, impeccable program support and successful results The Source • Top-management involvement in planning and account difference service, dedicated account team for on-time, on-budget implementation 35
  36. 36. We’ve got what it takes Proven market • Unmatched understanding and clout in sports and media relationships market and long-standing relationships with every team, venue and media company Satisfied clients • National blue-chip clients—ask our references about our capabilities and commitment • Strong account retention—major clients retained 15+ years Service, service • Our dedicated account team will exceed your expectations and more service Passion for your • Source people bring unbridled enthusiasm—we’re fun to business and ours work with 36
  37. 37. For more information • Visit • Contact ‐ Marcia Wasser, EVP, CMO 201-343-5222 37