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4 Keys to Prospering as a Career Coach in Any Economy
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4 Keys to Prospering as a Career Coach in Any Economy


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Are you in job transition, or maybe wanting to add a new profit center to your existing business? Career coaching allows you to blow the limits of your income, be incredibly fulfilled, and make a …

Are you in job transition, or maybe wanting to add a new profit center to your existing business? Career coaching allows you to blow the limits of your income, be incredibly fulfilled, and make a great contribution too!

The job market and strategies to access opportunities are radically changing now...and job seekers need your guidance to find the work they will both love and prosper doing.

I discovered coaching more than 12 years ago after 15 years as a career consultant, author and speaker in the field. Soon afterward, I founded the leading career coach training company in the world, Career Coach Institute.

On this LIVE webinar, I'm going to share with you:

Who's right for career coaching
How to know if the timing is right to become a career coach
Myths and truths about credentialing (do you really need to be ICF certified?)
Transitioning strategies from corporate j.o.b. to independent career coach
Income potential and traits for success for career coaches
Key needs and opportunities in the current economy – and how to recession-proof your practice
4 key areas of expertise you need to know - and how to gain them quickly
How to quickly build your career coaching business
How to get started without having a web site
The training you need to be credible and in-demand - whether you have a high school education or a graduate degree
and more!

Published in: Education, Career, Business

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  • 1. 4 Keys to Prospering as a Career Coach in Any Economy – Regardless of Your Prior Experience or Education MARCIA BENCH MASTER CERTIFIED CAREER COACH CAREER COACH INSTITUTE
  • 2. Welcome to the Webinar! If you are seeking a new career or business opportunity – or a new profit center/service for an existing coaching or career development or HR business, you’re in the right place!
  • 3. In today’s session we will…  Explore the latest trends in career coaching, current demand and income potential  Debunk myths about credentialing and training  Outline transitioning strategies  Find out if career coaching is right for you  Discover 4 keys to keeping your practice profitable in any economy  Explore the 4 key areas of expertise you need to know  Preview how the Career Coach Institute training program works
  • 4. The Changing Workplace  Most people change careers 10-14 times in their lives (US Bureau of Labor)  “The corporation as we know it will not survive the next 20 years.” (Tom Peters)  In the U.S., 10,000 people turn 60 everyday, or one every 7.5 seconds (Richard Johnson, The New Retirement)  7 out of every 10 people are not engaged in their work and need help to get re-engaged (Gallup 2013)  Jobs are being lost by the thousands…resulting in an equivalent number of opportunities for career coaches  Entrepreneurship is rising like never before – there are more than 8 million businesses with less than 100 employees, countless more solopreneurs and micropreneurs
  • 5. What people used to think of when they heard “coach”… “I could be the next Tiger Woods…” OR
  • 6. 5 Benefits of Career Coaching 1.Flexibility
  • 7. Benefit 2 Virtually Unlimited Income
  • 8. Benefit 3 Always in demand, even more so in down economy
  • 9. Benefit 4 Can switch positioning/ prospect based on economic cycle
  • 10. Benefit 5 Sense of meaning and contribution
  • 11. Key #1 to Prospering Understand the career coaching industry and traits for success
  • 12. Career Coaching Trends  Evolved from “vocational guidance”  Career counseling emerged in 1980’s  As coaching was developed, we melded it with career development in 2001  With increasing changes in individuals’ work, career coaching is more in demand than ever!
  • 13. Current State of the Profession There has never been a better time to enter the field of career coaching:  Started in late 1980’s; ICF incorporated in 1995 and now has over 20,000 members  There are more than 100,000 coaches in practice  Coaching is the second fastest growing profession next to management consulting  60 percent of organizations currently offer coaching or other developmental counseling to managers, execs  Coaching is the “cutting edge” or newest skillset being used in career development and workforce development
  • 14. Who is Right for Career Coaching?  Can come from any walk of life or education  Many life coaches, HR professionals, recruiters join us
  • 15. Traits for Success  Achievement oriented  Can work independently  Flexible  Personable  Moderate risk takers
  • 16. Career Coaching Income Potential  The average income coaches make is $50,400 (ICF 2012 survey)  However, 6 figure is possible with a strategic business plan and clear horizontal AND vertical niche  CCI has taught business building and marketing since the beginning (unlike many schools)
  • 17. What Career Coaching Is “Career coaching is an interactive process of exploring work-related issues – leading to effective action – in which the coach acts as both a catalyst and facilitator of individual and, in turn, organizational development and transformation.” Bench, Marcia, Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide
  • 18. What Career Coaches Do The coaching you do can be tailored to you!
  • 19. Two Possible Areas of Focus 1. Career Discovery: Finding new career direction, identifying life purpose, enriching current position 2. Job Search Mechanics: Resume design/input, interview preparation, job search marketing plan development, etc.
  • 20. Where Career Coaches Work Career coaches often work “externally”, i.e. as self- employed professionals (often home-based) helping clients with:  Job search strategy  Outplacement coaching  Work enhancement  Career transitions
  • 21. Internal Career Coaching Other coaches work inside of organizations, whether companies or outplacement firms, focusing on:  Career development for staff and management  Manager to leader transition  Change management  Work/life balance
  • 22. Key #2 to Prospering Understand credentialing – which ones you need and why
  • 23. Four Key Areas of Expertise 1. Industry of Career Coaching (2 modules) 2. Career Design with the Authentic Vocation™ Model (8 modules) 3. QuantumShift! Coaching (8 modules) 4. Job Search Mechanics (8 modules)
  • 24. Do You Need to be Credentialed?  Certified Career Coach  International Coach Federation  CCC program is approved for 30 hours of ACSTH credit
  • 25. CCC Certification Requirements Certified Career Coach Requirements:  Complete CCC training including quizzes and exam  Obtain score of at least 75% on Final Exam  Practice coaching clients for at least 50 hours  Submit application and fee
  • 26. How Long Does Certification Take? You can complete the four modules of our basic career coach training program and become an Certified Career Coach™ in as little as 4-6 months!
  • 27. CCI and ICF?  Only if working primarily within an organization that requires it  90% of our graduates get CCC only
  • 28. Key #3 to Prospering Understand how to choose a career coach training program
  • 29. 9 Factors in Choosing a Coach Training Program 1. Desired niche? 2. School’s history 3. Recognized certification? 4. Staff qualifications 5. Learning style 6. Proprietary and relevant approach and tools 7. Support after graduation 8. Practice-building help 9. Business and financial policies
  • 30. About CCI  Founded by Marcia Bench, MCCC in Jan. 2001  First coach training school ever to train people in career coaching  Students in nearly 40 countries
  • 31. Where Many Career Development Models Fall Short Focusing only on skills and actual past experience is one part of the equation BUT It won’t lead to fulfillment for today’s workers What are my skills?
  • 32. Authentic Vocation is the Answer  Our 8-part model begins with life purpose and blends purpose and passion with pocketbook  Result: work satisfaction and financial rewards!
  • 33. Our QuantumShift! Coaching Method  You learn how to facilitate a “quantum shift” in your client– i.e., an insight which instantly changes their outlook or resolves a dilemma  It’s a simple (but proprietary) 3- step model which incorporates the 70 critical coaching competencies recommended by the International Coach Federation
  • 34. Key #4 to Prospering Understand how to make your transition – and be successful in any economy
  • 35. How to Transition to Coaching  Use tuition reimbursement if available!  Start coaching eve’s and weekends while learning  Negotiate 4-day week  When have enough clients to match salary, go full-time as a coach
  • 36. Unique Advantage of Career Coaching You can market your services in any economy (and there’s demand in any economy) by changing positioning
  • 37. You can alternate between, or blend…  Individual “retail” client work  Outplacement work  Corporate work  Workforce center work  Career center work
  • 38. Results of Becoming a Career Coach Results:  You get fast, lasting results with your clients  You learn new, highly marketable skills  You practice coaching and get feedback so you know how to leverage your natural style
  • 39. How CCI is Unique 1. Industry leader and first virtual career coach training company 2. Original content 3. ICF accreditation (ACSTH) 4. Flexibility for busy people 5. Staff experience, credentials 6. Real-time coaching practice 7. Multiple learning methods 8. Niche-specific training available 9. Ongoing support
  • 40. Your Next Steps  Become a Certified Career Coach!  You Get:  New third edition of our world-renowned textbook, Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide and companion study guide  FULL 12 weeks of training with CCI’s Founder – and all materials  You join our worldwide community of career coaches too!
  • 41. Career Coach Training Materials
  • 42. What You Get…cont’d  *Get the LATEST on using Linkedin and other social media tools in job search  6 Free Months of membership in our online Virtual Learning Community  Discover Your Life Purpose audio program  Marcia’s Million Dollar Resource List
  • 43. Tuition Tuition is just $27/day over 90 days Details here:
  • 44. For More Information  Visit our web site:   Email us:  Call us: 503-308-8179