Games and Java ME - Have fun and earn some money


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Slides from BOF session in JavaOne 2012

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Games and Java ME - Have fun and earn some money

  1. 1. Games and Java ME Have fun and earn some money Marcelo Quinta Neto Marin Based on Neto Marin’s presentation in Java One LA, 2011
  2. 2. About Neto Marin • Mobile developer since 2006 • Java ME, Android, iOS, Windows Phoneção • Founder of the biggest mobile programming list from Brazil • @netomarin HE teachS Mobileprogramming here
  3. 3. About Marcelo Quinta Apresentação• Mobile developer• since 2007 Trabalhando com JME • Java ME, iOS, Android, Blackberry desde 2005. • Instrutor Globalcode• Msc in Computer• Science desde 2006. Nokia Developer I teach Mobile programming here • Awarded as 3rd best Brazilian dissertation • Champion. Participações em 2011 projetos e eventos nacionais e• Professor at Federal University of Goiás internacionais.• Co-founder of Triangulum 2• @mrquinta
  4. 4. Our agenda1. Java ME “mimimi” or “Getting real”2. Fun or “How to implement it”3. Money or “How to obtain it”
  5. 5. Mi Mi Mi É assim que você vê o Java MHow do you see the Java ME?
  6. 6. AÇÃO ! How do you see the Market? 27 How many smartphones?
  7. 7. The reality Source: Gartner
  8. 8. The reality• We know that Android and iOS is raising• Java ME is not a operating system. It’s a plataform, supported by a lot of OS• Smartphones are not majority• Mobile apps market is global• In emergent countries, smartphones market represents less than 40%• Do you delivery only for USA?
  9. 9. BRICSJust in Brazil, smartphone market share are fewer than 20%
  10. 10. ndo falo em feature phone.... 9 But Java ME is just for feature phones
  11. 11. Mudança de paradigmas...Get out off the box!
  12. 12. outra vez... Nokia X3-02 Nokia X3 -02 phisical App Store •  Touch screenkeyboard Touch screen •  Wi-Fi •  Aplicativos Wi-fi •  Câmera de 5mpx 5MP Camera •  E-mailMIDP 2.1 Email •  Java ME MIDP 2.1 Get out off the box++
  13. 13. okia Asha Nokia Asha 303 303kia S40 1Gb Comes with or de 1 GHz processor Angry Birds$ 459oqueado) And they;-)are cheaperá vem com o Angry Birds!
  14. 14. Just in Brazil S40 representam52% dos downloads. More than 70M in 2011 80 S40 was 52% % Aplicativos 80%! Java Java 26
  15. 15. Our agenda1. Java ME “mimimi” or “Getting real”2. Fun or “How to implement it”3. Money or “How to obtain it”
  16. 16. Games market
  17. 17. First of all:Your idea• What’s your game?• What’s your history?• Do you have a character?• Do you designed your game thinking like a drug dealer?• Do you have a designer?
  18. 18. Implementation• Game Canvas• Sprites• Layers and Tiled Layers• Game loop• Engines
  19. 19. GameCanvas Game Canvas• •Classe principal para you can “drawseu jogo. “The class” where “desenhar” o your game”• comportará como •SeWork as a containerum container.• •Desenhos com posições absolutas. Drawing with absolute positions• • Use scale Captação dos eventos do teclado. • Keyboard event handling 17
  20. 20. Sprites Sprites•• Characters Personagens.•• Scene elements can colide podem colidir. Elementos do cenário que • And detectecolision is not easy as you think• Manipulação animação.• Deteção colisões. time-by-time• Image manipulation,• Animations • Do you remember the gifs? 18
  21. 21. Layers e TiledLayers Layers and TiledLayers• Montagem de cenários. • Scene mounting• Criação decreation • Map mapas.• Uso• de diferentes pedaços para compôr o Different pieces composes the map mapa. • Animated scenarios• Cenários animados. 19
  22. 22. GameLoop• The logic• Event detection and decisions • User events • Character events • Movements and animations • Object updates or removal
  23. 23. Engines• Packages with pre-coded features• Make the development easier • More productivity• Main appliance • Phisics • 3D • Isometrics
  24. 24. Some engines• BOX 2D • •• J2ME Isometric Engine •
  25. 25. Additional APIs• Facebook •• Twitter • • *I never used it• Google Maps • J2ME_Google_Maps_API_(Portugu%C3%AAs)
  26. 26. Our agenda1. Java ME “mimimi” or “Getting real”2. Fun or “How to implement it”3. Money or “How to obtain it”
  27. 27. Let’s make money
  28. 28. Business models• A lot of ways to make some money • Just as a developer • Paid • Mobile adversiting • Free(mium) apps • In-app purchases • Virtual goodies ...or give it free •
  29. 29. Just as a developer• Sell apps to the marketing guys• Good price per hour • One of the best from programmers area• Code reuse makes more money
  30. 30. Paid• Simple and olf fashion way• The user will have to pay for it• In general, fewer price, thinking in quantity• Don’t just roll the dice• Maintain a good web and/or app store page• Estimulate the social marketing • Exchange for goodies
  31. 31. Mobile advertising• Show ad banners in your app • More clicks, more money • It’s possible to track the ads clicking • Pay attention where the app will be shown and who will use it • Learn about eCPM - low earnings? • More views and clicks, better advertisers • Any app can have ads
  32. 32. Mobile advertising• Companies that you can choose • Vserv - • Adfonic - • Inneractive -
  33. 33. Freemium and In-App purchases• In general, they are free...• ...but user can buy virtual goodies...• By app store or other ways• User is billed by credit card or cell phone bill• Earning varies by app store or billing type
  34. 34. Freemium and In-App purchases Virtual Goodies 32
  35. 35. Our agenda1. Java ME “mimimi” or “Getting real”2. Fun or “How to implement it”3. Money or “How to obtain it”
  36. 36. You have the upper hand
  37. 37. Will you useyour skills justto do CRUDs?
  38. 38. Before we finish• If you are not satisfied with the Java ME, get engaged with the community • Stay together with a JUG • Go to the local events, speak...• Claim in the social media...• and if you really are a cool guy • “Adopt a JSR”
  39. 39. Thank you! @mrquinta