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If Social Learning is the Answer, What's the Question?
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If Social Learning is the Answer, What's the Question?


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For a ON24 Virtual Learning Live session, I facilitated a conversation about social learning and how it can benefit organizations. See the full website here> …

For a ON24 Virtual Learning Live session, I facilitated a conversation about social learning and how it can benefit organizations. See the full website here>

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  • 1. If  Social  Learning  is     If Social Learning is the Answer,March 27, 2013Social Learning Edition Question? What’s theON24 Virtual Learning EdgePrincipal, SensifyGroup@marciamarcia
  • 2. Marcia Conner MARCIA  CONNER   ! Principal, SensifyGroup#ON24VLE Author, Advisor, Industry Analyst
  • 3. ›❯  Social learning backstory›❯  Shared definitions›❯  Common misconceptions›❯  Technical framework›❯  Your choices›❯  Open conversation#ON24VLE
  • 4. CC DeaPea Jay #ON24VLE34 Gigabytes. 1,005,000words. 147 newspapers-worthof information. Each day.
  • 5. Source of these stat and many more on my website at CC Thomas Hawk $300 Billion lost in productivity by people not engaged at work. Each disengaged employee costs on average $10,000 in profit annually. 1 in 2 business leaders say they 1 don’tbusiness leaders in 2 have access to information needed to do their jobs. say they don’t have access to information they need to do their jobs. #ON24VLE
  • 6. CC Thomas Hawk #ON24VLE92% of ushave more confidence in information foundonline than we do from any other source.
  • 7. SOCIAL LEARNING How can we prepare for an emerging future?#ON24VLE
  • 8. CC Oleg Ski #ON24VLE Learning would beexceedingly laborious, not to mention hazardous, if people had to rely solely on the effects of their ownactions to inform them what to do. Telus Albert Bandura
  • 9. CC Thomas Hawk #ON24VLESOCIAL MEDIA is technology usedto engage three or more people.SOCIAL LEARNING is participatingwith others to make sense of newideas.What’s new is how powerfully THEYWORK TOGETHER, CONNECTED. The New Social Learning
  • 10. But socializing But socializing But our job is to distracts from distracts from share the work of learning. learning. experts. But people But trainers will share will never incorrect go for this. information.#ON24VLE
  • 11. CC Thomas Hawk #ON24VLE The real voyage of discovery is not in seekingnew landscapes, but of having new eyes. Marcel Proust
  • 12. SOCIAL LEARNING How can we transition from building learning departments to fostering learning cultures?#ON24VLE
  • 13. 10 Things Said About Social Learning CC Christian Bortes True or False? 1.  Social learning is new. 2.  Social learning requires digital tools. 3.  Social learning needs social learning policies. 4.  Theres not data to support social learning, and no way to show ROI. 5.  Its always informal (or never informal). 6.  A vendor can sell you social learning. 7.  You need a social learning program before your organization can learn socially. 8.  For social learning to provide value you need a new LMS. Or an upgrade. Or an LMS at all. 10 Things Said About Social 9.  You can stop social learning from happening. Technology 10. Social learning doesn’t affect you.#ON24VLE
  • 14. big and strong.The job is to get #ON24VLE CC Dennis Young
  • 15. Take ActionConnect EmotionUse ImaginationBe ObstinateChoose UsefulnessEnginuity, 2014#ON24VLE
  • 16. #ON24VLESocial Media for LearningOnline CommunityMedia SharingMicrosharingLiving ContentVirtual Immersive Environments Social media for learning
  • 17. CC Mathew Sullivan #ON24VLEWe construct, create, discover,and succeed together, connected.
  • 18. DEMOGRAPHICS MASHUPSSMARTER WORKFORCE Age Roles Generation Technologies Lifestyle Content SAVVY CONNECTION Consumer Confident Technologist Evolving Curator Organic
  • 19. SOCIAL LEARNING How can we address modern expectations?#ON24VLE
  • 20. CC Andy Powe #ON24VLEremove obstacles.91% of adults online in US (129M)access social media in a typicalmonth. Most access it during workhours, increasingly for doing work.
  • 21. river? your rocks? What is your Where are #ON24VLECC Thomas Hawk
  • 22. SOCIAL LEARNING How can we get our time back?#ON24VLE
  • 23. CC Malix #ON24VLEI store my knowledge in my friends. Karen Stephenson
  • 24. In organizations where people hordeknowledge and resist new ideas, whereleaders say things about learning thatsound good and then fall back on sageon the stage techniques, technologyonly increases costs and drains resources.Technology accelerates what’s there. Creating a Learning Culture#ON24VLE
  • 25. CC Slowtron #ON24VLEHighly engaged employees are87% less likely to leave theirorganizations than highly disengagedemployees.Financial standouts are 57%more likely than underperformers to usecollaborative and social tools to enableglobal teams to work.Companies with highly-engagedemployees have 26% higherrevenue per employee.
  • 26. SOCIAL LEARNING How can we introduce new possibilities?#ON24VLE
  • 27. How do you feel about social tools? What are your colleagues currently doing with social tools? Your CC Aldo Cavini Benedetti employees? Peers?Get clear. Get informed. Get ideating. Get going. Demonstrate your interest inWhat project that you’re personally being at the table by listening,responsible for would benefit from learning and participatingbeing augmented by social tools? actively.
  • 28. Start slow. Yet go. #ON24VLECC Victoria Pickering
  • 29. CC Thomas Hawk #ON24VLE Move from command and control toencourage and engage. Jane Hart @c4lpt
  • 30. SOCIAL LEARNING How can we be smarter, stronger, together, connected?#ON24VLE
  • 31. With permission from Maideck #ON24VLECreate an environment where people soar.
  • 32. We are better together, connected.Would you please connect?marcia@marciaconner.comhttp://marciaconner.com the playground rules