2010 Drugs in sport handbook


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Banned drugs in sport for 2010 - The Susan Deacon Property Group - http://www.susandeacon.co.za

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2010 Drugs in sport handbook

  1. 1. EXPLANATORY INFORMATION ABBREVIATIONS: DRUGS IN DRUGS IN SPORT Code: Interpretation: SPORT LIST Aer Aerosol DRUGS 2010 NOTE LIST Black Permitted Drugs Aq Aqueous IN SPORT LIST Caps Capsules Drugs Prohibited at All Times Cr Cream Users of this Handbook might find medications Red or pharmaceutical substances, particularly (In- and out-of-competition) Conc Concentrate generic antibiotics and microcidals, that are not doU Declaration of Use listed. Dry Powder capsules for Red underlined Drugs Prohibited In-Competition only DP Caps inhalation Preparations containing alternative substances / supplements are not included in this Handbook. A list of South African Inf Infusion red italics prohibited substances (generic) TRADE NAMES Inh Inhaler Inj Injection of prohibited and Blue Drugs Prohibited in Particular Sports IA inj Intra-articular injection (local) DISCLAIMER permitted drugs / preparations IB inj Intrabursal injection (local) Although every effort has been made to ensure information in this list is accurate, the authors & GENERIC NAMES [1] – [5] Notes - see fold out back cover panel ID inj Intradermal injection (local) and the South African Institute for Drug-Free IL inj Intralesion injection (local) Sport cannot accept responsibility for the of prohibited IM inj Intramuscular injection currency of the information or for any errors, [doU] Declaration of Use [doU] must omissions or inaccuracies. substances be completed by the Athlete In IS inj intrasynovial injection (local) accordance with the International IV inj Intravenous injection based on the Standard for Therapeutic Use This list is formulated in and for South Africa, Liq Liquid based on local pharmaceutical information. World Anti-Doping Code Exemptions Oint Ointment 2010 PROHIBITED LIST Paed Paediatric Sol Solution INTERNATIONAL STANDARD Supps Suppositories Valid as of 1 January 2010 Susp Suspension Syr Syrup Tabs Tablets Vet Veterinary Compiled for the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport by Address: 7 Braeside Road, Kenilworth, Cape Town Marlize Smuts (MPharm) Tel: +27 (0) 21 761 8034 Fax: +27 (0) 21 761 8148 E-mail: info@drugfreesport.org.za with contributions by Website: www.drugfreesport.org.za ................. A Abflex-4 Tablets Abic Fluorouracil Injection Adco-Ceftriaxone Injection Adco-Cefuroxime Injection Adco-Simvastatin Tablets Adco-Sinal Co Tablets Aleve Caplets Alexan Injection Andolex-C Oral Rinse, Spray Andosept-Co Oral Rinse Aricept Tablets Arimidex Tablets Aspen Zidovudine Tabs, Syrup Asthavent Inhaler, DP Inh Caps Austell-Diclofenac Sodium Inj Austell-Fluconazole Capsules B Bactigras Tulle Gras Bactrazine Cream Bepanthen Ointment Beriglobin P Injection Bigsens Tablets Bilocor Tablets [4] Broncleer Children’s Cough Syrup Broncleer Syrup with Codeine Abic Leucovorin Injection Adco-Cetirizine Tablets Adco-Sinal NS Capsules Alimta Infusion Andosept Oral Rinse Arixtra Injection [doU] [1] Austell-Furosemide Tablets Bactrim Tablets, DS Tablets, Inf Berocca Calcium Eff Tabs, Film Bilron Capsules Broncol Cough Linctus Abic Vincristine Injection Adco-Cimetidine Tablets Adco-Sodasol Eff Granules Alkafizz Effervescent Granules Androcur 10mg Tablets Aromasin Tablets Asthavent Syrup Austell-Gliclazide Tablets Bactroban Ointment, Cream Coated Tabs Biltricide Tablets Bronkese Compound Linctus Abilify Tablets Adco-Combineb Inhalent Sol [doU] [1] Adco-Sporozole Capsules Alkeran Tablets, Injection Androcur 50mg Tablets, Depot Inj aromatase inhibitors Atacand Tablets Austell-Lisinopril Tablets Ban Pain Syrup Beron Tablets Binozyt Tablets Brufen Tabs, Susp, Retard Tabs Abiplatin Injection, Solution Adco-Contromet Tablets, Syrup Adco-Sulindac Tablets Allecet Tablets, Syrup androsta-1,4-diene-3,17-dione Aropax-20 Tablets Atacand Plus Tablets Austell-Metformin Tablets Ban Pain Tablets Berotec Inh Sol, Unit Dose Vial Bio-Amiodarone Tablets BSS Alcon Plus Solution Abitrexate Injection Adco-Co-Trimoxazole Tablets Adco-Talomil Tablets Allergex Eye Drops androsta-1,4,6-triene-3,17-dione Arrow Ceftriaxone Injection atenolol Austell-Paracetamol Tablets Baraclude Tablets Berotec Syrup, HFA Metered Dose Inh Bio-Amoksiklav Susp, Tabs BSS Alcon Solution ACC 200 Effervescent Tablets Adco-Cyclizine Tablets, Syrup Adco-Topiramate Tablets Allergex Tablets, Retard Tablets, Elixir 5α-androstane-3α,17α-diol Arrow Gliclazide Tablets Aterax Tablets, Drops, Syrup, Inj Austell-Paroxetine Tablets Bausch & Lomb Lens Lubricant Besemax Tablets Bio-Atenolol Tablets [4] Budeflam Aqueous Nasal Spray Accolate Tablets Adco-Dapamax Tablets Adco-Tussend Syrup Allerhist Capsules 5α-androstane-3α,17β-diol Arrow Lamotrigine Tablets Atgam Injection Austell-Ramipril Capsules Bausch & Lomb Moisture Drops Besenol NC Tablets Bio-Baclofen Tablets Budeflam Inhaler, DP Inhaler Caps Accumax Tablets Adco-Dermed Shampoo Adco-Vascard SR Capsules Allermine Tablets 5α-androstane-3β,17α-diol Arrow Meloxicam Tablets Athru-Derm Lotion Austell-Sertraline Tablets Bausch & Lomb Moisture Drops PM Besobrial Tablets Bio-Captopril Tablets [doU] [2] Accumax Co Tablets Adco-Diatussin Syrup Adco-Wormex Tablets, Suspension Allevyn Adhesive / Sterile Wound 5α-androstane-3β,17β-diol Arrow Metformin HCl Tablets Ativan Tablets, Injection Austell-Simvastatin Tablets Baycol Tablets Be-Tabs Antacid Suspension Bio-Cillin Injection budesonide Accupril Tablets Adco-Diclofenac Tablets, Inj Adco-Zertra Tablets Dressing androstatrienedione Arrow Ramipril Capsules Atropine Covan Drops Austell-Tramadol Capsules Bayer Aspirin Cardio Tablets Be-Tabs Aspirin Tablets Bio-Cimetidine Tablets bumetanide Accuretic Tablets Adco-Dol Tablets Adco-Zetofen Syrup Alloferin Injection androstenediol Arrow Sertraline Tablets Atropine Sulphate-Fresenius Inj Austell-Zopiclone Tablets Bayer Aspirin Tablets Be-Tabs Diclofenac Injection Biocine-Test-PPD Injection bunolol acebutolol Adco-Doxazosin Tablets Adco-Zetomax Tablets Almadin Tablets 1-androstendiol Arrow Simvastatin Tablets Atrovent Beta Vials Autrin Capsules Bayer Aspirin Plus C Effervescent Be-Tabs Isoniazid Tablets Biocort Cream buprenorphine acetazolamide Adco-Efavirenz Tablets Adco-Zetomax Co Tablets Alomide Drops 5α-androst-1-ene-3β,17β-diol Arrow Sumatriptan Tablets Atrovent HFA Inhaler Avamys Nasal Spray Tablets Be-Tabs Prednisone Tablets Bio-Glibenclamide Tablets Burinex Tablets Achromide Ointment Adco-Enalapril Tablets Adco-Zidovudine Tablets, Sol Alphagan Purite Solution 5α-androst-1-ene-3,17-dione Arthrexin Capsules, Supps Atrovent Solution, Unit Dose Vials Avandia Tablets B-Block Tablets [4] Be-Tabs Pyridoxine HCl Tablets Bio-Heparin Injection Burinex-K Tablets Aciban Tablets Adco-Erythromycin Caps, Susp Adco-Zildem Tablets alpha-GPC androst-4-ene-3α,17α-diol Arthrocox Tablets Augmaxcil Susp, Forte Susp, Tabs, Inj Avastin Infusion B Braun Propofol 1% Injection Betacin Capsules Bio-Kanamycin Injection burra gokhru Acitab DT Dispers Tablets Adco-Ethyl Chloride Spray Adco-Zolpidem Tablets alpha-reductase inhibitors androst-4-ene-3α,17β-diol Arthrotec Tablets Augmentin Suspensions, Tablets, Inj Avaxim Injection B-Cal-D Chewable Tablets, Swallow Betaclomin Gel Suspension Biolone Injection burra gookeroo Alphosyl Lotion, Cream Aurone Drops Tablets Betaclopramide Tablets Buscopan Co Tablets, Injection Acitop Cream Adco-Fem 35 Tablets Adco-Zopimed Tablets androst-4-ene-3β,17α-diol Arycor Tablets Avelon Tablets Biolon Prime Intraocular Injection Alphosyl 2 in 1 Scalp Application Aurone Forte Drops B-Cal-DM Chewable Tablets, Betadine Cream, First Aid Cream, Buscopan Tablets, Syrup, Injection Aclasta Sol for Infusion Adco-Fenoterol HBr Inh Sol Adenocor Injection androst-4-ene-3β,17β-diol Asacol Tablets Avodart Soft Gel Capsules Swallow Tablets Biolyse Paclitaxel Injection alprenolol Aurorix Tablets Oint buthiazide Acneclear Cream Adco-Flupain Tablets adrafinil androst-5-ene-3α,17α-diol Asasantin Capsules Avomine Tablets B-Cal Ultra Calcium Swallow Tablets Bio-Metronidazole Tablets Altacite Tablets Austac Tablets Betadine Oral Antiseptic Liquid Busilvex Injection Acnetane Capsules Adco-Glucomed Tablets adrenaline androst-5-ene-3α,17β-diol Ascabiol Emulsion Avonex Injection BCG Vaccine SSI Injection Bio-Nifedipine Capsules Altosec Capsules Austell-Amlodipine Tablets Betadine Shampoo Buspar Tablets Acnidazil Cream Adco-Ibuprofen Tablets Adrenaline-Fresenius Injection androst-5-ene-3β,17α-diol Ascorbic Acid-Fresenius Injection Azactam Injection B-Dol Tablets Bio-Pen Injection Alumag D Gel Suspension Austell-Amoxicillin Capsules Betadine Surgical Scrub, Antiseptic Butobloc Tablets [4] ACTH Adco-Indogel Adrenotone Injection androst-5-ene-3β,17β-diol Aserbine Cream, Solution Azamun Tablets Be-Ampicil Capsules, Suspension Sol Bioplasma Lyophilis Powder Actifed Cold Tablets, Syrup Adco-Indomethacin Capsules adrenocorticotrophic hormone Aluvia Tablets 4-androstenediol Asic Tablets Austell-Cefotaxime Injection Azapress Tablets Bioplus Effervescent Tablets Beclate Aquanase Nasal Spray Betadine Vaginal Gel, DoUche Actifed Dry Cough Linctus Adco-Ipratropium Bromide Solution Adriblastina Injection Alvesco Inhaler [doU] [2] androstenedione Aspavor Tablets Austell-Ceftriaxone Injection Azilect Tablets Bioplus Syrup Beclate Cream Betafed Syrup Actifed Sugar Free Syrup Adco-Ketotifen Syrup Advantan Cr, Oint, Fatty Oint, Milk, Amaryl Tablets 1-androstendione Aspen Acyclovir Infusion Austell-Cetirizine Tablets Azimax Capsules Bio-Strep Injection Beclate Inhaler [doU] [2] Betaferon Injection Actilyse Infusion Adco-Kiddipayne Forte Syrup Scalp Sol AmBisome IV Infusion 5-androstenedione Aspen Azithromycin Tablets Austell-Ciprofloxacin Tablets Azomid Tablets Biosulin R, N, L, 30/70 Injection beclomethasone Betagan Ophthalmic Solution [4] Activelle Tablets Adco-Lamivudine Tablets, Sol Advil CS Tablets Amethocaine Cream androst-4-ene-3,17-dione Aspen Bromocriptine Tablets Austell-Citalopram Tablets Azoptic Eye Drops Bio-Sulpiride Tablets Becof Syrup Betagesic Tablets Activir Cold Sore Cream Adco-Linctopent Syrup Advil Liqui-gels Caps, Paed Susp amfepramone androst-5-ene-3,17-dione Aspen Carvedilol Tablets [4] Austell-Co-Amoxyclav Tablets Azor Tablets Biotin Tablets Beconase Aqueous Nasal Spray Betalin Syrup Actonel Tablets Adco-Loperamide Tablets, Syrup AF Ointment, Powder amfetamine 4-androstene-3,6,17-trione Aspen Cefazolin Injection Biotron Tablets Becoplex IDO Injection Betalix Syrup Actophlem Syrup Adco-Lorahist Syrup, Tablets Aggrastet Injection amfetaminil Androxon Capsules Aspen Cefotaxime Injection Bipectinol Suspension Bedoral Injection betamethasone Actos Tablets Adco-Loten Tablets Agrylin Capsules Amikacin Fresenius Injection Anethaine Cream Aspen Cefoxitin Injection Biphasil Tablets Be-Lax Suspension Betamox Capsules, Suspension Actraphane HM Injection, Penset Adco-Mayogel Suspension Airol Cream, Lotion Amiloretic Tablets, Amiloretic-HS Tabs Anexate Injection Aspen Ceftriaxone Injection Bisohexal Tablets [4] Bemetrazole Tablets Betamycin Syrup Acuflu P Syrup Adco-Medigel Suspension Akrinor Injection amiloride Angeliq Tablets Aspen Cefuroxime Injection Bisolvon Linctus DA Bendex-400 Tablets Betanoid Tablets, Syrup, Injection Acular Solution Adco-Mefenamic Acid Susp, Caps Akrinor Tablets aminoglutethimide Angised Tablets Aspen Cetirizine Tablets, Oral Bisolvon Tablets, Inhalant Solution bendrofluazide Beta-Ophtiole Eye Drops [4] Aculoid Tablets, Syrup Adco-Meloxicam Tablets Alapren Tablets Aminophyllin Injection Antabuse Dispergettes Solution bisoprolol bendroflumethiazide Betapam Tablets Acurate Tablets Adco-Metaxol Elixir Albey Bee Venom Injection Aminophyllin IV-Fresenius Injection Antalgic Syrup, Tablets Aspen Ciprofloxacin IV Infus Blenamax Powder for Injection benfluorex Betapect Suspension Acutussive Expect Adult, Expect Paed Adco-Metronidazole Tablets albumin (intravenous) Amiotach Injection Anthisan Cream, Elixir Aspen Colchicine Tablets Blenoxane Injection Bennetts Colic Mixture [3] Betapen Tablets Acuzole Tablets Adco-Metrostat Tablets Albusol Injection amiphenazole Antihist Injection Aspen Didanosine Tablets “blood spinning” Benylin Bronchospect Syrup Betaperamide Tablets Adacel Quadra Injection Adco-Midazolam Injection albuterol (salbutamol) amphetamine Antipeol Ointment Aspen Efavirenz Tablets bolandiol Benylin Chesty Linctus Betaphlem Syrup, Capsules Adalat Capsules, Retard Tablets, Adco-Mirteron Tablets Alchera Tablets amphetaminil Antipyn Forte Tablets Aspen Escitalopram Tablets bolasterone Benylin Children’s Liquid Betaprofen Tablets XL Tabs Adco-Naproxen Tablets alclomethasone Amlate Tablets Antistin-Privin Drops Aspen Fluconazole Capsules boldenone Benylin DMD Decongestant Cough Betapyn Tablets Adaphen Tablets, XL Tablets Adco-Nasdro Drops alcohol Amloc Tablets Anugesic Ointment Aspen Gentamicin Injection Syrup boldione Betaretic Tablets Adco-Acyclovir Cream Adco-Neofed Syrup, Paediatric Alcophyllex Liquid Amlodac Tablets Anusol Suppositories, Ointment Aspen Lamivudine Tablets, Solution Benylin Dry Cough Syrup Bondronat Injection, Tablets Betaroxime Injection Adco-Acyclovir Tablets Syrup Aldactone Tablets Amlodipine-Winthrop Tablets Anzatax Injection Aspen Lamotrigine Tablets Benylin For Colds Tablets Bonephos Tablets Betasleep Capsules Adco-Alcophyllin Syrup Adco-Nevirapine Tablets Aldara Cream Amlosyn Tablets Apen Capsules, Syrup Aspen Lamzid Tablets Benylin Four Flu Liquid [3] Boniran 70 Tablets betaxolol Adco-Allergin Expectorant Syrup Adco-Omeprazole Capsules Aldazide Tablets Amocillin Injection, Capsules, Apex-Isotretinoin Capsules Aspen Lansoprazole Capsules Benylin Four Flu Tablets Bonjela Gel Suspension Betek Tablets Adco-Alzam Tablets Adco-Otised Drops A-Lennon Amoxycillin Capsules Apidra Injection Aspen Mirtazapine Tablets Benylin Original Cough Syrup Borstol Linctus [3] Amoclan Tabs, Forte Tabs, Susp, Betitotal Syrup Adco-Amoclav 375 Tabs, 625 Tabs Adco-Otophen Forte Drops A-Lennon Calciferol Tablets AP Loratadine Tablets, Syrup Aspen Mometasone Cream Benylin Wet Cough Liq, Children’s Botox Injection Forte Susp Betnesol Drops, Ointment Adco-Amoxycillin Caps, Susp Adco-Paracetamol Syrup A-Lennon Diazepam Injection AP Methylpred IV Injection Aspen Naproxen Tablets Wet Cough Liq Brazepam Tablets Amoxil Syrup, Forte Syrup, Paed Betnesol-N Drops Adco-Atenolol Tablets [4] Adco-Paroxetine Tablets A-Lennon Diclofenac Tablets, Supps Drops A-Por Topical Cream Aspen Nevirapine Tablets Benylin Wet Cough Menthol Syrup [3] Brevoxyl Cream Betnovate Lot, Cr, Oint, 1/2 St Cr, Adco-Betamethasone Cream Adco-Payne Forte Tab A-Lennon Doxycycline Capsules Amphojel Suspension A-Por Vaginal Cream Aspen Ondansetron Injection Benylin with Codeine Syrup Scalp App Sol Brexecam Tablets Adco-Biohist Lotion Adco-Phenobarbitone Vitalet Elixir A-Lennon Fluoxetine Capsules Ampicillin-Fresenius Injection Aprovel Tablets Aspen Pentoxifylline SR Tablets Benzac-AC 5 Gel Betoptic Ophthalmic Solution [4] Bricanyl Turbohaler Adco-Biskapect Suspension Adco-Piroxicam Capsules A-Lennon Furosemide Injection Ampipen Injection, Capsules, Susp Aquacel Hydrofiber Wound Dress Aspen Pravastatin Tablets Benzatec Injection Beurises Tablets Brinerdin Tablets Adco-Bisocor Tablets [4] Adco-Quinaretic Tablets A-Lennon Hyoscine Butylbromide Inj Anadin Tablets, Extra Strength Tabs Arava Tablets Aspen Quinine Tablets benzbromarone Bevispas Tablets Brolene Drops Adco-Captomax Tablets Adco-Retic Tablets A-Lennon-Thiamine HCl Tablets Anafranil Tablets, Injection Arcoxia Tablets Aspen Risperidone Tablets Benzyl Penicillin-Fresenius Inj Bezachole SR Tablets bromantan Adco-Cefazolin Injection Adco-Roznal Capsules A-Lennon-Vit B Co Injection anastrozole Aredia Injection Aspen Simvastatin Tablets benzphetamine Bezalip Tablets, Retard Tablets Bromaze Tablets Adco-Cefotaxime Injection Adco-Salterpyn Syrup A-Lennon-Vit B12 Injection Andolex Oral Rinse, Spray, Lozenges Arelix Tablets Aspen Stavudine Capsules benzthiazide Bicalox Tablets Bronchette Syrup Adco-Cefoxitin Injection Adco-Salterpyn Tablets Alertonic Elixir Andolex-C Lozenges, Oral Gel Arem Tablets Aspen Vancomycin Injection Be-Oxytet Capsules Bicnu Injection Bronchoped Syrup C Carvedilol-Hexal Tablets [4] chorionic gonadotrophin (CG) Clarityne Tablets, Syrup Co-Micardis Tablets Curam Tablets D Dermovate Cr, Oint, Scalp Applic Sol Disipal Tablets Duphaston Tablets E epitestosterone Caduet Tablets Carvetrend Tablets [4] choriogonadotrophin alpha Clarityne-D Repetabs Complenatal FF Capsules Curitaz Injection Dacef Capsules, Suspension Deselex Tablets, Syrup Disprin CV Dispers Tabs Duratears Ointment Ebixa Tablets Epitoz Tablets Caelyx Injection Casicot Suspension, Tablets Cialis Tablets Clatax Injection Compral Tablets, Headache Powder Curoax Tablets dagga Desferal Injection Disprin Plus Tablets Durogesic Transdermal Therapeutic Ecotrin EC Tablets Epleptin Capsules Cafergot PB Tablets carphedon Cibace Tablets Clearasil Ultra Acne Treatment Comtan Tablets Curosurf Intracath Suspension Daktacort Cream desonide Disprin Regular Strength Tabs, Extra System Ectiva Capsules EPO Caladryl Cream, Lotion carteolol Cibadrex Tablets Clearasil Pimple and Acne Cream Concerta ER Tablets Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment Daktarin Cream desoxymethyltestosterone Strength Tabs, Dispers Tabs Duromine Capsules Edronax Tablets Eposin Injection Calasthetic Cream carvedilol Cicatrin Powder Clear Cough Syrup Concor Tablets [4] Cutivate Cream, Ointment Daktarin Oral Gel Detrunorm Tablets Distalgesic Tablets dutasteride Eetless Drops Eprex Injection Calbloc Tablets Casodex Tablets ciclesonide clenbuterol Controloc Tablets cyclazodone Dalacin VC Vaginal Cream Detrusitol Tablets, SR Tablets Ditropan Tablets Duro-Tuss Linctus efaproxiral Equanil Tablets Calcicard SR Tablets Cataflam-D DispersTablets CicloHexal Capsules, Oral Sol Clenil Aqueous Nasal Spray Convulex Capsules, Syrup Cyclidox Capsules, EC Capsules Dalacin-C Capsules, Inj Dettol Antiseptic Liquid Diva-35 Tablets D-Worm Chew Tablets Efemoline Drops Equinorm Tablets Calciferol Oily Solution Lennon Cataflam Sachets Cifloc Tablets Clexane Injection Cool Mint Listerine Solution Cyclimorph Injection Dalacin-T Solution, Lotion dexamethasone Dixarit Tablets Dyazide Tablets Efexor XR Capsules Erbitux Infusion Calciparine Injection cathine Cifran Tablet Climara Patches, Forte Patches Copaxone Sol for Injection Cyclimycin Capsules Dalmadorm Capsules dexamphetamine Dobutamine-Fresenius Infusion Dyna-Bezafibrate Tablets Efferflu-C Effervescent Tablets Ergometrine Maleate-Fresenius Inj Calcium Citrate D Eff Granules Cathejell with Lidocaine Gel Cilate Tablets Climen Tablets Copegus Tablets Cyclivex Tablets danazol dexfenfluramine Dobutrex Solution for Injection Dynacirc SRO Capsules, Tablets Effersol Granules Eryko-250 Tablets Calcium Lacto Forte Effervescent Caverject Injection Cilest Tablets ClindaHexal Capsules Coralan Tablets cyclofenil Danogen Capsules Dexagel Eye Gel Docrub Ointment Dynafloc Tablets Effortil Ampoules Erymycin AF Capsules, Susp Sachets Cefasyn Tablets Cilift Tablets Clindamycin-Fresenius Inj Corbar Linctus Cyclogest Pessaries Danset Injection dextran (intravenous) Docsed Syrup Dynajets Tablets Efudix Ointment erythropoietin Cal-C-Vita Effervescent Tablets Cefazolin Sodium-Fresenius Inj Cilodex Drops clobenzorex Cordarone X Tablets, Injection Cyclogyl 1% Solution Dantrium Capsules dextromoramide Dolorol Forte Tablets Dynak Tablets Eglonyl Capsules, Forte Tablets, Escapelle Tablets Calpol Syrup Cefril Capsules, Cefril-A Inj Cilofloc Tablets clobetasol Co-Renitec Tablets Cyclomydril Solution Dantrium Infusion Dextrose-Fresenius Injection Dolotram Injection Dyna-Lamotrigine Tablets Elixir Esmeron Injection Calsuba Calcium Powder, Tablets Cefrom Injection Ciloxan Drops clobetasone Corenza-C Effervescent Tablets cyclopenthiazide Dantron Tablets, Injection DF 118 Tablets, Injection Doloxene Capsules Dysport Injection Elantan Tablets, LA Capsules esmolol Calsuba Junior Powder Cefu-Hexal Tablets Cimlok Tablets Clobex Shampoo Corenza Para-C Effervescent Cyklokapron Tablets, Injection Daonil Tablets DHEA Doloxene Co-65 Capsules Electropak Powder Espiride Capsules Caltrate Chew Tablets Celebrex Capsules Cipadur Dispers Tablets Cloment Tablets Tablets Cymbalta Capsules Daraprim Tablets Diabion Capsules Domadol Capsules, Injection Elidel Cream Essentiale Capsules Caltrate D Tablets Celestamine Syrup, Tablets Cipalat Retard Tablets Clomid Tablets Corsodyl Original/Mint Mouthwash Cymevene Injection Daunoblastin Injection Diacare Tablets Donnatal Elixir Elimni Rad Tablets Estalis Transdermal Patch Caltrate Plus Tablets, Chewable Celestone IA/IL Injection [doU] [2] Cipex Suspension, Tablets Clomidep Tablets corticotrophins Cynt Tablets Dazit Tablets Diace Co Tablets Dopamine HCl-Fresenius Injection Elmetacin Spray Solution Estracombi Transdermal Therap Tablets cortisone acetate Dopram-Fresenius Injection Elocon Cream, Ointment, Lotion System Celestone Tablets, IM/IV Injection Cipla-Actin Tablets ClomiHexal Tablets Cyprene-35 ED Tablets DDAVP Nasal Spray, Intranasal Sol, Diaglim Tablets calusterone Cortoderm Ointment, Cream Tabs, Inj Dormicum Tablets, Injection Elosalic Ointment Estracyt Capsules Celestone Soluspan IA/IB/ID Cipla-Cyproterone Acetate Tabs clomiphene Cyproplex Tablets Diaglucide Tablets Camcolit Tablets Injection [doU] [2] Coryx Effervescent Tablets Deblaston Capsules Dormonoct Tablets Eloxatin Infusion Estraderm Transdermal Therap Cipla-Duovir Tablets clopamide Cysticide Tablets Diamicron Tablets, MR Tablets Campto Solution for Infusion Celestone Soluspan IM Injection Coryx Paediatric Syrup Deca-Durabolin Injection Dostinex Tablets Elozart Cream System Cipla-Duovir & Cipla-Efavirenz 600 Clopamon Tablets, Syrup, Inj Cytarabine-Faulding Injection Diamox Tablets Canalba Cream celiprolol Tabs Cosmofer Injection Decasone IA/IL Injection [doU] [2] Dovate Cream, Ointment Eltroxin Tablets Estradot Transdermal Patch Clopidogrel-Winthrop Tablets Cytosar Injection diamorphine Canalba Vaginal Cream Cellcept Capsules, Oral Susp, IV Inf Cipla-Efavirenz Tablets Cosopt Solution [4] Decasone IV/IM Injection Dovobet Ointment Emadine Eye Drops estr-4-ene-3,17-dione Clopivas Tablets Cytotec Tablets Diane-35 Tablets Cancidas Infusion Cellufresh Drops Cipla-Fluconazole Capsules Co-Tareg Tablets Degoran C Capsules Dovonex Ointment, Cream Emdalen Tablets Estring Vaginal Ring Clopixol Tablets, Depot Inj, Dicloflam Dispers Tablets Candacide Suspension Celluvisc Solution Cipla-Indapamide Tablets Acuphase Inj Coughcod Junior Syrup, Degoran Fizzy Effervescent Tablets Doximal Tablets Emend Capsules Estrofem Tablets, Forte Tablets DicloHexal Gel Candaspor Cream Centrum Tablets Cipla-Lamivudine Tabs, Solution Clorix Tablets SeniorSyrup Degoran Plus Tablets Doxitab Tablets Emetrol Solution Estro-Pause N Tablets, Forte Tablets DicloHexal Tablets, Suppositories Candaspor Vaginal Cream Centrum Select 50+ Tablets Cipla-Loperamide Tablets Closcript Topical Cream Counterpain Cream degraded gelatin polypeptides Doxorubicin HCl-Faulding Injection Emex Syrup Estro-Pause Tablets DicloHexal-K Tablets Candizole Topical Cream Cepacaine Solution, Lozenges Cipla-Loratadine Tablets Closcript Vaginal Cream Covancaine Drops (plasma expander) Doxorubicin Hexal Sol for Injection Emla Cream, Patches etacrynic acid diethylpropion Candizole V Vaginal Cream Cepacol Cough Discs Cipla-Losartan Tablets clostebol Covarex Cream Degranol Tablets Doxorubicin PCH Injection Empacod Tablets etafedrine Differin Gel, Cream Canesten Topical Cream Cepacol Cough Linctus Cipla-Nevirapine Tablets, Susp Cloxacillin-Fresenius Injection Coversyl Tablets dehydrochloromethyltestosterone Doxsyn Tablets Empaped Suppositories etamivan Diflucan Capsules, Susp, Inf Canesten Troche Lozenges Cepacol Lozenges, Mouthwash Cipla-Oseltamivir Capsules Cloxam Capsules Coversyl Plus Tablets dehydroepiandrosterone Doxycyl Capsules Emthexate Tablets ethacrynic acid Difluzole Capsules Canesten Vaginal Cr, Vag Tabs, Cepodem Tablets, Suspension Cipla-Perindopril Tablets Cloxin Capsules Covochol Solution dihydrotestosterone Doxyfene Capsules Emvit Capsules Ethatyl Tablets Canesten 1 Vag Cr, Vag Tabs, diflucortolone CERA 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