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Alphamar shipping agency 2


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  • 1. Alphamar is an independent company focused on port agency and stevedoring company, having gained large enough credibility over the past 13 years in the port of Santos, where it is originally located.Besides being able to attend via representatives all over Brazil, Alphamar has its own set up to attend as ship agency in the ports of Santos and Paranagua.
  • 2. Alphamar is presently owned by threeshipping specialists. The younger,Marcelo Neri, has 21 years experiencein the vessel´s tramp market, with widebackground in the grains, edible and fertilizers segment, and the elder, Adalberto Mariani Jr., has 27 years experience in tramp vessels (1985-2012) and 46 years in shipping industry (1966-2012).
  • 3. For Paranagua office, Alphamar has invited Roberto Fontes to be company´s shareholder. Highly experienced, Roberto has been an active and successful both as manager and director of shipping agencies attending tramp vessels. .With his unquestionable reputation,background and noticeable carrier over the past27 years, Roberto has made a significantcontribution to the evolution of shipowners, traders, exporters and importerslogistics industry, mainly on the fertilizersand grains market.He has strong roots in the area.
  • 4. Alphamar does not belong to any trading company.The focus of our agency skilled team is to grant our clients apreferential treatment, with the servicestailor-made to each clients´ requirements.There is no run-around.We are a small and very flexible company with nimbleprofessionals that has capability to guarantee a very close andfast follow up in all phases of the operations, always seekingthe best interests of our principals.Our strategic alliances and good relationshipwith port authorities, terminals, among other stakeholderscan make our vessels´ attendancealways smooth and in many cases eventless.
  • 5. Our services are not limited toagency work, but can also takeadvantage of our chartering expertise that give us the opportunity to serveTraders, Charterers andTime-Charterers with a portfolio ofservices that includes Charter PartiesClauses consultations, laytimecalculations and analysis, as well asall related to the necessaryports and vessels checking beforefixing any contract.
  • 6. It is of relevance for the client whowishes to reduce a risky situationwhen having agents with nospecialization that can result inunpleasant casualties withsometimes even serious defaults.
  • 7. Our Technical and Marketing teamare able to provide with anyinformation concerning anyBrazilian port data and restrictions,sugar, grains, fertilizers andchemical line ups and statistics,which include suppliers, traders,charterers and destinations.
  • 8. Referrals and testimonials could be taken as granted by our partners as:• Cefetra BV,• Bauche,• Alfred C. Toepfer,• ICEC / Oxbow,• Ameropa,• Imbrasa,• Multigrain,• Cereal Sul,• Amaggi Rotterdam,• Nidera,• Honeywell,• Meridian Bulk Carriers,• Sucden,• Carisbrooke Shipping,• CGG,• OCP,•TMT,• BPC,• Uralchem,• Moinho Pacífico,• Sucocitrico Cutrale,• FITCO among others.
  • 9. Consult us before fixingPhone: 55 13 3219.5540 – Santos 55 41 3425.2824 - Paranaguá