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Drugs in sports list 2009


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The 2009 Drugs in sport list …

The 2009 Drugs in sport list

The Susan Deacon Property Group

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  • 1. DRUGS IN SPORT 2009 list A list of South African TRADE NAMES of prohibited and permitted drugs / preparations & GENERIC NAMES of prohibited substances
  • 2. DRUGS IN SPORT 2009 LIST A list of South African TRADE NAMES of prohibited and permitted drugs / preparations & GENERIC NAMES of prohibited substances based on the World Anti-Doping Code 2009 PROHIBITED LIST INTERNATIONAL STANDARD Valid as of 1 January 2009 Compiled for the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport by Marlize Smuts (MPharm)
  • 3. NOTE Users of this Handbook might find medications or pharmaceutical substances, particularly generic antibiotics and microcidals, that are not listed. Preparations containing alternative substances / supplements are not included in this Handbook. Further information on any unlisted substance can be obtained from the The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport at 021 761 8034 or via e-mail DISCLAIMER Although every effort has been made to ensure information in this list is accurate, the authors and the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport cannot accept responsibility for the currency of the information or for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies. This list is formulated in and for South Africa, based on local pharmaceutical information.
  • 4. EXPLANATORY NOTES Code Interpretation: Black Permitted Drugs Red Drugs Prohibited at All Times (in-and out-of-competition) Red underlined Drugs Prohibited In-Competition only red italics prohibited substances (generic) *Blue Drugs Prohibited in Particular Sports [1] – [5] Notes - see table on back of foldout [TUE] Therapeutic Use Exemption [TUE] required [DoU] Declaration of Use [DoU] must be completed by the Athlete in accordance with the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions
  • 5. ABBREVIATIONS Aer Aerosol Aq Aqueous Caps Capsules Cr Cream Conc Concentrate DoU Declaration of Use DP Caps Dry Powder capsules for inhalation Inf Infusion Inh Inhaler Inj Injection IA inj Intra-articular injection (local) IB inj Intrabursal injection (local) ID inj Intradermal injection (local) IL inj Intralesion injection (local) IM inj Intramuscular injection IS inj intrasynovial injection (local) IV inj Intravenous injection Liq Liquid Oint Ointment Paed Paediatric Sol Solution Supps Suppositories Susp Suspension Syr Syrup Tabs Tablets TUE Therapeutic Use Exemption Vet Veterinary
  • 6. A
  • 7. A AAA Throat Spray Acu-Erylate S Syrup Abbott-Propofol 1% Injection, Infusion Acuflex Capsule Abburic Tablets Acuflu P Syrup Abflex-4 Tablets Acugesil Tablets Abic Carboplatin Injection Acugest Co Linctus Abic Etoposide Injection Acugest DM Syrup Abic Fluorouracil Injection Acugest Expect Syrup Abic Leucovorin Injection Acugest Syrup Abic Vincristine Injection Acular Solution Abilify Tablets Aculoid Tablets, Syrup Abiplatin Injection, Solution Acumet Tablets Abitrexate Injection Acumod Tablets ACC 200 Effervescent Tablets Acunaso Tablets, Syrup Accolate Tablets Acu-Oxytet Capsules Accumax Tablets Acupan Tablets Accumax Co Tablets Acu-Paracetamol S Syrup Accupril Tablets Acuphlem Syrup Accuretic Tablets Acupillin Capsules, Suspension acebutolol Acu-Prednisolone Tablets [2] acetazolamide Acurate Tablets Aceten Tablets Acusprain Tablets Achromide Ointment Acustop Syrup Achromycin Tablets, Eye/Ear Ointment Acutrim Tablets Achromycin V Capsules Acutussive Expect Adult, Expect Paed Aciban Tablets Acuzole Tablets Acidex Gel Adalat Capsules, Retard Tablets, XL Tabs Acidown Tablets Adaphen Tablets, XL Tablets Aci-Med Tablets Adco-Acyclovir Tablets, Cream Acitab DT Dispers Tablets Adco-Alzam Tablets Acitop Cream Adco-Amoclav 375 Tablets, 625 Tablets Aclasta Sol for Infusion Adco-Amoxycillin Capsules, Suspension Aclosone Cream, Ointment *Adco-Atenolol Tablets [4] Acne-Aid Bar Adco-Betamethasone Cream Acneclear Cleansing Bar Adco-Biskapect Suspension Acneclear Cream *Adco-Bisocor Tablets [4] Acnetane Capsules Adco-Captomax Tablets Acnidazil Cream Adco-Captopril Tablets Actacel Acellular Injection Adco-Cefaclor Capsules, Suspension Actan Tablets Adco-Cefazolin Injection ACTH Adco-Cefotaxime Injection Acthar Gel Injection Adco-Cefoxitin Injection ACT-HIB Injection Adco-Ceftriaxone Injection Actifed Cold Tablets, Syrup Adco-Cefuroxime Injection Actifed Cold & Fever Tablets, Syrup Adco-Cetirizine Tablets Actifed Dry Cough Linctus Adco-Cimetidine Tablets Actifed Sugar Free Syrup Adco-Ciprin Tablets Actifed Wet Cough Non Drowsy Adco-Clofelam Tablets Expectorant Adco-Clotrimazole Cream Actilyse Infusion Adco-Clotrimazole Vaginal Cream Activelle Tablets Adco-Combineb Inhalent Solution [1] [TUE] Activir Cold Sore Cream Adco-Contromet Tablets, Syrup Actonel Tablets Adco-Co-Trimoxazole Tablets Actophlem Syrup Adco-Cyclizine Tablets, Syrup Actospect Syrup Adco-Dapamax Tablets Actos Tablets Adco-Dermed Shampoo Actraphane HM Injection, Penset Adco-Dextrose Injection Actrapid HM Injection Adco-Diclofenac Tablets, Injection Acucil Capsules, Suspension Adco-Dol Syrup q Acuco Tablets Adco-Dol Tablets Acu-Diclofenac Injection Adco-Doxazosin Tablets
  • 8. A Adco-Efavirenz Tablets Adco-Zetofen Syrup Adco-Enalapril Tablets Adco-Zetomax Tablets Adco-Erythromycin Capsules, Suspension Adco-Zetomax Co Tablets Adco-Ethyl Chloride Spray Adco-Zidovudine Tablets, Solution Adco-Fenoterol Hydrobromide Inh Sol [1] Adco-Zildem Tablets Adco-Fem 35 Tablets Adco-Zolpidem Tablets Adco-Flupain Tablets Adco-Zopimed Tablets Adco-Glimepiride Tablets Additiva Calcium & Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets Adco-Glucomed Tablets Additiva Multivit & Minerals & Trace Elements Eff Tabs Adco-Ibuprofen Tablets Additiva Vitamin B Complex Eff Tablets Adco-Indogel Additiva Vitamin C Eff Tablets Adco-Indomethacin Capsules Additrace IV Infusion Adco-Ipratropium Bromide Solution Adelphane-Esidrex Tablets Adco-Ketotifen Syrup Adenocor Injection Adco-Kiddipayne Forte Syrup Adfen Tablets, SR Capsules Adco-Lamivudine Tablets, Solution Adifax Capsules Adco-Linctopent Syrup [1] adrafinil Adco-Liquilax Syrup adrenaline Adco-Loperamide Tablets, Syrup Adrenaline-Fresenius Injection Adco-Lorahist Syrup, Tablets Adrenotone Injection Adco-Loten Tablets adrenocorticotrophic hormone Adco-Magnesium Sulphate Injection Adriblastina Injection Adco-Mefenamic Acid Suspension, Capsules Advantan Cr, Oint, Fatty Oint, Milk, Scalp Sol Adco-Meloxicam Tablets Advil CS Tablets Adco-Metronidazole Tablets Advil Liqui-gels Caps, Paed Susp Adco-Metrostat Tablets Aerobec Autohaler [2] [DoU] Adco-Mirteron Tablets Aerrane Liquid Adco-Muco Expect Syrup AF Ointment, Powder Adco-Naproxen Tablets Aflamin 25 Capsules Adco-Nevirapine Tablets Afmed Laxative Mixture Adco-Ofloxacin Tablets Aggrastet Injection Adco-Omeprazole Capsules Agofell Syrup Adco-Otised Drops Agrippal S-1 Injection Adco-Otophen Forte Drops Agrylin Capsules Adco-Paracetamol Syrup Airol Cream, Lotion Adco-Paroxetine Tablets Airomir Inhaler [1] [TUE] Adco-Payne Forte Tab Akineton Tablets, Injection Adco-Phenobarbitone Vitalet Elixir Akrinor Injection Adco-Piroxicam Capsules Akrinor Tablets Adco-Potassium Chloride Injection Aktivakid Syrup *Adco-Propranolol LA Capsules [4] Aktivanad Syrup, Tablets Adco-Quinaretic Tablets Alapren Tablets Adco-Quinine Dihydrochloride Injection Albalon Drops Adco-Retic Tablets Albalon-A Drops Adco-Roznal Capsules Albey Bee Venom Injection Adco-Salterpyn Syrup albumin Adco-Salterpyn Tablets Albusol Injection Adco-Simvastatin Tablets albuterol (salbutamol) Adco-Sinal Co Tablets Alchera Tablets Adco-Sinal NS Capsules alclomethasone Adco-Sodasol Effervescent Granules alcohol Adco-Sporozole Capsules Alcophyllex Liquid Adco-Sufedrin Tablets & Syrup Alcophyllin Syrup Adco-Sulindac Tablets Aldactone Tablets Adco-Talomil Tablets Aldara Cream Adco-Topiramate Tablets Aldazide Tablets Adco-Tussend Syrup Aldomet Tablets, Injection Adco-Vascard SR Capsules Aldoretic Tablets w Adco-Wormex Tablets, Suspension A-Lennon Amoxycillin Capsules Adco-Zertra Tablets A-Lennon Diclofenac Tablets, Supps
  • 9. A A-Lennon Doxycycline Capsules Amikin Injection A-Lennon Erythromycin ES Capsules Amiloretic Tablets, Amiloretic-HS Tablets A-Lennon Fluoxetine Capsules amiloride Alertonic Elixir Aminoblastin Tablets Aleve Caplets aminoglutethimide Alexan Injection Aminomix IV Solution Alfanative-Interferon Injection Aminophyllin Injection Algist Tablets Aminophyllin IV-Fresenius Injection Alimta Infusion amiphenazole Alkafizz Effervescent Granules amphetamine Alkalite D Suspension amphetaminil Alkeran Tablets, Injection Amizide Tablets Allecet Tablets, Syrup Amlate Tablets Allergex Tablets, Retard Tablets, Elixir Amloc Tablets Allergin Expectorant Syrup Amlodac Tablets Allerhist Capsules Amlodipine-Winthrop Tablets Allermine Tablets Amlosyn Tablets Allertac Capsules Amocas Capsules Allevyn Adhesive / Sterile Wound Dressing Amo Vitrax Injection Allmox Capsules Amocillin Injection, Capsules, Suspension Alloferin Injection Amoclan Tablets, Forte Tabs, Susp, Forte Susp Allomaron Tablets Amoxicap Capsules Allpyral Allergens Injection Amoxicillin Hexal Capsules Alma Cell Calcium & Magnesium Eff Tablets Amoxil Capsules, Syrup, Forte Syrup, Paed Alma Cell Isotonic Effervescent Tablets Drops Alma Cell Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets Amoxyfizz Eff Tablets Alma Cell Vits for Kids Effervescent Tablets Amphojel Suspension Almadin Tablets Ampicillin-Fresenius Injection Alomide Drops Ampiclox Capsules, Syrup, Injection, Drops Alphagan Purite Solution Ampimax Capsules, Suspension alpha-GPC Ampipen Injection, Capsules, Suspension Alpha-Lipoic Acid Capsules Ampi-Rol Capsules alpha-reductase inhibitors Ampisalt Capsules, Suspension Alphosyl Lotion, Cream AMS Ointment Alphosyl 2 in 1 Scalp Application Amvisc Injection, Amvisc Plus Injection alprenolol Anadin Tablets, Extra Strength Tablets Altacite Tablets Anaerobyl Gold Tablets Altosec Capsules Anafranil Tablets, Injection Alukon Gel Ana-Guard Injection Alumag D Gel Suspension Analgen Ointment Alumite D Suspension Analgen SA TabletsAnalgen Tablets Alupent Aerosol [1] Ananase Forte Tablets Alusil Tablets Anapolon-50 Tablets Aluvia Tablets anastrozole Alvercol Granules Anceron Aqueous Nasal Spray Alvesco Inhaler [2] [DoU] Andolex Oral Rinse, Spray, Lozenges Alyrane Liquid Andolex-C Eucalyptus Menthol Lozenges Amaphil Capsules Andolex-C Lozenges, Spray Amaryl Tablets Andolex-C Oral Gel AmBisome IV Infusion Andolex-C Oral Rinse Ambral Tablets Andosept-Co Oral Rinse Amesec Pulvules Androcur 10mg Tablets Amethocaine Cream Androcur 50mg Tablets, Depot Injection Ametic Tablets androsta-1,4-diene-3,17-dione Ametop Gel 5a•-androstane-3a,17a-diol amfepramone 5a-androstane-3a,17ß-diol amfetamine 5a-androstane-3ß,17a-diol amfetaminil 5a-androstane-3ß,17ß-diol e Amicar Tablets, Injection androstenediol Amikacin Fresenius Injection 1-androstendiol
  • 10. A 5a-androst-1-ene-3ß,17ß-diol Apo-Cefaclor Capsules, Suspension 5a-androst-1-ene-3,17-dione Apo-Cephalexin Tablets androst-4-ene-3a,17a-diol Apo-Cimetidine Tablets androst-4-ene-3a,17ß-diol Apo-Clomipramine Tablets androst-4-ene-3ß,17a-diol Apo-Diclofenac Tablets androst-4-ene-3ß,17ß-diol Apo-Fluoxetine Capsules androst-5-ene-3a,17a-diol Apo-Flurbiprofen Tablets androst-5-ene-3a,17ß-diol Apo-Isosorbide Dinitrate Tablets androst-5-ene-3ß,17a-diol Apo-Minocycline Capsules androst-5-ene-3ß,17ß-diol Apo-Nifedipine Capsules 4-androstenediol Apo-Ranitidine Tablets androstenedione A-Por Topical Cream 1-androstendione A-Por Vaginal Cream 5-androstenedione Appetrol Capsules androst-4-ene-3,17-dione Apresoline Tablets androst-5-ene-3,17-dione Aprovel Tablets Androxon Capsules Aquarid Capsules Anethaine Cream Arava Tablets Anexate Injection Arcana Cough Linctus Angeliq Tablets Arcana Expectorant Syrup, Paediatric Anginor-20 Capsules Arcanacycline Tablets Angised Tablets Arcanacysteine Capsules, Syrup Angi-Spray Arcanadopa Tablets Angitrate Tablets Arcanafed Syrup, Tablets Anoclor Prophylax Tablets Arcanafenac Tablets, Injection Anoclor Treatment Tablets Arcanaflex Tablets Antabuse Dispergettes Arcanaflu Capsules Antadine Capsules Arcanaflu Syrup Antalgic Syrup, Tablets Arcanagesic Syrup Anthex Tablets Arcanagesic Tablets Anthisan Cream, Tablets, Elixir, Injection Arcana-Metronidazole Tablets Antiflam Tablets Arcanamycin Tablets, Suspension Antiflu Tablets Arcanaprim Tablets, DS Tablets, Suspension Antihist Injection Arcanaretic Tablets Antimet Tablets, Forte Capsules Arcoxia Tablets Antipeol Ointment Aredia Injection Antipyn Forte Tablets Arelix Tablets Antipyn Syrup Arem Tablets Antipyn Tablets Argent-Eze Cream Antistin-Privin Drops Aricept Tablets Antithrombin III Immuno Injection Arilvax Yellow Fever Vaccine Antituss Linctus Arimidex Tablets Antizid Capsules Arixtra Injection Anugesic Ointment, Suppositories Aromasin Tablets Anusol Suppositories, Ointment aromatase inhibitors Anusol-HC Suppositories [2] Aropax-20 Tablets Anxirid Tablets Arovit Injection, Chew Tablets Anzatax Injection Arrow Ceftriaxone Injection Anzem Tablets Arrow Gliclazide Tablets Apen Capsules, Syrup Arrow Lamotrigine Tablets Apidra Injection Arrow Metformin HCl Tablets APL Injection [5] Arrow Simvastatin Tablets AP-Loratadine Tablets, Syrup Arsobal Injection AP Methylpred IV Injection [2] Artane Tablets Apo-Acyclovir Tablets Arthrexin Capsules, Suppositories Apo-Allopurinol Tablets Arthrocox Tablets Apo-Alprazolam Tablets Arthrotec Tablets *Apo-Atenolol Tablets [4] Articulen Capsules, LA SR Capsules r Apo-Bromocriptine Tablets Arycor Tablets Apo-Captopril Tablets Asacol Tablets
  • 11. A Asalen Tablets *Aterol Tablets [4] Asasantin Capsules Atgam Injection Asatard CR Tablets Athru-Derm Lotion Ascabiol Emulsion Ativan Tablets, Injection Ascarient Solution Atromid-S Capsules Ascold Capsules Atronase Metered Nasal Spray Ascorbic Acid-Fresenius Injection Atropine Covan Drops Aserbine Cream, Solution Atropine Sulphate-Fresenius Injection Asic Tablets Atrovent Beta Vials [1] Asilone Tablets, Suspension, Gel Atrovent Inhaler, Unit Dose Vials Aspavor Tablets Augmaxcil Susp, Forte Susp, Tabs, Injection Aspen Acyclovir Infusion Augmentin Suspensions, Tablets, Injections Aspen Azithromycin Tablets Auralgicin Ear Drops Aspen Bromocriptine Tablets Aurasept Drops Aspen-Carvedilol Tablets Aureomycin Ointment Aspen Cefazolin Injection Aurone Drops Aspen Cefotaxime Injection Aurone Forte Drops Aspen Cefoxitin Injection Aurorix Tablets Aspen Ceftriaxone Injection Austell-Amlodipine Tablets Aspen Cefuroxime Injection Austell-Amoxicillin Capsules Aspen Cephalexin Capsules, Suspension Austell-Cefotaxime Injection Aspen Cetirizine Tablets Austell-Ceftriaxone Injection Aspen Ciprofloxacin IV Infus Austell-Cetirizine Tablets Aspen Diazepam Injection Austell-Ciprofloxacin Tablets Aspen Diclofenac Sodium Injection Austell-Citalopram Tablets Aspen Didanosine Tablets Austell-Co-Amoxyclav Tablets Aspen Efavirenz Tablets Austell-Diclofenac Sodium Injection Aspen Fluconazole Capsules Austell-Fluconazole Capsules Aspen Furosemide Injection Austell-Furosemide Tablets Aspen Gentamicin Injection Austell-Gliclazide Tablets Aspen Hyoscine Butylbromide Injection Austell-Lamotrigine Tablets Aspen Lamivudine Tablets, Solution Austell-Lisinopril Tablets Aspen Lamotrigine Tablets Austell-Metformin Tablets Aspen Lamzid Tablets Austell-Paroxetine Tablets Aspen Lansoprazole Capsules Austell-Ramipril Capsules Aspen Mirtazapine Tablets Austell-Sertraline Tablets Aspen Mirteron Tablets Austell-Simvastatin Tablets Aspen Mometasone Cream Austell-Tramadol Capsules Aspen Naproxen Tablets Autrin Capsules Aspen Nevirapine Tablets Avandia Tablets Aspen Ondansetron Injection Avastin Infusion Aspen Pentoxifylline SR Tablets Avaxim Injection Aspen Pravastatin Tablets Avelon Tablets Aspen Sertraline Tablets Aventyl Capsules Aspen Simvastatin Tablets Avodart Soft Gel Capsules Aspen Stavudine Capsules Avomine Tablets Aspen Theophyllin Injection Avonex Injection Aspen Vancomycin Injection Axid Capsules Aspen Zidovudine Tablets, Syrup Azactam Injection Aspirin Tablets Lennon Azamun Tablets Aspro MicrofineTablets Azapress Tablets Asthavent Inhaler, DP Inh Caps [1] [TUE] Azmacor Inhaler [2] [DoU] Asthavent Syrup [1] Azodine Tablets Atacand Tablets Azomid Tablets Atacand Plus Tablets Azoptic Eye Drops *Atenoblok Tablets [4] Azor Tablets Atenoblok-Co Tablets atenolol t Aterax Tablets, Drops, Syrup, Injection Ateren Tablets
  • 12. B
  • 13. B Babyderm Ointment Benylin Dry Cough Syrup Bactidron Tablets Benylin For Colds Tablets Bactigras Tulle Gras *Benylin Four Flu Liquid [3] Bactocef Capsules, Suspension Benylin Four Flu Tablets Bactrazine Cream *Benylin Original Cough Syrup [3] Bactrim Tablets, DS Tablets, Syrup, Infusion Benylin Solid Lozenges Bactroban Ointment, Cream *Benylin Syrup with Codeine [3] BAL Injection Benylin Wet Cough Liq, Children’s Wet Cough Ban Pain Syrup Liq Ban Pain Tablets *Benylin Wet Cough Menthol Syrup [3] Baraclude Tablets Benyphed Syrup, Paed Syrup Baratol Tablets Benzac-AC 5 Gel Bausch & Lomb Lens Lubricant Benzamycine Gel Bausch & Lomb Moisture Drops Benzatec Injection Bausch & Lomb Moisture Drops PM benzbromarone Baycol Tablets Benzathine Penicillin-Fresenius Injection Bayer Aspirin Cardio Tablets Benzet Lozenges Bayer Aspirin Tablets Benzopin Tablets Bayer Aspirin Plus C Effervescent Tablets Benzyl Benzoate Lotion B-Block Tablets [4] Benzyl Penicillin-Fresenius Injection B Braun Propofol 1% Injection benzphetamine B-Cal Chewable Tablets benzthiazide B-Cal-D Chewable Tablets, Swallow Tablets Be-Oxytet Capsules B-Cal-DM Chewable Tablets, Swallow Tablets Bepanthen Ointment B-Cal Kiddi Effervescent Calcium Tablets Beramin Syrup BCG Vaccine SSI Injection Berazole Tablets B-Dol Tablets Beriglobin P Injection Be-Ampicil Capsules, Suspension Berocca Calcium Effervescent Tablets Bebulin Tim 4 Injection Berodual Metered Dose Inhaler [1] Beceze Inhaler [2] [DoU] Beron Tablets Beclate Aquanase Nasal Spray Berotec Inhalant Solution, Unit Dose Vial [1] Beclate Cream Berotec Syrup, HFA Metered Dose Inh [1] Beclate Inhaler [2] [DoU] Besemax Tablets Becloforte Inhaler [2] [DoU] Besenol Tablets beclomethasone Besenol NC Tablets Becodiscs Inhaler [2] [DoU] Besobrial Tablets Becof Syrup Be-Tabs Antacid Suspension Beconase Aqueous Nasal Spray Be-Tabs Ascorbic Acid Tablets Becoplex IDO Injection Be-Tabs Aspirin Tablets Becotide Inhaler, Inhaler Rotacaps [2] [DoU] Be-Tabs Chewy C Tablets Bedoral Injection Be-Tabs Diclofenac Injection Beesix Tablets Be-Tabs Folic Acid Tablets Beespan Capsules Be-Tabs Isoniazid Tablets Be-Lax Suspension Be-Tabs Mebendazole Tabs, Susp Bellatard Capsules Be-Tabs Methyldopa Tablets Bellavern Tablets Be-Tabs Naproxen Tablets Bellergal Retard Tablets Be-Tabs Nicotinamide Tablets Bemetrazole Tablets Be-Tabs Nicotinic Acid Tablets Be-Natal Forte Tablets Be-Tabs Prednisone Tablets [2] Bencole Tablets, Suspension Be-Tabs Pyridoxine HCl Tablets Bendex-400 Tablets Be-Tabs Ranitidine Tablets bendrofluazide Betacef Capsules, Suspension bendroflumethiazide Betacin Capsules Benemid Tablets Betaclomin Gel Suspension *Bennetts Colic Mixture [3] Betaclopramide Tablets Benoxyl 5 Lotion Betadine Ointment, First Aid Cream Benylin Bronchospect Syrup [1] Betadine Oral Antiseptic Liquid *Benylin Chesty Linctus [1] Betadine Shampoo y Benylin Day and Night Tablets Betadine Surgical Scrub, Antiseptic Solution Benylin DMD Syrup Betadine Vaginal Gel, Pessaries, Douche
  • 14. B Betafed Syrup Bio-Cillin Injection Betaferon Injection Bio-Cimetidine Tablets Betaflex Tablets Biocine-Test-PPD Injection *Betagan Ophthalmic Solution [4] Biocort Cream Betagesic Tablets Biocream Cream Betalin Syrup Bioform Cream Betalix Syrup Bio-Glibenclamide Tablets betamethasone Bio-Heparin Injection Betamox Capsules, Suspension Biohist Lotion Betamycin Syrup Bio-Kanamycin Injection Betanoid N Ointment, Cream Biolone Injection Betanoid Tablets, Syrup, Injection [2] Biolon Prime Intraocular Injection *Beta-Ophtiole Eye Drops [4] Biolyse Paclitaxel Injection Betapam Tablets Bio-Metronidazole Tablets Betapect Suspension Bio-Nifedipine Capsules Betapen Tablets Bio-Pen Injection Betaperamide Tablets Biophyllin Liquid Betaphlem Syrup, Capsules Bioplasma Lyophilis Powder Betaprofen Tablets Bioplus Effervescent Tablets Betapyn Tablets Bioplus Syrup Betaretic Tablets Bioral Gel, Pellets Betaroxime Injection Bioscrub Liquid Betasleep Capsules Bio-Sil Colloidal Silver Liquid Betasoda Granules Bio-Sil Gel Betavit Softgel Capsules Bio-Strep Injection betaxolol Bio-Sulpiride Tablets Betek Tablets Biotaine Liquid Betitotal Syrup Biotet Capsules Betnelan Tablets [2] Biotin Tablets Betnesol Drops, Ointment Biotron Tablets Betnesol-N Drops, Ointment Bipectinol Suspension Betnovate C Cream, Ointment Biphasil Tablets Betnovate Lot, Cr, Oint, Half St Cr, Scalp App Bipreterax Tablets Sol Bisma-Rex Powder Betnovate N Cream, Ointment *Bisohexal Tablets [4] Betolvex Injection Bisolvomycin Capsules *Betoptic Ophthalmic Solution [4] Bisolvon Linctus DA [1] Be-Uric Capsules Bisolvon Tablets, Inhalant Solution Beurises Tablets *Bisoprolol Hexal Tablets [4] Bevispas Tablets bisoprolol Be-Vital Syrup, Forte Tablets Bivaraten Berna Injection Bextra Tablets Blenamax Powder for Injection Bezachole SR Tablets Blenoxane Injection Bezalip Tablets, Retard Tablets Bleolem Injection B-Healthy Capsules Bleph-10 Drops Bicillin LA Injection Blistex Lip Ointment Bicnu Injection *Blocadren Tablets [4] Bidomak Fe Tonic Elixir Bocasan Powder Bigsens Tablets bolandiol *Bilocor Tablets [4] bolasterone Bilron Capsules boldenone Biltricide Tablets boldione Binozyt Tablets Bonceur Tablets Bio-Amiodarone Tablets Bondronat Injection Bio-Amoksiklav Susp, Tabs Bonephos Tablets *Bio-Atenolol Tablets [4] Bone Zone Tablets Bio-Baclofen Tablets Bonjela Gel Bio Boost Capsules Bonvit SG Capsules U Bio-Captopril Tablets Botox Injection Biocharge AFR Tablets Brasivol Fine 1 Scrub Cleanser
  • 15. B Braun Glucose Infusion Solution Brazepam Tablets Breatheze Aerosol, Inhalant [1] [TUE] Bretylol Injection *Brevibloc Injection [4] Brevinaze Injection Brevinor Tablets Brevoxyl Cream Brexecam Tablets Bricanyl Turbohaler [1] [TUE] Brietal Sodium Injection Brinerdin Tablets Briscocough Syrup Briscopyn Tablets Brolene Drops Brolene Ointment bromantan Bromaze Tablets Bromelain Capsules Bronchette Syrup Bronchiflu Syrup Bronchistop Linctus Bronchoped Syrup [1] Bronchophen SR Tablets Bronchospray Inhaler [1] [TUE] Broncleer Children’s Cough Syrup Broncleer Syrup with Codeine Broncol Cough Linctus Bronkese Compound Linctus [1] Bronkese Tablets Brozam Tablets Brufen Tablets, Suspension, Retard Tablets Brugesic Tablets Brunacod Syrup Brunazine Syrup Brunomol Syrup BSP Diclofenac Sodium Injection BSP Nifedipine Capsules BSS Alcon Plus Solution BSS Alcon Solution Budeflam Aqueous Nasal Spray Budeflam Inhaler, DP Inhaler Caps [2] [DoU] budesonide bumetanide bunolol buprenorphine Burinex Tablets Burinex-K Tablets Burn-A-Sept Gel Burnocaine Aerosol burra gokhru burra gookeroo Buscopan Co Tablets, Injection Buscopan Tablets, Syrup, Injection Buspar Tablets buthiazide Busulfex Injection *Butobloc Tablets [4] I *B-Vasc Tablets [4]
  • 16. C
  • 17. C CaC-1000 Effervescent Tablets Captoretic Tablets Caduet Tablets Carbilev Tablets Caelyx Injection Carbocaine 2%, 3% Dental Injection Cafergot PB Suppositories Carbosin Solution for Injection Cafergot PB Tablets Carbospect Syrup Caladryl Cream, Lotion Carbo-Syrup Calamine Lotion Cardiace Tablets Calasthetic Cream *Cardiblok Tablets [4] Calbloc Tablets *Cardicor Tablets [4] Calc Fluor Tissue Salt Tablets Cardi Defence Capsules Calcicard SR Tablets Cardifen Capsules Calcichew/Calcidrink Cardiject Solution for Injection Calciferol Oily Solution Lennon Cardilat Capsules Calci-Mag Tablets *Cardimax Tablets [4] Calciparine Injection *Cardispare Tablets [4] Calcitone Tablets Cardugen Tablets Calcium Citrate D Eff Granules Cardura Tablets, XL Tablets Calcium HP Tablets *Carloc Tablets [4] Calcium Lacto Forte Effervescent Sachets Carminex Suspension Calcium & Magnesium Tablets Carpaz Tablets Calcium-Sandoz Injection *Carvedilol-Hexal Tablets [4] Calc Phos Tissue Salt Tablets *Carvetrend Tablets [4] Calc Sulph Tissue Salt Tablets Casicot Suspension, Tablets Cal-C-Vita Effervescent Tablets carphedon Calmpose Injection carteolol Calmurid HC Cream carvedilol Calpol Syrup Casodex Tablets Calsuba Calcium Powder, Tablets Cataflam Tablets, D Dispers Tablets Calsuba Junior Powder cathine Caltrate Chew Tablets Catapres Tablets Caltrate D Tablets CatexanTablets Caltrate Plus Tablets, Chewable Tablets Cathejell with Lidocaine Gel calusterone Catovit Syrup, Tablets Camcolit Tablets Caverject Injection Campto Solution for Infusion Ceanel Lotion Canalba Cream Cebion-Calcium N Effervescent Tablets Canalba Vaginal Cream CEC Tablets, Suspension Cancidas Infusion Ceclor Capsules, Susp, Forte Susp, Candacide Suspension CD Tabs Candaspor Cream Cedax Capsules, Suspension Candaspor Vaginal Cream CeeNU Capsules Candizole Topical Cream Cefacidal Injection Candizole V Vaginal Cream Cefadrox Capsules, Suspension Canesten Solution, Cream Cefasyn Tablets Canesten Troche Lozenges Cefazolin Sodium-Fresenius Injection Canesten Vaginal Cream, Tabs, Canesten Cefril Capsules, Suspension, Cefril-A Vaginal Cream, Tabs Injection Canex Cream Cefrom Injection Canex Vaginal Cream Cefu-Hexal Tablets cannabinoids Celebrex Capsules canrenone Celestamine Syrup, Tablets [2] Canstat Cream Celestoderm-V Lotion, Cream, Canstat Suspension Ointment HS Canstat Vaginal Tablets Cream Capace Tablets Celestoderm-V with Garamycin Cream Capoten Tablets Celestone IA/IL Injection [2] [DoU] Capozide Tablets Celestone Soluspan IA/IB/ID Injection [2] Capsoid Tablets [2] [DoU] O CaptoHexal Tablets Celestone Soluspan IM Injection [2] Captomax Tablets Celestone Tablets, IM/IV Injection [2]
  • 18. C celiprolol Cibace Tablets Cellcept Capsules, Oral Susp, IV Inf Cibadrex Tablets Cellufresh Drops Cicatrin Powder, Cream Celluvisc Solution CicloHexal Capsules, Oral Solution Centrum Tablets Cidomycin Injection Centrum Select 50+ Tablets Cifloc Tablets Cepacaine Solution, Lozenges Cifran Tablet Cepacol Cough Discs Cilate Tablets Cepacol Cough Linctus Cilest Tablets Cepacol Lozenges, Mouthwash Cilift Tablets Cepodem Tablets, Suspension Cilodex Drops Cereen Tablets Cilofloc Tablets Cerexin Capsules Ciloxan Drops Cerezyme Injection Cimlok Tablets Ceroxim Tablets Cinadine Tablets, Syrup Certican Tablets Cinobactin Capsules Cerubidin Injection Cinopal 300 Tablets Cerumenex Drops Cipadur Dispers Tablets Cerumol Drops Cipalat Retard Tablets Cetamine Syrup Cipex Suspension, Tablets Cetamine Tablets Cipla-Actin Tablets Cetaphil Cleansing Bar Cipla-Ciprofloxacin Tablets Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion Cipla-Cyproterone Acetate Tablets Cetavlon Concentrate Solution Cipla-Duovir Tablets Cetidine Liquid Cipla-Efavirenz Tablets Cetirizine-Hexal Tablets, Oral Solution Cipla-Fluconazole Capsules Cetoxol Lozenges Cipla-Indapamide Tablets Cetrispect Expectorant Syrup Cipla-Lamivudine Tablets, Soluion CG (chorionic gonadotrophin) Cipla-Loperamide Tablets Chela-Cal Plus Chew Tablets Cipla-Loratadine Tablets Chela-Fer Tablets Cipla-Losartan Tablets Chela-Preg Tablets Ciplanaze Aqueous Nasal Spray Chirocane Injection Cipla-Nevirapine Tablets, Suspension Chiron IL-2 Injection Cipla-Perindopril Tablets Chloramex Ophthalmic Ointment Cipla-Pioglitazone Tablets Chlorcol Capsules, Suspension Cipla-Simvastatin Tablets Chlorcol Ointment Ciplatec Tablets Chlorhist Capsules, Syrup Ciplavasc Tablets Chlornicol Ointment Cipla-Warfarin Tablets 4-chloro-17ß-hydroxy-17a-methylandrosta- Cipla-Zidovudine Capsules, Tablets, Syrup 1,4-dien-3-one Ciploxx Tablets Chloromycetin Capsules, Suspension, Cipofix Injection Injection Cipralex Tablets Chloromycetin Ointment, Aplicaps, Cipramil Tablets Redidrops Ciprobay HC Drops Chloropect Suspension Ciprobay Tablets, XR Tabs, Susp, Inf Chloroptic Ointment, Drops Ciprogen Tablets chlorothiazide Cipro-Hexal Tablets Chlorphen Capsules, Injection Ciprol Tablets Chlorphen O Ointment Cisplatin-Faulding Injection chlortalidone CitaloHexal Tablets chlorthalidone Citalopram-Winthrop Tablets Chlor-Trimeton Tablets, Repetabs, Syrup Citrocit Granules Chocaton Chew Tablets Citro-Soda Granules, Eff Tablets Chocaton Syrup Clacee Tablets Choledyl Tablets, Syrup Claforan Injection chorionic gonadotrophin (CG) Clamentin Tablets, Susp, Forte Susp, Inj choriogonadotrophin alpha Clarinese Tablets, Syrup P Chronophyllin SR Capsules ClariHexal Tablets, Suspension Cialis Tablets Clarityne Tablets, Syrup, Eff Tablets, Reditabs
  • 19. C Clarityne-D Tablets, -OD Extend Tablets Codef Syrup Claro 35 Tablets Co-Diovan Capsules Clavumox Tablets, Suspension, Forte Susp Codis Tablets Clatax Injection Codomill Syrup Clean & Clear® Cleansing Lotion Codoxol Tablets Clean & Clear® Deep Cleansing Cream Wash Co-Enzyme Q10 Capsules Clean & Clear® Deep Cleansing Wipes Co-Enzyme Q10 Complex Capsules Clean & Clear® Exfoliating Daily Wash Cofendyl Syrup Clean & Clear® Foaming Facial Wash Coff-Rest Syrup Clearasil Benzoyl P Acne and Pimple Treatment Coff-Up Syrup Clearasil Complete Face Washes Co-Flem Syrup Clearasil Daily Face Wash Co-Gel Suspension Clearasil Dual-Action Pads Co-Gesic Tablets Clearasil Lotion Colcaps C Effervescent Tablets Clearasil Pimple and Acne Cream Colcaps Capsules Clear Cough Syrup Colcaps NS Capsules clenbuterol Colcaps Syrup Clenil Aqueous Nasal Spray Colchicine Houde Tablets Clenil Inhalers [2] [DoU] Colcleer Syrup Clexane Injection Colcleer Tablets Climara Patches, Forte Patches Coldvac Berna Tablets Climen Tablets Coldvico Capsules Clindac Injection Coldvico Syrup ClindaHexal Capsules Colifoam Aerosol [2] Clindamycin-Fresenius Injection Collodene Suspension Clinoril Tablets Colofac Tablets clobenzorex Colloidal Silver Solution clobetasol Colopect Suspension clobetasone Colo-Prep Powder Clobex Shampoo Colphen Syrup Clocillin Capsules Colpro Tablets Clomaderm Cream Colstat Capsules Cloment Tablets CombActHiB Injection Clomid Tablets Combantrin Tablets, Suspension Clomidep Tablets Combi 15 Capsules ClomiHexal Tablets Combiforte Capsules Clomin Syrup *Combigan Eye Drops [4] clomiphene Combivent Inhaler [1] [TUE] clopamide Combivent Vials [1] [TUE] Clopamon Injection Combivir Tablets Clopamon Tablets, Syrup Combivite Tablets, Syrup, Eff Tablets Clopixol Tablets, Depot Injection, Acuphase Comfeel Transparent Dressing Inj Co-Micardis Tablets Cloracef Capsules Complenatal FF Capsules Clorix Tablets Compral Children’s Size Aspirin Tablets Closcript Topical Cream Compral Tablets, Headache Powder Closcript Vaginal Cream Compu Fluoride Mouthwash clostebol Compu-Gel Suspension Cloxacillin-Fresenius Injection Compu Naproxen Tablets Cloxam Capsules Comtan Tablets Cloxin Capsules Concerta ER Tablets Clozapine-Hexal Tablets *Concor Tablets [4] Clusivol Syrup Contac 12H Capsules C-Mox Capsules, Suspension Contra-Coff Syrup Coaprovel Tablets Controloc Tablets Coartem Tablets Convulex Capsules, Syrup Cobalatec Injection Cool Mint Listerine Solution cocaine Copaxone Sol for Injection A Co-Cillin Capsules, Syrup Copegus Tablets Cocydal Tablets Copen Granules
  • 20. C Coralgesic Tablets Cromabak Eye Drops Corbar Linctus Cromal-5 Inhaler Corbar M Syrup Cromogen Inhaler Corbar S Linctus CromoHexal Nasal Spray, Eye Drops Cordarone X Tablets, Injection cropropamide Co-Renitec Tablets crotetamide Corenza-C Effervescent Tablets Crystacit Solution Corenza Para-C Effervescent Tablets C Tone Fizzy Tablets *Corgard Tablets [4] Culturelle Capsules, Chewtabs Corgaretic Tablets Culturelle Paed Sachets Corsodyl Original/Mint Mouthwash Cuprocept CCL corticotrophins Curam Tablets cortisone acetate Curoax Tablets Cortoderm Ointment, Cream Curon-B Injection Cortogen Tablets [2] Curosurf Intracath Suspension Coryx Effervescent Tablets Cutaderm Lotion, Cream, Oint Coryx Paediatric Syrup Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment Cosaldon Retard Tablets Cuticura Face Wash Cosmegen Injection Cuticura Medicated Soap *Cosopt Solution [4] Cutivate Cream, Ointment Co-Tareg Tablets cyclazodone Cotet Capsules Cybutol Inhaler Cyclocaps [1] [TUE] Cotrivan Tablets Cyclidox Capsules, EC Capsules Coughcod Junior Syrup, SeniorSyrup Cyclimorph Injection Coumadin Tablets Cyclimycin Capsules Counterpain Cream Cyclivex Tablets Covamet Tablets, Syrup Cycloblastin Injection, Tablets Covancaine Drops cyclofenil Covarex Cream Cyclogest Pessaries Coversyl Tablets Cyclogyl 1% Solution Coversyl Plus Tablets Cyclomydril Solution Covite Liquid Cycloson Inhaler Cyclocaps [2] [DoU] Covochol Solution cyclopenthiazide Covocort Tablets [2] Cyklokapron Tablets, Injection Covomycin Drops Cymbalta Capsules Covomycin-D Drops Cymevene Injection, Capsules Covosan Drops Cymi Tablets Covospor Cream Cyprene-35 ED Tablets Covospor Vaginal Cream Cyproplex Tablets Covostet Drops Cysticide Tablets Covosulf Drops Cytarabine-Faulding Injection Covotop Drops Cytosar Injection Coxflam Tablets Cytotec Tablets Cozaar Comp Tablets Cozaar Tablets Cozole Tablets, Suspension CPL Alliance Alprazolam Tablets CPL Alliance Amlodipine Tablets CPL Alliance Carbamazepine Tablets CPL Alliance Ceftriaxone Injection CPL Alliance Cephalexin Capsules, Suspension CPL Alliance Ciprofloxacin Tablets CPL Alliance Piroxicam Capsules CPL Alliance Ranitidine Tablets, Injection Cralsanic Tablets Cream E45 Cream, Lotion Creon Capsules Crestor Tablets S Crinone 8% Vaginal Gel Crixivan Capsules
  • 21. D
  • 22. D Dacef Capsules, Suspension Demazin NS Repetabs dagga Demazin Syrup Daktacort Cream Demetrin Tablets Daktarin Cream, Tincture Demulen Tablets Daktarin Infusion Denol Swallow Tablets, Liquid Daktarin Oral Gel Denorex Shampoo Dalacin VC Vaginal Cream Dentopain Capsules Dalacin-C Capsules, Granules, Inj Dentopain Forte Capsules Dalacin-T Solution, Lotion Deopens Tablets Dalcept Cu 260 Standard Depain Plus Tablets Dalmadorm Capsules Deparoc Tablets Danogen Capsules Depex Capsules danazol Depnil Tablets Dantrium Capsules Depo-Medrol IA/IL Injection [2] [DoU] Dantrium Infusion Depo-Medrol Injection (as retention enema) Dantron Tablets [2] Daonil Tablets, Semi-Daonil Tablets Depo-Medrol with Lidocaine IA/IB Inj [2] Dapamax Tablets [DoU] Daptril Tablets Depo-Provera Injection Daralix Syrup Depo-Testosterone Injection Daramal Prophylaxis Tablets/Syrup Depotrone Injection Daramal Treatment Tablets/Syrup Depramil Tablets Daramal-Paludrine Tablets Deprozan Capsules Daraprim Tablets Dequa-Coff Syrup Darocillin Granules Dequadin Mouth Paint Daromide Ointment Dequadin Throat Lozenges Darosed Syrup Dequa-Flu Capsules Darrow-Liq Liquid Dequamed Throat Lozenges Darrowped Solution Dermadine Ointment Daunoblastin Injection Dermadine Oral Antiseptic Liquid Dayli-Vit (Paediatric) Drops Dermagraft Tissue Dazit Tablets Dermatix Gel DDAVP Injection Dermax Tablets DDAVP Intranasal Solution & Spray, Inj Dermazole Cream Deblaston Capsules Dermovate Cr, Oint, Scalp Applic Sol Debrisan Beatlets Dust Powder Deselex Tablets, Syrup Decadron IV/IM Inj, Tabs, Shock Pac IV Inj [2] Deseril Tablets Deca-Durabolin Injection Desferal Injection Decafen Injection desonide Decapeptyl SR Injection desoxymethyltestosterone Decasone IA/IL Injection [2] [DoU] Detrunorm Tablets Decasone IV/IM Injection [2] Detrusitol Tablets, SR Tablets Decon Capsules Dettol Antiseptic Cream Deep Freeze Gel Dettol Antiseptic Liquid Deep Heat Rub Dettol Hygiene Liquid Hand Wash Deep Heat Spray dexamethasone Deep Relief Gel dexamphetamine Deflam Tablets dexfenfluramine Degoran C Capsules Dexagel Eye Gel Degoran Cold & Flu Hot Drink Dextin Tablets Degoran Cough Syrup dextran Degoran Fizzy Effervescent Tablets dextromoramide Degoran Plus Tablets Dextrose-Fresenius Injection Degoran-T Tablets, L-Liquid DF 118 Tablets, Injection degraded gelatin polypeptides (plasma expander) D-Germ Liquid Degranol Tablets DHEA dehydrochloromethyltestosterone DHEA Capsules dehydroepiandrosterone Diabinese Tablets dihydrotestosterone Diabion Capsules Delfen II Vaginal Jelly Diabitex Tablets Deltacillin Tablets, Syrup Diacare Tablets Demazin Anti-Allergy Tablets, Syrup Diaglim Tablets Demazin Anti-Tussive Syrup Diaglucide Tablets D Demazin Chronosules Diamicron Tablets, MR Tablets Demazin Expectorant Syrup Diamox Tablets
  • 23. D diamorphine Diva-35 Tablets Diane-35 Tablets Divina Tablets Diaquel Tablets Dixarit Tablets Diastat 250 Liquid Dobutamine-Fresenius Infusion Diatil Tablets Dobutrex Solution for Injection Diatussin Syrup Docdol Tablets Dichlotride Tablets Docgel Suspension Dicloflam Dispers Tablets Docrub Ointment DicloHexal Gel Docsed Syrup DicloHexal Tablets, Suppositories Doctrim Tablets, Suspension DicloHexal-K Tablets Dolerax Tablets Dicyclomine Co Gel Dolinac Gel Didronel Tablets Dolobid Tablets Dietene Capsules Dolorol Forte Tablets diethylpropion Dolorol Tablets, Syrup Difenac Tablets, Injection Dolotram Injection Differin Gel, Cream Doloxene Capsules Diflucan Capsules, Infusion Doloxene Co-65 Capsules Difluzole Capsules Domadol Capsules diflucortolone Donnatal Elixir Difpertetall Injection Dopamine HCl-Fresenius Injection Diftavax Injection Dopram-Fresenius Injection Digestif Rennie Tablets Dorme Tablets Dihydergot Injection Dormicum Tablets, Injection dihydrotestosterone Dormonoct Tablets 4,17ß-dihydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one Doryx 100 Capsules Dilanid Tablets, Subling Tablets Dostil Syrup Dilatam Tablets Dostinex Tablets *Dilatrend Tablets [4] Doval Tablets Dilinct Cough and Cold Liqui-Caps Dovate Cream, Ointment Dilinct Junior Syrup Dovobet Ointment Dilinct Syrup Dovonex Ointment, Cream Dilucort Cream, Ointment Doximal Tablets Dimelor Tablets Doxitab Tablets Dimetapp Extentabs Doxorubicin HCl-Faulding Injection Dimetapp Paed Elixir Doxorubicin PCH Injection dimethylamphetamine Doxsyn Tablets 2a, 17a-dimethyl-a•-androstane-3-one- Doxycyl Capsules 17ß-ol Doxyfene Capsules Dimiprol Tablets DoxyHexal Capsules Dinospray Doxymycin Capsules Diotroxin Tablets Doxypol Capsules Diovan Tablets DPH Syrup Dipentum Capsules DPN Injection Dipeptiven Conc Sol for Infusion Drilix Syrup Diphenamill Syrup Drimpam Tablets Diplovax HDC 4 Injection Drinasal S Syrup Diprivan % Injection, Infusion Dristan Cold ND Tablets Diprogenta Cream, Ointment Dristan Decongestant Nasal Mist Diprolene Cream, Oint, Scalp Lotion Dristan Long Lasting Vapour Nasal Spray Diprosalic Ointment, Lotion Dristan Tablets Diprosone Cream, Oint, Lotion Drixine Spray, Paed Spray Pump, Paed Drops Diprosone IA/IB/IL Injection [2] [DoU] Drixora Repetabs, Syrup Diprosone IM Injection [2] DRL-Omeprazole Capsules Dipsan Tablets dronabinol Dipyrol Tablets drostanolone Disipal Tablets DS-24, DS-24 Vegi Soft Gel Capsules Disodium Phosphate Solution DTIC-Dome Injection Disprin CV 100 Tabs, 300 Dispers Tabs DTP-Merieux Injection Disprin Junior Liquid Paracetamol Syrup D-Tussin Syrup Disprin Tablets, Extra Strength Tablets DT Vax Injection Distalgesic Tablets Dukoral Oral Suspension Ditropan Tablets Dulcolax Tablets, Supps, Paediatric Supps E Diurexan Tablets Dumoxin Tablets, Capsules Diutec Tablets Duoderm Cream
  • 24. D Duofilm Liquid Duolin Respules [1] [TUE] Duomet Tablets *Duotrav Eye Drop Solution [4] Duovent HFA Metered Dose Inhaler [1] Duovisc Duphalac Syrup, Dry Crystalline Powder Duphaston Tablets Duracef Capsules, Suspension Duratears Ointment Dur-Elixir Liquid Durobac Tablets, DS Tablets Durogesic Transdermal Therapeutic System Duromine Capsules dutasteride Duro-Tuss Linctus D-Worm Chew Tablets Dyazide Tablets Dyka-D Capsules Dykatuss Co Syrup Dyna-Ampcil Capsules, Suspension Dyna-Bezafibrate Tablets Dynacirc SRO Capsules, Tablets Dynadol Syrup Dynafloc Tablets Dynagastrin Suspension Dynajets Tablets Dynak Tablets Dyna-Lamotrigine Tablets Dynalert Tablets Dynametron Tablets Dynapayne Syrup Dynapayne Tablets Dyna Pentoxifylline SR Tablets Dynaspor Cream Dynaspor Vaginal Cream Dynazole Tablets, Suspension Dynofen Tablets Dynos Infusion Dynoxytet Capsules Dyrosol Suspension Dysport Injection F
  • 25. E
  • 26. E Ebixa Tablets Endcol Compound Linctus Ecotrin EC Tablets Endcol DM Adult Linctus Ectiva Capsules Endcol C Effervescent Tablets Edronax Tablets Endcol Expect Syrup Eetless Capsules, Drops Endcol Lozenges Efamol G Capsules Endep Tablets Efamol Marine Capsules Endobulin Injection Efcod Linctus Endoxan Injection, Tablets Efcospect Linctus Energize F Chew Tablets Efemoline Drops Energy Boost Tablets Efexor Tablets, XR Capsules Ener-V Complete Capsules Effee Capsules Engerix-B Injection Effercal Effervescent Granules ENO Active Fruit Salt Efferflu-C Effervescent Tablets ENT Drops, Spray Effersol Granules Entalgic Syrup Effortil Ampoules, Perlongets, Tablets Enterolyte Suspension Efudix Ointment Entocord Enema, Capsules [2] E-Gen-C Tablets Enza-Dophilus Capsules Eglonyl Capsules, Forte Tablets, Elixir, Inj Enzynorm Tablets EH Retard SC Injection Epanutin Capsules, Inj, Susp, Infatabs Elantan Tablets ephedra Eldepryl Tablets ephedra sinica Eldisine Injection ephedrine Eldox Tablets Ephynal Tablets Electrona Powder epi-dihydrotestosterone Electropak Powder Epifrin Ophthalmic Solution Elevat Capsules Epilim Tablets, Liquid, CR Tablets, Injection Elica Cream, Ointment, Lotion epimedium Elidel Cream epinephrine Elimni Rad Tablets Epipen Auto-Injector, JR Auto-Injector Elmetacin Spray Solution Epitec Tablets Elocon Cream, Ointment, Lotion epitestosterone Elomet Cream, Ointment, Lotion Epleptin Capsules Elosalic Ointment EPO Eloxatin Infusion Epogam Capsules, Snip-Off Caps Eltroxin Tablets Eposin Injection Elozart Cream Eppy Solution Emadine Eye Drops Eprex Injection Emdalen Tablets Equagesic Tablets Emend Capsules Equanil Tablets Emetrol Solution Equinorm Tablets Emex Syrup Equi-Sleep Drops Emitex Tablets, Syrup Erbitux Infusion Emko Aerosol Foam Ergamisol Tablets Emla Cream, Patches Ergometrine Maleate-Fresenius Injection Empacod Tablets Ergotrate Maleate Tablets Empaped Suppositories Eromel Capsules, Tablets, Susp Emprazil-A Tablets Erycette Impregn Swabs Emthexate Injection Eryderm Topical Solution EMU-V Tablets Erymax Capsules Emvit Capsules Erymycin AF Capsules, Susp Emvit-M Capsules Erystat Suspension Emysn Suspension Erythrocin Filmtabs Emzaclear Acne Lotion Erythrocin Injection Enablex Tablets Erythromid Tablets EnapP Tablets Erythroped Tablets, Susp, Forte Susp Enap-Co Tablets erythropoietin Enbrel Injection Escapelle Tablets G Encephabol Tablets, Syrup Eskamel Acne and Pimple Ointment Endcol Cold and Flu Capsules Eskornade Spansule Capsules, Syrup
  • 27. E Esmeron Injection Extraneal Periton Dialysis Solution esmolol Eye-Gene Antihistamine Eye Drops Espiride Capsules Eye-Gene Drops Essaven Capsules Eye Q Capsules Essaven Gel Eye Q Liquid Essentiale Capsules, Injection Eye Q Smooth Estalis Transdermal Patch Ezetrol Tablets Estinyl Tablets Estomycin Capsules, Suspension Estracombi Transdermal Therapeutic System Estracyt Capsules Estraderm Transdermal Therapeutic System Estradot Transdermal Patch estr-4-ene-3,17-dione Estring Vaginal Ring Estrofem Tablets, Forte Tablets Estro-Pause N Tablets Estro-Pause Tablets etacrynic acid etafedrine etamivan ethacrynic acid Ethatyl Tablets Ethimycin Capsules Ethipramine Tablets Ethrane Liquid ethylestrenol 17a-ethynyl-17ß-hydroxyandrost-4-eno [2,3-d]isoxazole Ethyol Injection etilamphetamine etilefrine Etomine Tablets, Injection Etopophos Injection Etrafon Tablets Euglucon Tablets Euhypnos Capsules Eulactol Lotion, Cream, Heel Balm Eulexin Tablets Eumovate Cream, Ointment Euphyllin Retard Tablets Eurax Cream Evista Tablets Evorel Conti TDS Patch, Sesqui TDS Patch Evorel Patch Evra Patch Exarex Lotion Excillin Capsules, Suspension Exelon Capsules exemestane Exitane Solution Exjade Dispers Tablets Exocin Drops Exosurf Intracath Suspension Expectalin Liquid Expectalin with Codeine Liquid Expectco Linctus Paediatric Expectotussin C Syrup H Expelinct Syrup Expigen Syrup
  • 28. F
  • 29. F Fabahistin Tablets, TR Tablets, Susp Fertomid Tablets Fabasma Capsules Fevamol SU Suppositories Fabubac Tablets Fevamol Syrup, Tablets Factive Tablets Fevapar Syrup Famcod Tablets Fevapar Tablets Famethacin Capsules Fexaway 120 Tablets, 180 Tablets Family Cover Tablets Fexin Tablets, Suspension Family-Vite Capsules Fexo 120 Tablets, 180 Tablets famprofazone Fexofast 120 Tablets, 180 Tablets Famstim Liquid Fibro-Vein Injection Famtuss Syrup Fibroxyn Tablets Famucaps Capsules & Syrup Filibon Capsules Famvir Tablets Filybol Forte Injection (vet) Fansidar Tablets finasteride Fareston Tablets Fincar 5 Tablets Farlutal Tablets Finderm Tablets Farmacetamol Syrup Finpecia Tablets Farmorubicin Injection Finpro Tablets Fasigyn Tablets Fixime Tablets, Suspension Faslodex Injection Fizzies B Complex with Vitamin C Eff Tabs Fastum Gel Fizzies Calcium & Magnesium Eff Tabs Fastway 120 Tablets, 180 Tablets Fizzies Multivitamin Eff Tablets Faverin Tablets Flagyl Tablets, Suspension, Supps, Inf Fefol Capsules Flamaret Capsules, Suppositories Fefolvit Capsules Flamazine Cream Feiba Tim 4 Immuno Injection Flamecid Capsules Feldene Dispers Tablets, Capsules Flemex Syrup, Capsules Felodipine-Hexal Tablets Flemeze Syrup [1] Femara Tablets Flemgo Syrup Femigel Gel Flemlite Syrup Femodene Tablets Flexagen Tablets, Suppositories Femolin PMS Capsules Flexocam Tablets Femoston Tablets Flixonase Aqua Nasal Spray, Nasules Femulen Tablets Flixotide Inhaler, Accuhaler [2] [DoU] Fenamin Suspension, Tablets, Capsules Flohale DP Caps [2] [DoU] fenbutrazate Flomax SR Capsules fencamfamin Flomist Aqua Nasal Spray fencamine Floraquin Vaginal Tablets Fendin Tablets Florinef Tablets [2] fenetylline Floxapen Capsules, Syrup fenfluramine Floxin Tablets Fenicol Capsules Fluanxol Depot Injection Fenisun Emulgel Fluanxol Tablets Fenivir Cold Sore Cream Flucillin Capsules Fenopron Capsules, Tablets Flucol Tablets fenoterol Flucon Eye/Ear Suspension Fenox Drops, Spray Flucoric Capsul fenproporex Fludactil Co Linctus fentanyl Fludactil Expectorant Fentanyl-Fresenius Injection Fludactil Syrup Fenured Capsules Fludara Injection *Ferlixir Syrup [3] Fludecate Multidose Injection Fermentimycin Injection, Infusion fludrocortisone Ferofolic Tablets flumethasone Ferograd Tablets Fluend Capsules Ferrimed Syrup, DS Chew Tablets Flumox Capsules Ferro Drops L Liquid flunisolide Ferrous Forte Chelated Iron Syrup fluocinolone I Ferrous Forte Chelated Iron Tablets Fluoderm Ointment, Cream Ferrum Phos Tissue Salt Tablets Fluorescite Injection
  • 30. F Fluorets Dry Strips Freezone Corn Remover fluocortolone Fresh Burst Listerine Solution fluorometholone Freshen Bisacodyl Laxative Tablets Fluoro-Uracil Injection Freshen Sodium Sulphate Laxative Powder Fluorouracil-Faulding Injection Fridge Anti-allergy Painkilling Burn Lotion Fluothane Liquid Froben Tablets, SR Capsules, Supps fluoxymesterone Frusemide Fluphenazine Decanoate-Fresenius Inj FSH Fluroblastin Injection Fucidin Ointment, Cream Flusin Capsules Fucidin Tablets, Suspension, Infusion Flusin C Syrup Fucidin-H Ointment Flusin DM Syrup Fucithalmic Drops Flusin S Effervescent Tablets Fulcin Tablets Flusin Sinus Tablets fulvestrant Flusin Lozenges Fungispor T Cream Flusin Tablets Fungispor V Vaginal Cream Flustat Capsules Fungizone Infusion, Lozenges Flustat Syrup Furacin Ointment, Cream FlutaHexal Tablets Furadantin Suspension Flutaplex Tablets Furasept Cream Flutex Cold and Flu Capsules with Vit C furazabol Flutex Co Linctus Furex Ointment Flutex Decon-S Syrup furfenorex Flutex Effervescent Tablets furosemide Flutex Junior Cold and Flu Syrup Furosemide-Fresenius Injection fluticasone Flutinol Capsules Fluvoxamine-Hexal Tablets Fluvurin Injection Fluzol Capsules, Infusion FML Suspension, FML-Forte Susp FML-Neo Suspension Folcofen Syrup Folic Acid Forte Capsules Foliglobin Tablets Fongitar Liquid Foradil Inhalation Capsules [1] [TUE] Forane Liquid Foratec DP-Caps, HFA Met Dos Inh [1] [TUE] Forcid Solutab formebolone formestane Forminal Tablets formoterol Forpyn Tablets Forteo Injection Fortfen SR Capsules, Injection Forto-Vase Capsules Fortum Injection, Infusion Fortzaar Tablets Fosagen Tablets Fosamax Tablets Fosavance Tablets Foxilan Injection Fragmin Injection Fraxiparine Injection Fraxone Injection J Freedox Injection Free-Radical Defense Capsules
  • 31. G
  • 32. G Galantase Powder Glyben Tablets Gambex Shampoo Glycomin Tablets Gammatet Capsules Glyco Thymol Gargle Garacoll Implant Glycron Tablets Garamycin Cream Glygard Tablets Garamycin Eye Drops Goldgesic Syrup Garamycin Inj, Intrathec Inj, Paed Inj Goldgesic Tablets Garasone Solution Goldgestant Elixir Gardasil Injection Go-Lytely Powder Gardenal Sodium Injection gonadorelin Garec-Ranitidine Tablets Gonal-F Injection Garoin Tablets Gonapeptyl Injection Gastrobon 800 Chew Tablets Go-Pain Syrup Gastrolyte Powder Go-Pain P Syrup Gastron Tablets, Syrup Go-Pain Tablets Gastropect Suspension Gopten Capsules Gaviscon Tablets, Liquid, Infant Sachets Grand-Pa Headache Powders, Tablets Gaviscon Aniseed Liquid Granocyte Injection Gaviscon Peppermint Liquid, Advance Susp Granuflex Dressings Gelacid Suspension Granugel Hydrocolloid Gel Gelacid Tablets Grippon Capsules Gelifundol Infusion Solution Grippon Cold & Flu Syrup Gelofusine Infusion growth hormone Gelumen Suspension Guronsan-C Effervescent Tablets Gelusil Liquid Guronsan Liver Protector Capsules Gelusil Tablets Gynezol Vaginal Cream Gelusil-S Tablets Gyno-Daktarin Vaginal Cream, Vag Capsules, Gemini Eye Drops Combipak Gemzar Injection Gyno-Pevaryl Vaginal Cream, Ovules, Depot- Genasma Capsules Ovule Gencin Injection Gynospor Vaginal Cream Genhydramine Solution Gyno-Trimaze Vaginal Cream Genoptic Solution Gyno-Trosyd Vaginal Tablets, Vaginal Cream Genotropin Injection Gen-Payne Capsules Gentamycin Sulphate-Fresenius Injection Geodon Injection, Capsules Geratar Tablets Gerber Saline Solution Spray Geref Injection Germolene Antiseptic Liquid Germolene Medicated Footspray Germolene Ointment gestrinone Gevral Capsules Ginette Tablets GI-Tak 75 Tablets Glamaryl Tablets *Glaucosan Drops [4] Gleevec Capsules Gliadel Wafer Glimehexal Tablets Globuman Berna Hepatitis A Injection Globuman Berna Injection Glucagen Injection Glucal Tablets Glucobay Tablets Glucomed Tablets K Glucophage Tabs, Forte Tabs, XR Tabs Glucovance Tablets
  • 33. H
  • 34. H Haemaccel IV Infusion Histalix-C Effervescant Tablets Haemosolvate Factor VIII Powder Histamed Compound Capsules Haemosolvex Factor IX Powder Histamed Cream, Lotion Haes-Steril Infusion Histamed Elixir Halcion Tablets Histodor Cream Halfan Tablets, Suspension Histodor Expectorant Elixir Halotestin Tablets Histodor Tablets Harmonet Tablets Hivid Tablets hashish hMG (human menopausal gonadotrophin) Havrix Injection HMS Suspension Hay-Crom Eye Drops Holoxan Injection H-B-Vax II Injection 18a-homo-pregna-4,9,11-trien-17ß-ol-3-one hCG horny goat weed Healon Injection, GV Injection Hostacycline Capsules Hebagam IM Injection HR-Enalapril Maleate Tablets Heberbiovac HB Injection HRF Injection [5] Helioblock Sun Screen Products Humalog Injection Hemapep Tablets human chorionic gonadotrophin Heminevrin Capsules, Infusion human growth hormone Hemopure Infusion human luteinising hormone Hepabionta Injection human menopausal gonadotrophin (hMG) Hepaccine-B Vaccine Injection human serum albumin (plasma expander) Heparin Novo Injection Humatrope Injection Heparin Sodium-Fresenius Injection Humegon Injection [5] Hepavite Capsules Humira Injection heptaminol Humulin 20/80, 30/70, 40/60 Injection herbal ephedrine Humulin L, N, R, U Injection Herceptin Injection Hyalase Injection heroin Hycamtim Injection Herplex-D Solution Hydrea Capsules *Hexa-Blok Tablets [4] Hydrex Tablets Hexacillin Capsules, Suspension hydrochlorothiazide Hexal-Lisinopril Tablets hydrocortisone Hexal-Lisinopril Co Tablets hydroflumethiazide Hexal-MPA Tablets hydromorphone Hexal-Paroxetine Tablets Hydrol Powder Hexamet 400 Tablets Hydro-Less Tablets Hexaretic Tablets 3a-hydroxy-5a-androstan-17-one Hexarone Tablets 3ß-hydroxy-5a-androstan-17-one Hexazide Tablets 17ß-hydroxy-5a-androstan-3-one Hexidin 5% Antiseptic Solution 17ß-hydroxy-5a-androsto[3,2-c] pyrazole Hexidin Obstetric Cream 17ß-hydroxy-5a-androst-1-en-3-one hexoprenaline hydroxyethyl starch hGH 17ß-hydroxy-17a-methylandrosta-1,4-dien- hGH-secretagogue 3-one Hiberix Injection 17ß-hydroxy-17a-methyl-5a-androstano Hibicet Solution, Hospital Concentrate [2,3-c]-furazan Hibidil Solution 17ß-hydroxy-17a-methyl-5a-androst-1-en-3-one Hibiscrub Solution 17ß-hydroxy-17a-methylestra-4,9-dien-3-one Hibitane Liq Conc, Antiseptic Cr, Sol, Obstetric Cr 17ß-hydroxy-17a-methylestra-4,9,11-trien- Hibtiter Injection 3-one Hiconcil-NS Capsules, Suspension 17ß-hydroxy-17a-methylestr-4-en-3-one Hippramine Tablets 4-hydroxy-19-nortestosterone *Hipranol Tablets [4] 4-hydroxytestosterone Hismanal Tablets, Suspension Hygroton Tablets Histacon Capsules Hygroton-Reserpine Tablets Histaglobin Injection Hyospasmol Tablets, Syrup, Injection Histak Tablets Hypace Tablets L Histalix DM Syrup Hyperphen Tablets Histalix Syrup Hyperstat Injection
  • 35. H Hypnomidate Injection Hypnor Tablets Hypomide Tablets Hypotears Plus SDU Eye Drops Hypoten L infusion Hy-po-tone Tablets Hytrin Tablets Z
  • 36. I
  • 37. I IIberet Tablets Insom Tablets Iboflam Tablets Inspra Tablets Ibopain Tablets insulin Ibucod Tablets insulin-like growth factors Ibufarm Tablets Insuman Comb 30/70 Injection Ibuflex Tablets Inteflora Capsules Ibugesic Suspension Integrilin Injection Ibuleve Gel Intracef Injection Ibumax Tablets, Suspension Intragam Injection Ibumed Caplets Intraglobin F Injection Ibumol Grape Susp, Banana Susp Intralgin Gel Ibumol Tablets Intralipid IV Infusion Solution Ibupain Capsules Intramed Adrenaline Injection Ibupain Forte Capsules Intramed Ampicillin & Cloxacillin Inj Icy Hot Ointment Intramed Ascorbic Acid Injection IGF-1 Intramed Atropine Sulphate Injection I-Glo Drops Intramed Benzathine Penicillin Inj Iliadin Drops, Spray, Paed Drops, Paed Spray Intramed Benzyl Penicillin Injection Iliadin Saline Nasal Spray, Drops Intramed Dextrose Injection Ilosone Capsules, Tablets, Liquid Intramed Ergometrine Injection Ilotycin A Cream, Gel Intramed Furosemide Injection Ilotycin TS Solution Intramed Heparin Sodium Injection Ilvico Capsules Intramed Hydrocortisone Sod Succ IV/IM Inj Ilvico Syrup [2] Ilvico Tablets Intramed Mepyramine Maleate Injection Ilvispect Syrup Intramed Morphine Sulphate Injection Imdur CR Tablets Intramed Neomycin Sulphate Injection Imigen Tablets Intramed Neostigmin Injection Imigran Tablets, Injection, Nasal Spray Intramed Pethidine Injection Imodium Tabs, Caps, Syrup, Melt Tabs Intramed Potassium Chloride Injection Imodium Plus Chew Tablets Intramed Promethazine Hydrochloride Inj Imovane Tablets Intramed Suxamethonium Chloride Inj Imovax Meningo A&C Injection Intramed Trichazole Infus Imovax Pneumo 23 Injection Intramed Vitamin B Co Injection Importal Powder Intramed Vitamin B12 Injection Imuprel Injection Intrasite Applipak Gel Imuran Tablets, Injection Intraval-Sodium Injection Inapsin Injection Intron A Injection Indalix Tablets Intropin Injection indapamide Invanz Injection *Inderal Tablets, LA Capsules, Inj [4] Invi-Rase Capsules Inderetic Capsules Inza Tablets Indocid Capsules, R Capsules, Supps Iodosorb Paste Indocid Gel Ionax Scrub Abradant Cleanser Indocid Ophthalmic Solution Ionil T Plus Tar Shampoo Indoflex Capsules Ionil T Tar Shampoo Indomed Capsules Iopidine Drops Infanrix DTPa Injection, Hexa Injection Ipcamox Capsules Infantiforte Capsules Ipradol Injection, Infusion [1] Infapain Forte Syrup Ipradol Inhalant Solution [1] Infapain Syrup Ipradol Tablets, Syrup [1] Infla-Ban SR Tablets, Injection Ipvent Inhaler Inflacor Inhaler Caps [2] [DoU] Iruxol Mono Ointment Inflammide Inhaler, Novolizer [2] [DoU] Ismelin Injection Inflanaze Aqueous Nasal Spray Ismo 20 Tablets Inflazone Tablets isobutylhydrochlorothiazide Inflexal Berna Injection Iso-Card SR Capsules Influvac Subunit Injection Isofor Liquid X Inhibace Plus Tablets Isoket IV Solution Inhibace Tablets isometheptene
  • 38. I isoprenaline Isoptin Tablets, SR Tablets, Injection Isopto-Atropine Solution Isopto-Carpine Solution Isopto-Homatropine Solution Isordil Tabs, SL Tabs, Tembid SA Tabs Isotrex Gel Isovorin Injection, Tablets *Ivax-Atenolol Tablets [4] Ivax-Baclofen Tablets Ivedal Tablets Izacef Injection C
  • 39. J
  • 40. J Japan Freeze-Dried Tuberculin PPD Inj Jardin Tablets, Capsules Jelonet Tulle Gras Johnsons Antiseptic Powder Johnsons Baby Nappy Rash Ointment Junior Aspirin Tablets V
  • 41. K
  • 42. K Kabikinase Injection Konakion Injection, Tablets Kacinth-A Injection KPP Powders Kaletra Soft Capsules, Oral Solution Kryobulin Tim 3 Injection Kali Mur Tissue Salt Tablets Kytril Injection, Tablets Kali Phos Tissue Salt Tablets Kali Sulph Tissue Salt Tablets Kaltostat Wound Dress, Wound Packing Rope Kamillosan Ointment Kanamycin Novo Injection Kantrexil Suspension, Tablets Kao Suspension Kaoneo Suspension Kaopectin Suspension Kaostatex Suspension Karvol Inhalant Capsules Kefdole Injection Keflex Capsules, tablets, Suspension Keflin Injection Kefotax Injection Keftaz Injection Kefzim Injection Kefzol Injection Kem-O-Dene Liquid Kenacomb Cream, Ointment Kenalog in Orabase Ointment Keppra Tablets Kessar Tablets Kestine Tablets Ketalar Injection Ketamine HCl-Fresenius Injection Ketazol Cream Ketazol Tablets Ketek Tablets Ketoflam SR Capsules KetoHexal Syrup Kexelate Powder Kez Liquid K-Fenak Tablets Kiddi-Choo Tablets Kiddicrom Vials Kiddieforte Tablets Kiddiekof Syrup Kiddi Pharmaton Syrup Kiddi Syrup Kiddivite Syrup Kiddyflu Syrup Kid-Eeze Syrup Kivexa Tablets Klacid Tablets, Susp, Injection Klafotaxim Injection Klarithran Tablets, Susp, MR Tabs Klarizon Tablets Klean-Prep Powder Kliogest Tablets Kloclor BD Tablets, Susp, Forte Susp Klodip-5 Tablets Kloref Eff Tablets, Granules B Kolantyl Gel Kolantyl Wafers
  • 43. L
  • 44. L labetalol Lennon Staaldruppels Lacrilube Ointment Lennon Sterksalf Lacrisert Ophthalmic Insert Lennon-Strong Calciferol Tablets Lacson Syrup Lennon-Sulphacetamide Ointment Lacteol Forte Capsules, Sachets Lennon-Thiamine Hydrochloride Tablets Lacto-Calamine Lotion Lennon-Vit B Co Injection Lactosec 200 Tablets Lennon-Vit B12 Injection Ladazol Capsules Lennon-Warfarin Tablets Laevolac Syrup Lenocef Capsules, Suspension Lagatrim Tablets Lenolax Dispos Enema, Paed Enema Lameptil Tablets Lenoprel Injection Lamictin Tablets, Dispers Tablets Lenovate Ointment, Cream Lamisil Cream, Topical Spray, Dermgel, Sol Lentare Injection Lamisil Tablets Lentogesic Capsules Lamitor Tablets Lentogesic Capsules with Pemoline Lamivir Solution Lentogesic Syrup Lamprene Capsules Lentolith Capsules Lancap Capsules letrozole Lanoxin Tabs, Paed/Geriatric Tabs & Elixir, Inj Len VK Tablets, Suspension Lansoloc Capsules Lepitrin Tablets Lansoprazole-Winthrop Capsules Leponex Tablets, Injection Lantanon Tablets Lert Tablets Lantus Injection Lesacid Tablets Lanvis Tablets Lescol Capsules Lanzor Capsules, HB Capsules Lessmusec Syrup Largactil Tablets, Syrup, Injection Lesspain Syrup Lariam Tablets Lethyl Tablets Lasix Tablets, Inj, Sol, Retard Caps Leucomax Injection Laspar Injection Leucovorin-Faulding Injection Laura 10 Tablets Leukeran Tablets Laurabolin Injection (vet) Leustatin Injection Laxette Solution Levanxol Capsules LCC Guaiphenesin Cough Remedy Levemir Injection LCC Peppermint Cough Mixture levmethamfetamine Leanor Drops levobunolol Ledercort IA/IS/IL Injection [2] [DoU] Levitra Tablets Lederspan IA/IS/IL Injection [2] [DoU] Lexamil Tablets Legalon Tablets Lexotan Tablets Lemsip Powder LH (luteinising hormone) Lenadol Tablets Librax Tablets Lenafen Tablets Librium Tablets Lenamet-OTC Tablets Lid-Care Sterile Cleanser, Cleansing Pads Lenamet Tablets Life’s Support Capsules Lenapain Tablets Lifurom Injection Lenasone IA/IL Injection [2] [DoU] Lignocaine HCl-Fresenius IM/IV/Local Inj Lenasone IV/IM Injection [2] Lignospan Special Injection Lenazine Forte Syrup Lilly-Cefaclor Capsules, Suspension Lenazine Syrup Lilly-Cephalexin Capsules, Suspension Len-B-Co Tablets Lilly-Fluoxetine Capsules Lenditro Tablets Limbitrol Capsules, Limbitrol F Capsules Lendormin Tablets Lincocin Capsules, Injection Lenide-T Tablets Linctifed Wet Cough Expectorant, Paed Syrup Lenisolone Tablets [2] Linctodyl Syrup Lennon-Codeine Phosphate Tablets Linctosan Syrup Lennon-Colchicine Tablets Linotar Gel Lennon Cough Mixture Linvite Capsules Lennon-Dapsone Tablets Lioresal Tablets Lennon Glycerin Adult Supps, Paed Supps Lipanthyl Capsules N Lennon-Quinidine Sulphate Tablets Lipaten Capsules Lennon-Quinine Sulphate Tablets Lipidex Tablets
  • 45. L Lipitor Tablets, Capsules Lo-Uric Tablets Lipostabil Capsules, Injection Lovachol Tablets Lipovit Syrup Lovire Dispers Tablets, Cream Lipsin Capsules Loxiflam Tablets Liquifilm Tears Drops LP 299v Capsules Liserdol Tablets Lucrin Injection, Depot Injection Lisoretic Tablets Ludiomil Tablets, Injection Lisozide Tablets Lumigan Eye Drop Solution Listerfluor Chew Tablets, Drops Lurselle Tablets, Capsules Listerfluor Fluoride Dental Rinse luteinizing hormone (LH) Listerine Antiseptic Solution lutropin alpha Litak Injection Luveris Injection [5] Livadex Syrup Luvox Tablets Liversense Capsules Lyclear Creme Rinse Livifem Tablets Lymphoglobuline Injection Liviton Syrup Lyrica Tablets Livostin ED Eye Drops Lyrinel Tablets Livostin NS Nasal Spray Lixamide Tablets Lo-Acid Suspension Lo-Aspirin Tablets Lobak Tablets Locabiotal Aerosol Locacorten-Vioform Ear Drops Locatop Cream Loceryl Nail Lacquer Locoid Cream, Ointment, Lotion Locoid Lipocream Cream Loette Tablets Loftyl Tablets Logynon ED Tablets Lokit Capsules Lomanor Tablets Lomexin Vaginal Cream, Vaginal Ovules Lomotil Tablets, Liquid Lomudal Spincaps, Spinhaler, Inhaler Longifene Tablets, Syrup Loniten Tablets Lonol Tablets Lopedium Effervescent Tablets Loperastat Syrup Loperol Capsules Lopid Capsules, Tablets *Lopresor Tabs, Lopressor Oros Tabs [4] Lorabid Capsules, Suspension Loramet Capsules Lorano Tablets Loratyne Tablets, Syrup Loratyne-D Repetabs Loretic Tablets Lorfast Tablets Lorien Capsules Los-ARB Tablets Losartan-Winthrop Tablets Losec Capsules, Infusion Losec Triple Pack Capsules & Tablets Lotem Suspension Lotriderm Cream M Lotussin Expectorant Lotussin Linctus
  • 46. M
  • 47. M Maalox Plus Tablets, Suspension Medi-Keel A Lozenges Maalox Tablets, Extra Strength Tablets, Susp Medi-Keel A Throat Gargle Mabcampath IV Infusion Medi-Keel A Throat Spray Mabthera Infusion Medilyn Syrup Macaine Injection with Adrenaline Medipyn S Syrup Macaine Injection, Spinal Injection Medipyn Tablets Macaine Spinal Injection with Dextrose Meditrim Tablets, Suspension MacMed Povidone Iodine Scrub Medituss Syrup Macrodantin Capsules Med-Lemon Cold & Flu Capsules with Vitamin Macrodex IV Infusion C Macropen Capsules, Syrup Med-Lemon Cough Syrup Madopar Tablets, HBS Capsules Med-Lemon Hot Med for Children with Vit Magagel Suspension C Sachets Magalba Suspension Med-Lemon Hot Medication with Vit C Magnatex Tablets Sachets Magnesit Granules, Tablets Med-Lemon Natural Defense Tablets Magnesium SR Tablets Medopam Tablets Mag Phos Tissue Salt Tablets Medphlem Syrup ma-huang Medpramol Syrup Malanil Tablets Medrol Tablets [2] Maloprim Tablets Medroxyprogesterone Acetate-Fresenius Inj Mandelamine Tablets medrysone Mandokef Injection Mefalgic Capsules, Tablets mannitol mefenorex marijuana Mefliam Tablets Marvelon Tablets Mefoxin Injection Mavik Capsules Megadoxa Capsules Maxaderm Cream Megadoxa Forte Capsules Maxadol Forte Syrup Megalax Tablets Maxadol Capsules Megalotect Injection Maxadol Forte Tablets Megamox Capsules, Syrup Maxadol-P Syrup Megapen Capsules, Syrup Maxalt Tablets, RPD Wafers Megapyn Syrup Maxaquin Tablets Megapyn Tablets Maxcil Capsules, Suspension Megavit 75 Tablets Maxidex Suspension Melanex Tablets Maxipime Injection Melflam Tablets Maxitone Syrup Melleril Tablets, Retard Tablets, Susp Maxitrol Suspension, Ointment Melodene Tablets Maxolon Tablets, Syrup, Drops, Inj, Supps Melolin Sterile Dressing Mayogel Suspension Mencevax ACW135Y Injection MBN Orowash Solution Menoflush Plus Tablets M-Cam Tablets Menoflush Tablets Measlegam IM Injection Menograine Tablets mechano growth factors Menopur IM Injection [5] meclofenoxate Menorest Transdermal Delivery System Meclomen Capsules menotrophin Medamet Tablets Meprogesic Tablets Medaspor Cream mephentermine Medaxime Injection Mepromol Syrup Medaspor Vaginal Cream Mepromol Tablets Medazine Tablets, Syrup Mepyraderm Cream Medicyclomine Syrup Mepyramine Maleate-Fresenius Inj Medifed Linctus Mepyrimal Cream Mediflex Capsules Mepyrimal Syrup Medigel Suspension Merasyn Gel Medihaler EPI Merbentyl Syrup Medihaler-Iso Aerosol, Forte Aerosol Mercilon Tablets 1 Medi-Kain Lozenges Merck-Alprazolam Tablets Medikasma Capsules Merck-Amilozide Tablets
  • 48. M Merck-Aminophyllin IV Injection Metamucil Plain, Orange, Strawberry Powd, Merck-Atropine Sulphate Injection Eff Merck-Calcium Gluconate 10% Injection Metaxol Elixir Merck-Captopril Tablets Metazol Tablets Merck-Carbocisteine Capsules, Syrup Metcon Tablets *Merck-Carvedilol Tablets [4] Metforal Tablets Merck-Chlorpromazine HCl Injection metenolone Merck-Citalopram Tablets methadone Merck-Clarithromycin Tablets Methamax Capsules, Suppositories Merck-Co-Trimoxazole Tablets, Paed Susp methamphetamine Merck-Cough Linctus methandienone Merck-Diclofenac Tablets, Injection methandriol Merck-Doxazosin Tablets methasterone Merck-Expectorant Syrup, Paed Syrup Methoblastin Tablets, Injection Merck-Fed Tablets, Syrup Methocaps Capsules Merck-Flu Capsules Methocel Drops Merck-Flu Syrup Methotrexate-Lederle Injection, Tablets Merck-Fluconazole Capsules methylamphetamine Merck-Formoterol Powd for Inh [1] [TUE] p-methylamphetamine Merck-Fosinopril Tablets 17a-methyl-5a-androst-2-en-17ß-ol Merck-Furosemide Tablets methyldienolone Merck-Gesic Elixir, Tablets methylenedioxyamphetamine Merck-Gliclazide Tablets methylenedioxymethamphetamine Merck-Gentamicin Sulphate 80 Injection methylephedrine Merck-Glimepiride Tablets methylnortestosterone Merck-Indapamide Tablets methylphenidate Merck-Itraconazole Capsules Methylphenidate HCl-Douglas Tablets Merck-Lamotrigine Tablets methylprednisolone Merck-Mebeverine HCl Tablets methyltestosterone Merck-Metformin Tablets methyl-1-testosterone Merck-Methyldopa Tablets methyltrienolone Merck-Metoclopramide Tablets Meticortelone Tablets [2] Merck-Metronidazole Tablets Meticorten Tablets [2] Merck-Mirtazapine Tablets metipranolol Merck-Morphine Sulphate Injection metolazone Merck-Naproxen Tablets metoprolol Merck-Ondansetron Injection Metphage Tablets Merck-Oxybutynin Tablets Metrazole 400 Tablets Merck-Pethidine HCl Injection Metrodin Injection Merck-Piroxicam Capsules Metrogel V Vaginal Gel Merck-P-Nasal Spray, Drops Metronidazole B Braun Injection Merck-Sertraline Tablets Metrostat Tablets Merck-Simvastatin Tablets Metvix Cream Merck-Terbinafine Tablets Metypresol IV/IM Injection [2] Merck-Zolpidem Tablets Mexitil Capsules, Perlongets Meridol-D Syrup Mezenol Tablets mersalyl MGF Mer-Naproxen Tablets, DS Tablets Miacalcic Injection Meronem Injection mibolerone Merthiolate Tincture Micardis Tablets Mesasal Tablets Michol Tablets mesocarb Mi-Clear 250 Face Cleanser mestanolone Micomisan Cream mestenolone Micomisan Vaginal Cream mesterolone Micro Adrenaline Injection Mestinon Tablets Micro Atropine Injection Metagyl Tablets, Forte Tablets Micro Betamethasone Injection [2] Metalcaptase Tablets Micro Bupivacaine Injection 2 Metalon Tablets Micro Bupivacaine Spinal Inj with Dextrose Metalyse Solution for Injection Microcidal Tablets
  • 49. M Micro Cimetidine Injection Minims Neomycin Solution Micro Clindamycin Injection Minims Oxybuprocaine Hydrochloride Micro Clomipramine Injection 0,4% Solution Micro Co-Trimoxazole Tablets Minims Phenylephrine HCl 10% Solution Micro Dexamethasone Phosphate IV/IM Inj Minims Pilocarpine Nitrate 2% Solution [2] Minims Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate Micro Diazepam Injection 0,5% Sol Micro Diclofenac Injection Minims Proxymetacaine HCl 0,5% Solution Micro Dobutamine Injection Minims Sodium Chloride Solution Micro Dopamine Injection Conc Minims Tetracaine Hydrochloride 1% Micro Fentanyl Injection Solution Micro Furosemide Injection Minims Tropicamide 1% Solution Microgel Suspension, Tablets Minipress Tablets Micro Gentamicin Injection Minobese Forte Diffucaps Micro Gesic Syrup Minomycin Capsules Micro Gesic Tablets Minotabs Tablets Micro Hydroxyzine Injection Mino T Tablets Micro Hyoscine Butylbromide Injection Minulette Tablets Micro Ketamine Injection Minuric Tablets Microlax Microenema Miochol-3 Injection Micro Metoclopramide Injection Miosys Injection Micro Midazolam Injection Mirelle Tablets Micro Morphine Injection Mirena IU System Micro Naloxene HCl Injection Mirquin Prophylaxis Syrup Micro Neostigmine Methylsulphate Injection Mirquin Treatment Syrup Micro-Novum Tablets Mistabron Inhalant Solution Micro Pancuronium Bromide Injection Mistabron Nasal Spray Micro Pentazocine Injection Mitil Tablets Micro Pethidine Injection Mitoxantrone-Hexal Infusion Microphyllin SR Capsules Mivacron Injection Microplex Capsules Mixogen Injection Micro Sufentanil Injection, Forte Inj Mixogen Tablets Micro Suxamethonium Injection Mixtard 20/80 Injection Micro Theophyllin Ethylene Diamine Inj Mixture / Impilo Ye Gazi Famous Blood Mixture Micro Tobramycin Injection Mizollen Tablets Microval Tablets MMR II Injection Micro Verapamil HCl Injection Mobic Tablets, Injection, Suppositories Midacum Injection Mobilat Ointment, Gel Midanium Injection modafinil Mifegyne Tablets Modecate Injection, Acutum Injection Migrex Tablets Moducren Tablets Migril Tablets Modural Classic Tablets *Mikelan Tablets [4] Moduretic Tablets, Moduretic HS Tablets Millerspas Tablets Mogadon Tablets Millypar Suspension Molipaxin Capsules Minamino Capsules Monicor SR Tablets Minamino Syrup mometasone Minerva Tablets Monofed Tablets, Syrup Minesse Tablets Monopril Tablets Minidiab Tablets Monotard HM Injection Minims Amethocaine HCl 1% Solution Monotest injection Minims Atropine Sulphate 1% Solution Monotussin Syrup Minims Benoxinate HCl 0,4% Solution Monozide Tablets Minims Chloramphenicol 0,5% Solution Moraten Berna Injection Minims Cyclopentolate HCl 1% Solution Morbilvax Injection Minims Dexamethasone Sodium morphine Phosphate 0,1% Drops Morphine Sulphate-Fresenius Injection Minims Fluorescein Sodium 2% Solution Morupar Injection 3 Minims Homatropine Solution Motilium Tablets, Suspension, Eff Granules Minims Lignocaine & Fluorescein Solution Motival Tablets
  • 50. M Movicol Powder Moxan Capsules, Suspension Moxotens Tablets Moxyclav Suspension, SF Susp, Tablets Moxymax Capsules, Suspension Moxypen Capsules, Syrup MST Continus Tablets Mucaine Suspension, Tablets Mucocaps, Forte Capsules Mucoflem Syrup Mucolator Granules Mucoless Syrup, Capsules Mucolinct Syrup Mucopan Syrup Mucosirop Syrup, Paed Syrup, Forte Syrup Mucospect Syrup, Capsules Multibionta Ultivitamin™ Tablets Multiferon 3 MIU Injection Multiload Cu 250 Multitest CMI Disposable Application Multivitchoice Capsules Mumaten Berna Injection Mumomega Pregnancy Capsules Murine Clear Eyes Drops Murine Cool Eyes Drops Murine Moisture Eyes Drops Muscuron Injection Muse Urethral Suppositories Myambutol Syrup Mybucod Tablets Mybulen Tablets, Capsules Mycifradin Tablets Mycoban Cream Mycoban Vaginal Cream Mycobutin Capsules MycoHexal 1 Vaginal Tablets Mycospor Cream, Solution, Onycho-set Oint Mycostatin Cream, Ointment Mycostatin Suspension Mycostatin Tablets Mycostatin Vaginal Tablets, Vaginal Cream Mycota Cream, Powder Mydriacyl Solution Mydriaticum Drops Myfortic Tablets Myleran Tablets Mylocort Cream, Ointment Mymox Capsules Mynah Tablets Myocrisin Injection Myoflex Tablets Myoprin Eff Tablets Mypaid Capsules Mypaid Forte Tablets Myprodol Caps, Tabs, Susp Myproflam CR Capsules Myrin Plus Tablets Mysoline Tablets 4 Mytobrin Injection
  • 51. N
  • 52. N Naaxia Eye Drops Neurexal Capsules Naclof Eye Drops Neurobion Injection nadolol Neurobion Tablets Nafasol EC Tablets, Suppositories Neurontin Capsules Nafin Tablets Neutragel-D Suspension Nalcrom Capsules Nevimune Tablets, Suspension Naloxene HCl Fresenius Amps Nexavar Tablets nandrolone Nexiam Mups Tablets Napacod Tablets Nicene-N Tablets Napamol Tablets, Elixir Nicorette Chewing Gum, Patches, SL Micro Napflam Tablets Tablets Naphensyl Drops, Paediatric Drops Nicotinell TTS Naprel Tablets Nidatron Tablets Naproscript Tablets Nifedalat Capsules, SR Tablets Naprosyn Gel Nifidine Capsules Naprosyn Tabs, EC Tabs, SR Tabs, Supps, Granules nikethamide Naramig Tablets Nimbex Injection Narcan Injection, Neonatal injection Nimotop Tablets, IV Infusion Narobic Capsules Nisaid Capsule Naropin Injection Nitecall Syrup Nasacor Nasal Spray Nitepax Suspension Nasdro Drops Nitradisc Adhesive Pads Naseptin Cream Nitrocine IV Solution Nasomixin Nasal Spray Nitrocit Syrup Nasonex Aqua Nasal Spray Nitrocod Tablets Natacyn Suspension Nitroderm Transderm Therapeutic System Nat Mur Tissue Salt Tablets Nitroflu Capsules Nat Phos Tissue Salt Tablets Nitrolingual Spray Natrilix Tablets Nitro-M-Creme Ointment Natulan Capsules Nivaquine Prophylaxis Syrup, Tablets Nausetron Injection Nivaquine Treatment Syrup, Tablets Nauzine Tablets, Syrup Nizcreme Cream Navelbine Injection Nizoral Tablets Navoban Injection, Capsules Nizorelle Shampoo Naxen Tablets Nizovules Vaginal Ovules Nazene Z Spray NizShampoo Nebcin injection Nobec Aqueous Nasal Spray Nebido Injection Nobese No 1 Capsules *Nebilet Tablets [4] No-Bite Gel nebivolol Nobligan Injection Nelex Concentrate Liquid, Gel, Pessaries Nobligan Injection Neoderm Cream Noctamid Tablets Neofed Syrup, Paediatric Syrup *Nolol Tablets [4] Neo-Medrol Acne Lotion Nolvadex Tablets, D Tablets Neo-Mercazole Tablets Nomopain Tablets Neopan Drops Nootropil Capsules, Tablets, Injection Neophedan Tablets Nopyn Tablets Neosporin Ointment Noralget Tablets Neosporin Ophthalmic Ointment, Solution 19-norandrostenediol Neostigmine Methylsulphate-Fresenius Inj 19-norandrostenedione Neotigason capsules 19-norandrosterone Nepresol Injection norboletone Nerisone Cr, Oint, Fatty Oint, Forte, Forte Fatty 4-norbolethone Nervade Syrup norclostebol Nethaprin Dospan Tablets Norcuron Injection Nethaprin Expectorant Syrup Nordette Tablets Netromycin Injection, Paediatric Injection Nordiol Tablets Neulactil Tablets Norditropin Injection 5 Neupogen Injection norethandrolone Neurax Injection 19-noretiocholanolone
  • 53. N norfenefrine Nur-Isterate Injection norfenfluramine Nurofen Cold & Flu Tablets Norflam T Tablets Nurofen Gel Norflex Co Tablets Nurofen Plus Tablets Norflex Tablets Nurofen Tabs, Extra Strength Tabs, Susp, Syrup Norifortan Tablets, Injection Nutraderm Cream, Lotion Noriline Tablets Nutraplus Cream, Lotion Norimode Tablets Nutrineal PD4 with 1.1% Amini Acids Periton Norimox Capsules, Syrup Dialysis Solution Norinyl Tablets Nuzak Capsules Noripam Tablets *Nyogel Gel [4] Norisep Tablets, Forte Tablets Nystacid Ointment Noritet Capsules Nystacid Suspension Norivite Injection Nytol Tablets Norivite-12 Injection Norizine Tablets, Syrup Norlevo Tablets Normalin Aerosol, Syrup, Tablets [1] Normison Capsules Normopress Capsules Normospor Cream Normospor Vaginal Cream Normovlar ED Tablets Noroxin Tablets Norpace Capsules, Retard Tablets Norprolac Tablets 19-nor-17a-pregn-4-en-17-ol d-norpseudoephedrine Norstan-Isoniazid Tablets Norstan-Mepyramine Maleate Elixir Norstan-Phenytoin Sodium Tablets Norstan-Theophylline & Ethylenediamine Tabs Norton-Cimetidine Tablets Norton-Glibenclamide Tablets Norton-Ibuprofen Tablets Norton-Mefenamic Acid Capsules, Tablets Norton-Nifedine Capsules Norton-Sulpiride Capsules Nortwin Tablets Norvasc Tablets Norvir Capsules, Oral Solution Norwegian Cod Liver Oil Capsules Novantrone Injection Nova-T Contraceptive Device Novesin Wander Drops Novocillin Injection Novofem Tablets Novomix 30 Injection Novonorm Tablets Novopen Injection Novorapid Injection Novo Seven Factor VIIa Injection Novostrep Injection Novo V-K Syrup, Tablets Noxidem Tablets Nozer Capsules Nubain Injection Nuelin Tablets, SA Tablets, Liquid 6 Nu-Gel Suspension Numzit Gel
  • 54. O
  • 55. O O-4 Cycline Capsules Orochlor Solution, Spray Solution Obesan-X Tablets Orosept Solution Obex-LA Tablets Orpic Tablets, IV Infus Ocean Saline Nasal Spray ortetamine Octin Drops Ortho-Est Tablets octopamine Orthoxicol Syrup Ocufen Solution Orucote Gel Oculerge Eye Drops Orucote Tablets, Suppositories Oculoforte Drops Oruject Injection Oculosan Drops Oruvail Capsules Ocuvite Tablets Ospronim Injection Ocuvite Lutein Capsules Ossiplex Retard Tablets Ocuvite Preservision Tablets Ostac Infusion, Capsules Odour Guard Powder Osteobon-10 Tablets Oestradiol Implants Osteo Matrix Powder Oframax Injection O-Tet Capsules Oilatum Bar Otised Drops Oilatum Cream Otophen Drops Oilatum Emollient Otosporin Drops Oilatum Plus Liquid Otrisaline Metered Dose Spray Okacyn Drops Otrivin Drops, Spray, Gel, Paed Drops/Spray Olbetam Capsules Ovidrel Injection [5] Omega 3 Omega 6 Capsules Ovostat-28 Tablets Omez Capsules Ovral Tablets Omiloc Capsules oxabolone Omnopon-Fresenius Ampoules Oxaline Tablet Oncovin Injection oxandrolone One-A-Day 50 Plus Tablets oxilofrine One-A-Day B Complex Eff Tablets Oxis Turbohaler [1] [TUE] One-A-Day Calcium and Magnesium Eff Tabs oxprenolol One-A-Day Iron Effervescent Tablets Oxsoralen Capsules One-A-Day Kidz Multivitz Chewable Tablets Oxy Capsules One-A-Day Maximum Formula Tablets Oxy Facial Wash One-A-Day Men’s Formula Tablets Oxylin Solution One-A-Day Multivitamin Eff Tablets oxycodone One-A-Day Women’s Formula Tablets Oxy 5 Lotion, 10 Lotion One-Alpha Capsules, Solution Oxy Medicated Pads Onicit Injection oxymesterone Ophthetic Solution oxymetholone Opsite Wound Dressings oxymorphone Opsite Spray Oxy Night Watch Lotion Opticrom Eye Drops, Eye Ointment Oxypan Capsules Optimine Tablets, Syrup Oxyspas Tablets OPV-Merieux Solution oxypolygelatin (plasma expander) Orabase Paste Oradexon IV Inj, Inj (as rectal drip), Tabs [2] Oradexon IA/IB/Local Injection [2] [DoU] Oragel Mouth Gel Oraldine Liquid, Mouth Spray Oralject Oralbol H Oral Paste (vet) Orango Effervescent Tablets Orap Tablets Oratane Capsules Orbenin Capsules, Syrup, Injection orciprenaline Orelox Tablets, Suspension Orimeten Tablets Oritaxim Injection 7 Ormodon Tablets Orocaine Lozenges
  • 56. P
  • 57. P P&U Carboplatin Injection Paxadorm Capsule P&U Cisplatin Injection Paxical Injection P&U Cytarabine Injection Paxidal Tablets P&U Etoposide Injection Paxil Tablets P&U Methotrexate Injection Pectikon Suspension P&U Vincristine Injection Pectin-K Suspension Pacimol Tablets Pectolin Suspension Padax Granules , Syrup Pectrolyte Suspension Painagon Syrup Pediazole Suspension Painagon Tablets Pedil Powder Painamol Plus Tablets Pedimed Pediatric Suspension Painamol Syrup, Tablets Peditrace IV Solution Paincod Tablets Pedpain Syrup Painrite Forte Capsules Pedriachol Drops Painrite SA Capsules Pegasys Injection Palacos with Garamycin Injection Pegicol Powder Paludrine Tablets Peg-Intron Injection Pamol Tablets, Syrup pemoline Panado Tabs, Eff Tabs, Caps, Syr, Drops, Chew Tabs, Meltabs Penbritin Caps, Syrup, Forte Syr, Inj Panado-Co Tablets Penicillamine Tablets Panado Medsip Honey Lemon Powder Penilente Forte Injection Panafcort Tablets [2] Penilente LA Injection Panamor Gel Penmox Capsules, Suspension Panamor Tablets, Injection, Supps Penrite Capsules, Suspension Panasma Capsules Pentacarinat Powder Pancebrin Injection Pentaglobin Injection Pancreas 523 Tablets Pentact-HiB Injection Pancuronium Bromide-Fresenius Inj Pentasa Tablets Panix Tablets Pentaxim Injection Pankrease Capsules, HL Capsules pentetrazol Pankreoflat Tablets pentazocine Panoxyl 5 Acne Gel Pentazocine-Fresenius Injection Pantocid IV Injection, Tablets Pepcid Tablets, Injection Pantoloc Tablets, IV Injection Peracon Expectorant Papaverine 60 Injection Peracon Syrup, Tablets Paracet Tablets Perdix Tablets Paracetacod Tablets Perfalgan Sol for Infusion Paracetamol Elixir-SAD Pergonal-500 Injection [5] Paracetamol Lennon Tablets Periactin Tablets, Syrup Paracodin Syrup Periblastine Injection parahydroxyamphetamine Pericristine Injection Paramed Tablets Perinorm Injection Para Nit Remover Gel Permax Tablets Paranthil Suspension Persantin Tablets Paraplatin RTU Injection Persivate Cream, Ointment Para Plus Lice Spray Petercillin Capsules, Syrup Para Special Lice Spray Petercillin Injection Parax Tablets Peterkaien Injection Parfenac Cream Peterkaien Local Injection Pariet Tablets Peterphyllin Injection Parkilyne Tablets pethidine Parlodel Tablets, Capsules, LA Injection Pethidine HCl-Fresenius Injection Parnate Tablets Petogen-Fresenius Injection Paroven Capsules Pevaryl Foam Sol, Cr, Powd, Spray Sol, Sol, Milk Parvolex Injection Pevisone Cream, Ointment Pasrin Tablets Pexola Tablets Pasuma Injection pH 550 Suspension Patanol Eye Drop Solution pH 550 Tablets 8 Pavulon Injection Pharma Dynamics Amlodipine Besylate Tabs Pax Tablets, Injection Pharmapress Co Tablets
  • 58. P Pharmapress Tablets Pondocillin Tablets Pharmflam Tablets, Suppositories Ponstan Caps, Susp, Forte Tabs, Supps phendimetrazine Ponstel Capsules, Susp, Forte Tablets Phendex Syrup, Paediatric Syrup Por 8 Injection Phen-E-Cod Syrup Posalfilin Ointment, Paint Phenergan Injection Posicor Tablets Phenergan Tablets, Elixir Posiject Injection phenmetrazine Posterisan Suppositories, Ointment phenpromethamine Postoval Tablets Phensedyl Linctus Potassium Chloride-Fresenius Injection phentermine Potensium Capsules Phenylephrine Covan Drops PPD Tine Test Phenylephrine Injection Pramalon Injection Phenytoin Sodium Tablets Pranalip Tablets Phipp’s Milk of Magnesia Susp, Tablets Prandin E2 Vaginal Gel Phisac Cream Pranoxen Tablets Pholcolinct Liquid prasterone Pholtex Junior Linctus Pratsiol Tablets Pholtex Linctus Prava Tablets Phosphate-Sandoz Eff Tablets Precedex Infusion Phyllocontin SR Tablets Predeltilone Tablets [2] Physeptone Injection, Linctus Predeltin Tablets [2] Physioneal 40 Glucose Periton Dialysis Solution Pred G Drops Physiotens Tablets Pred-Mild Susp, Pred-Forte Susp Picoprep Powder prednisolone Pilogel Gel prednisone pindolol Predsol Retention Enema [2] Piportil Depot Injection Prefesta Tablets Pipralen Elixir Preflam Syrup [2] Pipril Injection Prefrin Solution, Prefrin-A Solution Piprine Elixir Pregamal Tablets Piramax Tablets Pregnavit M Capsules piretanide Pregnyl Injection [5] Pixicam Dispers Tablets, Capsules Preg Support Capsules Piz Buin Sun Protective Products Pregvit MR Tablets plasma expanders Pregvit SG Capsules Plasmoquine Prophylaxis Capsules Prelafal Forte Tablets Plasmoquine Treatment Capsules Prelone Syrup, Tablets [2] Platamine Injection, Platamine S Injecton Premarin Cream Plato Tablets Premarin injection, Tablets Platosin Injection Premelle Tablets Plavix Tablets Premier Dicobalt Edetate Injection Plendil Tablets Premierpac Tablets Plenish-K SR Tablets Prempak N Tablets Pneucid Solution Pre-Natal Forte Tablets Pneumovax Injection Preparation H Ointment, Suppositories Podine Mouthwash & Gargle Liquid Prepidil Gel Podine Ointment Prepulsid Tablets, Suspension Polaramine Tablets, Repetabs, Syrup *Pressanol Tablets [4] Polaratyne D Repetabs Pre-Tycin Bath Oil, Body Lot, Cleansers Polaratyne Tablets, Syrup Preterax Tablets Polioral Liquid Prevenar Injection Pollentyme Tablets, Syrup Prexige Tablets Polygam Infusion Prexum Tablets Polysporin Ointment Prexum Plus Tablets Polytar Liquid, Emolient Prilosin Tablets Polytrim Solution Primapore Sterile Adhesive Dressing Polyvit Syrup Primeve Capsules 9 Ponac Susp, Capsules, Forte Tablets Primeve Plus Capsules Ponderax PA Capsules Primobolan Depot Injection
  • 59. P Primobolan-S Tablets Proxen LE Tablets Primodian Depot Injection Prozac Capsules, Liquid, Tablets Primogyn Depot Injection Prozef Tablets, Suspension Primolut Depot Injection Prozyn 20 Capsules Primolut-N Tablets Psorigel Gel Prinivil Tablets Pulmadil Aerosol [1] Priorix Injection Pulmicort Turbuhaler, Nebulis Susp [2] [DoU] Pro-Banthine Tablets Pulmison Tablets, Paed Sol [2] Proben Tablets Pulmophyllin SR Tablets probenecid Pulmozyme Solution procaterol Puma Balm Procillin Injection Purata Tablets Procof Syrup Purbac Injection Proctofoam Aerosol [2] Purbac Tablets, DS Tablets, Susp Proctosedyl Ointment [2] *Pur-Bloka Tablets [4] Proctosedyl Suppositories [2] Puregon Injection Procutan Ointment, Cream,Lotion Puresis Tablets Prodium Tablets Purgoxin Tablets Prodol Solution Puricos Tablets *Prodorol Tablets [4] Puri-Nethol Tablets Profasi Injection [5] Puritone No 1A Laxative Tablets Prograf IV Infusion, Capsules Purmycin Capsules, Suspension Progynova Tablets Puromylon Tablets Prohep Tablets PV-Carpine Drops ProHexal Capsules Pynclear Effervescent Tablets Prohist Syrup Pynmed Syrup Prolief Tablets Pynmed Tablets prolintane Pynstop Tablets Promethazine HCl-Fresenius Injection Pyradol Syrup Promit Injection Pyragesic Tablets, Syrup Promoxil Capsules, Suspension Pyralen Syrup Pronestyl Injection Pyralvex Liquid Propain Forte Tablets, Forte Capsules Pyrazide Tablets Propain Syrup Pyridium Tablets Propain Tablets Pyrifin Tablets Propak Sterile Swabs Pyrocaps Capsules Propan Gel-S Suspension Propan Mist. Pot. Cit. Simplex Propecia Tablets Propine Ophthalmic Drops Propofol 1% Fresenius Injection propranolol propylhexedrine Propess Vaginal Insert Proscar 5 Tablets Prostal Tablets prostanozol Prostep 30, 15 Lite Transdermal Patches Prostin E2 Tablets Prostin F2 Alpha Injection Prostin VR Injection Protaphane HM Injection Protensin-M Tablets Prothiaden Tablets, Capsules Prothromplex-T Tim 4 Injection Protos Grans for Oral Suspension Provera Tablets Provigil Tablets 0 Proviron Tablets Provisc Injection
  • 60. Q
  • 61. Q Q-10 Body Fuel Capsules Q-Med Adrenaline Injection Q-Med Atropine Injection Q-Med Bupivacaine Injection Q-Med Bupivacaine Spinal Inj with Dextrose Q-Med Cimetidine Tablets Q-Med Co-Trimoxazole Tablets Q-Med Diazepam Injection Q-Med Diclofenac Injection Q-Med Dopamine Concentrate Infusion Q-Med Fentanyl Injection Q-Med Furosemide Injection Q-Med Gentamicin Injection Q-Med Hydroxyzine Injection Q-Med Hyoscine Injection Q-Med Morphine Injection Q-Med Neostigmine Injection Q-Med Pentazocine Injection Q-Med Pethidine Injection Q-Med Promazine Injection Q-Med Suxamethonium Injection Q-Med Theophylline Ethylenediamine Inj Q-Med Tobramycin Injection Q-Med Verapamil Injection Quadriderm Cream Quatro-Soda Granules Quellada Lotion, Application PC Questran Lite Powder Quilonium Retard Tablets Quinagen Tablets Quinaglute Dura-Tabs Tablets Quinaspen Tablets Quinazide Tablets quinbolone Quinoderm Cream Quinoderm Face Wash Quinoderm-H Cream Quit Metered Dosage Spray Solution Qvar Metered Dosage Inhaler, Autohaler [2] [DoU] =
  • 62. R
  • 63. R Rabigam IM Injection Relief-Coff Syrup Rabipor IM Injection Relifen Tablets, Suspension Radian B Liniment Relisan Tablets Radian Massage Cream Relitone Tablets raloxifene Relpax Tablets Ramace Capsules Remeron Tablets Ramipril Hexal Tablets Remicaine Gel Ramiwin Capsules Remicaine Injection Rampil Tablets Remicard Injection Ranamp Injection Reminyl Tablets Ranceph Tablets Remotrox Gel Ran Citalopram Tablets Renezide Tablets Ranclav Tablets 375, Tablets 625 Renitec Tablets Ranclosil Injection Renotens Tablets Randoclin Tablets Renova Cream Ranfen Tablets Reopro Solution for Injection Ranflocs Capsules Reparil Gel Ranfradin Capsules Repasma Capsules Ran-Gabapentin Capsules Repivate Cream Ranidol Tablets Replens Gel Ranihexal Tablets Repotin Injection Ranit Tablets Requip Tablets Ran-Lansoprazole Capsules Resalt Powder Ranmoxy Capsules Rescueflow IV Infusion Ran-Perindopril 4 Tablets Rescuvolin Tablets, Injection Ranpuric Tablets Reserpine Tablets Ran-Ramipril Tablets Respinol Capsules, Elixir Ranteen Tablets Respinol Compound Linctus Ranzol Injection Respisniffers Inhalant Capsules Rapamune Oral Solution, Tablets Restameth-SR Capsules Rapifen Injection Restaslim Diffucap Rastinon Tablets Restwell Capsules Ravamil SR Tablets Retace Tablets Rayzon Injection Retacnyl Cream R-Cin Suspension Retin-A Cream, Gel Reactivan Syrup Retrovir Capsules, Syrup, IV Infusion Reactivan Tablets Retrovir / 3TC Post-HIV Expo Prophyl Caps, Rebif 22 Injection Tabs Receptozine Tablets Reuteri Chewable Tablets, Straws, Drops Recofol 1% Injection Revaton Syrup Recormon Injection Revellex Injection for Infusion Redoxon Effervescent Tablets Revia Tablets Reducealin Capsules Rexachlor Tablets Reductil Capsules Reyataz Capsules Redurate Capsules Rezak Capsules Reduvit Capsules R-Flex Tablets Refludin Injection Rheomacrodex IV Infusion Refolinon Injection Rhesugam IM Injection Refolinon Tablets Rheugesic Dispers Tablets Refresh Solution Rheugesic Gel Refresh Tears Rhineton Tablets Reftax Injection Rhinigine Tablets Regaine Topical Solution Rhinocort Aqueous Nasal Spray Regard Lubricating Jelly Rhinofed Tablets Regibloc Injection Rhinolast Nasal Spray Regitine Injection Ridaq Tablets Regmakers Tablets Ridaura Tablets Rehidrat Powder Ridazine Tablets q Relenza Blisters & Diskhaler Rifadin Syrup Relestat Eye Drops Rifafour e-200 Tablets, e-275 Tablets
  • 64. R Rifater Junior Powder, FC Tablets Rolab-Cimetidine Tablets Rifcin Capsules, Tablets Rolab-Cinnarizine Tablets, Capsules Rifinah Tablets Rolab-Cloxacillin Capsules Rilace Capsules Rolab-Co-Trimoxazole Tablets Rilutek Tablets Rolab-Diazepam Tablet Rimactane Capsules, Tablets, Infusion Rolab-Diclofenac Sodium Tablets Rimactazid Paed Tablets Rolab-Diltiazem Tablets Rimcure Paed 3-FDC Tablets Rolab-Dothiepin HCl Tablets, Capsules Rimevax Injection Rolab-Ethambutol Hydrochloride Tablets rimiterol Rolab-Flucloxacillin Capsules Rimstar 4-FDC Tablets Rolab-Flunitrazepam Tablets Rinaze Aqueous Nasal Spray Rolab-Fluoxetine Capsules Rinelon Aqueous Nasal Spray Rolab-Forpyn Tablets Rinex Diffucaps, Syrup, Paed Syrup Rolab-Furosemide Tablets Riopone Suspension, Chew Tablets Rolab-Gentamicin Injection Riostatin Capsules Rolab-Glibenclamide Tablets Rioworm Tablets, Suspension Rolab-Gliclazide Tablets Risperdal Tablets, Oral Solution, Inj Rolab-Haloperidol Tablet Risperidone Hexal Tablets Rolab-Hydralazine HCl Tablets Ritalin Tablets, SR Tablets, LA Capsules Rolab-Ibuprofen Tablet Ritaphen Tablets Rolab-Indapamide Tablets Rivotril Tablets, Drops, Injection Rolab-Indomethacin Caps, LA Caps, SR Caps R-Loc Injection Rolab-Isosorbide Dinitrate Tablets Roaccutane Capsules Rolab-Loperamide HCl Tablets Robaxin Tablets, Injection Rolab-Mebeverine Hydrochloride Tablets Robaxisal Tablets Rolab-Mefenamic Acid Capsules Robinul Injection Rolab-Metformin HCl Tablets Rocaltrol Capsules Rolab-Methyldopa Tablets Rocephin Injection Rolab-Metoclopramide Tablets Rociject Injection Rolab-Metronidazole Tablets Rocillin Capsules Rolab-Minocycline Tablets Rocodin Tablets Rolab-Naproxen Tablets Rofen Tablets Rolab-Nifedipine Capsules Roferon-A Injection Rolab-Nitrazepam Tablets Rohist Tablets Rolab-Nopyn Tablets Rohypnol Tablets Rolab-Oxazepam Tablets Rolab-Allopurinol Tablets Rolab-Oxybutynin Tablets Rolab-Amiloride / Hydrochlorothiazide Rolab-Paracetamol Tablets Tabs Rolab Pen-V-K Tablets Rolab-Amitriptyline HCl Tablets Rolab-Piroxicam Capsules, Disperse Tablets Rolab-Amoclav Suspension, Forte Susp, Tabs *Rolab-Propranolol HCl Tablets [4] Rolab-Amoxycillin Capsules Rolab-Pyrazinamide Tablets Rolab-Amoxycillin / Flucloxacillin Capsules Rolab-Spironolactone Tablets Rolab-Ampicillin Capsules Rolab-Sulpiride Capsules Rolab-Anthex Tablets Rolab-Theophylline Anhydrous SR Tablets *Rolab-Atenolol Tablets [4] Rolab-Triamterene / Hydrochlorothiazide Rolab-Atenolol / Chlorthalidone Tablets Tabs Rolab-Beclomethasone Aq Nasal Spray Rolab-Verapamil HCl Tablets Rolab-Beclomethasone Areo Inhaler [2] Rolab-Zopiclone Tablets [DoU] Rolazine Tablets Rolab-Bezafibrate Tablets Romin Tablets Rolab-Bromazepam Tablets Rondec Syrup Rolab-Captopril Tablets Rotarix Injection Rolab-Carbamazepine Tablets Rotet Capsules Rolab-Cefaclor Capsules, Susp, CD Tabs Rouvax Injection Rolab-Cephalexin Capsules Roxicam Capsules, Dispers Tablets Rolab-Chloramphenicol Capsules Roxit CR Tablets Rolab-Chloroquine Phosphate Prophylaxis Roxithromycin-Hexal Tablets w Tabs Roxulide Tablets Rolab-Chloroquine Phosphate Treatment Tabs Roxxibid Tablets
  • 65. R Roxy Capsules Royl 6 Capsules, ES Capsules Rozex Gel Rozide Tablets Rubeaten Berna Injection Rudivax Injection Rulide Tablets Ryccard Tablets, Syrup Rynacrom Nasal Spray, Nasal Drops Ryped Suspension Rythmodan Capsules, Retard Tablets, Injection Rythmol Tablets e
  • 66. S
  • 67. S Sabax Aminophylline Injection Sandoz Allopurinol Tablets Sabax Atropine Injection Sandoz Amitriptyline HCl Tablets Sabax Calcium Chloride Injection Sandoz Amlodipine Tablets Sabax Calcium Gluconate Injection Sandoz Amoxycillin / Flucloxacillin Capsules Sabax Cimetidine Injection Sandoz Ampicillin Capsules Sabax Ciprofloxacin IV Infus Sandoz Atenolol Tablets [4] Sabax Dianeal Periton Dialysis Solutions Sandoz Atenolol / Chlorthalidone Tablets Sabax Diasol Formula 2, 3, 28 Haemodialysis Sandoz Azithromycin Tablets Concentrations Sandoz Beclomethasone Dipr Aerosol Inh Sabax Diasol Formula 16, 17 Haemodialysis [2][DoU] Concentrations Sandoz Beclomethasone Dipr Nasal Spray, Sabax Dopamine Infusion Concentrate Inhaler Sabax Fenoterol Hydrobromide Inhalant Sandoz Bezafibrate Tablets Sol [1] Sandoz Bromazepam Tablets Sabax Fosenema Sandoz Calcium-C Eff Tablets Sabax Furosemide Injection Sandoz Calcium Optim+ Eff Tablets Sabax Gentamix Infusion Sandoz Calcium Forte Eff Tablets Sabax Glucose Injection Sandoz Captopril Tablets Sabax Haemocarb & Sabax Liq Bicarbonate Sandoz Carbamazepine Tablets, CR Tabs Haemodialysis Conc Sandoz Cefpodoxime Tablets, Suspension Sabax Low Calcium Diasol Haemodialysis Sandoz-Cefuroxime Tablets Concentration Sandoz Cetirizine Tablets Sabax Magnesium Sulphate Injection Sandoz Ciprofloxacin Tablets Sabax-Metoclopramide Injection Sandoz Chloramphenicol Capsules Sabax Metronidazole IV Infusion Sandoz Chloroquine Phosphate Prophylax Sabax Morphine Sulphate Injection Tablets Sabax Nebrafen Ampules [1] Sandoz Chloroquine Phosphate Treatment Sabax Pentastarch Infusion Tablets Sabax Piperacillin Injection Sandoz Cimetidine Tablets Sabax Potassium Chloride Injection Sandoz Cinnarizine Tablets, Capsules SAB-Cefotaxime Injection Sandoz Citalopram Tablets Sabril Tablets Sandoz Cloxacillin Capsules SAB-Saline Irrigation Solution Sandoz Co-Amilozide Tablets SAD-Codeine Phosphate Tablets Sandoz Co-Amoxyclav Tabs, BD Susp, Inj Safyr Bleu Drops Sandoz Co-Tenidone Tablets SAIMR Adsorbed Diphtheria and Tetanus Sandoz Co-Triamterzide Tablets Vaccine Sandoz Co-Trimoxazole Tablets SAIMR Adsorbed Diph Tet & Pert Vaccine Sandoz Diazepam Tablets SAIMR Adsorbed Tetanus Vaccine Sandoz Diclofenac Sodium Tablets SAIMR Diphtheria Antitoxin Sandoz Diltiazem Tablets SAIMR Pertussis Vaccine Sandoz Dothiepin HCl Tablets, Capsules SAIMR Polyvalent Snakebite Antiserum Sandoz Ethambutol HCl Tablets (Equine) Sandoz Flucloxacillin Capsules SAIMR Scorpion Antivenom (Equine) Sandoz Flunitrazepam Tablets SAIMR Spider Antivenom Sandoz Fluoxetine Capsules Saizen Injection Sandoz Furosemide Tablets Salazopyrin Tablets, EN Tablets Sandoz Gentamicin Injection Salbulin Autohaler [1] [TUE] Sandoz Glibenclamide Tablets salbutamol Sandoz Gliclazide Tablets Salex Saline Drop Spray Sandoz Glimepiride Tablets Salex Saline Sinus Rinse Sandoz Haloperidol Tablets salmeterol Sandoz Hydralazine HCl Tablets Saltermox Capsules, Suspension Sandoz Ibuprofen Tablets Salterpyn Syrup Sandoz Indapamide Tablets Salterpyn Tablets Sandoz Indomethacin Capsules Salusa Tablets Sandoz Isosorbide Dinitrate Tabs, SL Tabs Sandimmun Injection, Capsules, Oral Solution Sandoz K-600 Tablets Sandomigran Tablets Sandoz Ketoconazole Tablets r Sandostatin Injection Sandoz Lamotrigine Tablets Sandoz Alendronate Tablets Sandoz Levofloxacin Tablets
  • 68. S Sandoz Loperamide HCl Capsules Sepexin Capsules, Suspension Sandoz Loratadine Tablets Septadine Ointment Sandoz Mebeverine HCl Tablets Septadine Oral Antiseptic Liquid Sandoz Mefenamic Acid Capsules Septidron Capsules Sandoz Meloxicam Tablets Septisooth Gel Sandoz Metformin HCl Tablets Septopal Beads & Chains, Mini Chain Sandoz Methyldopa Tablets Septosol Throat Lollies Sandoz Metoclopramide Tablets Septosol Throat Spray Sandoz Metronidazole Tablets Septran Tablets, DS Tabs, Susp, Forte Susp, Inj, Sandoz Minocycline Tablets Inf Sandoz Mirtazapine Tablets Serc Tablets Sandoz Naproxen Tablets Serdep 50 Tablets Sandoz Nifedipine Capsules Serenace Tablets, Capsules, Inj Sandoz Nitrazepam 5 Tablets Serepax Tablets, Forte Tablets Sandoz Omeprazole Capsules Seretide Accuhaler, Inhaler [1] [2] [TUE] Sandoz Oxazepam Tablets Serevent Accuhaler, Inh [1] [TUE] Sandoz Oxybutynin Tablets Serlife Tablets Sandoz Paroxetine Tablets sermorelin Sandoz Pen-V-K Tablets Serophene Tablets Sandoz Piroxicam Dispers Tablets Seroquel Tablets Sandoz Pravastatin Tablets Serrapress Tablets Sandoz Propranolol HCl Tablets [4] Sertraline-Winthrop Tablets Sandoz Pyrazinamide Tablets Sertzol Tablets Sandoz Spironolactone Tablets Serum Cholinesterase Injection Sandoz Sulpiride Capsules Servatrin Tablets Sandoz Theophylline Anhydrous SR Tablets Serzone Tablets Sandoz Topiramate Tablets Setin Tablets Sandoz Verapamil HCl Tablets Sibelium Capsules, Tablets Sandoz Zopiclone Tablets sibutramine Sanzur Capsules sida cordifolia (herbal ephedrine) Saroten Retard SR Capsules Silaxon Capsules Sastid Bar Silbecor Cream Savlon Antiseptic Cream, Solution, Wound Spray Silgastrin Gel Savlon Antiseptic Powder Silicea Tissue Salt Tablets Scandonest Injection with Adrenaline Silomat Linctus DA [1] Scandonest Injection with Noradrenaline Simayla Cefpodoxime Tablets, Susp Scandonest Injection without Vasoconstrictor Simayla Ciprofloxacin Tablets Scheriproct Ointment [2] Simayla Citalopram Tablets Scheriproct Suppositories [2] Simayla Clarithromycin Tablets, Susp Scoline injection Simayla Fluconazole Capsules Scopaject Injection Simayla Lansoprazole Capsules Scopex Co Tablets, Injection Simayla Lisinopril Tablets Scopex Tablets, Injection, Syrup Simayla Loratadine Tablets Scopoderm TTS Simayla Ramipril Tablets Scorbex Tablets, Chew Tablets Simayla Ranitidine Tablets Scotts Emulsion Simayla Simvastatin Tablets Scotts Soft Gel Capsules Simcard Tablets Scripto-Lyte Solution Simplene Ophthalmic Solution Scripto-Metic Tablets Simple Pure Soap, Facial Cleansing Bar Secadine Tablets Simulect Injection Secadrex Tablets Simvacor Tablets Seconal Sodium Capsules Simvotin Tablets *Sectral Capsules, Injection [4] Si-Nade Capsules Sedapain Tablets Sinemet Tablets, CR Tablets Sedarin Tablets Sinepress Tablets Sedinol Tablets Singulair Film-coated Tablets, Chew Tabs, selegiline Sprinkles Selsun 2,5% Suspension, Blue Shampoo Sinuclear Capsules t Semprex Capsules Sinuclear Paediatric Syrup Senokot Tablets Sinucon Tablets
  • 69. S Sinuend Tablets Spasmoflex Tablets Sinu-Flu Tablets Spasmogel Suspension Sinugesic Tablets Spastrex Tablets Sinumax Allergy Nasal Spray Spec-Co-Amiloride Tablets Sinumax Allergy Sinus Caplet, Paed Liq Spec-Oxytocin Injection Sinumax Cold and Flu Plus Cough Liquid Spec-Pen-VK Tablets Sinumax Cold & Flu Caplet Spec-Topistin IV Infus Sinumax Tablets, Paediatric Syrup Spectraban Ultra Lotion Sinumax with Codeine Tablets Spectracil Capsules, Suspension Sinumed Tablets & Syrup Spectramox Capsules, Suspension Sinustat Capsules Spectrapain Capsules Sinustop Tablets Spectrapain Forte Capsules Sinustop with Codeine Tablets Spectrasone Capsules, Suspension Sinutab 3-Way Tablets Spectratet Capsules Sinutab Nasal Spray Spectrim Capsules, DS Tablets Sinutab-ND Tablets Spersacet-C Drops Sinutab Original Tablets Spersadex Comp Drops Sinutab Sinus Allergy Tablets Spersadex Drops Sinutab Sinus Allergy Congestion & Pain Tabs Spersadexoline Drops Sinutab with Codeine Tablets Spersallerg Drops, Single Dose Unit Siopel Cream Spersamide Drops SkinCalm Cream Spersanicol Drops, Ointment Skinoren Cream, Gel Spersatear Drops Sleepeze-PM Tablets Spiractin Tablets Slenz Capsules Spiriva Inhalat Caps Slim ‘n Trim Capsules spironolactone Slow Mag Tablets Sporanox Capsules, Oral Solution Slow-K 600 Tablets Spraychrome Aerosol SNP Infusion Spregal Aerosol Soflax Tablets SRM-Rhotard Tablets Sofradex Drops Stalevo Tablets Sofradex Ointment Stamaril Injection Soframycin Ointment, Drops stanozolol Sofra-Tulle Gauze Starlix Tablets Solatran Capsules Starmarine Capsules Solian Tablets Stavir Capsules Solmucol Granules, Lozenges STD Injection Solphyllex Syrup Stelazine Tablets Solphyllin Syrup Stemetil Tablets, Syrup, Injection, Supps Solucof Syrup stenbolone Solu-Cortef IV Injection [2] Steridine Mouthwash & Gargle Liquid Solumag Effervescent Tablets Steridine Ointment Solu-Medrol Injection IV [2] Steromien Syrup [2] Solustrep Injection Stiemycin Solution Soluvit Novum Infusion Stieprox Lotion somatotrophin Stilamin Injection, Infusion Somnil Tablets, Drops Stilnox Tablets Somnipar Tablets Stilpane Capsules Sonke-Lamivudine Tablets Stilpane Syrup Sonke-Lamivudine + Zidovudine Tablets Stilpane Tablets Sonsuur Tablets Stingose Spray Sorol Citrate Powder for Solution Stocrin Capsules, Tablets Sosenol Injection Stop-Allerg Eye Drops *Sotacor Injection, Tablets [4] Stopayne Syrup sotalol Stopayne Tablets, Capsules *Sotohexal Tablets [4] Stopitch Cream Sparine Injection Strattera Capsules Sparkling White Eye Drops Strepsils Lozenges y Spasmend Tablets Strepsils Plus Lozenges Spasmo-Canulase Bitabs Streptase Injection
  • 70. S Strepzinc Lozenges Syntaris Nasal Spray Stresam Capsules Synthamin 14 with Electrolytes IV Infusion Stressvite Tablets Synthamin 14 without Electrolytes IV Infusion strychnine Synthamin 9 with Electrolytes IV Infusion Stugeron Tablets, Forte Capsules Syntocinon Injection, Nasal Spray Sublimaze Injection Syntometrine Injection Subutex Sublingual Tablets Synvisc Injection Succilate Syrup Syscor Tablets Succin Tablets succinylated gelatin Sudafed Expectorant Sudafed Sinus Pain Tablets Sudafed Sinus Non Drowsy Syrup, Tablets Sufenta Injection, Forte Injection Sulfarlem Tablets Sulphacetamide Eye Ointment Sultrin Cream Suncodin Syrup Suncodin Tablets Superbolin injection (vet) Super Cal-Mag Complex Capsules Super Calmag Tablets Supertest IM Injection (vet) Supradyn Complete Tablets Supradyn Effervescent Tablets Supradyn Recharge Tablets Supragesic Capsules Supragesic Syrup Suprane Liquid Suprapen Capsules, Syrup Suprefact Injection, Nasal Spray Surgam Tablets, SA Capsules Surge Salts Surmontil Tablets, Capsules Survanta Liquid Sustanon 250 Ampoules Sutent Capsules Suxamethonium Chloride-Fresenius Injection Swiss-Kal Effervescent Tablets, SR Tablets Symadin Capsules Symbicord Turbuhaler [1] [TUE] Symmetrel Capsules Symptofed Tablets Synacthen Depot Injection Synagis Injection Synalar Cream, Ointment, Gel Synalar-C Cream, Ointment Synalar-N Cream, Ointment Synaleve LS Tablets Synaleve Capsules Synaleve Syrup Synap Forte Tablets Synapause Vaginal Cream Synapause-E3 Tablets Synarel Nasal Spray Syndette Syrup Syndol Syrup Syndol Tablets u Synercid Solution for Infusion Synflex Tablets
  • 71. T
  • 72. T 3TC Tablets, Oral Solution terbutaline Tacid-4 Tablets Terfenor Tablets Tafloc Tablets Terivalidin Capsules Tagamet Tablets, Syrup, Injection Terra-Cortril Oint, Susp Tambocor Tablets, Injection Terra-Cortril Topical Ointment Tamiflu Capsules, Oral Suspension Terramycin Ointment Tamoplex Tablets Terramycin Ophthalic Ointment tamoxifen Tertroxin Tablets Tamsul SR Capsules testolactone Tantol Skin Cleanser testosterone Tantol Skin Lotion 1-testosterone Tanyl Injection Testosterone Implants Tardyferon Tablets Tetagam IM Injection Tareg Tablets Tetavax Injection Targocid Injection Tetmosol Soap Tarivid Tablets, Infusion Solution Tetracem Capsules Tarka SR Capsules tetracosactide Tasmar Tablets Tetract Injection Tavaloxx Tablets tetrahydrogestrinone Tavanic Tablets, Infusion Tetralysal Capsules, LA Capsules Tavan-SP 54 Tablets, Injection Tetramel Capsules Tavegyl Tablets, Injection TetraTITER Injection Taxol Infusion Tetrazol 5 Cream Taxotere Injection Tetrex Capsules Taziject Injection Tetrex-F Capsules Tazobax Injection Tetuman Berna Injection Tazocin Injection Teva Carbi-Levo Tablets TCP Solution Teva-Paclitaxel Injection Td Polio Injection Teveten Tablets Teargel Liquid Gel Teveten HCT Tablets Tears Naturale II Solution Teveten Plus Tablets Tears Naturale Preservative Free Liquid Texa Tablets Tears Plus Solution TFT Ophtiole Drops Tebezide Tablets Thaden Tablets, Capsules Teejel Gel Thalidomide Pharmion Capsules Tegretol Tablets, CR Tablets, Suspension Thedox Capsules Telament Chew Tablets Theocol Syrup Telament Paediatric Drops Theo-Dur SR tablets Telfast Tablets Theophen Comp Syrup Temgesic Injection, Sublingual Tablets Theophen Elixir Temodal Capsules Theoplus Tablets Temol Tablets Theraflu Cold & Flu Hot Medicated Drink *Ten-Bloka Tablets [4] Theragran-M Tablets Tenchlor Tablets, -HS Tablets Thermo-Rub Ointment *Tenopress Tablets [4] THG Tenoretic Tablets thiabutazide *Tenormin Tablets, Injection [4] thiazides Tensin Tablets Thinz Capsules, Slimming Mixture Tensodol Tablets Thiotepa-Wyeth Injection Tensolve Tablets Thrombophob Gel, Ointment Tensopyn Tablets, Eff Tablets Thromboreductin Capsules Tenston SA Tablets, SA Capsules Throsyn Tablets Tenston Syrup Thymoglobuline Infusion Tenston Tablets tibolone Tenuate Dospan Tablets Ticlid Tablets *Teoptic Drops [4] Tienam 500 Infusion Tequin Tablets, Injection Tilade Aerosol, M Aerosol Terbane Tablets Tilazem Tablets, SR Capsules i Terbicil Cream Tilcotil Tablets, Eff Tablets, Injection, Supps Terbicil Tablets timolol
  • 73. T *Timoptol Drops [4] Triazine Tablets Tinaderm Solution, Cream, Powder Tribolin Injection (vet) Tinset Tablets, Suspension tribulus terrestris Tisseel Kit Tricept Contraceptive Device Titralac Tablets Trichazole Injection Tixylix Flu Tablets Trichazole Tablets Tixylix Linctus Tricilest Tablets Tobitil Tablets Tri-Co Tablets Tobradex Susp, Oint Tridil IV Infusion Tobramycin Sulphate-Fresenius Inj Tridomose Capsules Tobrex Solution, Ointment Trifen Syrup, Paediatric Syrup Tofranil Tablets Trilafon LA Injection, Tablets Tolectin Capsules Trileptal Divitablets Tol Sublingual Drops Triludan Tablets, Suspension Tomudex IV Infusion Trimaze Cream Topamax Tablets Trimethox Tablets, DS Tablets Topivate Cream Tri-Minulet Tablets Topla Cream Trimoks Tablets, Suspension Toplep Tablets Trimolex Tablets Topsiton Syrup Trimovax Injection Topzole Tablets Trimzol Tablets Tora-Dol Injection, Tablets Trinagesic Capsules ToraHexal Tablets Trinovum Tablets torasemide Trinsicon Capsules toremifene Triodene ED Tablets Totam Injection Triomin Capsules Totonik Elixir Triomune-30 Tabs, Triomune-40 Tabs Toxogonin Injection Trioplex Capsules T-Pam Capsules Tripac-Cyano Kit Tracrium Injection Triphasil Tablets Tractocile Injection, Infusion Tri-Plen Tablets, Forte Tablets Tramacet Tablets Triprim Tablets TramaHexal Caps, SR Tabs, Inj Trisequens Tablets, Forte Tablets Tramal Injection, Caps, Supps, SR Tabs Tritace Capsules Tramaspen Injection Tritanrix Injection Tramazac Tablets, Injection Tritet Capsules Tramgesic Flashtabs Trivina Tablets *Trandate Injection, Tablets [4] Triviraten Berna Injection Tranject Injection Trizac Capsules Tran-Qil Tablets Trizivar Tablets Tranqipam Tablets Trobicin Injection Transact LAT Patch Trochain Lozenges Trans-ver-sal Derm Patch Trolic Tablets [2] Tranxene Capsules Trosyd Cream, Nail Paint *Trasicor Tablets [4] Troxazole Tablets, Suspension Trasidrex Tablets Trusopt Solution Trasylol Injection, Infusion Truvada Tablets Traumox Tablets Tryptanol Tablets, Capsules, Syrup, Inj Travatan Eye Drop Solution Tuberculin PPD RT/23 Injection Travocort Cream Tuberculin-Merieux Injection trenbolone Tuberol Tablets Trental 400 SR Tablets Tums Tablets Trepiline Tablets Turbo Energy Sachets Tretoderm Capsules Tusquit Elixir Trialone Cream Tussilinct Syrup triamcinolone Tussimed Co Syrup Triaminic Oral Drops Tussitot Syrup Triaminic Tablets Twinrix Injection, Junior Injection o triamterene Tydamine Tablets, Capsules Triaxiphin Injection Tylenol Cold & Flu Chew Tabs, Children’s Liq
  • 74. T Tylenol Drops, Elixir, Chew Tablets Tylenol Extended Relief Capsules Tylenol Nightpain Tablets Type II Support Capsules Typherix Injection Typhim VI Injection Tyrosine Boost Capsules p
  • 75. U
  • 76. U Ubretid Tablets UCB Cetirizine Tablets UFT Capsules Ukidan Injection Ulcaid Tablets, 75 Tablets Ulcefate Tablets Ulcerone Liquid Ulcetic Tablets Ulcim Tablets Ulsanic Tablets, Suspension Ultak Tablets Ultane Liquid Ultimag Tablets Ultiva Injection Ultracillin Injection, LA Injection Ultramox Capsules, Suspension Ultrasept Tablets, Suspension Ultratard HM Injection Ultraviro C Capsules Ultrazole Tablets, DS Tablets Ultreon Tablets Ulzec Capsules Unat Tablets, Infusion Ung Vernleigh Ointment Uni-Dur SR Tablets Unimox Capsules, Suspension Uniphyl Tablets Uniquin Tablets Universal Concentration Tablets Universal Earache Drops Universal Eye Drops Universal Nasal Drops Universal Throat Lollies Uprima Sublingual Tablets Uralyt-U Granules Urantin Capsules Urbanol Tablets, Capsules Urecholine Tablets, Injection Uremide Tablets Uretic Injection Uri-Alk Effervescent Tablets Uricon Tablets Urihexal Tablets Urirex-K Tablets Urispas Tablets Urizide Tablets Urizone Granules Uromax Capsules Uromitexan Injection Urozyl-SR Capsules Ursotan Tablets Utin-400 Tablets Utrogestan Capsules Uvimag B6 Oral Ampoules a
  • 77. V
  • 78. V Vacudol Forte Tablets Vesanoid-Roche Capsules Vacudol Syrup Vesicare Tablets Vagarsol Gel Vesparax Tablets Vagifem Vaginal Tablets VFend IV Solution, Tablets Vagmycin Vaginal Cream, Vaginal Tablets Viacin Tablets Valcyte 450 Tablets Viagra Tablets Valium Tablets, Syrup, Injection Viarox Aerosol [2] [DoU] Vallergan Syrup, Forte Syrup Viarox Aqueous Nasal Spray Valoid Tablets, Syrup, Injection, Supps Viavent Inhaler Cyclocaps [1] [TUE] Valoron Drops, Capsules Vibramycin Capsules, Syrup Valprown EC Tablets Vibrocil Drops, Nasal Spray, Gel Vamin Glucose IV Solution Vibrocil-S Solution, Gel Vamin 14 IV Solution *Vicks Acta Plus Cough Syrup [3] Vamin 18 Electrolyte Free IV Solution *Vicks Acta Plus for Chesty Coughs [3] Vancocin Injection *Vicks Acta Plus for Dry Coughs [3] Vancomycin-Faulding Injection Vicks Decongestant Nasal Spray Vancomycin Lederle Injection Vicks Medinite Syrup Vandol Cream, Ointment Vicks Sinex Decongestant Nasal Spray Varemoid Tablets Vi-Daylin Drops Vari-Betamethasone Cream Vi-Daylin plus Iron Drops Vari-Clotrimazole Cream Vi-Daylin with Minerals Syrup Varidase Vials Vi-Daylin Syrup Vari-Econazole Nitrate Vaginal Cream Videx Tablets, Powder for Solution, EC Capsules Vari-Hydrocortisone Cream Vigamox Eye Drops Varilrix Injection Vigour S Syrup Varipan Tablets Vinatal Capsules Vari-Salbutamol Syrup [1] Vinblastine PCH Injection Vari Stavudine Capsules Vinblastine-Faulding Injection Vascard SR Tablets Vincristine PCH Injection Vasofed Capsules Viocort Cream Vasomil Tablets Viodor Cream Vaxigrip Injection Viokase Tablets Vazigam IM Injection Vioxx Compressed Tablets V-Cil-K Tablets, Granules Vira-Cept Capsules, Suspension Vectoryl Tablets Vita C 2000 Effervescent Powder Vectoryl Plus Tablets Viramune Tablets, Suspension Veganin 3 Tablets Viread Tablets Velcade Injcetion Virobis Cream Veltex CR Capsules, Injection Virobis Tablets Venachlor Tablets Viscoat injection Venlor XR Capsules Viscopaste Bandage Venofer Injection Viscotraan Drops Venofundin Infusion Visine Eye Drops Venteze Inhaler [1] [TUE] *Visken Tablets [4] Venteze Respirator Solution [1] [TUE] Vistacrom Drops Venteze Syrup, Tablets [1] Visudyne Injection Ventimax Inhaler [1] [TUE] Vita C 2000 Effervescent Powder Ventnaze Nasal Spray Vitalipid Adult Novum Emuls Injection Ventodisk Inhaler [1] [TUE] Vitalipid Infant Novum Emuls Injection Ventolin Inh, Accuhaler, Resp Sol, Nebules Vitamag Tablets, Forte Tablets [1] [TUE] Vitamin A-5000 Capsules Ventolin Injection, Infusion [1] Vitamin C Boost Capsules Ventolin Syrup [1] Vitaplus Adult Multivit Effervescent Tablets Ventzone Aerosol, Forte Aerosol [2] [DoU] Vitaplus B Plus Effervescent Tablets Vepesid Injection, Capsules Vitaplus C Plus Effervescent Tablets Verahexal Tablets Vitaplus Femme Effervescent Tablets Vercef Capsules, Suspension Vita-Thion Sachets Vermox Tablets, Suspension, 500 Tablets Viteral Forte Capsules s Vernleigh Baby Cream Viteral Forte Tablets Verorab Injection Viteral Syrup
  • 79. V Vitrace Capsules Vitrace MFR Chew Tablets, Powder Vitrace Syrup Vividrin Drops Vividrin Nasal Spray Vivotif Berna Capsules VM-24 Capsules V-Med Medicated Cold & Flu Remedy Sachets Volmax CR Tablets [1] Voltaren Acti-Go Tablets Voltaren Emulgel Voltaren Tablets, SR Tablets, Drops, Inj, Supps Voltaren Ophtha Eye Drops, Single Dose Unit Voluven Infusion Vomidon Tablets, Suspension Vomifene Tablets Vumon Injection Vyrohexal Tablets d
  • 80. W
  • 81. W Warm-Up Cream Wartec Solution Waxsol NF Drops Wellbutrin SR Tablets Wellconal Tablets Wellvone Tablets Wink Eye Drops Winpain Syrup Wintomylon Tablets, Suspension Woodward’s Paracetamol Syrup Wormadole Chew Tablets Wormelix Elixir Wormgo Tablets Wormstop Suspention, Tablets, 500mg Tablets Wound-A-Sept Cream f
  • 82. X
  • 83. X *Xalacom Eye Drops [4] Xalatan Eye Drops Xanolam Tablets Xanor Tablets Xatral Tablets Xefo Injection Xefo Tablets Xeloda Tablets Xenical Capsules Xenovate Ointment, Cream Xeracil Capsules, Suspension Xeramax-S Syrup Xeramax-T Tablets Xeramel Capsules, Suspension Xeraspor T Cream Xeraspor V Vaginal Cream Xerazole Suspension Xerogesic Tablets Xeroprim Tablets Xerotens Tension Headache Formula Caps Xet 20 Tablets X-Flu Injection xipamide Xigris Solution for Infusion X-Prep Liquid Xycam Capsules, Dispers Tablets Xylocaine ‘Heavy’ Amps Xylocaine Pump Spray (topical) Xylocard Injection Xylotox E80A Injection Solution Xylotox L Injection Solution Xylotox SE Plain Injection Xyzal Tablets g
  • 84. Y
  • 85. Y Yasmin Tablets Yewtaxan Infusion Yomesan Tablets h
  • 86. Z
  • 87. Z Zaditen Eye Drops Zopivane Tablets Zaditen Tablets, SRO Tablets, Syrup Zorac Gel Zagam Tablets Zovirax Cream Zagyl Tablets Zovirax Inf, Dispers Tabs, Susp, DS Susp, Cr Zamanon Tablets, Injection Zovirax Ophthalmic Ointment Zambuk Herbal Ointment Zoxil Capsules, Suspension Zanidip Tablets Z-Pam Capsules Zanocin Tablets Zyban Tablets Zantac 75 Tablets, Effervescent 75 Tablets Zydus-Fluoxetine Capsules Zantac Tablets, Eff Tablets, Syrup, Inj Zydus-Meloxicam Tablets Zaprine Tablets Zyloprim Tablets Zapto Tablets Zymafluor Tablets, Drops Zapto-Co Tablets Zymar Opth Solution Zarontin Capsules, Syrup Zyncet Tablets Zaroxolyn Tablets Zynox Injection Zartan Tablets Zyprexa Tablets, Injection Zavedos Injection Zyrtec Tablets, Drops, Solution Zedchem PVP-1 Scrub, Solution, Cream Zyvoxid Tablets, Infusion, Suspension Zefroxe Tablets Zelitrex Tablets Zelnorm Tablets Zemax Tablets Zenapax Injection Zeneca Primaquine Phosphate Tablets Zentel Tablets, Suspension Zeprosil Tablets zeranol Zerit Capsules, Powder for Solution Zeropyn Capsules, Syrup Zesties Chewable Tablets Zestoretic Tablets Zestozide Tablets Zestril Tablets Zetop Syrup Zevalin 4 Vial Kit ZiagenTablets, Oral Solution Ziak Tablets Ziclin Tablets Zicol Cold Relief Nasal Spray Gel Zidovir Tablets, Syrup Zildem Tablets zilpaterol Zinacef Injection, Infusion Zinnat Tablets, Sachets, Suspension Zithrogen Tablets Zithromax Caps, Susp, Inf, Gran Zn 220 Capsules Zobacide Tablets Zocor Tablets Zofer Tablets, Injections Zofran Tablets, Injection, Syrup Zoladex Depot Injection Zolerol Tablets Zolnoxs Tablets Zoloft Capsules ZolpiHexal Tablets Zometa Injection Zomig Tablets j Zopax Tablets Zopigen Tablets
  • 88. NOTES [1] - [5] [1] BETA-2 AGONISTS All beta-2 agonists including their D- and L- isomers are prohibited In and Out-of-Competition. Therefore, formoterol, salbutamol, salmeterol and terbutaline when administered by inhalation also require a Therapeutic Use Exemption [TUE] in accordance with the relevant section of the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions. For more information, refer to section S3 (Beta-2 agonists) of the WADA 2009 Prohibited List. [2] GLUCOCORTICOSTEROIDS All glucocorticosteroids are prohibited In-Competition when administered by oral, intravenous, intramuscular or rectal routes. In accordance with the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions, a Declaration of Use [DoU] must be completed by the Athlete for glucocorticosteroids administered by intraarticular, periarticular, peritendinous, epidural, intradermal and inhalation routes, except as noted below. Topical preparations when used for auricular, buccal, dermatological, (including iontophoresis / phonophoresis), gingival, nasal, ophthalmic and perianal disorders are not prohibited and neither require a Therapeutic Use Exemption nor a declaration of use. For more information, refer to section S9 (Glucocorticosteroids) of the WADA 2009 Prohibited List . [3] ALCOHOL Alcohol (ethanol) is prohibited In-Competition only, in the following sports. Detection will be conducted by analysis of breath and/or blood. The doping violation threshold (haematological values) is 0.10 g/L. • Aeronautic (FAI) • Archery (FITA, IPC) • Automobile (FIA) • Boules (IPC bowls) • Karate (WKF) • Motorcycling (FIM) • Modern Pentathlon (UIPM) for disciplines involving shooting • Ninepin and Tenpin Bowling (FIQ) • Powerboating (UIM) For more information, refer to section P1 (Alcohol) of the WADA 2009 Prohibited List. [4] BETA-BLOCKERS Unless otherwise specified, beta-blockers are prohibited In-Competition only, in the following sports. • Aeronautic (FAI) • Archery (FITA, IPC) (also prohibited Out-of-Competition) • Automobile (FIA) • Billiards and Snooker (WCBS) • Bobsleigh (FIBT) • Boules (CMSB, IPC bowls) • Bridge (FMB) • Curling (WCF) • Golf (IGF) k • Gymnastics (FIG)
  • 89. • Motorcycling (FIM) • Modern Pentathlon (IUPM) for disciplines involving shooting • Ninepin and Tenpin Bowling (FIQ) • Powerboating (UIM) • Sailing (ISAF) match race helms only • Shooting (ISSF, IPC) (also prohibited Out-of-Competition) • Skiing / Snowboarding (FIS) in ski jumping, freestyle aerials / halfpipe and snowboard halfpipe / big air • Wrestling (FILA) For more information, refer to section P2 (Beta-Blockers) of the WADA 2009 Prohibited List. [5] AGENTS PROHIBITED IN MALES ONLY (In and Out-of-Competition) Certain hormones in section S2: Chorionic Gonadotrophin (CG) & Luteinizing Hormone (LH) are prohibited in males. For more information, refer to section S2 (Hormones and Related Substances) of the WADA 2009 Prohibited List l