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Tramonto July 2010 Newsletter
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Tramonto July 2010 Newsletter


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Tramonto July 2010 Newsletter …

Tramonto July 2010 Newsletter
Maryke Groenewald -

The Susan Deacon Property Group

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  • 1. Tramonto - July 2010 Newsletter Page 1 of 11 Okay, so maybe you are tiring form all the Soccer talk and constant blare of Vuvuzela’s, but as the teams are slowly (and some of them quite surprisingly) falling out, foreigners are starting to travel our Country a bit more which in turn gives us glorious exposure and foreign income boost. With the best ten days of our winter still ahead of us, there will be plenty to see and even more to be entertained with all around the Garden Route. We are also excited about a new column that we will feature on a monthly basis… read more below. Have a great July! Contents:  Past Events  We Love...Cake  Be Inspired... What is a Veil?  Something Quirky  Events in the Western Cape  Real wedding:  Wynand & Isobel Vermeulen 06/07/2010
  • 2. Tramonto - July 2010 Newsletter Page 2 of 11 Allow me to introduce myself. I am Alwijn Burger. I spent several years as a director of OKASIE, the cosmopolitan florist and Events Company based in Stellenbosch. Recently, I broke away to co-found the concept agency FLANCE - the name of which derives from the Afrikaans for ‘thrown together’. Eight years, nearly 600 events, close to 500 mothers-of-the-bride, clients from all parts of the world, close to 30 magazine features, several television appearances, kilometers of fairy lights, kilograms of confetti, thousands of dozens of roses and megabytes of e-mails later, I presume I can with some authority say that I have a good idea of what weddings and events are about. However, following the honor of assisting with the arrangements surrounding the wedding of my dearest childhood friend at Tramonto earlier this year I was reminded of what events should be about. What are celebratory events, and weddings in particular, about? With a great sense of excitement and anticipation I look forward to sharing with you my knowledge, experiences, thoughts, and finds on all matters pertaining to weddings and events in the upcoming Tramonto Newsletters. I trust this column will prove to provide inspiration, whilst serving as a reminder of what celebrations should really be about. Should you have any questions, suggestions or topics for discussion please do not hesitate to contact us! Alwijn Burger: / 082 581 2574 Maryke Groenewald: / 084 599 0122 [To Top] Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden has launched another two amazing products. The beauty advisors’ training courses for The Prevage and Intervene ranges were held at Tramonto on the 11th of June 2010 From the Time Elizabeth Arden opened her first cosmetic shop on Fifth Avenue in New York in 1910, her constant wish was to “have people around her who can do the impossible”. One hundred years later, as the company celebrates its Centenary, this legacy lives on in the form of Elizabeth Arden’s CSI initiative with Operation Smile South Africa. Their Mission? To transform 100 faces of children in Southern Africa with the greatest gift of all – the ability to smile! Not only is Elizabeth Arden taking a team of volunteers to Madagascar in 06/07/2010
  • 3. Tramonto - July 2010 Newsletter Page 3 of 11 September and providing funds for the mission, but it is offering customers the opportunity to support this campaign. From the 1st of July a donation of R1-00 will be given to Operation smile South Africa for the sale of the following products: Red Door; Pretty; 5th Avenue; 5th Avenue after 5; Mediterranean; Green tea; Provocative Woman; Blue Glass; Sunflowers; as well as selected Prevage and Intervene products. "A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination." ~ Nelson Mandela [To Top] Cake This month the wedding cake is re-instated to its rightful spot – centre of attention! The wedding cake is an enticing aspect of any wedding but more often than not the wedding cake doesn’t get the spotlight that it deserves. Traditionally the (fruit) cake was served at the end of the reception, after guests have consumed ridiculous amounts of food – such a delicious waste! Why not consider giving the cake the credit it deserves by using it as the centre piece of a dessert display or to be cut during welcome drinks to be served as a high tea snack? You also do not have to go with the traditional fruit cake; anything from Lindt chocolate to gourmet cheese rounds stacked on top of each other goes!! Le Dèlice specialises in bespoke cakes with specified trimmings for any function. Cakes are only made with the finest ingredients available in the market. Whether they are thoughtful, simple, traditional or totally over the top Le Dèlice promises to be wickedly tempting, beautifully presented and absolutely delicious! In the words of Marie Antoinette, “Let them have cake!” 06/07/2010
  • 4. Tramonto - July 2010 Newsletter Page 4 of 11 For further enquiries contact: Maryke Groenewald: To view the portfolio go to: [To Top] What’s in a Veil? So much time is spent fussing over the dress – they veil is often left to the last minute. By understanding the different names and sizes, we hope to make the choice a bit simpler! Order your veil today! Contact Blusher Traditionally, the blusher is the veil piece which comes forward, covering the face. Any style veil can have a blusher. There are no rules or restrictions for this. Alternately, the bride may chose to wear a veil that does not have a blusher at all. The blusher is generally 18 inches in length. Bouffant This is a very short veil. It was very popular back in the 1960´s. This really suits a simple gown, or a bride with a shorter hairstyle. The standard length will sit just touching the top of the shoulders. 06/07/2010
  • 5. Tramonto - July 2010 Newsletter Page 5 of 11 Shoulder This style of veil is really the extended version of the bouffant veil as it sits just below the shoulder, in line with the top of the armpit. Elbow This style is still a shorter style veil. The Elbow length veil, sitting just at the elbow, is very flattering for younger brides in their early twenties when worn with a strapless ball gown style wedding dress. Waist This veil is an extended version of the elbow veil. The veil will sit just at the waist, being one or two inches longer than the Elbow length veil. This style can look most elegant on small petite brides wearing a slimming gown with no train. Fingertip This veil ends at the fingertips, and is a very versatile style veil as it suits all gowns, and brides of all ages. Knee This style is extremely attractive when worn with tea length gowns. This is very much an American trend. Regardless, it has a very light refreshing appearance about it, and extremely appropriate for informal day weddings. (Tea length gowns are mid-calf length). Waltz This is a very elegant and charming style veil as it has just enough length to touch the floor, or alternately, fall half an inch short of the floor. Ideally, the length of this veil will be determined by the length of the gown. A gown that sits flush on the floor will generally have a train of equal length. There is no train. This look was very popular back in the 1920´s, and also back in the early 1800´s. Chapel This is the first of the veils to have a train, being 108 inches in length. Whilst it is traditional that the length of your veil should match the length of the train on your gown, this is not by any means a hard and fast rule. In fact, wearing a veil with a train can be very elegant when the gown itself is floor length (no train at all). This look is very soft and very feminine. Cathedral This veil is 144 inches in length. It is quite a long veil, and whilst it appears to be very elegant and classic, it is not the easiest of gowns to manage. You need to ensure the bridal party assists with lifting it when walking, and setting it out when taking photographs. Many brides do feel this is too cumbersome, particularly when they are going to spend a considerable amount of time outside in a windy environment. Royal This is the most regal of all veils, sitting 180 inches in length. Not many brides chose this particular length as they feel it is highly impractical. This length will also prove to be quite costly. Detachable Veil Brides who want the best of both worlds can have a veil that comes in two segments. However, the significant feature is that the bride may present at the church and attend the entire ceremony with a lovely chapel or cathedral length veil, allowing her to separate and remove the longer portion of the veil, leaving a fingertip or elbow length veil only. [To Top] 06/07/2010
  • 6. Tramonto - July 2010 Newsletter Page 6 of 11 06/07/2010
  • 7. Tramonto - July 2010 Newsletter Page 7 of 11 Cotton candy was first recorded around Mid-18th Century. At that time, spun sugar was an expensive, labor-intensive endeavor and was not generally available to the average person. Machine-spun cotton candy was invented in 1897 by William Morrison and John C. Wharton and first introduced to a wide audience at the 1904 World's Fair as "Fairy Floss” with great success, fairy floss was renamed to "cotton candy" in the 1920s. Give your event a bit of a fun edge and incorporate various types of candy – candy in boxes, candy in cones, candy for kids - this is bound to keep the sweet toothed entertained and offers something a bit different than the average snack or dessert! Cotton candy is spun in any desired colour and serves as great favours & snacks with a bit of a fairy flair. [To Top] Knysna Oyster Festival – The Best 10 Days of your winter!!!! 2 – 11 July 2010 – Knysna The annual Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival is one of South Africa’s most popular festivals with huge appeal for sports lovers, families and those in search of a great party! More than 100 exciting events ranging from cycling, running and adventure races to wine and whisky tastings and gala evenings, are expected to draw about 65 000 people to the beautiful Garden Route town over the 10 days of the festival. The festival’s two main sporting events, the Pick n Pay Cape Times Knysna Forest Marathon and the Pick n Pay Weekend Argus Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour, will give participants the unique opportunity to run and cycle through the ancient indigenous forests of Knysna and experience the scenic beauty of the area. Oyster-related events include the annual oyster-shucking (opening) competition, the ever-popular oyster eating competition and the Pick 06/07/2010
  • 8. Tramonto - July 2010 Newsletter Page 8 of 11 n Pay Oyster & Wine Mardi Gras – a fabulous evening of oysters and wine tasting. For more information and the full program please visit: / [To Top] 06/07/2010
  • 9. Tramonto - July 2010 Newsletter Page 9 of 11 06/07/2010
  • 10. Tramonto - July 2010 Newsletter Page 10 of 11 Isobel & Wynand Wynand and Isobel attended the same school in George. “I will never forget the day I saw him for the first time – tall, dark & handsome, my knees went numb and I knew – on him I could loose my hart!” The days passed and they only shyly greeted each other in the hallways... “Eventually he came to talk to me during breaks!” Wynand finished school, and eventually so did Isobel after which she went oversees to study and work on cruise ships. She returned home on the 23rd of September 2007. “A day later Wynand phoned me, at first I didn’t know to whom I was speaking!” “My parents told me that he phoned a few times while I was away.” “We went out on a date and well – it was love at first sight all over again!” “Wynand re-entered my life at a very chaotic time, but he gave me direction, I had found my soul mate!” “I have dreamed about my wedding day since I was a little girl, and I certainly had the wedding of my dreams!” “Our wedding took place on the 20th of March 2010 at Tramonto.” “Wilma and her team created a truly perfect wedding scene; it was everything we wanted and more!” “Nothing went wrong, it was beautiful, and I wish I could have it over and over again!” “Tramonto took care of everything, they made me feel like a real princess – I will recommend them to everyone!” “Tramonto is a timeless, romantic, stunning venue with a great team who will support you every step of the way during your wedding planning!” “They are definitely the top venue and truly unique!” Service Providers: Planner: Wilma du Toit @ Tramonto Florist: Petal Place Floral Designs Photographer: Melanie Maré Photography Décor & Draping: Brighter Futures Make-Up: Marelize Steyn-Earle @ Tramonto To view Isobel & Wynand’s full wedding portfolio, go to our website. [To Top] 06/07/2010
  • 11. Tramonto - July 2010 Newsletter Page 11 of 11 You can view this newsletter online if you have any problems viewing it here If you do not wish to receive any further newsletters email us Copyright © Tramonto 2010 06/07/2010