avaliação de Inglês Ensino.Médio II bimestre


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avaliação de Inglês Ensino.Médio II bimestre

  1. 1. Escola Estadual Nossa Senhora da PenhaAluno(a):_____________________________________________________________________ Nº______Gameleira, ______ de junho de 2013Professora: Márcia Oliveira da Silva Ano: 3º “B” Ensino MédioAvaliação de Inglês -II BIMESTRETHE STATUE OF LIBERTYAt the entrance to New York Harbor, in the United States of America, stands one of theworld’s greatest and best-loved monuments. It is a statue, 151 feet tall, representing a womanwith a crown on her head. High in her right hand she is holding a huge torch which sends alight far out into the Atlantic. In her left hand is a book with a date on it – July 4, 1776. Thatis the date of the Declaration of Independence, which was made when the Americans formedtheir own republic.The full name of the monument is “The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World”, but nowadays it is simplyknown as the Statue of Liberty. The people of France gave the Statue to the Americans in 1886VOCABULARYnowadays – hoje em dia best-loved - mais amado is holding - está segurandoleft hand – mão esquera right hand – mãodireita at the - nawoman – mulher when – quando stands –fica , permanecemade–feita crown – coroa their own - suaprópriafeet tall - pés de altura on the head –nacabeça known as –conhecidacomoentrance–entrada one of the – um dos gave -deramgreatest -maiores a huge - uma enorme far out into - para oharbor -porto high - erguida in the – noswhich was made - que fo ifeita but – mastorch – tocha people – povosends - envia with – com enlightening- iluminandoreport- relatar for – para have - temAccording to the text, answer01. What is the full name of the monument?________________________________________________________________________________02. Who gave this monument to the Americans? ________________________________________________03. Where is it located? __________________________________________________________________04. What the statue have in her left hand? ____________________________________________________05. What this date represents for Americans?__________________________________________________06. The objective of this text is toA) describe characteristics of a person.B) enumerate aspects of a process.C) narrate facts of a person’s life.D) report about a monumentE) report experience.
  2. 2. Text: With the Internet, the world is yours!More than (MAIS DE) 500 million people use the internet. On the Net (NA INTERNET), you can send (ENVIAR)electronic mail (e-mail), find information in distant libraries (BIBLIOTECAS) and museums, play games, shop(COMPRAR),meet(ENCONTRAR) people from other (OUTROS) countries, get legal music, use search engineslikegoogle, and much, much more. The World Wide Web (www) is a part of the Internet that lets you seeinformation using pictures, colors and sounds. Most(A MAIORIA) people just call it the Web. You can have yourfavorite Web sites. It’s your choice. With (COM) the Internet, the world is yours!07. A respeito do texto, veja se as afirmações são verdadeiras ou falsas e assinale a alternativa correta:I -Menos de meio milhão de pessoas usam a internet em todo o mundo.II - Baixar música pela Internet é considerado ilegal.III - Com a internet você pode obter informações em bibliotecas distantes, jogar e até fazer compras.IV - Você pode fazer amizades apenas no seu próprio país.V - O título do texto é “Com a Internet, o mundo é seu”!a) V – V – F – F – V b) F – F – V – F – V c) V- V- V – F – Vd) V – F – V – F – V e) F – V – F – V - F08. Use DO or DOES Use DON’T or DOESN’TA) _________ she write letters? D)We___________ study in the morning.B) _________ you speak English? E)I __________ like ice cream.C) _________ they know the USA? F)Fred ____________ sing well.09. Supply many or much.A) We have ______________ friends in the class.B) She speaks ____________ languages.C) I don’t drink____________ water.D) Peter works ___________ hours every day.E) It is _____________ hot today.10. Supply few or little.A) I have __________ time to leisure.B) Julie studs ___________hours every dayC) __________ people went at the streets.D) I answered _________ questions.E) John wants to buy a car with ___________ money.“The secret of happiness is to do his duty your pleasure.”“O segredo da felicidade é fazer do seu dever o seu prazer.( Ulisses Guimarães )