Thanks Again Reward Program


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Thanks Again Reward Program Summary. How the program works for consumers and business owners

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Thanks Again Reward Program

  1. 1. 1 Program Overview Preeminenttools for creating and presenting wide Tips and Global Airport & Neighborhood format slides Consumer Rewards Network
  2. 2. THANKS AGAIN Value Proposition2 THANKS AGAIN Links Millions of Frequent Travelers/Affluent Consumers, Global Airports and Neighborhood Businesses, and the Most Popular Rewards Programs to Stimulate Commerce, Data Accumulation, and Customer Value
  3. 3. Via THANKS AGAIN, Consumers Turn Existing Cards into Loyalty Cards3 With THANKS AGAIN: NO New Cards to Carry! NO More Coupons or Punch Cards! FREE, Fast, Secure One-Time Enrollment! Miles/Points Automatically Posted to Member Accounts!Automatically Earn MORE of Your Favorite Rewards!
  4. 4. Our Aim: Increase Client Revenue and Enhance Customer Value4 1. Increase Client Revenue by: Increasing Average Ticket Size Increasing Spend Frequency Acquiring New Customers (Change Behavior) 2. Enhance Customer Value by: Better Engaging Travelers/Affluent Consumers Discovering Who Your Best Customers Are Communicating Unique Offers to Those Who Opt-In to Email and Mobile Marketing
  5. 5. How THANKS AGAIN Works5 1-Time Consumer Enrollment Frequent Travelers/Affluent Consumers Can Earn Up to 25,000 Bonus Airline Miles Every 90 Days Simple Airport & Neighborhood Business Enrollment NO New Equipment or Change in Purchase Process Access to Dynamic, Opt-In Marketing Database of Enrolled Consumers Comprehensive Marketing Campaign to Drive Consumer Awareness (e.g., In-Airport/In-Store Marketing Collateral, Reward Partner Promotions)
  6. 6. Distinguished Reward Partners6 THANKS AGAIN enables members of the country’s top loyalty programs to earn their favorite rewards when they purchase goods and services with registered credit/debit IN DISCUSSIONS cards at 115 Airports and 20,000+ Neighborhood businesses!
  7. 7. THANKS AGAIN Offer for Airline Members (Earn Up to 25,000 Bonus Miles)7 Cumulative Spend Bonus Airline Miles Every 90 Days (Airport-Wide, Local Merchants) Earn 500 Miles When Spending $250 (2 Mi/$1) Earn 1,500 Miles When Spending $500 (3 Mi/$1) Earn 4,000 Miles When Spending $1,000 (4 Mi/$1) Earn 25,000 Miles When Spending $5,000 (5 Mi/$1) “Everyday” Airline Miles Funded by Client (On-Airport Parking, Particular Local Merchants) Earn 1 Mile/$1 Spent for Qualified Purchases Premium Limited Time Offers (e.g., 3 Miles per $ Spent)
  8. 8. Detailed Monthly and Online Reporting (“Chain” & “Store” Levels)8 Product Name (Member’s Chosen Rewards) Member Name (First and Last) Transaction Date Bonus Rewards Transaction Amount Points Rewarded Monthly PDF Report and Online Reporting via Web Login with Available .csv Downloads
  9. 9. THANKS AGAIN Contact Information9 Cheryl Keyes Business Development (770) 969-1311 ext. 109