avaliação de Inglês  Ensino.Médio II bimestre
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avaliação de Inglês Ensino.Médio II bimestre






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avaliação de Inglês  Ensino.Médio II bimestre avaliação de Inglês Ensino.Médio II bimestre Document Transcript

  • Escola Estadual Nossa Senhora da PenhaAluno(a):_____________________________________________________________________ Nº______Gameleira, ______ de junho de 2013Professora: Márcia Oliveira da Silva Ano: 1º “B” EnsinoMédioAvaliação de Inglês -II BIMESTREReplace the expressions in bold by pronouns:(Substitua as palavras destacadas por pronome)01. Please take these papers and give the papers toMike.a) him – himb) they – hec) them – himd) them – hee) they – him02. The child is crying. The child is hungry.a) heb) theyc)wed) shee) you03. Phillip is not English; Phillip is Australiana) Heb) Shec) Himd) Here) ItChoose the correct form the genitive case(Marque a alternativa correta do genitive case)04.A sala das mulheres é aqui, e a dos homens é láa)The womens room is here, and the mans’ one isthere.b) The womens room is here, and the men’ one isthere.c) The womens room is here, and the mens’ one isthere.d) The womens room is here, and the mens’s one isthere.e) The womens room is here, and the of men’s oneis.05. A família de Jaimea) Family Jamesb) The family of Jamesc) James familyd) James’s family’se) Familys’ of James06. O pai de João e de Pedro.(o mesmo pai)a) Jonh’ s and Peter’s father.b) John and Peter’s father.c) The father of John and Peter.d) The father’s of John’s and Peter’s.e) Johns’ and Peters’ father.Read this advert.07. The general idea of the text is:A) combater a violência contra idososB) combater a violência contra à mulher.C) denunciar a falta de assistência médica ao idoso.D) comemorar os 40 anos de felicidade do casal.E) divulgar os direitos dos idosos.
  • 08. Match the questions in columnA with theanswers in column B.A1. What’s your full name?2. What’s her name?3. Where are you from?4. What’s your e-mail address?5. What’s your occupation?B( ) I’m form Madrid, Spain.( ) My full name is Phillip Willis.( ) I’m a engineer.( )Her name is Karen Willis.( ) It’s Willis@yahoo.com09. Fill in the passage with the correct form ofverb to be. Possible answers are: IS – ISN’T – ARE– AREN’T – AM - AM NOT.Hi. My name _____ Andrew. I have two goodfriends, Mark and Laura. They ______ fromEngland. Mark _______ from London, he _______an engineer and Laura _______ a doctor. Laura_________ from London, she ______ fromLiverpol.I ________ from Manchester, and I ______ astudent.