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  • CRM systems are used in post secondary to track and measure campaigns over multiple channels, such as email, search, social media, telephone and sometimes snail mail. These systems track clicks, responses, leads and prospective students that might apply to the U of L. The CRM helps with keeping prospective students engaged, finding out what's important to them, and making it easy for them to get answers to their questions about the U of L. The CRM also helps with getting to know our students even better learning what's important to them, engaging them across multiple channels of their choice.Having this information and connection with the students will makes it easy to collaborate across the U of L and build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with other departments. Ultimately the CRM will track the U of L requiring campaigns and help maintain our success as an institution.
  • This is John – He is looking for: - University in Canada - Digital Music Program - Scholarship for out of province students So how do we get John to apply to our University.
  • SinceJohn is currently searching for a University The first thing he will do is probably search for Universities using words that he think will give results. For us to be found we need to make sure we focus on keywords that we think a prospective student might be searching.Meta Tags, Site Titles and URLs are all important for SEO. Keyword suggestion tools are good for this. Google Webmaster Tools is a great way to track SEO. I have been using it on a website called Canada Natural Luge Canada. These keywords should be tracked and moderated weekly to make sure we are always on the main pages of the search engines. it's important to determine which keywords are bringing you the best traffic and get rid of bad keyword matches or phrases. The CRM and Google analytics will help monitor the success rate of each keyword.
  • If John is currently on the edge about a University Google Ad Words might persuade him by displaying advertisements are directed towards him. Universities in North America are taking advantage of this tool. Actually a University is Google's Biggest Advertiser, The University of Phoenix!Google With Google AdWords:Google AdWords are similar to SEO because of the keywords. They are placed on websites that prospective students might be surfing on the internet. GooglesAd words software determines the pages by using keywords provided. These keywords should also be tracked weekly to make sure we are using ones that give us the the best traffic and get rid of bad keyword matches or phrases. With Google AdWords we can build a Dedicated Landing pages. This is different than print because the length of a URL isn’t entity important. I feel that every campaign should have a unique, visually appealing landing page that offers a quick overview of the University, and depending on our target audience.We want each page to have a different call to action. - Having a different call to action on the dedicated pages will help with the bounce rate to the website ( A bounce rate is when visitors who enter the site and leave the site instantly rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site.) This will happen when prospective don’t find the information they are looking for. Example: John is on (Social Media Website) and notices an advertisement for the U of L Digital Audio Arts program but when he clicks on it they are brought to the main discover website page. John might get overwhelmed and bounce off the page. Solution to this: Building a dedicated page this campaign we targeted him with. Now when he clicks advertisement he will presented with the information he looking for. Some information could include: - Student Testimonials (Could include Twitter) – Video– and getting more information or applying.I have used Google AdWords with Lethbridge Nightlife to gain website traffic. (This resource is now a creditable resource used in Lethbridge and area that uses Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to create awareness of events, specials, and nightlife culture happening in Lethbridge, Alberta) I also have learned about Google AdWords in a topics of New Media class.
  • Google Analytics are the best way to track how people are arriving to the website and tracking their flow on the site.With Google Analytics we can track:Search Engine words usedCountryComputer/Browser or Mobile deviceSocial Media Websites These stats will help design marketing campaigns in such a way that visibility runs parallel with popular keywords for Google AdWords. In more specifically, you can run campaigns that target demographics in specific provinces or countries based on the keywords they are using.
  • Using social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youytube and Twitter to track and communicate with prospective students. When analyzing this data the U of L can track trends within the CRM that make more accurate marketing decisions.The Google AdWords campaigns can also be transferred to Facebook Advertisements and Twitter Promoted Posts. I have had lots of experience with Facebook Advertisements while working at Pulse Nightclub. We use the ads to target to the right market and get people in the venue. Images are a main anchor for social media advertisements. My photography, Photoshop and illustrator skills are key assets for this type of marketing.
  • As I have demonstrated this afternoon there are several ways to collected data and use it for requirement purposes using CRM, S.EO, Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Social Media. I feel like my skill set would be a great asset within the requirement and student life team. At this time I would answer any questions you might have.
  • Marcel Jepson - Technical Marketing Analyst

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